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postheadericon “This Gun Saved My Life”: Disabled Vet Survives Home Invasion

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA — Waking up to the sound of intruders attempting to enter his home, a disabled veteran readied his M&P Shield 9mm and prepared to respond with deadly force. Once inside, the robbers saw that the homeowner was armed and quickly ran off, spraying fire into his house. The homeowner returned fire but the would-be burglary suspects had already made their escape.

This homeowner credits his survival of this encounter with his handgun, according to WTOC 11.

“This gun saved my life,”  the homeowner said to reporters. “Without this gun, I might not be here right now.”

While police are investigating the crime scene for any information that can lead to the identity or whereabouts of the armed robbers, the gunowner claims that the armed robbers identified themselves as the police. Using his surveillance system, he was able to remotely see the robbers and confirm that they were not likely officers of the law.

The police are supposedly taking this matter seriously because in addition to the felonies associated with breaking and entering and firing on an occupant of a dwelling, the culprits were also impersonating police. It makes for a hairy situation and it’s a warning to homeowners to double down on safety precautions to properly identify potential friend from foe at the entryways of one’s home.

According to the man and his surveillance footage, as the armed robbers were breaking down his door, they were also identifying themselves as police. There really is nothing that criminals won’t do to try to gain an advantage when sacking another person’s dwelling.

Realizing that they weren’t going to stop and they were likely armed, the vet had little choice but to ready himself.

“I immediately grabbed my 9 millimeter Smith and Wesson M&P [Shield], loaded it up, and waited for them to come all the way in,” he said.

If he hadn’t been able to return fire or prove ready resistance to the home invaders, this situation could have ended much more brutally. These guys knew there was likely someone home and they were obviously armed. Thankfully, this home owner had the right idea.

  • Surveillance systems to monitor entryways

Not only can this save your life, it can also prove documentation and proof to help identify your assailants and intruders

  • Personal protection firearm ready and a good defensive position marked out

If your assailants are so kind as to knock on the front door with their feet, do them the favor and take up a good defensive position with ample cover and concealment.

One additional recommendation: consider self-defense rounds. Frangible copper or jacketed hollow point add an additional layer of damage to soft tissues while reducing penetration through thin surfaces throughout the house.

All in all, good job homeowner.

Carry everyday and stay prepared — especially at home.

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postheadericon Encrypt – or face a huge fine

The ICO, the UK’s independent authority that oversees data privacy, recently released a new guidance on encryption best practices. The key message – encrypt or face a big fine.

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postheadericon SMS phishing attackers continue to pursue Apple users

You would be wrong to think that this is just an attempt by the criminals to steal your Apple ID password – bad as that would be. It’s much worse than that.

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postheadericon Is This The Best 223 Ammo Ever?

Our bud Andrew over at GY6vids has put out another awesome video, this time dealing with a specific 223 round. We really enjoy his videos and while this has nothing to do with concealed carry, we’re sure that many of you are going to enjoy this.

Check out the video above and share your thoughts.

This is the FULL BALLISTIC test of the ELITE SERIES 223 round. It’s a Lead Free Fragmenting Projectile that is suppose to be completely barrier blind…We will see about that! SLOW MOTION footage shooting through FBI Grade Ballistic Gel, Wood, Shirts, Concrete, MEAT, and a Windshield.

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postheadericon Two-factor authentication coming to PlayStation Network

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is to be added to the PlayStation Network, offering members even greater security.

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postheadericon FlashRouters 5 Year Anniversary Extravaganza!

5 more years! 5 more years! FlashRouters celebrates a major milestone with some terrific THANK YOU SAVINGS!

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postheadericon [FIREARM REVIEW] Grand Power X­Calibur

Imagine going to the largest gun show in the world and handling, fondling and drooling over many of the most excellent guns in the world. You would leave that show thinking there were several guns that you just needed to check out at the range. That is how I felt with the Grand Power X­Calibur for the past two Shot Shows in Las Vegas.

Honestly, I knew very little about Grand Power handguns. They are made in Slovakia and imported by Eagle Imports but that was the extent of my knowledge. Once I handled and checked out the X­Calibur, I became an instant Grand Power fan. The X­Calibur intrigued me in a way that I just had to check it out in person and on my range. The rotating and fluted five inch stainless steel bull barrel, grip molding options, front slide cut outs and a three pound single action trigger was all I could handle. Ok, I admit, I was obsessed with the X­Calibur from Grand Power.

The cost of an X­Calibur ranges between $ 800 ­- $ 850 which is well below other competition handguns of this quality. Many guys balk at anything that costs more than a standard $ 550 Glock however when we look at the features and functions of this gun, we will easily understand the price point much better. I’ve also noticed the price drop a little in the past year making the X­Calibur a little more affordable for competition shooters or gun enthusiasts like myself.


