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postheadericon 16 years of Mac OS X: Secure but not invincible to malware

Mac OS X is still secure 16 years after its creation, but increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals. No operating system is 100% malware-proof.

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postheadericon How To Stop a DDoS Attack with a FlashRouter

DDoS attacks are no joke. Learning how to stop a DDoS attack is a very important skill to have, in this era of the Internet of Things.

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postheadericon Apple underwhelmed by latest CIA exploits revealed by WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks’s revelations about security vulnerabilities in Apple products appear to be a damp squib.

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postheadericon Utah Now Has An 0.05 BAC Limit For DUI/DWI — What Concealed Carriers Need To Know

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — For those that like to chance it behind the wheel or in the holster, Utah lawmakers just dropped the threshold police need to accuse someone of Driving Under the Influence (DUI). But the new Utah initiative doesn’t stop with drivers — concealed carriers and gun owners are held under the same standards as those who operate heavy machinery.

via NPR

“The American Beverage Institute opposes the measure. The industry says a 120-pound woman can reach .05 with little more than one drink. The group argues that at that level, a driver is less impaired than a driver talking hands-free on a cell phone.

“But some public health experts have pushed for stricter limits. As recently as last year, the National Transportation Safety Board recommended that all states drop blood alcohol levels down to .05, to deter more people from drinking and driving.”

While Utah’s recent amendment of its standards only applies to those residing or traveling through Utah, those constraints are actually the recommended level set by a national agency. The National Transportation Safety Board issues recommendations to federal and state legislators. If the administration were ever to tie Department of Transportation funds to these new blood-alcohol level standards, it would push a large number of other states to head that way as well.

We’ve commonly said that it just doesn’t make sense to drink and carry a gun. Not only is a person’s judgement impaired while under the influence of alcohol, his faculties are also dulled. This can lead to slower reaction times and poor dexterity.

A BAC 0.05 isn’t high at all. A BAC of 0.08 can easily be achieved by most people after one to two drinks — as measured by either an ounce of 30-40% hard alcohol, 4 ounces of wine, or 12 ounces of beer.

So if you’re stopping by a social mixer and just happen to have a glass of cool suds before heading home, make sure you’re aware that you can get hit twice: once as an operator of a motor vehicle and again as a licensed concealed carrier.

The new law won’t take effect until December 30, 2018. After that time, it’s going to be a very expensive mistake to get behind the wheel while you have a gun on your hip.

Play it safe. Have a designated gun carrier and driver while you are out and about. It could save you more than just insurance costs and legal paperwork — it could potentially save your life or the life of someone around you.

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postheadericon If you download Minecraft mods from Google Play, read on …

ESET researchers have discovered 87 malicious apps on Google Play disguised as mods for Minecraft.

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postheadericon Armed Robber At A Denny’s Ends Up Shooting Himself In The Face After Victim Runs Him Down In His Car

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — At least three robbers, one of whom was armed, attempted to hold up a victim outside a Denny’s restaurant on 132nd and Hawthorne Boulevard. The victim escaped into his car. During the escape, the armed robber got in between the victim and his escape so the victim ran him down.

According to Mercury News, the armed robber shot himself in the mouth when he was struck by the car. Police admitted the robber into the hospital where they say it appears the gunshot was accidental in nature.

“Right now it sounds like it was an accidental, self-inflicted (shooting) when he got hit by the car,” Lt. Steve Romero said. “The suspect shot himself accidentally.”

The round is believed to have gone through the robber’s mouth and come out the front of his face. He missed the training class where they taught that you take your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to fire.

It’s another example of victims refusing to be victims and bad guys with guns not knowing how to properly use them. No surprises there. And it’s no surprise his buddies left him behind. After all, when a violent felony takes place and one of the criminals dies or gets injured, his accomplices are charged with that damage.

Looks like more than one criminal skipped out on the check at that Denny’s.

For those targets by armed robbers, it’s hard to know what comes of an attempt to escape or fight back. It’s a constant worry in a lot of people’s minds as to whether they’ll just roll over and play dead or attempt to flee.

Here’s the thing: when you have three bad guys and their own vehicle, there’s the opportunity to be taken hostage in addition to simply robbed or assaulted. And let’s not eliminate the option of getting shot. If this armed robber wasn’t smart enough to keep his finger off the trigger, there’s a real chance that we encounter a Pulp Fiction backseat scenario.

Fight, flee, or play dead. Those are the three options when staring down the face of a group of armed criminals. This victim chose to do the first two and leave the third option for his attacker.

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postheadericon The economics of cybersecurity for the undecided

How do you calculate the value at risk? Choosing between investing in antivirus software or doing nothing to prevent cybercrime is not black and white. We explore the grey areas of cybersecurity economics.

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postheadericon RTM: Stealthy group targeting remote banking system

Today, ESET has released a white paper on RTM, a cybercrime group that has been relentlessly targeting businesses in Russia and neighboring countries.

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postheadericon Sometimes Warnings Aren’t Enough: Woman Shoots And Kills Sister’s Boyfriend After Confrontation

SAINT AUGUSTINE, FLORIDA — When her sister gave her a frantic call, one woman and her mother quickly rushed to her aid. The sister’s boyfriend had apparently gotten into a physical confrontation with her and would not leave the premises. Despite having a prior trespassing warning against him, Jeffrey S. Lee, 29, decided to stay at the apartment until the mother and daughter arrived.

According to Jacksonville News 4, Lee proceeded to get into a confrontation with the mother when she told him he needed to leave. That is when the daughter pulled her gun and fatally shot Lee outside the apartment.

Saint Augustine police arrived within minutes and quickly assessed the scene.

“They quickly took the female into custody for their safety, and her safety, that type of thing, then started the initial investigation,” SAPD spokesman Mark Samson said.

While a preliminary investigation is still underway, police are looking at this case as one of self-defense. Before the county prosecutor can make that determination, however, they have to do a full review of the evidence to ensure that the killing was justifiable.

“It very well could be (justified) and that’s why it takes time to do the investigation and get into the apartment the legal way — collect that information and whatever evidence they can collect and get it to FDLE and study it there then tie the whole story together and come up with a conclusion at the end of it,” Samson said.

Under Florida Law, citizens are allowed to exercise ‘Stand Your Ground’. That means that so long as a person has every legal right to be there, he or she has no duty to retreat from a threat. Coupled with the definition of justifiable homicide that includes stopping a violent felony, this gun owner is well on her way to establishing a case of self-defense.

She’s not out of the woods, yet. As traumatic as the event likely was, as painful as it is to live with the consequences of taking another person’s life, she still has a way to go before her life can return to normal.

It’s a long process. And that’s why law-abiding gun owners take that responsibility to defend themselves and their families so seriously. It’s not just the commitment to physically defend one’s self and others, but the fortitude to get through the psychologically and financially daunting process of a homicide investigation.

Don’t let that dissuade you. In cases like this, a warning will not do. When a full grown man is beating on someone’s mother, it would be foolish to think that person wouldn’t step up and use force to ensure her safety.

Carry every single day, everywhere you can.

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postheadericon How To Protect Your Router From the C.I.A.

Concerned about Wikileaks Vault 7 releases? Feel that there is nothing you can do to safeguard your network? Protect your router from the C.I.A. with DD-WRT

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