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postheadericon Chicago Facing Police Shortage, Pension Collapse, Rep. Wants To Serialize Ammo… Priorities, Right?

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Labor Day is widely anticipated to be one of the bloodiest weekends in the Windy City. With homicide rates skyrocketing, police unions are warning they won’t be able to cover an expected 2,000 man-hours with voluntary overtime. It’s okay, though. One lawmaker is brave enough to come up with a solution: force manufacturers to serialize ammunition.

State Rep. Sonya Harper, D-Chicago believes that if manufacturers are forced to serialize ammunition, investigators will have an easier time tracing the origin of all the rounds fired by illegally obtained firearms.

via ABC News 7

“We’re not trying to get rid of responsible gun owners guns, we just want to know how the guns and the bullets are getting into the hands of our youth and causing senseless harm and murder,” Harper said.

This proposed bill is expected to be filed later on next week.

Not only would this add a burdensome cost to manufacturers, it would only potentially affect Illinois purchasers.

In Illinois, a resident has to obtain a Firearm Owner Identification Card (FOIC) and then pass another, stringent examination and course work to obtain a concealed carry permit. And now, a concealed carrier in Illinois may potentially have to use serialized ammunition.

This is all in the hopes of better understanding how criminals get their hands on guns.

According to ABC News, Chicago had its deadliest August in nearly two decades. Ninety people were killed in the Windy City and police have confirmed 384 shooting incidents and 472 shooting victims.

This isn’t a gun problem. This is a war zone.

And to make matters worse: Chicago’s infrastructure is running out of money.

When the money stops, the police stop.

Chicago is facing a $ 426 million budget shortfall next year. With a $ 20 billion dollar pension bubble threatening to explode the public sector’s retirement security, Chicago can’t even promise their police officers that they’ll retire in peace and safety.

The Fraternal Order of Police has picked up on this dark new reality and has asked its officers to not volunteer for overtime hours in areas where police are traditionally put in the most violent, hardest hit areas of this war zone.

via Chicago Tribune

“In order to show unity and protest the continued disrespect of Chicago police officers and the killings of law enforcement officers across our country, we are requesting FOP members to refrain from volunteering to work (overtime),” the flier reads. “You’ve earned time to be with your families.”

The police in Chicago are not going to be a phone call away this Labor Day weekend. Do you really want to make it harder for law-abiding citizens to have access to the only means they have to defend their lives, family, and home?

Stay safe, everyone. Carry everyday, everywhere you legally can. Your life is worth it.

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postheadericon Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom Wants Your Guns And Ammo — CA Prop 63 This November, You Decide

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — As a Presidential election looms in November, Californians are gearing up to face 18 proposals which will alter the very fabric of the state. Amongst these 18 proposals is Prop 63, proposed by Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom who wants to run for Governor of California in 2018.

According to the Washington Times, here’s how Newsom frames his proposition.

“Enough massacres, death, tears, and hate – it’s time to take action and save lives,” Mr. Newsom said in the Sacramento Bee. “The Safety for All initiative gives California voters the opportunity to keep guns and ammo out of the hands of violent, dangerous, hateful people.”

That statement means nothing. However, Newsom has some creative ways he thinks Prop 63 will make it harder for criminals to have access to firearms and ammunition. Before we go into those, here’s some definitions for us to remember:

  • Newsom defines “large-capacity ammunition magazines” as magazines holding more than 10 rounds.
  • Background checks are required to purchase ammunition.
  • Ammunition sales can only be done through licensed vendors.
  • Ammunition purchases have to be reported to the Justice Department.
  • In the event a firearm is lost or stolen, it must be reported.

If you’re in possession of these “large capacity” magazines, Newsom wants you to destroy them, return them to dealers, or move them out of state. If you’re caught with them, expect them to be confiscated. There may even be criminal charges associated with possession of these types of magazines.

This measure adds to the 17 other proposals on the ballot this November for Californians.

