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postheadericon TRAGIC: Woman, Being Attacked By Dog, Is Accidentally Shot And Killed By Man Trying To Save Her

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — An armed citizen with nothing but good intentions was trying to stop a vicious dog attack on a woman in his neighborhood. While trying to save the woman, the man shot her while trying to stop the dog.

Local media reports;

Police said the woman was dragged into the street by the dog, which neighbors described as a stray of no specific breed. She was crying for help when a friend of hers who lives nearby heard her.

“Our resident, seeing this — he’s a CPL holder — came out of his home and engaged the dog,” Detroit police Capt. Darin Szilagy said. “He fired an unknown number of shots to try to stop the attack. Unfortunately, during that action, the woman was struck.”

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

The dog, who is believed to have been injured, has not yet been located.

This is a tragic story of how things can go wrong when a firearm is introduced into a scenario. This man, with good intentions, wound up taking a life that he was trying his best to save.

What can we learn from this incident?

In situations like this, such as a woman and attacking dog in close proximity, it’s essential to make sure that a clear shot is had. If it’s not, the situation gets much more difficult. As a once in a lifetime event with so many variables, it’s tough to make the proper decision at the time. Firing a shot into the ground near the attack could be enough to catch the dog off guard long enough for the woman to escape, but it’s an unknown just like anything else.

I can’t say for sure, but I’d see myself doing the following:

  1. Running up to the attack and yelling loudly to try and distract the dog
  2. If that didn’t work, try to kick the dog off of the woman
  3. If that also didn’t work, the dog probably has a grip on the woman and I would try to get as close as possible to the dog to fire a shot that was as far away from the woman as possible

Again, it’s impossible to determine what would have worked and what wouldn’t have worked. To be in this man’s shoes is an impossible feat, as I imagine he is in a great deal of distress over what happened.

In the end, certain situations are impossible to control, and our hearts go out to the woman who was killed, and the man who is unintentionally responsible.

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postheadericon Woman Attacked While Getting Out Of Car, Shoots Suspect After Her Gun Falls Out Of Her Bag

MIDTOWN, TN — A woman was attacked in the middle of the night outside her apartment, and during the course of the scuffle, her firearm fell out of her bag, putting her in real danger.

As The Commercial Appeal reports:

The incident happened around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday in the 100 block of N. McLean near Poplar, police said.

A woman told police that when she got out of her car at her apartment a man ran toward her, grabbed her and tried to steal her laptop bag. The woman and man struggled over the bag and she screamed, waking up a neighbor who ran out to help, police said. The three struggled and fell to the ground. The woman’s gun, a Ruger 9mm, fell out of her bag during the fight and that’s when police said the suspect was shot during the incident.

It was unclear in the police report who fired the gun during the struggle. A third witness told police she heard the suspect say “I’m going to shoot” and saw the muzzle of the gun flash. The witness reported hearing two shots and called police. The man accused in the attempted robbery was identified in a police report as Kerry Petty. He was found on the ground with a gunshot wound when police arrived.

Petty has been charged with aggravated assault and criminal attempted felony, police said.

There are a couple things to discuss, here. First, I, for one, would really like to know exactly which Ruger 9mm we’re talking about here. In news stories, they rarely cover the firearms in play. Such things are good to keep an eye on for other concealed carriers.

I hope it wasn’t a Blackhawk with a conversion cylinder.

But on a much more serious note — it’s extremely important to carry your defensive tool on the body when at all possible for this exact reason. This woman lost control of her gun the same moment the woman lost control of the thing that the robber was going for.

That’s not a good situation.

It’s not always possible, but carry on-body when you can.

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postheadericon Man Fires Gun Into Ground As He’s Attacked By Two Dogs, Successfully Scaring Them Off

WYANDOTTE, MI — A man shot his firearm into the ground to frighten off two dogs who were savagely attacking him.

The News Herald reports that the man actually had gone to his neighbors house — the neighbor who owned the dogs who would later attack him — to warn them that their dogs had gotten out.

“(The victim) had gone across to his neighbor’s house to inform them the dogs were loose,” said Inspector Brian Zalewski according to The News Herald.

“That’s when the dogs grabbed a hold of him and knocked him to the ground. He received injuries to his arms, legs, back and the back of his head, as he was trying to shield his face.”

