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When popular questions DD-WRT & router keep recurring, we try our best to address them with a FlashRouters FAQ post because we know if one person wants to know something, 10 others probably have the same question.

Today’s DDWRT FAQ: Turning Off WiFi

Dear FlashRouters,

I love my DD-WRT router, but I’m not sure how to turn off the WiFi when I need to. I don’t like the idea of my WiFi broadcasting while I sleep. I also would like to set a deadline when the kids can even use the Internet by completely shutting it off.

Can you tell me what to do? Is there an easy to do to turn off my WiFi?

-Confused in Columbus

How to Turn Off WiFi Radio On A DD-WRT Router

So you are confused, Confused? Well these are confusing times. But DD-WRT offers a few easy options that you can utilize for turning off the WiFi completely or just disabling the public broadcast of a wireless signal.

Disable WiFi in a Wireless Router

Under the Services tab Scroll down SES/AOSS/EZ-SETUP/WPS Button on the router that allows you to turn the radio on and off.

How To Create a Wireless Off Button on a WiFi Router

Results of Turning WiFi Radio Off

Once this setting is saved, and the button is pressed, the wireless network will no longer be accessible until this button is turned on. As long as no one else knows about it, in the house, the control of WiFi within your home will be completely yours Confused.

This makes the WPS/AOSS/EZ-SETUP button on the router now a functional button. When flashing to DD-WRT, this button becomes non-functional as WPS is disabled by default within DD-WRT. The reason for disabling WPS and AOSS is that WPS is a very simple to crack, major security flaw that should never be used.

Disable the SSID/Wireless Network Name from Being Visible

With the SSID disabling option, you will be turning off the public transmission of the wireless network. So the advantage of this option, is that the wireless will still exist but will be invisible to guests or WiFi snoops. Only those who know the exact SSID and can type it in manually will have access to it.

The best way to set up the clients you want access to this network is to allow for transmission while you are setting up the router and then once those needs are met, disable the SSID broadcast as explained below.

  1. Click Wireless Tab.
  2. You should then be on the Basic Settings Tab but if you are not click the Basic Settings Tab.
  3. Find the Wireless SSID Broadcast and choose the radial button for Disable.
  4. Scroll to the bottom. Click Save then Apply.
  5. Clicking Apply will refresh the wireless settings and the network should not longer be visible.

How To Disable Wireless Network Broadcasting on a DD-WRT Router

Benefits of DD-WRT & Top DD-WRT Routers in 2014

If, for whatever reason, you’ve landed on this page and you don’t have a DD-WRT router of your own, then allow us to let you know what you’ve been missing besides the tweaks mentioned above.

DD-WRT routers open up a whole stream of features not available to people who use routers with standard firmware. Here’s a short, and in no way exhaustive, list of those features:

  • Built-in OpenVPN, PPTP, & L2TP Settings which allows you to utilize your VPN subscription with multiple devices as well as popular streaming players like Rokus while saving you the trouble of installing the VPN connection on each single device!
  • Dual WAN and 3G/4G USb Failover options.
  • Major security holes removed like WPS and manufacturer backdoors.
  • Advanced Networking Modes for WDS, Repeaters & Client Bridges.
  • Improved QoS (Quality of Service) which lets you take over the process of allocating your bandwidth for VOIP, streaming service & popular websites.
  • Restrict Usage by Time & Block Websites.
  • Advanced DNS settings.

For a complete listing of features and an DD-WRT explanatory video, head over to the DD-WRT Intro.

Wondering which router might work for you? Read our popular best DD-WRT routers of 2013 to find the right network centerpiece for your needs.

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