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postheadericon Why We Plan For The Worst — Pit Bulls Attack And Kill Wife, Maul Husband

A married couple went for a walk not far from the iconic Route 66 going through Kentucky. The Bell County Sheriff’s Office reported that the couple were attacked by two dogs. They viciously pounced and killed the man’s wife before he was able to take out his gun and shoot.

According to US News, one of the dogs was killed and the other took off. They are believed to be pitbulls — not belonging to the couple.

It’s a heart wrenching story involving the loss of life. Thankfully, the man thought to carry a concealed handgun on his walk. He wasn’t fast enough to save his wife’s life but he was able to save himself.

There’s a natural confusion that sets in when what we expect to encounter — like a nice walk with our significant other — takes a turn for the horrific.

A dog attack happening randomly out in the woods is about the last thing any normal person would expect.

It’s also why we promote the concept of preparing for the worst while hoping for the best.

There’s a very slim chance any concealed carrier will ever need to pull his or her gun in self-defense. That slim chance, though, could happen to any one of us.

There are irresponsible people out there in this world that don’t care if their dogs get loose. There are bad people who prey upon others. There are wild animals that are aggressively territorial.

Any number of reasons can culminate into a self-defense gun situation. If you don’t have your concealed carry pistol on you, you’re depending upon sheer brute force and will to survive an encounter. It may not be enough.

These two pit bulls are powerful examples of aggressive animals attacking. If they managed to knock down and kill the wife before setting upon the husband, there’s a good chance that if he wasn’t armed, he wouldn’t have stood even half a chance of keeping himself alive.

That’s why we wrote this article about defending yourself while defending your family.

We strongly believe that a defensive mindset needs to incorporate not just you but also anyone you plan on protecting. You can’t protect anyone if you’re down and you certainly can’t protect yourself if you’re not carrying a concealed handgun.

It’s also why we cover incidents reminding gun owners why we carry.

Our Second Amendment right is reinforced by our daily commitment to carry a concealed handgun. It’s not just for yourself. You’re doing it for your close family and friends. There are people who depend upon you to defend yourself and them if the worst comes to pass.

If you’re someone who’s on the fence about carrying a gun, check out our article on why it’s okay to carry a gun you feel comfortable with versus trying to carry bigger or badder. Any bullet is a good bullet so long as it’s coming out of the barrel of your gun and heading towards a bad guy. It doesn’t need to be a big round. Heck, it can be as small and easy to manage as a .25 ACP.

Pick a gun you feel comfortable carrying. Practice with it at the range. Get your concealed carry permit. Get a holster you feel confident will keep solid retention over the gun. Carry concealed everywhere, everyday.

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postheadericon OSX/Proton spreading again through supply-chain attack

Our researchers noticed that the makers of the Elmedia Player software have been distributing a version of their app trojanized with the OSX/Proton malware.

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postheadericon DD-WRT & OpenWRT Repairs KRACK Attack Vulnerabilities

A devastating flaw in WPA2 WiFi encryption has affected millions of devices. The KRACK attack can be prevented. FlashRouters shows the preventative steps to take to secure your network.

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postheadericon UK National Lottery knocked offline by DDoS attack

The UK National Lottery website and smartphone app are taken offline as a DDoS attack strikes.

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postheadericon Spammed-out emails threaten websites with DDoS attack on September 30th

Websites are being told that they have until September 30th to pay extortionists $ 720 worth of Bitcoin, or else suffer a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.

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postheadericon Google removes 300 Android apps following DDoS attack

Google has been forced to remove almost 300 apps from its Play Store after learning that apps were being hijacked for DDoS attacks.

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postheadericon Knife Attack Turns Shots Fired In Apparent Self-Defense Shooting

SISSONVILLE, WV — A man is dead after a bizarre chase with a knife turned into a prime example on why you don’t ever bring a knife to a gunfight.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports that a man shot and killed Tracy Stalnaker, 53, after being pursued with a knife.

“He was never right, but today he was really messed up in the head,” Debbie Carpenter, owner of the Raw Bar II, said.

About 15 minutes before his death, Stalnaker came into her bar and started an altercation.

He was carrying a can of beer not bought in the bar.

