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postheadericon [VIDEO] How Much Does Situational Awareness Matter? Put Your Phone Down And Find Out Here

Too often we find ourselves sucked into the black hole of our phones. Whether it be a social media post, texting our friends or looking for directions and that makes us vulnerable to criminals. Awareness is our biggest ally when it comes to avoiding a deadly encounter.

In this Episode of Finding Fearless join Jenn and Kristen as they are unknowingly placed in that very same situation and suddenly things turn bad. They will need to find the inner strength to fight the fear in order to survive the fight for their life!

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postheadericon Desperately seeking cybersecurity skills

Cybercrime is victimizing US companies and consumers, but a gap in cybersecurity skills presents a problem for the federal government. ESET’s Stephen Cobb investigates.

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postheadericon RoT: Ransomware of Things

Could the Internet of Things spark the Ransomware of Things? ESET’s Stephen Cobb examines how ransomware and jackware are evolving.

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postheadericon New Jersey Lawmaker Wants To Stop Punishing Otherwise Law-Abiding Gun Owners

TRENTON, NEW JERSEY — Senator Ray Lesniak, of the New Jersey state legislature, is seeking to put an end to mandatory minimum sentencing for the possession of a handgun without a permit. As any law-abiding gun owner knows, New Jersey has some of the most draconian gun laws in the country. One specifically hurts out-of-state travelers harder than the rest: mandatory minimum sentencing.

As we covered a few years ago, one unfortunate gun owner was busted in New Jersey on his way to provide help for the Hurricane Sandy relief effort. This otherwise law-abiding gun owner was stopped by a New Jersey state trooper and he voluntarily told the officer he had a gun in the truck with him. He was facing a three-to-five year mandatory minimum and the prosecutor wanted to push it up to ten years in jail.

Thankfully, that man was pardoned by Governor Chris Christie. Many out-of-state travelers haven’t been so lucky.

Now, Senator Ray Lesniak wants to put an end to imprisoning otherwise good, law-abiding people who just happen to get caught in the one state in the union it’s a huge criminal offense.

via News Works

What we have here are innocent folks who either don’t know the law or just made a mistake. These are bad cases, and these folks should not be in prison for making innocent mistakes. I’m a gun control advocate, an unabashed gun control advocate, and these cases make us look bad because they’re unfair. We want to control the massive influx of guns into New Jersey, but we want to do it in a fair way.”

A couple driving through New Jersey from New England to Pennsylvania aren’t looking to bring guns into the state. Chances are good, if they’re armed with a handgun, they’re just under the impression that their concealed carry permits cover them…

Or, sadly, worse — that the Second Amendment should cover them.

New Jersey isn’t hitting gun smugglers when troopers pull over out-of-state travelers and arrest them for possession of a handgun without a New Jersey license. New Jersey recognizes NO STATE’S authority to issue concealed carry licenses. So everyone not physically in possession of a license to carry from the state of New Jersey is breaking the law if he or she is in possession of a handgun.

That’s ridiculous. And it puts a lot of otherwise good people into legal hot water. There’s likely a few otherwise honest gun owners who are sitting in New Jersey prisons right now because they accidentally drove over the line into New Jersey.

The law has yet to be voted on but we hope to report back that it’s reached a certain degree of success. If your state’s legal precedent is to make criminals out of good people, maybe it’s time to change the precedent.

If Sen. Lesniak’s proposed bill becomes law, out-of-state gun owners could STILL be charged under New Jersey law but the judge would have some amount of discretion as to sentencing. It will still be illegal to enter the state while in possession of a handgun without a license, but the judge doesn’t have to send every person to jail for a minimum of three-to-five years.

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postheadericon Apple issues security patches for … just about everything

If you have a piece of Apple technology in your house or office, chances are that it’s time you updated it.

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postheadericon CES: IoT security comes of age

For years, IoT security seemed like solving a problem that didn’t exist. Not anymore says ESET’s Cameron Camp, who was at this year’s CES.

