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Wireless-AC DD-WRT Showdown

The big game is around the corner. That means parties, planning, pizza and probably an overloaded WiFi network from all the guests coming over. But you can’t be a bad host and hog the WiFi, right?

If you are constantly having issues with your wireless speeds, range, or coverage to different parts of your home or office, and maybe the family is doing a bit too much bandwidth-hungry streaming, then a FlashRouter might be just the ticket you need to a great Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Bowl XLIV Savings

In honor of Super Bowl XLIV (that’s 49 in Roman numerals) take $ 49 off our four most powerful Wireless-AC Routers.

Use coupon code SUPER.

Plus we are offering free support and warranty upgrades on all these high end models. Keep reading for more details.

The DD-WRT Router Bowl I

Netgear R7000 vs. Asus RT-AC87U

Championship weekend means championship savings!

Announcer Breakdown: These combatants both feature best-in-class 1 GHz processors. The RT-AC87U gets a little boost on wireless coverage with an added fourth external antenna and some TurboQAM technology. But the R7000 Nighthawk is scrappy and priced more than $ 100 lower. So which will it be… the max specs at a premium price or the superhero Nighthawk router? You decide which DD-WRT router is best.

Save $ 49 on either with coupon code SUPER *

AND THERE’S MORE: We are so confident you will love our championship level Wireless-AC routers, that this weekend we are offering FREE upgrades to 1 Year of Support (Reg $ 25) & Free Upgrade to a 1 Year Warranty (Regular: $ 35) on both the R7000 and the RT-AC87U.

PLUS: Upgrade to a 2 year warranty on either for only $ 25!

You are getting more performance, more support time and more assurance at the same price! This is the time of year when the cream of the crop performs! These discounts all add up to savings of $ 99 on the full coverage, and premium WiFi router experience you deserve.

So snag a heavy hitter today with deep discounts using the coupon SUPER.

What Makes a FlashRouter Championship Level?

It may sound like nothing but a DD-WRT firmware upgrade and optimization hand-crafted by FlashRouters means:

…and much more.

Get the best routers with the best security, features, and the best support right out of the box!

Wondering what a FlashRouter can do to strengthen your wireless network? Check out our animated video that explains why your outdated router might just be ready for retirement.

The 800 lbs Gorilla (& MHz) Showdown

RT-AC68U DD-WRT vs. Linksys EA6900 AC1900

For some, the big boys might be a bit overkill but any network can use more privacy capabilities and wireless-range. These opponents match hefty 800 MHz processors ready to perform in a network with full VPN encryption. Wirelessly, both come in at AC1900 max capabilities with three external antennas and with matching RAM/Flash memory. The Asus antennas are a bit more powerful and provide a bit more range but the EA6900 runs at a much cheaper price.

Both AC WiFi specialists will also include a FREE upgrade to 1 Year of Support.

Save $ 49 on either with coupon code SUPER

After the discount the EA6900 will come in under $ 250 for a high powered Wireless-AC experience plus a FREE upgrade to 1 Year of Support making it the best priced device of the bunch.

Still, these two are too close to call. And with this type of performance, there are really no losers when it comes to a fully upgraded WiFi, privacy, and network security experience.

*The Not So Fine Print: This offer only applies to new orders and cannot be combined with any other offers or previous orders. Good through Feb 1, 2015.

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