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postheadericon Keyless convenience or security risk? Car theft in action

Exactly how does the attack work and is it expensive to create? The attack, while seeming to be technology voodoo, is actually rather simple. It requires a transmitting relay near the key and a second relay near the car to receive the relayed signals and mimic the key.

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postheadericon [CCW IN ACTION] Armed Citizen Draws Gun And Fires At Armed Robbery Suspect

COLUMBIA, MO — One armed robbery suspect ended up losing his chance at easy money and entered the fight of his life when the man he chose to rob was a concealed carrier.

Police report that they received calls of people hearing gunshots at about 11:30 p.m. July 8, according to KMIZ.

When they came to investigate, they found a 27-year-old male victim who claimed that he had been approached by a man, armed with a handgun, completely dressed in black.

The robber demanded the victim’s money. The victim responded by producing his own handgun and opening fire.

The robber ran for it.

No injuries were reported, although there was one car that was reportedly damaged by a bullet fired by the victim in self-defense.

The thug was still on the run as of the latest report by KMIZ.

This brings up an interesting point that is often discussed, but not as commonly observed.

When you’re scared, you’re crap at aiming.

I have not been in an altercation wherein I was forced to open fire an another person. At least not yet, and I pray that streak continues.

I have, however, been in a situation where I was forced to draw on an animal threat — a very different situation, but even that is enough to get the heart pumping and make folks shaky.

It’s a reminder to all of us — don’t shoot until you know what you’re going to hit, and try to keep it cool. Staying cool and maintaining good judgment coupled with accurate shooting is the best way to navigated a deadly situation.

How do you give yourself the best odds?

Practice, practice, practice. Go hit the range when you get a chance. It’s a blast (pun not intended) and you just might be thankful you did later.

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postheadericon July 12th: Internet-Wide Day Of Action To Save Net Neutrality (NNDoA)

The FCC is not a friend to Net Neutrality. Are you concerned about Internet Freedom? Should the Internet be a fair and open place? Join the fight.

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postheadericon CCW IN ACTION: Attempted Carjacking Suspect Is Shot By Armed Citizen, In The Groin

CHICAGO, IL — A legally and responsibly-armed concealed carrier shot one of two men who attempted to gang up on him and steal his car, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Oddly enough — and an unfortunate testament to just how things are in Chicago — this attempted carjacking occurred in broad daylight.

As the Chicago Tribune reports:

Shortly after 11:30 a.m., the victim was standing outside his vehicle in the 5300 block of South Pulaski Road when two men approached and demanded his car keys, police said.

Instead of handing over his keys, the victim shot one of the men in the groin area. The other man took off, but he was caught a short time later, police said.”

The man shot in the groin was run to the hospital where he appears to be in good condition. He has not been identified other than the revelation that he is 25 years of age.

The other attacker was arrested, but nothing has been identified about that individual as of yet, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Police did report that a “weapon” was recovered from the scene.

Folks, it just does not matter where you are.

You could be in a gas station bathroom, in you home, inside or outside of your car — you never know when you might need your carry gun.

So for the love of all that’s good, please don’t leave your firearm at home.

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postheadericon Big changes in the infosec landscape: Time to take note and take action

There are big changes happening to the infosec landscape:, says ESET’s Michael Aguilar. It’s therefore time to take note and take action.

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postheadericon [CCW IN ACTION] Wannabe Gangster Tried To Rob The Famous ‘Hip Hop Store’ On 7 Mile — Discovers Owner Can Get Real Gangsta, Too.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — A robber was shot and killed by the store owner of the ‘Hip Hop Store’ on 7 Mile and Forrer after the owner fought back. The fatal shooting occurred outside the store but Detroit police believe this was an honest case of self-defense.

“If there’s an attempted robbery, a citizen has the right to defend himself,” Officer Mark Thornton said to Click2Detroit.

According to WXYZ ABC News 7 Detroit, the robber’s family came forward and said he just had a baby a few weeks ago. While we certainly feel for that kid having to grow up without a father, the chances of that kid ever seeing his father are pretty minimal. If he wasn’t shot and killed this time, he likely would have been arrested for something else soon after — or shot and killed somewhere else.

It’s not the job of the law-abiding citizen running his business to wonder whether or not the robber attacking him has people that depend upon him. That’s a question that needs to resonate within the criminal himself prior to committing the crime.

Once the fight begins, it’s very much you or him. We’d prefer you pick you.