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postheadericon BREAKING: Mass Shooting At Rolling Oaks Mall — Two Good Samaritans Intervened, One Was Killed And The Other Injured

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — There is a developing story of a mass shooting at the Rolling Oaks Mall in San Antonio, Texas. The media is still waiting to be briefed. Law enforcement and FBI are on the scene and securing the mall shop-by-shop.

UPDATE: The Rolling Oaks Mall has been secured by police as of 6:30 PM EST. They are continuing to search for one armed suspect who escaped the scene.

News 4 Antonio reports six victims in total. One is confirmed deceased.

Two Good Samaritans were shot trying to intervene in the armed robbery. The first suspect has also been shot and wounded by one of the Good Samaritans who had a concealed carry handgun. The second suspect escaped and injured several people with gunfire on his way out.

via News 4 San Antonio

An unarmed man attempted to stop the robbery and was shot and killed. A second man pulled out his concealed weapon and shot one of the suspects. The second suspect fled the scene, shooting as he ran. Their conditions have not been released.

CBS Dallas Fort-Worth confirms that it was an attempted robbery on a jewelry store. It is still believed to be two suspects involved. When a Good Samaritan tried to intervene, he was shot and killed. A second Good Samaritan drew his concealed carry handgun and also attempted to intervene but was also shot.

It is still unknown whether the concealed carrier’s rounds are what brought down the first suspect in this case.

UPDATE 2: The concealed carrier is believed to have critically injured one of the suspects before being injured himself by gunshots. As one of the armed robbers fled the scene, he shot additional people (CBS Austin).

FINAL UPDATE: San Antonio Police gave a brief statement for News 4 San Antonio at approximately 7:00 PM EST. They confirmed that the first Good Samaritan who intervened in a botched armed robbery attempt at the Kay Jewelers in the Rolling Oaks Mall was, indeed, killed as a result of gunshots received from one or both of the armed robbers.

A concealed carrier also intervened and critically shot one of the armed robbers before being shot himself. He is currently receiving care for his injuries and our thoughts and prayers are both with him and his family.

The second armed robber successfully escaped the scene and shot several people on his way out. He has not been identified at this time and his whereabouts are unknown. San Antonio Police ask for the public’s assistance in identifying the second suspect.

The first suspect, who was critically injured, is currently receiving medical attention. His status is unknown at this time.

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postheadericon Windows 10 anniversary update: Security and privacy, hope and change?

With analysts predicting a big shift to Windows 10 in the enterprise in 2017, a new ESET white paper looks at security and privacy changes in Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the build that Microsoft expects its business customers to run on the majority of their desktop computers.

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postheadericon Flashback Wednesday: Pakistani Brain

This month’s Flashback Wednesday takes us back to the beginning. Pakistani Brain, discovered on January 19th, is considered to be the first-ever PC virus.

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postheadericon New Hampshire Permitless Concealed Carry Passes Senate And Goes On To The House

CONCORD, NEW HAMPSHIRE — In a close vote of 13-10, Senate Bill 12 passed the New Hampshire Senate and now must be reviewed by the House of Representatives before it arrives on the desk of newly elected Governor Chris Sununu.

The NRA has come out in support of the bill that would remove the need for an issued pistol/revolver license.

New Hampshire residents are able to open carry a handgun so long as it is clearly visible and no round is loaded in the chamber.

While we’re all happy to hear it, no doubt, there’s still quite a way to go. Last year, New Hampshire lawmakers passed a similar measure through the House and Senate and it was vetoed by former Governor Maggie Hassan.

This time, it appears that if the bill arrives on Gov. Sununu’s desk, it may have a real chance of getting signed.

New Hampshire would join the ranks of Vermont and Maine for permitless concealed carry. This would mean vacationers, tourists, hunters, and residents could travel over half of the geographic area of New England before needing a concealed carry permit.

This promises to be a bill that will enable hunters, sportsmen, and citizens the ability to travel freely throughout northern New England without having to worry about a permit.

We could still use your help, though. Contact your local State Representative and let them know you support SB 12 and you want to see it become law.

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