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postheadericon ESET celebrates 30 years of innovation in IT security by giving away $30,000 to nonprofits

ESET are giving away a total of $ 30,000 in prize money to nonprofits to celebrate 30 years of continuous technological innovation in IT security.

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postheadericon When Seconds Counted In Home Invasion, Dallas Police Were Only 87 Minutes Away

By John Boch via The Truth About Guns

Imagine waiting 87 minutes for a police response after calling 9-1-1 to report a home invasion in progress. It happened in Dallas in recent days. Thankfully, the homeowner escaped the invasion with his life (if not his property). The robbers had plenty of time to grab some loot and scamper far, far away before 5-0 arrived. For those who think police will rescue them from criminal attack in the sprawling Dallas metroplex, this alarming incident has proven itself a big wake-up call.

Let’s face it, the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their heart is a good guy with a gun. A person can take proactive control of their own safety by being armed. Or, alternatively, the imprudent hopeful among us may eschew gun ownership and rely on the local constabulary. For those ill-prepared, they may actually welcome the words, “We’re from the government and we’re here to help.”

WFAA has the story:

Jamie was lying in his bed when he heard the footsteps. The robbers entered through the back door, just after his wife left for the airport.

“He pointed the gun at me and he said, ‘Don’t you say a thing. Don’t you dare move,’” says the 65-year-old M Streets homeowner. “He had the gun to my head and he made me turn over on my stomach.”

…“I still feel the gun on the back of my head,” he recalls. “He kept saying, ‘Where is the safe?’ and I would say, ‘I don’t have the safe’ and he would press [the gun] into my head.”Jamie waited for an hour and 27 minutes for Dallas police officers to arrive. They just didn’t have enough officers to respond sooner to the home invasion robbery.

Situations like Jamie’s are happening more, and more officers are leaving the department.

Dallas PD so far is meeting its eight-minute goal of responding to Priority 1 calls. Those include things like murders and robberies in progress.

But for Priority 2 calls – calls like Jamie’s — the department has fallen behind. The department has a 12-minute goal for those calls. These are things like disturbances and robberies that have already occurred.

How is the response time where you live?

…They ransacked the room. They took his phone, car keys, house keys, wallet, and other electronics. As they were leaving, the man told him to count to 100.

“I had gotten to seven or eight and it was almost like he had lost interest,” Jamie says. “He said, ‘Don’t you get up until I’m gone.’”

The men left.

At least the 9-1-1 operator was honest.

They repeatedly called 911 to find out what was taking so long.

“They would say, ‘Well, are they still in the house?’” he says. “I said, ‘No but the guy put a gun to my head. What if he’s still around here somewhere?’ Every time we were told, ‘Well, we don’t have anyone to send out. We’re shorthanded.’”

What are the odds that he’ll be visiting his local gun store in the near future?

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postheadericon [HOLSTER REVIEW] Squared Away Customs Oscar OWB Holster (And Awesome New Dump Trays)

In the world of holsters, there’s never a shortage of options. Much of it comes down to word-of-mouth and seeing what others are successfully using.

Also, in the world of holsters, there are so many great companies out there that you may not have heard about. I’m not saying that Squared Away Customs is one of those that you’re unaware of, but in case you do fall into that category, they’re worth the look.

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at one of their Outside-The-Waistband (OWB) holsters, and it’s name is Oscar.

Oscar is a kydex holster made with precision and comes in at .080 in thickness, and can be made for any handgun. It’s also available in a ton of awesome colors. Ours happens to be ‘Black Leather’ kydex texture.

The retention of this holster seems to be the perfect amount for the majority of users. While it’s not adjustable, it’s just fine in my book. It’s got more retention than a typical inside the waistband holster but given that it’s an OWB, that’s a plus in my book.

In the photo above, you can see 4 holes on either side of the holster which allow for adjusting the ride height and cant of your firearm. I don’t need to explain how useful that is, so we’ll simply move on!

This particular holster is for my FN FNS9c and as you can see, the kydex extends upwards to cover the slide. It gives support and also makes sure that the slide isn’t directly against your clothing. It also makes for easy reholstering.

For the molding process, these holsters are vacuum formed instead of the typical foam pressing.

If you notice the edges, they’re polished smooth. I was pleasantly surprised to see this, as some manufacturers simply don’t take the time to remove the rough edges. If you’ve been around kydex holsters and have ever encountered one that hasn’t been polished, you’re aware of the big difference. And, if you’re not, you should be!

The two belt loops are injection molded and are pretty thick compared to others on the market. These are far more durable due to the injection molding process and are also easier for tethering the belt through. They seem incredibly secure, and I have no doubt that they’ll last the lifetime of the holster itself. They offer belt loop sizes in 1.5″, 1.75″ and 2″ to accommodate different belt widths. Oscar can be secured with either belt loops or Molle attachments.

Another great thing about Squared Away Customs and this holster –and any of their kydex holsters– is that they’ll allow you to upload an image directly on their website to be printed on the kydex. That’s something that you won’t get with most holster companies, and makes for a truly unique and custom holster.

If you’re interested in an Oscar for yourself, check them out on their website here. For a limited time and only for Concealed Nation readers, you can use Coupon Code ‘NationMe’ to save some dough. This offer expires on 8/1/2017.

You’ll also be pleased to know that Squared Away Customs offers a Lifetime Warranty and 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee on all of their gear.

When they shipped out this holster for review, they also sent one of their custom Dump Trays that so many people are using these days. Seriously, check Instagram. They’re everywhere and extremely popular.

From their site:

How about the perfect spot to empty your pockets at the end of the day??? Get your EDC Dump Tray in any Kydex color or try out a custom print of your choice (SEE FAQ).

The trays are a standard size of 6″ x 9.75″ using .080 Kydex. They ship with self-adhesive rubber feet to prevent skidding on smooth surfaces.

So, in an awesome fashion, we received a Concealed Nation Dump Tray to show off the goods on Instagram, so be sure to look out for that here.

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postheadericon Do you know how to steer away from online banking trouble?

As European Cyber Security Month gets underway, ESET’s Ondrej Kubovič offers some top tips when it comes to safe and secure online banking.

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postheadericon Tesla Model S hacked from 12 miles away

A team of researchers was able to hack the controls of a Tesla Model S from a distance of 12 miles – adjusting the mirrors, locks and even slamming on the brakes.

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postheadericon 18 years of Googling: Malware can still be just one click away

18 years of Googling is certainly something to behold, but on this anniversary, ESET’s Ondrej Kubovič is keen to highlight the cybersecurity threat.

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postheadericon Why We Carry: Family Comes Home During Burglary In Progress, Suspects Shoot At Them While Trying To Get Away

RICHLAND COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA — A family of four were pulling up to their home Wednesday night when they noticed a vehicle parked out front that they did not recognize. They innocently pulled up behind the vehicle. What happened next … Continue reading
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postheadericon Father Shoots 3, Son Wrestles Gun Away And Shoots Father; DA Deciding Over This Case. Does This Sound Like Self-Defense To You?

On New Years Eve, a 54-year-old father shot and killed three people, and then his own son shot and killed him in what has yet to be ruled self-defense. It’s a story that is truly disturbing, and one that the … Continue reading
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postheadericon You are 6 security steps away from Black Friday brilliance

Black Friday and Cyber Monday promise to offer some fantastic deals at low prices. But it’s also a time of year when cybercriminal scams are aplenty. Here’s what you should do to do to shop safely.

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postheadericon Stream Your Halloween Away With Shudder

Shudder collects all of your favorite horror movies on one streaming site, and just in time for Halloween.

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