Here’s the rub: Democrats oppose this proposition while still trying to pass legislation that accomplishes the exact same thing.

Democrats don’t want gun-owners showing up to the polls. They see it as stirring the pot that will inevitably lead to more votes for the Republican Presidential nominee and put them all in political “hot water”.

Even the California Sheriffs Association has opposed this measure stating that it will create a “new class of criminals”. We’ve seen in Los Angeles, where they enacted a magazine ban last year, that people don’t just hand in their magazines. To date, none have been turned in.

A lot of law-abiding gun owners in California presumably own magazines which Newsom would define as “large capacity”. How many do you expect to turn them in if Prop 63 passes?

Here’s a guess: extremely few.

If anything, this proposal would do more to push law-abiding gun owners out of the state. For those who can’t afford to pack up and move, they would then be classified as criminals if the police caught them with even one magazine that met Newsom’s definition.

Defending your home and you shoot a home intruder?

“Well, sir, let’s see your gun… Oh, I see this gun holds more than 10 rounds. Come with us to the station.”

California has the choice to block this type of infringement on basic liberties at the ballot box. It is our sincere hope for concealed carriers and gun owners in that state that they are able to do so.

Otherwise, enjoy waiting 45 minutes for a background check to clear before purchasing ammunition to go practice at the range.

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postheadericon Is This The Best 223 Ammo Ever?

Our bud Andrew over at GY6vids has put out another awesome video, this time dealing with a specific 223 round. We really enjoy his videos and while this has nothing to do with concealed carry, we’re sure that many of you are going to enjoy this.

Check out the video above and share your thoughts.

This is the FULL BALLISTIC test of the ELITE SERIES 223 round. It’s a Lead Free Fragmenting Projectile that is suppose to be completely barrier blind…We will see about that! SLOW MOTION footage shooting through FBI Grade Ballistic Gel, Wood, Shirts, Concrete, MEAT, and a Windshield.

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postheadericon Did Santa Bring You Guns, Ammo & Accessories?

Chances are, you’ve already unwrapped your presents and are checking out your new items. Since we’re all about firearms, did Santa bring you any new guns, ammo and/or accessories? Share them with us below!
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postheadericon NY Lawmakers Have Lost Their Minds: Ridiculous Bill Drafted That Would Cap Ammo Purchases To Twice Your Gun’s Capacity Every 90 Days

By Robert Farago via The Truth About Guns “State lawmakers from Brooklyn announced on Monday new legislation aimed at tightly restricting the sale of ammunition in New York,” reports. “The Senate and Assembly bills were drafted in an effort … Continue reading
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postheadericon [VIDEO] Full Auto Glock With New G2research Ammo Vs Casualty Carl: Look At That Expansion!

In this video we quickly see what it looks like to shoot our Ballistic Gel Dummy “Casualty Carl” with a Full Automatic Glock 17c. We are shooting one of the Newest personal defense 9mm rounds on the market, the G2research … Continue reading
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postheadericon Are You Carrying The Right Self-Defense Ammo?

When a bullet strikes a living thing, it creates a pathway for blood and bodily fluid to flow out.  That’s what inevitably causes death – outside of direct hits to the brain, heart, or other vital organs.  When blood pressure … Continue reading
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postheadericon Is Your Ammo Going To Give You Trouble In Court?

A reader sent us a photo of his Hornady Z-Max ammo (Zombie ammo, for those nights when the pesky zombies want to get in your home) and posted the following question: Okay I gotta ask this question. The Hornady Z-Max ammo … Continue reading
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postheadericon Gun Range Has Ammo Vending Machine Installed, Some People Cry About It

There isn’t anything in the world you can do, that isn’t going to upset someone else. Some people just need all the attention, don’t they? A gun range in Pennsylvania, Beaver Valley Rifle & Pistol Club, recently had a vending machine … Continue reading
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