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postheadericon Your Android lock screen pattern isn’t as safe as a PIN code

What’s safer? Using a numeric PIN code to unlock your Android smartphone or relying on a finger squiggle? The answer might surprise you.

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postheadericon Why You Need A Pocket Pistol, Even If You Don’t Pocket Carry

By Salvatore via USA Carry

I get it. Carry the biggest gun you can. I am a believer in that. I carry a double-stack autoloader the majority of the time. I find that most people can carry a more formidable gun than they think and I encourage all to do so. However, most of us lead lives in which we can’t always carry a full-size or compact handgun. We may frequently have the need for a very small and concealable firearm, and a pocket gun is better than having no gun under such circumstances.

If you must spend time in environments where you need to dress in ways that make concealment difficult or if you spend time in environments where you absolutely can’t afford to print, then you will not always be able to carry your primary handgun. For those of you who never need to dress in anything other than your 5.11 pants and always carry a service pistol and at least two spare magazines, good for you. For those of you that actually work in the real world, you may need a pocket gun for certain times, even if you don’t pocket carry it.

Small guns are a two-edged sword. They are so convenient to carry that you may find you are content to wear your small frame revolver or 380 auto instead of strapping on your more capable gun. This practice is not ideal, as carrying more gun is always better. However, the real benefit of a small gun is that you can go armed at times when you otherwise could not if you only maintain larger handguns in your lineup. Many need a small gun to cover those times that don’t permit your usual carry gun, which may be quite often depending on your lifestyle. If you are not already squared away with a deep concealment pocket gun, consider the following:

The Guns for the Role

I often refer to exceedingly small handguns as pocket guns, even though you obviously don’t have to carry them in a pocket, and these are very small firearms that can be worn in a variety of places on the body and go unnoticed. A lot of people have different opinions regarding what really constitutes a pocket gun. Some claim that they can carry a Glock 26 or similar sized double-stack auto in their hip pocket. Most can’t do this. Even the small single-stack 9mm autos tend to be too large for pocket carry for most people. The two classes of guns that tend to be ideal pocket guns are the small auto loaders typically chambered in 380 acp or the small-frame revolvers. Again, even if you don’t pocket carry, you will find that these two categories of handgun can be carried easier than most else. These firearms work for deep concealment and also serve many well as backup guns when carried as a second handgun.

While many do not consider small auto loaders chambered in 380 adequate defensive tools they are far better than being unarmed if they are the only size gun you can carry. My personal preference for deep concealment is a small-frame revolver. Guns like the Smith and Wesson J Frames and the Ruger LCR represent this class. The even smaller 380 autos, typified by guns like the Ruger LCP or the Smith and Wesson Bodyguard, are indeed smaller yet and even easier to carry. The revolver has the benefit of being chambered in a more powerful cartridge and being generally more reliable. You need to fully test the reliability of the small autos but if you have one that is truly reliable these make good deep concealment guns.

Where will you Carry It?

The next question to ask yourself: where will you carry your deep concealment gun? I tend to suggest minimizing your different carry locations because in a time of stress you will instinctively reach for your gun in the location it is most often carried. However, you obviously may need to carry a deeply concealed firearm differently. Some common methods for carrying a small gun are in the pocket, on the ankle, or in a belly band. There are also a variety of deeply concealable holsters available that are designed to fall below the waistline and some folks like these options.

Of course, you may be able to carry your small gun in the same way you carry your larger handgun but the sheer size difference may allow you to carry the small weapon when unable to use your primary. Consistency of carry location is very important and you should strive to minimize how many ways in which you carry your firearm. Being able to accommodate any dress or situation while wearing your gun in the same location is great, if you can do it.

My personal choice for deep concealment is carrying a small-frame revolver in a belly band under my clothing. The gun rides on strong-side-hip, like my usual carry mode. This setup works excellent under tucked-in formal shirts, which is the primary dress limitation that prompts me to sometimes need this deep concealment setup. The difference, however, is that the tucked-in shirt needs to be ripped up and out of the waistband in order to access the gun, so it is a slower presentation than my normal carry mode.

You will often find that the better the concealment the less accessible the gun is. This is the tradeoff for remaining armed. I have also utilized ankle carry and pocket carry in the past, but seem to have settled on the belly band solution for such deep concealment needs. Figuring out an alternate deep concealment carry mode takes time and experimentation. While I most often carry a substantial handgun and recommend the same I will take a pocket gun over not gun any day. This is the purpose such tiny weapons serve; they offer an alternative to no gun.

A pocket gun, whether actually pocket carried or not, is a valuable weapon to have in your arsenal. A gun that is generally small enough to pocket carry proves truly small enough to disappear on the human body. These little guns are difficult to shoot well and they are far less capable than a full-size or compact pistol but they facilitate carry when otherwise you would be unarmed. Carry the most capable gun you can at all times that you can, but if restricted to a pocket gun or nothing the pocket gun is the much better option.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Cloud security policy: The questions you need to ask

Cloud services are very much what you make of them, and you need to apply at least an equivalent level of rigorousness, in terms of risk assessment, as you would with assets that are hosted on your own network.

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postheadericon Do You Wear Gloves When You Practice Shooting?

