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postheadericon The Roskomnadzor Strikes Back: Kremlin Online Crackdown

The Kremlin online crackdown being enacted by Russia is coming on in full effect. How will the Roskomnadzor restrict VPNs?

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postheadericon Bad Rabbit: Not-Petya is back with improved ransomware

A new ransomware outbreak today has hit some major infrastructure in Ukraine including Kiev metro. Here are some details about this new variant of Petya.

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postheadericon 10 Republicans Back New Bill That Would Ban Bump Fire Stocks

By Dan Zimmerman via The Truth About Guns

Everyone’s favorite anti-gun Senator, Diane Feinstein wasted no time in introducing a bump fire stock ban in the Senate last week. Now a similar bill has been introduced in the House of Representatives. Like DiFi’s bill, the House version would also outlaw not only the manufacture and sleeve bump fire stocks, but also possession of one.

That would mean that, should the bills pass and be signed into law, the tens of thousands of stocks already owned by law abiding gun owners would become contraband.

Unlike the Senate bill, the House bill was introduced by a Republican, Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo. And this bill has the support of nine other GOP representatives. Here’s a list for your information and edification:

Peter King (N.Y.)
Leonard Lance (N.J.)
Patrick Meehan (Pa.)
Ed Royce (Calif.)
Chris Smith (N.J.)
Erik Paulsen (Minn.)
Ryan Costello (Pa.)
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Fla.)
Charlie Dent (Pa.)

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postheadericon Store Owner Sentenced After Shooting Shoplifter In The Back

BAKERSFIELD, CA — A shop owner who shot a man in the back, back in March, was sentenced for the decisions he made.

Turns out, you can’t just go shooting shoplifters willy-nilly.

However, what’s surprising here is not the fact that he was sentence, but the length of his sentence — it’s about as light as could be.

According to 23 ABC News:

Elias Aguilar, the store owner who shot a shoplifter back in March, will spend 30 days in county jail. Aguilar was sentenced Tuesday morning after pleading no contest to assault on a person with force-great bodily injury.

In March, Aguilar shot David Carrillo, who attempted to shoplift $ 11 worth of items from the Azteca Market on Weedpatch Highway. Aguilar shot at Carrillo twice, hitting him once in the back. Along with his 30 days in jail, Aguilar was sentenced to 90 days probation. His jail time will count toward that jail time, meaning he will only have 60 days of probation once he is released.

Listen. Unless that shoplifter has a firearm, knife, bat, etc. out and is clearly a belligerent, you don’t open fire. Whatever they’re stealing, it’s not worth your freedom. It’s not worth your life. Replacing it will almost certainly be cheaper than whatever legal fees you’ll wind up with — and if you shoot an unarmed shoplifter, there’ll be legal trouble.

It is nothing less than astounding that this man was able to get so small a penalty for shooting a man in the back, even if he was a shoplifter. Other courts will not be so kind.

Stay safe out there, folks — but also stay smart. Keep a cool head. It’s more important than a defensive tool.

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postheadericon Best Back to School Gifts To Secure Your Tech

Heading back to school but worried about your Internet security? Secure your gadgets with some must have tech security and privacy protection items. .

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postheadericon TeleBots are back: Supply-chain attacks against Ukraine

This blogpost reveals many details about the Diskcoder.C (aka ExPetr or NotPetya) outbreak and related information about previously unpublished attacks.

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postheadericon Man Who Shot Attacker In The Back Is Acquitted Of All Charges

SPOKANE, WA — A man who shot and killed a man who had previously hit him and the woman he had come so assist has been acquitted of all charges, according to KXLY.

Here’s the catch, William Poindexter, the man shot, had stopped attacking him and was walking away with her. Edward Bushnell shot Poindexter in the back.

As KXLY reports:

Bushnell saw a total stranger getting beaten by her boyfriend and when Bushnell tried to stop the attack, he was clubbed in the face.

After Bushnell was knocked to the ground and the couple started walking away, Bushnell pulled a pistol out of his bag and shot William Poindexter in the back.”

Prosecutors believed that he was past the point of justifiable homicide, but the jury seems to have disagreed.

“He thought he was doing the right thing and I think he was doing the right thing,” said his defense attorney Rob Cossey according to KXLY.

Had he been convicted, he would have faced up to 25 years in prison.

That’s no joke.

This story brings out a really important point — there is a truly awesome responsibility that comes with concealed carry, and judgment in conflict is clear.

Although this good Samaritan was able to avoid jail time, and we’re happy for him, the jury could very easily have convicted the man who shot another man in the back.

It’s incredibly tricky — keep your heads cool out there.