Carpenter told him to get rid of the beer, so he left. When he came back, she noticed that he was carrying a knife in his waistband.

Then she noticed that he was not carrying one knife, but several.

At one point, Stalnaker threatened her with a knife in each hand.

Although she could well have shot him and remained within legal bounds, she didn’t. That came shortly thereafter.

Stalnaker pursued another man, still armed with a knife, to the front of Smitty’s Auto Parts, when the man he was chasing turned, produced a firearm, and shot Stalnaker.

Stalnaker did not survive.

As for the man he was pursuing, it does not appear that he will be charged.

“No one is in custody,” said Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office’s Sgt. Brian Humphreys. “There is no ongoing danger.”

It is well that he was not charged — his life was clearly in danger, and it seems equally clear that the armed citizen couldn’t do a thing to break off from the engagement if had chose to evade rather than engage.

A relative of Stalnaker reported that he had a mental illness.

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postheadericon Alligator Attack Leaves FL Woman (possibly) Wishing She Had A Gun

By Robert Farago via The Truth About Guns

As someone who recently ignored his 58th birthday, I’m [still] here to say that the older you get, the older you think old is. When I read’s headline 71-year-old recovering after gator attack at Florida gated community, I thought, 71 isn’t that old! It’s not like she was eighty! Anyway . . .

Genie Witzel, who was gardening when a 10-foot alligator decided to come after her, is recovering at Lee Memorial Hospital, according to the Fort Myers News Press.

“She’s doing fine,” Witzel’s son, Sheldon Upchurch, told the News Press. “The gator grabbed her by the foot. She fought him off. She stabbed him in the nose with gardening shears.”

The gator was caught Sunday night and has been killed, Florida Fish & Wildlife officials told the Fort Myers News Press.

There is no obvious reason why Ms.Witzel shouldn’t have been carrying a gun while gardening. And one obvious reason why she should have: gators!

In fact, there’s plenty of wildlife in Florida — even in gated communities! — that can ruin your whole day. Leave them alone and they’ll leave you alone? What about a rabid cat, raccoon or bobcat (that attacked an 80-year-old woman, requiring 60 body stitches).

Not to mention coyotes. (I snapped the above sign just outside the playing field at Denver’s Colorado Academy.)  As former Texas Governor and current Energy Department jefe Rick Perry proved, even a Ruger .380 can be enough to eliminate that threat.

That’s an easy enough gun to carry that’s a pretty good choice for disincentivizing two-legged varmints, too. Hey, how old is Rick now? Wait, wait, don’t tell me . . .

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postheadericon Man Shoots Dog At NH Rest Stop After His Dog Comes Under Attack

HOOKSETT, NH — As a concealed carrier who does a fair bit of traveling, few things are less fun than a rest stop. Although some of them are well-surveilled, some aren’t, and the constant arrival and departure of travelers means that maintaining the situational awareness every carrier has to have takes an effort that is far above average.

Even more frustrating, there is more to maintaining that awareness than just the human traffic — animals need to get out and do their business and stretch their legs, too.

Sometimes, those animals don’t get along, as one concealed carrier found out the hard way.

The Boston Globe reports that a man taking a break at a rest stop in New Hampshire was walking his small dog when a large, aggressive dog in another vehicle noticed the small dog and leapt out the vehicle to assail it.

The big dog clamped on to the little dog and stayed there.

The owner was mortified, and did all that he thought to do to free his dog without killing the larger dog. However, it did not seem that anything the owner was doing was going to work, and his pet’s life was in jeopardy.

So, to save his animal’s life, he shot the large dog and killed it.

There are two things that would have completely prevented this situation, and neither of them are the owner’s fault, here.

  1. The owner of the large dog could have ensured that his/her large, obviously aggressive, animal was properly restrained for such a high-traffic area.
  2. The owner could have been paying attention enough to come and resolve the violence his/herself.

Since this is a rest stop, it’s reasonably fair to assume the owner was likely stretching, relieving his/herself, etc., but if that is the case, refer back to #1.

What a shame.

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postheadericon New WannaCryptor-like ransomware attack hits globally: all you need to know

Numerous reports are coming out on social media about a new ransomware attack in Ukraine, which could be related to the Petya family.

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