Police came and saw the man and the dogs in the driveway, but the responding officer decided not to shoot — the mauling victim was close enough that the officer was worried about hitting him accidentally.

Fortunately for the victim, he had a concealed carry permit.

Hoping not to harm the animals, but instead to drive them away, he fired a shot into the ground, which did succeed in keeping them from finishing them off. However, it took a taser and professional animal controllers to get them away.

The victim is reported to have been released from the hospital.

Although we are grateful that the victim was made safe and that the dogs are in custody, a piece of advice — it’s hard, but if I was being threatened by animals on a deadly level, I’d shoot the dogs and eliminate the threat.

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postheadericon Concealed Carrier Attacked In Drive-Thru Of McDonald’s — Why We Carry Everywhere

HIALEAH, FLORIDA — In a McDonald’s drive-thru, a concealed carrier was waiting to get to the teller to get his food. That was when Sergio Hernandez just walked up to the window and started chatting up the McDonald’s employee. To likely let Hernandez know that there were people waiting on their food, the concealed carrier honked his horn. That’s when Hernandez’s girlfriend attacked.

According to WSVN 7 News, Vanessa Puente, 20, rushed up to the driver’s side window and began wailing on it. He got out of the car to stop her hitting his vehicle and she began to attack him. Hernandez jumped in, punching him in the back of the head. When the driver tried to take out his cell phone to capture the incident on video, Puente allegedly knocked the phone out of his hand.

Left alone to defend against two violent attackers, the concealed carrier naturally feared for his life and took out his concealed carry handgun. He shot Hernandez once in the pelvis. Hernandez was transported to a nearby hospital and treated for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. Puente was taken into custody.

Come to find out, Puente was out awaiting trial for an unrelated felony offense. When the judge read her charges and saw Puente present herself, she chided the young woman’s actions and even questioned why Puente would be willing to risk everything over the honk of a car horn.

“This is because people honked their horn. OK,” said the judge.

While we can’t control for idiots, this concealed carrier did a decent job of standing his ground, attempting to de-escalate, and trying to dutifully report information to the police and his insurance in the midst of an attack. The problem was that he was dealing with two highly imbalanced, violent people.

Even he likely didn’t expect that outcome based upon the event. Hernandez is probably just another scum-sucking street-level thug holding up traffic with his minor-league game antics. The concealed carrier had no way of knowing Hernandez’s girlfriend would head off a dangerous assault upon him.

This concealed carrier did the right thing, ultimately. He used his gun to protect himself after all other options were exhausted. It’s not your job to get beat upon by two strangers in a parking lot. Some people don’t want to be responsible in defending their own lives. A concealed carrier is not one of those people.

In this case, the absolute right thing appears to be happening. Fuente can look forward to a long career in charm school, aka women’s prison, and Hernandez will likely do a little bit of time for the battery charge but he’ll have a permanent reminder on his hips of the cost of being an idiot out in public.

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postheadericon Why We Carry At Home: Homeowner Attacked While Doing Yard Work, Luckily He Was Carrying His Gun

TULSA, OKLAHOMA — A man was outside his home doing yard work when he was approached by an intoxicated man who began to assault him. At the same time, police were driving around the neighborhood in search of a person’s “very intoxicated friend who was causing problems.”

During that talk, police heard a gunshot.

When police got to the home they saw the homeowner applying pressure to a gunshot to Claunch’s neck. The homeowner, who is in his 70s, told police the man approached while he was doing yard work and punched him in the back of the head.

The homeowner said the man continued to beat him and even “mounted” him to hit him.

The homeowner, in his 70’s, was carrying his firearm and shot the man in the neck, identified as Lance Claunch. After the event, Claunch was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Before ending up at the 70-year-old’s home, Claunch was seen acting strangely around the neighborhood.

Police responded to a call where a woman told them someone was acting oddly on her property – rolling around in the yard and pounding on her door. Another 911 caller said a man, who appeared to be very intoxicated, was hiding in one person’s bushes and knocking on another’s door.

Alcohol or not, Claunch assaulted an elderly man and paid the price as a result. This is a perfect example of why we encourage folks to keep their firearms on them even while at home. The last thing this man thought would happen … did happen. And on his own property as he did routine yard work.

And, carry on.

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