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postheadericon Victim Robbed At Gun Point, Fights Back — Why We Carry And Why It Matters

BOSSIER CITY, LOUISIANA — Just outside Shreveport, a man was sitting in his car outside a motel when another man came up to him and robbed him at gunpoint. The victim handed over his wallet and cellphone to the 20-year-old robber. As the robber walked away, the victim retrieved a handgun and pursued the suspect. That’s when an exchange of gunfire happened. In the ensuing gun battle, the robber was allegedly hit once and forced to retreat. He dropped the man’s wallet at the scene but kept his cell phone on him.

According to Bossier City police, the presence of the victim’s cell phone implicated 20-year-old Camron Deon Williams to the crime. They found the victim’s cell phone on Williams when he went to a nearby hospital to seek treatment for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound, according to Shreveport Times.

The victim was not hurt during the ensuing fight and he was able to at least recover his wallet. Unfortunately, his phone is likely evidence in the upcoming criminal case against Williams. This is an inconvenient but small price to pay for surviving a gun fight against a bad guy.

So, it’s possible the victim could have just rolled over and played dead until Williams was gone. However, no charges were pressed against the victim because police believe he acted within his rights. That’s where knowing the laws of your state come in handy. It enables you to know when you would or would not be acting within the constraints of the law to pursue someone who has committed a violent felony against you.

Armed robbery is a violent felony.

This is also why we encourage people to carry a gun on them at all times. A violent crime can happen at anywhere, any time. The victim was sitting in his car in broad daylight outside a motel. Bad guys don’t need the cover of darkness to pull this sort of nonsense. They don’t care. They often don’t think that far ahead. That’s why you need a gun on you. While he’s not thinking, you have to be able to defend yourself accordingly.

Carry everywhere you can, responsibly, and legally.

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postheadericon Retired Chicago Police Commander Wounded After Fighting Back Against Home Intruder

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — A retired Chicago police commander was forced to fight to save his own life after Keith Vaughns, 21, broke into his home and shot him in the shoulder. The former police officer was able to get off a shot and hit Vaughns in the leg. Both went to the hospital and were listed as being in stable condition.

The 73-year-old retiree, according to DNAinfo, was able to reach cover and concealment to return fire on Vaughns after he had already been shot in the shoulder. The young crook got hit in the upper thigh and fled the scene. He was picked up a short while later by police and taken to a nearby hospital.

Vaughns is already a convicted felon and was due in court the Friday after he committed the crime. He will be charged with a litany of felonies but the unfortunate truth is this 21-year-old is the violent product of an ongoing war occurring right inside the United States.

For any who doubt the veracity of such a bold claim, let’s look at the body count in the Chicago Metropolitan Area for just this current year.


Source: DNAinfo

And here’s a picture of the war zone.


Source: Chicago Tribune

And, for comparison, here’s the fatalities listed from our Operation Iraqi Freedom.


So far, with 2016 yet to be concluded, we have more dead Americans killed in Chicago than in the opening invasion of the Iraq war in 2003.

You tell me how that’s working out for us.

Thankfully, this retired police commander was able to defend himself. How many others could say the same?

Keith Vaughns is one of many.

We are witnessing a novel time in human history. This is, I believe, the absolute inverse of the story of Gaius Mucius Scaevola.

Scaevola (508 B.C.) was sent in to assassinate the king of an army that threatened Rome. He misidentified his target and killed the general’s scribe. He was captured and told his captors that his life was worthless but for the glory of Rome. To prove this, he stuck his hand into a nearby fire and burnt his own left hand off as a testament to the tenacity and sacrifice the ‘average Roman’ was willing to make to protect his homeland. The king of this army sent a peace envoy to Rome.

Keith Vaughns is an active example of the absolute opposite of this.

This is a war that has young men growing up in a veritable killing field. There is no honor, glory, or even dedication to any cause except for the pure lust of violence and the utter absence of conscience.

To make it clear, there will be no negotiating with this enemy because this enemy was raised in an environment that knows nothing of the language of diplomacy. They will kill and murder anyone who stands in their way and with the clearest of conscience, do it again.

Witness the statistics. Read the reports. We are fighting a novel and new threat to civilization and this retired police commander was just the most recent, notable person to get caught in the cross hairs.

If ever you needed encouragement to pursue that Illinois FOID and pay the exorbitant fees to pursue an Illinois concealed carry permit, look no further than the ongoing blood bath in Chicago. That’s no hyperbole — that’s reality.

And it’s a reality that we must all face together.

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postheadericon Nemucod is back and serving an ad-clicking backdoor instead of ransomware

The trojan downloader Nemucod is back with a new campaign. However, it has changed the payload served to its victims – ransomware is not its go-to malware.

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