The business owner had a license to carry a concealed handgun but he very well didn’t need it because he was in his place of business.

The ‘Hip Hop Store’ became famous on account of Enimem. It’s become a mini-Mecca of sorts for the Detroit hip-hop scene. Unfortunately, it may also attract idiots with absolutely no sense of responsibility to their households, family, or community.

Detroit can be a pretty rough place. Unfortunately, as times get more desperate, idiots get more desperate. Bad ideas like “maybe I should beat up an owner of a store and rob his business” may start to sound like semi-rational thoughts. They’re not. But the only way that lesson is going to get hammered home is if law-abiding citizens refuse to back down.

Stand up for your own safety, health, and well-being. Carry concealed every single day.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon [CCW IN ACTION] Concealed Carrier Stops Armed Juveniles From Robbing Burger King — Same Juveniles Responsible For Crime Spree

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA — A licensed concealed carrier drew his concealed carry firearm and successfully defended himself and the cashier after five juveniles, two armed, attempted to rob a Burger King at gunpoint.

According to RTF 6 ABC News, the two armed teenagers pointed their guns at the cashier and reportedly told her to open the drawer. A customer drew his concealed carry pistol and told the two armed criminals to drop their firearms. One of the teenagers turned his gun on the concealed carrier. The concealed carrier fired five rounds, one of which grazed the arm of the crook. Both armed robbers dropped their firearms and fled to a nearby Ford F-150.

Indianapolis police caught up with all five teenagers and they all allegedly confessed to not just the attempted robbery at the Burger King, but a string of up to nine businesses in three days.

Two of the gang are old enough to be charged as adults. Antonio Cowherd and Mikel Kendrick are both 19 years old and can look forward to a nice long stint in Indiana corrections.

Major Richard Riddle with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department announced that this group was believed to be the primary suspects in the armed robbery of multiple gas stations, a Family Dollar and a convenience store spanning the distance from Indianapolis to nearby Plainfield.

Not only did this concealed carrier put an end to potentially a string of criminal enterprises, he was able to protect himself and the cashier from harm. This is what happens when people carry concealed. Armed robbers have to walk into a business and hope to goodness there isn’t an armed citizen willing to stand up to them. When there is one, they drop their guns like cowards or they get shot. All that posturing and thug life mentality really amounts to absolutely nothing when faced against a legally armed citizen.

All five are alive — for now — but make no mistake. They’ll either learn their lesson in corrections and go about their lives or they can look forward to running into another concealed carrier down the line. That’s on them. In the meantime, we protect ourselves, our family, and our businesses. We have to. They’re obviously not going to stop.

Carry every single day, everywhere you legally can.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon [CCW IN ACTION] Walmart Employee Shoots Armed Robber In Parking Lot

SUNRISE, FLORIDA — Starting his shift at 4 a.m., one concealed carrier was expecting his day to go like any other. Unfortunately, some armed robber staking out the parking lot decided to put a gun in his face while he was still seated in his car.

“Somebody tried to rob him, and I guess he just defended himself,” said a co-worker to News 7 Miami.

According to eyewitness accounts, the Walmart employee got out his own gun and opened fire on the suspect. The armed robber died at the scene.

“There’s just too much going on,” said nearby resident, Brigitte. “It’s wonderful that he could protect himself, otherwise he’d be the one behind the tarp.”

The armed robber was described as being just a teenager, but as we’ve already seen in other cases — teenagers who think violence is a tool to get what they want may be in for a big surprise.

Police confirmed that the employee who defended himself had a valid permit to carry concealed. Faced with a life-or-death situation, he moved very quickly to resolve the situation judiciously.

He faces no charges and his family is reportedly elated that he survived the encounter.

“They said it was the other person, but when I woke up and heard about it, I was crying because, I mean, my brother is all I got and my kids,” said his sister. “But I’m sorry to hear what happened to the victim, but my brother works hard, he works hard to take care of him and his child.”

The man knew what he had to do in order to survive. He knew he had to fight. It’s something no one wants to face but when the choices are getting killed by some punk teenager in the parking lot or going home to see your own child, the choice is simple.

Popular culture and media promotes the idea to children that you can be a real tough guy if you steal a gun and use it to rob people and threaten their lives. The reality is that people caught up to that trend awhile ago. If you’re too dumb to look around and see people are acting more and more defensive when they go places, you’re in for a real bad time.