Caliber: 9mm
Action: DA/SA
Capacity: 15+1
Barrel Length: 5”
Front Sight: Fiber Optic
Rear Sight: Micrometer Adjustable Steel
Finish: Black
Grips: Polymer
Construction: Steel Slide, Steel Frame, Polymer Grip
Safety: Frame ­Mounted Thumb Safety
Weight: 29.25 oz unloaded (on my scale)
Length: 8.7”
Height: 5.3”
Width: 1.4”

Lets begin with the trigger because this is, in my opinion, one of the most impressive triggers I have ever experienced. Prior to this review, I verified the trigger poundage with Colorado Gun Works who is the master gunsmith for all Grand Power firearms to ensure my content is accurate. The double action pull is between 8 ­ 9 lbs. That is much lighter than the standard 11 ­ 12 pound double action trigger pull of other models in the same class. The single action action pull ranges between 3 ­ 4 lbs. That is amazingly light and smooth. It reminds me of a quick single action trigger pull of a 1911. The single action reset is minimal for quick double taps and follow up shots.


The X­Calibur offers three different grip moldings to fit various hand sizes. The molding offered out of the box fit my average sized hand perfectly. The grips are lightly textured with minor stippling and very comfortable with a full three finger purchase. It actually feels rather thin considering it houses a 15 round double stack magazine. Grand Power offers two quality magazines that are all metal with a unique looking orange follower.


The controls on the X­Calibur are ambidextrous. The magazine release release is an oversized button on the left side which is positioned for quick and easy mag changes for right handed shooters. The right side magazine release button sits more flush to the frame. The serrated thumb safety is also oversized and ambidextrous. This allows the user to carry, “cocked and locked.” They also offer a thinner and more flush thumb safety lever for those who choose to use it for it’s intended thumb safety purpose. The serrated slide release lever is also ambi which fits flush with the frame.

The sights on the X­Calibur are very nice. The fixed front sight is a bright red fiber optic rod that stands out in low light conditions. The rear sight is “combat” type (no dots) that is fully adjustable. The cut out notch in the rear sight offers very little play when aligned with the fiber optic front sight. I find the seven inch sight radius to work well as the bright glow of the front sight illuminates for quick target acquisition.


The slide is one of the main components that stands out with the X­Calibur. It has a unique look to it and is fully functional. The scalloped rear serrations are cut very deep and the deep front serrations are cut out of the slide which exposes the stainless steel fluted bull barrel. The metal that is cut out of the front serrations offset the additional weight of the bull barrel which makes the X­Caliber very well balanced. Grand Power offers three different weighted guide rod springs to fit the shooter’s choice for recoil management. I imagine a competition shooter may vary their spring options but for me the guide rod spring offered from the factory works fine.

My shooting impressions of the X­Calibur were most impressive. I had a feeling, due to all of it’s features, the accuracy would be good however after shooting the X­Calibur at the range, I have to say the shooting accuracy was amazing. I truly enjoyed the light trigger, sight formation, five inch barrel and overall balance of the gun. The X­Calibur made an average shooter like myself feel like a professional. It was also very reliable as it fed, fired and ejected every round during my range time. For those looking for a quality competition pistol or just an outstanding multi­purpose handgun, the Grand Power X­Calibur would make an excellent choice.

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postheadericon Australian government spends $230m on new cybercrime strategy

The Australian government has set aside $ 230 million in a new cybercrime strategy with a five-pronged plan of action.

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postheadericon Dorkbot: 5 years since detection

In the half-decade that has lapsed since Dorkbot was first identified, millions of innocent victims, going about their everyday business, have been affected in over 190 countries. It has, quite literally, wormed its malicious way into computer systems throughout the world.

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postheadericon Why Situational Awareness Is Important: Concealed Carrier Shoots At Robber #1, Then Gets Gun Stolen By Robber #2

By Luke McCoy via USA Carry

Last Friday, a 29-year-old club promoter pulled up to his apartment in Pembroke Pines when a man then attempted to rob him. Instead of handing over what he had, he pulled his firearm and shot at the man 3 times. The victim did have a valid concealed weapons permit.

That’s when another man appeared and wrestled him to the ground. The two robbers proceeded to steal and run off with his jewelry, cellphone and his gun.

Police found blood at the scene so they think he did manage to hit one of the robbers so they are looking at local hospitals for anyone that sought medical treatment and fits the description.

While we do applaud the CCW holder for thinking fast and using his firearm to defense himself, we always need to be thinking about situational awareness. He obviously was not aware of another robber which was able to tackle him to the ground. Now, his legally owned firearm is in the hands of a criminal.

No one knows when you will be robbed or you wouldn’t put yourself in that situation in the first place. It may be hard to stay in Condition Yellow at all times. You may just be getting off of work, tired and just want to get inside and hit the bed. But this leaves you vulnerable.

While we don’t know all of the details of this situation, it sounds like he was targeted and possibly followed. It is everyone’s right to own some of the finer things in life, such as the Porsche that this victim was driving. But just remember that fancy cars, jewelry, etc. can be flashy and attract the wrong type of people, in this case, a pair of robbers. If you choose to do so, this is all the more reason to keep yours head on a swivel and be aware of your surroundings.

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