postheadericon Millions bagged in two bank cyber-heists

This hack is said to be reminiscent of a particularly brazen bank cyber-heist from February 2016, in which hackers successfully pilfered $ 81 million from the account of the central bank of Bangladesh at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

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postheadericon Tampa Clerk Shoots Robbery Suspect In Leg At Gas Station

TAMPA, FL — A man trying to make some quick cash at a local gas station wound up terrified for his life when he encountered an armed clerk who was not afraid to pull the trigger on the man facing him down.

The fact of the matter is the man is lucky to be walking away with his life.

As WFTS reports:

Tampa Police are investigating a shooting at the Sunoco gas station located at E. Hillsborough Avenue and 34th Street. Police said a man attempted to rob the gas station using a pellet gun early Friday. Officers said the clerk armed himself with his own firearm and fired at the suspect striking him in the leg. Investigators believe the shots were fired just outside the gas station door.

This is the real issue when someone tries to use a pellet gun, airsoft gun (orange tip muted, thank you very much), or any other firearm-looking item as a firearm, and this goes for well-meaning people just as much as it goes for thugs.

People are going to treat you like you’re carrying a loaded gun if you give them an excuse to, and the fact of the matter is any bad guy presenting that bluff is endangering himself far more than even an attempted robbery himself. Hell, the guy was practically begging to be fired on, and there wasn’t jack he could do about it except to run for the hills, which is a pretty tricky thing when shot in the leg.

There is a lot circulating these days about how guns, no matter where they are, are a threat. The fact remains that if we had more employees armed, like this clerk, we would have fewer people willing to become deadly threats to innocent people on a daily basis.

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postheadericon How safe are you around your smart TV?

Smart TVs afford us the opportunity to use them for purposes that are more commonly associated with computers. In fact, that’s what these TVs have become – internet-connected ‘computers’, much like mobile phones. It would no doubt help if we thought of them as such and treated them accordingly.

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postheadericon Android ransomware in 2017: Innovative infiltration and rougher extortion

Ransomware in 2017 saw users and businesses across the globe trying to cope with campaigns such as Petya and WannaCryptor. Not to be outdone, Android ransomware had a year full of innovative infiltration and rougher extortion as highlighted by the latest ESET research whitepaper.

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postheadericon FBI Under Fire After Learning Bureau Failed To Act On Tip About FL School Gunman

Florida Governor Rick Scott has called for the FBI director, Christopher Wray, to resign after it has come to light that the bureau did not appropriately act on an anonymous tip that came in to them.

That tip was about the gunman who killed 17 people and injured another 14 at a Florida school just days ago.

“The FBI’s failure to take action against this killer is unacceptable,” said Scott in a statement. “The FBI Director needs to resign.”

Scott’s demand comes after the FBI said Friday that it did not follow its own “protocols” in handling an anonymous tip that the suspected shooter, who was expelled from the school for disciplinary issues, could pose a danger to students.

The FBI said the tip, which raised concerns over the teenager’s gun ownership and the possibility of a school shooting, never made it to the FBI’s Miami field office.

The FBI is currently investigating what happened, and where the lapse in communication occurred.

“Seventeen innocent people are dead and acknowledging a mistake isn’t going to cut it. An apology will never bring these 17 Floridians back to life or comfort the families who are in pain,” Scott said. “The families will spend a lifetime wondering how this could happen, and an apology will never give them the answers they desperately need.”

With this teen’s history, as reported, there were numerous red flags that were displayed over what seems to be years. It’s a shame that an important tip such as this one would fall under the radar, and it shows how important it is to actually submit tips if you have any suspicions about someone’s behavior and/or comments.

Of course, this tip was not successful in stopping one of the deadliest mass shootings in US history, but it could have. It could have been the one thing that got this teen the help he needed, or a multitude of other possibilities that could have brought his plans to a halt.

