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postheadericon First Twitter-controlled Android botnet discovered

Detected by ESET as Android/Twitoor, this malware is unique because of its resilience mechanism. Instead of being controlled by a traditional command-and-control server, it receives instructions via tweets.

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postheadericon Lenovo and Microsoft deepen strategic ties across devices

REDMOND, Wash., and BEIJING, China — Aug. 22, 2016 — Microsoft Corp. and Lenovo announced on Friday a deepening of their strategic relationship. Lenovo will load Microsoft’s productivity apps — including Microsoft Office, OneDrive and Skype — on select Lenovo devices that use the Android™ operating system. Lenovo expects to ship millions of these Android-based devices worldwide over the next several years. This expanded collaboration between Microsoft and Lenovo also includes a patent cross-licensing agreement that covers Lenovo and Motorola devices.

“Microsoft’s thrilled that our productivity apps will be pre-installed on Lenovo’s premium devices,” said Nick Parker, corporate vice president OEM Division, Microsoft. “The marriage of Microsoft’s apps and Lenovo’s Android-based devices will enable customers around the world to be more productive, more connected and achieve even more.”

“Our collaboration with Microsoft will create new opportunities for our customers to take advantage of some of Microsoft’s most popular apps,” said Christian Eigen, Leader of Corporate Alliances, Lenovo. “Installing Microsoft apps and services on our devices will bring additional value to consumers around the globe.”

Microsoft’s commitment to licensing IP

The patent agreement is another example of the important role intellectual property (IP) plays in ensuring a healthy and vibrant technology ecosystem. Since Microsoft launched its IP licensing program in December 2003, it has entered into more than 1,200 licensing agreements. More information about Microsoft’s licensing programs is available at

About Lenovo

Lenovo (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) is a US$ 45 billion global Fortune 500 company and a leader in providing innovative consumer, commercial, and enterprise technology. Our portfolio of high-quality, secure products and services covers PCs (including the legendary Think and multimode YOGA brands), workstations, servers, storage, smart TVs and a family of mobile products like smartphones (including Motorola), tablets and apps. Join us on LinkedIn, follow us on Facebookor Twitter (@Lenovo) or visit us at

About Microsoft Technology Licensing

Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC was formed in 2014 to acquire, manage and license Microsoft’s patent portfolio.

About Microsoft

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

LENOVO is a trademark of Lenovo. MOTOROLA is a trademark of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC. Android is a trademark of Google, Inc.

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postheadericon Truck Owner Tries To Stop Car Thief, Gets Knife Pulled On Him — Has A Gun

YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO — When a man saw a car thief attempting to break into his truck, he did what most people would instinctively do when they see their property being wrongfully taken: stop the thief. The thief had other plans.

According to WFMJ, the car thief allegedly pulled a knife on the owner of the vehicle. But this owner doesn’t want to be a victim. He drew his handgun and shot the thief. The criminal ran — as they are wont to do — but he didn’t make it far. Police picked him up farther on down the street with a head injury.

The car thief lived and will likely face charges. The property owner didn’t suffer any injuries whatsoever and maintained his property.

Wow, win-win.

The point of carrying a firearm isn’t to kill people — it’s to protect life and, at worst case scenario, neutralize a threat. The gun owner neutralized the threat. He shot him when he saw that the thief was not going to back down from trying to take his property.

He didn’t follow it up or chase after the thief. The thief retreated. Good enough. Now, it is apparent the thief did suffer a pretty grievous wound but it’s unknown whether this was due to a gunshot or something else.

In either case, this guy handled the situation correctly. It’s his property and someone doesn’t have the right to walk up and take it. Heck, he even tried to de-escalate the conflict by trying to stop the thief.

It was the thief’s mistake to draw a knife.

Carry everyday, neutralize the threat.

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postheadericon Buffered VPN FlashRouters Now Available

Protect and strengthen your network today. Buffered VPN FlashRouters are now available!

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postheadericon Do your kids know good password hygiene? Here are some rules

If you happy to be a parent that is less than cyber-savvy, worry not, WeLiveSecurity is on hand. It’s all about good password hygiene.

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postheadericon Epic Games forums hacked again – over 800,000 gamers put at risk

More than 800,000 usernames, email addresses, and birth dates are thought to have been stolen by hackers from online forums run by Epic Games.

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postheadericon Brother Kills Brother To Save Stranger

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI — A brother was forced to shoot his own brother. One sibling retrieved his firearm after he was assaulted with a hammer. He stepped in to save that brother’s girlfriend, who was beaten repeatedly with a hammer. When he was also struck by that same hammer, he knew he had to use his gun to save both of them.

Now, according to FOX 2 Now St. Louis, he is in police custody. He allegedly shot his brother once in the abdomen. His brother died from his injuries on the way to the hospital. That brother’s girlfriend was treated for blunt force trauma injuries to her head.

While the brother was arrested initially for shooting his sibling, no charges have been filed against him. He did not know the woman at the time but she later identified herself as the girlfriend of his departed brother.

This is an unenviable position to be in. As a gunowner, the last person any of us want to use deadly force against is another family member. His choice to save the life of a woman he didn’t know reflects a bravery and honesty that would challenge most any man.

Stepping into the middle of the attack, he likely hoped that his brother would stop when he saw it was another family member he was hitting. When his brother would not stop, it became apparent that there just was no other choice.

Deadly force is a last resort. The vast majority of gun owners across America would love to live their days never being forced into that unenviable position. Our condolences go out to the family.

If you know or have a family member that is fighting with or coping with substance abuse problems or drug addiction, there is hope. There are opportunities to contact quite a few non-profit organizations but change begins with the individual first.

No one has the right to assault another person and deprive them of their health and wellbeing. Being brave enough to stop an assault on a stranger is truly an act of courage. It’s so terribly sad when situations like this come up. The best we can do is stay observant of our surroundings and attempt to de-escalate if the opportunity arises.

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postheadericon Nemucod now spreading banking trojans in Brazil

On the morning of Friday August 12th, ESET researchers noticed a huge outbreak of a new Spy.Banker variant, detected as Spy.Banker.ADEA. It happened at around 12pm CET.

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postheadericon Individual arrested in connection with high-profile data at Sage

The City of London Police has confirmed the arrest of a 32-year-old employee in connection with a high-profile data breach at Sage.

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