Robbing a man in the early morning darkness, you best be certain you’re doing it in a state that outlaws guns. In a state like Florida, however, your best bet is to find a new career path. Maybe, yanno, work a few shifts at Walmart.

Another life cut short because the boy was too dumb and too violent. Better him than the man who just wants to get home to see his kid after a long day at work.

Law-abiding concealed carrier: 1

Dumb criminal: 0

Case closed. Carry everyday, everywhere legally permissible.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon TAKE ACTION: National Reciprocity Bill Now Has More Than 80 Cosponsors

What if you, the concealed carrier, could travel throughout all fifty states without worrying about whether a state acknowledged your permit? That question may be answered as soon as a recent House Bill clears its subcommittees and garners enough support to go to the floor.

The Constitutional Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of 2015 is a bill currently in the sponsoring stages in the House of Representatives. As of March 16th, it is sitting inside the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations. This is one of the vetting stages needed to pass before a bill will hit the floor of the House.

For the first time, Congress looks like it’s willing to make a concerted effort to propose legislation which would save concealed carriers from being charged as criminals should they wander across the border into a state that does not acknowledge their permit’s validity.

Have you contacted your House Representative and told him or her you’re on board?

If you’ve followed Concealed Nation for awhile, you likely have read your fair share of stories of concealed carriers unwittingly crossing over into New Jersey and fighting to stay out of prison. While Gov. Chris Christie promised reform to those types of restrictions, we’ve sat back and watched as the New Jersey legislature has systematically dismantled any attempt to actually do so.

In the meantime, concealed carriers are being prosecuted for violating gun laws disconnected from any actual threat that the concealed carrier posed to the public.

While we always advocate safety, responsibility, and a knowledge of the law, we’ve been stuck with a very convoluted system of managing reciprocity for concealed carry licenses. At present, you have to do quite a bit of research just to see what states you can drive through without violating some state’s law. Concealed Carry Reciprocity maps certainly help as a general guide, but when you’re faced with potentially losing your home, vehicle, and children’s future because California (or Maryland, New Jersey, Hawaii, etc.) doesn’t acknowledge a person’s right to keep and bear arms — that’s ridiculous and constitutionally wrong.

So maybe it’s time we pass a national reciprocity bill that requires all states to acknowledge each other — even permitless carry states. So long as the bill doesn’t get twisted into some sort of convoluted mess, this could signal a giant leap forward in helping responsible, concealed carriers travel freely and without impediment throughout our great country.

Step up. Call or email your House Representative and tell him you’re on board and he should be, too!

Concealed Nation

postheadericon [CCW IN ACTION] Permit Holder Shoots At Man And Woman After Being Assaulted

CINCINNATI, OHIO — This is why it pays to carry concealed every day, where-ever possible by law. A lone concealed carrier was allegedly assaulted by a man and two women in an undisclosed location near North Hill College. When police arrived, they found the victim of the assault near the scene with his valid concealed carry permit and his firearm. He complied with their requests and was taken to the station for questioning. The assailant that was wounded by the bullet had fled the scene along with his accomplices.

via Cincinnati’s Enquirer

“[The concealed carrier] stated he was scared, he may have [had] a weapon and fired one round from his firearm at the (male) victim,” the North College Hill police release said.

The guy who got shot was taken to the hospital and questioned by police. There have been no further reports of this investigation but police are reporting it as a defensive gun use subject to oversight by the local prosecutor’s office.

Defensive gun use events are rarely a simple matter. There’s a whole host of factors from the assailants to the situation itself. The biggest factor you can’t always control for is your own recollection of the events themselves.

One important lesson is knowing that post-defensive gun use, your brain chemistry is extremely different than it was prior to the incident. There’s a hormone called Cortisol and your system is flooded with it as a reaction to the fight-or-flight mechanism in your brain.

That hormone has been attributed with temporary changes of the crystalline lens on your eyeballs. Based upon our present understanding of this hormone and its reaction with people, it is thought that Cortisol can help you with visual acuity but it can also affect memories and the way you recall events. It’s always best to advise law enforcement that the statements you are making of the incident are based upon your present best understanding of the situation and may be subject to verification. Your attorneys and legal team, if necessary, will likely appreciate this because a lot of a case will be hinged upon those initial statements you make to police. If you are ever uncertain about your memories or the chain of events leading up to a defensive gun use, please do consult with an attorney — it’s both your right and a good idea.

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