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postheadericon Teenager’s phone confiscated for TalkTalk cyberattack offenses

A 17-year-old who pleaded guilty to offenses relating to 2015’s TalkTalk cyberattack has had his iPhone confiscated and been sentenced to a 12-month rehabilitation order.

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postheadericon Victim Robbed At Gun Point, Fights Back — Why We Carry And Why It Matters

BOSSIER CITY, LOUISIANA — Just outside Shreveport, a man was sitting in his car outside a motel when another man came up to him and robbed him at gunpoint. The victim handed over his wallet and cellphone to the 20-year-old robber. As the robber walked away, the victim retrieved a handgun and pursued the suspect. That’s when an exchange of gunfire happened. In the ensuing gun battle, the robber was allegedly hit once and forced to retreat. He dropped the man’s wallet at the scene but kept his cell phone on him.

According to Bossier City police, the presence of the victim’s cell phone implicated 20-year-old Camron Deon Williams to the crime. They found the victim’s cell phone on Williams when he went to a nearby hospital to seek treatment for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound, according to Shreveport Times.

The victim was not hurt during the ensuing fight and he was able to at least recover his wallet. Unfortunately, his phone is likely evidence in the upcoming criminal case against Williams. This is an inconvenient but small price to pay for surviving a gun fight against a bad guy.

So, it’s possible the victim could have just rolled over and played dead until Williams was gone. However, no charges were pressed against the victim because police believe he acted within his rights. That’s where knowing the laws of your state come in handy. It enables you to know when you would or would not be acting within the constraints of the law to pursue someone who has committed a violent felony against you.

Armed robbery is a violent felony.

This is also why we encourage people to carry a gun on them at all times. A violent crime can happen at anywhere, any time. The victim was sitting in his car in broad daylight outside a motel. Bad guys don’t need the cover of darkness to pull this sort of nonsense. They don’t care. They often don’t think that far ahead. That’s why you need a gun on you. While he’s not thinking, you have to be able to defend yourself accordingly.

Carry everywhere you can, responsibly, and legally.

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postheadericon Yahoo experiences biggest data breach in history: 1 billion affected

Yahoo has experienced the biggest data breach in history, with up to one billion user accounts thought to have been affected by a historic security incident.

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postheadericon NCSC boss asked to detail efforts to protect financial services sector against cyberattacks

The head of the UK’s NCSC has been asked to offer more detail into how the financial services sector will be protected from cyberattacks.

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postheadericon Subway Employee Shoots, Critically Injures Armed Robber In Broad Daylight Attempted Robbery

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA — A Subway sandwich artist successfully defended himself and others within a franchise location when he shot an armed robber. The armed robber is in critical condition and two other suspects connected with the case have also been arrested.

via Pittsburgh Action News 4

The worker “apparently felt threatened for him and the other employee in the store and shot the actor at least once,” Public Safety spokeswoman Emily Schaffer said.

The armed robber came in during breakfast hours and demanded money from the employee. The employee, a legally licensed concealed carrier, pulled his own gun and shot the man at least once before the man turned and fled the location. Police arrived at the location and tracked down the suspected robber to a vehicle and a residence. Both the robber and two other people were apprehended in connection to the crime.

The robber is currently in critical condition in a nearby hospital. He was dropped off by a driver in a private vehicle. Once he recovers, he will likely be charged with the attempted armed robbery of that Subway location.

“We received information that the vehicle involved may possibly be parked in front of a residence on Lovitt Way here on the North Side,” Schaffer said. “For the safety of the officers and for the community, we called out SWAT. They were able to get two residents out of one of the houses on Lovitt Way, and they were taken into custody.”

So the bad guy gets dropped off at the hospital and the driver somehow thinks he or she is just going to drive off without any repercussions. That doesn’t work so well when the person you’re dropping off is fading in and out of consciousness due to a gunshot wound.

As for the employee, he had moments to decide whether him and his fellow employee were going to be passive victims or if he was going to try to defend himself. He thankfully did and survived to tell the story.

Because the case looks like a pretty clear self-defensive gun use situation, police are not expected to press charges against the Subway employee. The neighborhood where the crime occurred is generally considered to be a quiet area of the city. Customers were caught off guard by the robbery attempt.

If anything, this Subway location is one place robbers should probably steer clear of.

This is yet another example of a law-abiding citizen who was willing to defend himself and others by using a concealed handgun. It doesn’t matter if you’re an employee at Subway or the largest restaurant in Pittsburgh — your life is worth it. Thugs don’t care but, at the end of the day, you should.

That’s why we keep promoting responsible, everyday concealed carry. We never know when bad guys show up but we certainly know how we want to leave — alive.

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postheadericon Year-end cybercrime update 2016: an avalanche of good news?

Highlighting 20 success stories in the struggle against cybercrime, from indictments to arrests, extraditions to sentencing. Law enforcement efforts in cyberspace may have borne more fruit in 2016 than in any other year.

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postheadericon How To Protect Your Router From DNSChanger Attacks

DNSChanger is currently being used to exploit more than 166 routers. FlashRouters will show you how to protect your network from this attack and more.

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postheadericon OurMine hijacks Netflix’s US Twitter account

Netflix has become the latest big name brand to have one of its social media accounts hijacked by OurMine.

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postheadericon Teen Accidentally Shoots Burglar Thinking She Was An Animal

WOOD COUNTY, TEXAS — A fourteen year old teenager shot a suspected burglar in the chest after he mistook the burglar for what he thought to be an animal on the property of an abandoned house. The intended target ended up being a 43-year-old woman who had her car hid under a tarp and was on someone else’s property without their permission. She was believed, by police, to be in the midst of burglarizing the empty residence.

According to CBS 19 News, the woman was transported to a nearby hospital. For getting shot in the chest, she appears to be doing a lot better than most. My guess is it was a .22LR round.

Police are still debating whether to charge the youth with the shooting. He DID shoot a possible criminal, true, but that’s still a huge mess-up. Mistaking a person for an animal isn’t confirming your target and it’s definitely not a safe way to pick targets.

Investigators will likely take a lot of factors into consideration for this particular case. It’s a weird one, that’s for sure.

Once the woman gets out of the hospital — if she does — then there will likely be a bit more inquiry related to what she was doing there in the first place.

This is just another example of why it’s so important to reinforce those basic components of firearms safety. There’s no issue with stopping a violent crime or a criminal but if we don’t have the basic knowledge to hold fire until we’ve identified the threat, there’s going to be some serious issues further on down the road.

So, I guess it’s a reminder to us all that firearm safety never gets old. It doesn’t matter if it’s our kid learning to shoot for the first time or someone who’s shot continuously for forty plus years.

I personally hope that this kid gets a good life lesson out of this. At the end of the day, he shot another person in the chest. That’s pretty big.

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postheadericon What is cyberbullying and how to defend against it?

Cyberbullying has come to be a huge problem on the internet. Here are some important things to be aware of.

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