Of course it’s impossible to follow up on every lead that comes into the bureau, but not sending it to the appropriate field office seems like a costly mistake. There is absolutely no way to say for sure if, had the tip been followed to the end, that this horrible incident would have been avoided. But, we can assume that it wouldn’t have hurt.

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postheadericon Online Gaming with VPN: Best Routers & Services

With online gaming growing in popularity, you’ll to stay at the top of your game. Maintain peak performance by upgrading your wireless router today!

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postheadericon US forms dedicated office to help avert cyberattacks at infrastructure

The vulnerability of critical infrastructure, including energy grids, to cyberattacks has been a growing concern worldwide. Many nations have been scrambling to improve their defenses vis-à-vis threats faced by services that are critical to the continuity of our daily lives.

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postheadericon Concerns about data breaches hitting all-time high

A record-high proportion of organizations worldwide (67%) said that they had been breached at some point, up from 56% in the report’s previous edition.

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postheadericon “He was a good boy!” Teen Shot, Killed While Robbing North Carolina Home

CATAWBA COUNTY, NC — You’ve read stores like this one before. Three wayward yoots got it in their heads that they were going to break into a home to steal some cash/drugs/guns. But…oops! Much to their surprise, the target of the robbery attempt was armed and knew how to use his gun.

Catawba County deputies said the shooting happened at a home on Fairview Drive just before 6 p.m. but authorities found 17-year-old Shane Cauthen in a vehicle off Startown and Blackburn Ridge roads in Lincoln County around 6:15 p.m. Wednesday.

Investigators said Cauthen had been driven there.

Deputies said Cauthen and Dylan Lee Gates and Cory Aaron Ingram came to a home on Fairview Drive on Wednesday wearing masks, intending to rob someone at the home.

An unidentified 17-year-old was the target of the the attack by these three national merit scholars and a gunfight ensued.

During the confrontation, the Catawba County Sheriff’s Office determined Cauthen and the robbery victim shot at each other. Cauthen was shot four times, according to the Lincoln Herald.

Four bullet wounds is a lot. Too much, in fact, for Cauthen to survive.

Cauthen was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

And with the arrest of his two accomplices, that should have been the end of this sad, if all too familiar little story. But Cauthen’s family thinks he was somehow wronged by being shot during an armed robbery.

Mom says Cauthen just didn’t deserve what he got.

“He was a good boy,” said his mom Shanda Cauthen.

Of course he was.

“I think they should be charging (the victim). If somebody gets shot four times, I mean, that was aiming at him,” Cauthen’s grandmother, Diane said.

“He was going to better his self. He needed four more credits to graduate,” his mother, Shanda, told Channel 9.

But as usually happens when someone successfully defends himself against three attackers who are shooting at him . . .

Investigators met with the District Attorney Thursday morning and they determined that the shooting was justified. A case of self-defense.

Shockingly, Cauthen’s family was wasn’t happy with the outcome. And they’re not taking this lying down. The 17-year-old and his family report being threatened. And that’s not all.

Later in the day, at the scene of the shooting, a man drove up to take a look at the scene.

One man who said he raised Cauthen for many years stood and stared at the house.

A man at the house who is a relative of the teen who was the robbery target, drove up to the edge of the driveway and asked that man to leave. He didn’t.

That’s when the relative pulled out an AR-15 rifle and asked the man to go away.

When that gentleman reached behind him, as of to pull out something from behind his back, the relative with the AR-15 raised the barrel, pointed it at the man, and yelled at him to stop.

Police arrived and defused the situation. But it doesn’t sound as if Cauthen’s family wants to let their budding young felon go un-avenged. Which means that the victim and his family probably won’t want to let their guard down any time soon.

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postheadericon Patch now! Microsoft fixes over 50 serious security flaws

This week saw the second Tuesday of the month, and everyone who is responsible for protecting Windows computers knows what that means: another bundle of security patches have been released by Microsoft.

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