I like stippled grips on my handguns. The textured surface helps give my hand that leverage it needs to take a nice, high hold of the pistol. Years of spending quality time with my handguns on the range has lead me to use shooting gloves when I want to put some long hours. Shooting gloves help me maintain my grip over the gun while reducing the impact of hundreds of rounds cycling through.

I know in a real life situation, I’m not going to be wearing gloves. I don’t carry a pair of gloves with me when I’m out and about. So, tactical or shooting gloves are not really something I want to depend upon for my shooting.

That said, a comfortable set of shooting gloves is just plain comfy. Once they’re worn in, I almost wish it was socially acceptable to just wear them out and about. My wife is thankful it’s not. She usually makes some comment about, “oooh, how tacticool.” I can only imagine what she’d say if I made the claim it’s completely alright to wear tactical gloves as an everyday clothing accessory.

But this got me thinking: when do gloves come in handy for practice?

Shooting gloves (or tactical gloves) offer me the following:

  • Trigger finger relief
  • Protect the skin on my hands
  • Reduce the number of blisters I get after multiple days on the range
  • Keep a good, positive grip on the pistol

And while I love those features, I also know I need to get used to shooting without the gloves. That’s why I always set aside some time either early on in my range day or at the end to do a series of handgun drills without gloves.

I don’t care if I’m tired or fresh, I want to ensure that the principles of marksmanship that I applied throughout the same course of fire apply the same way with or without gloves.

Winter Considerations For Shooting Gloves

The winter is probably the only time where I’ll legitimately have gloves on during the course of my day. I still probably won’t be wearing shooting gloves but I will take advantage of discrete little ways to ensure the gloves I wear in the winter have good grip and I have full tactile function.

Things I practice for winter time concealed carry:

  • Wearing the gloves I typically wear
  • Drawing my concealed carry handgun from the holster with those gloves on
  • Shooting with winter gloves
  • Changing magazines with winter gloves
  • Safety check, unloading and clearing my gun with gloves on

This is really important. It’s not the gloves we want to practice with that are usually the ones we’re stuck wearing if we’re in a self-defense situation. Especially when concealed carry handguns get into the subcompact and micro-compact range, it’s very useful to know how they handle while you’re wearing gloves.

It only takes a few minutes at the range to figure out if your winter gloves are compatible with your everyday concealed carry handgun choice. If they’re not, change up gloves or change up gun or change up carry style until you find something that works. Keep those hands warm and carry on!

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Spammed-out emails threaten websites with DDoS attack on September 30th

Websites are being told that they have until September 30th to pay extortionists $ 720 worth of Bitcoin, or else suffer a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

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postheadericon Bankbot trojan returns to Google Play with new tricks

The Android banking trojan that we first informed about in the beginning of this year has found its way to Google Play again and contains new tricks designed to get access to the private banking information of the user.

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postheadericon Man Storms Church And Shoots Multiple People, Is Then Stopped By Armed Usher

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE — One person is dead and eight others wounded after a masked gunman stormed into a church and opened fire. The scenario is one that many fear, and is nearly impossible to predict. This incident, however, could have been much worse if it weren’t for a brave –and armed– usher who sprung into action.

From local news;

The shooter, identified as {REDACTED BY CONCEALED NATION}, a 25-year-old Rutherford County man, accidentally shot himself after he was confronted by an armed member of the congregation. {REDACTED} was treated at an area hospital and was released into police custody, according to Metro Nashville Police.

{REDACTED} will be charged with one count of murder, additional charges will come later, police said. Police say he previously attended the church.

The woman killed has been identified as Melanie Smith, 39. Smith was a mother who lived in Smyrna.

The gunman is believed to have been shooting indiscriminately, and probably wasn’t expecting someone to be armed and ready to fight back.

Police say the gunman wore a neoprene ski mask when he shot and killed Smith in the parking lot of Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, as the service ended shortly after 11 a.m.

With his blue Nissan Xterra still running, the gunman then entered the rear sanctuary doors of the church and began “indiscriminately” shooting, police said.

Not long after the shooting started, an usher by the name of Caleb Engle engaged the gunman and was pistol-whipped as a result. During the engagement, the gunman accidentally shot himself in the chest.

At this point, Engle left the church and b-lined it to his vehicle, where he had a handgun. He grabbed the gun and ran back into the church, holding the gunman at gunpoint until police arrived.

The gunman was taken to the hospital for his injury and ultimately arrested on charges of homicide and attempted homicide.

If Mr. Engle is out there reading this, we thank you for your bravery during this horrible incident and wish your church the best in the days to come. You are a hero, no doubt, and saved countless lives.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Avoid Verizon Video Throttling With a VPN

Verizon video throttling continues with assorted restrictions on streaming Netflix and YouTube. Avoid throttling by using a VPN FlashRouter.

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postheadericon Security and privacy on the new iOS 11

These new security measures will undoubtedly not only impact the security of data stored on a phone that has been lost or stolen, but could also complicate the progress of criminal investigations requiring the forensic analysis of a phone.

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postheadericon CConsiderations on the CCleaner incident

Regardless of how Piriform was breached, for a tool as widely downloaded as CCleaner, with a userbase running into the hundreds of millions, there will be a large impact worldwide, even though only the 32-bit version was affected.

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