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postheadericon Surprise, Surprise, Iowa Residents: Iowa Bill Would Eliminate Background Checks, Allow Permitless Carry

DES MOINES, IOWA — Legislators in the Iowa House are currently looking at a bill that would eliminate background checks as a prerequisite for a concealed carry permit. It would also allow Iowa residents who are legally allowed to possess firearms to carry concealed without a permit. In effect, Iowa could be looking at becoming the next permitless concealed carry state.

According to the Daily Caller, House Study Bill 133 looks to abolish previous requirements for a permit. It also allows teenagers of 14 years-of-age and older to use firearms under the direct supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

This opens up the Second Amendment to more Americans and also promotes child education of firearms — something that’s always needed.

As we discussed in a previous article, why don’t we introduce gun education as basic education? In a country that promotes responsible, law-abiding carrying of firearms, why wouldn’t we want teenagers to get the opportunity to actively learn about firearms first-hand?

The Iowa House Judiciary Committee approved HB 133 to go to the floor for debate. If passed, it would still need to pass the Senate and then the governor’s desk before getting signed into law.

While the permitting process would still remain for Iowans who want to travel out of state, it would drastically reduce the requirements for the average citizen to carry concealed at home.

Initial debate points issued by concerned Iowans include arguments such as police misidentifying law-abiding citizens.

Laural Clinton, of Des Moines, is concerned her three African-American children will be targeted as criminals even when they’re following legal procedure.

“I want you to understand that when you see my child, you’re not going to see a law-abiding citizen, and that’s inherently the history of our country,” Clinton said.

This fear could be appropriately addressed by instituting training initiatives within local and state police to ensure police are equipped with the necessary skills to handle those situations.

Education should and will always be a major component of responsible gun ownership.

This extends from law enforcement to the individual.

Just because Iowa is looking at permitless concealed carry shouldn’t mean an individual avoids training. For a lot of first-time and experienced gun owners, firearm safety courses can be both a method to expand and correct previous knowledge as well as be the incentive for an individual to practice more vigorously.

The rights of the citizen ought not be infringed where no significant, verifiable claim exists to act as argument to impede it. As of present, no quantifiable arguments appear on the horizon. We may, as Americans, have to acknowledge the fact that despite gun violence and gun injury rates, we are ready, willing, and able to tackle responsible concealed carry.

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postheadericon Nevada Voters Push For Background Checks On Private Firearm Sales — The FBI Admits It Doesn’t Have The Funding To Enforce It

CARSON CITY, NEVADA — Last month, voters approved a measure which would require a federal background check prior to the transfer of firearms between private parties. The Nevada Attorney General admitted in his recently published opinion that the ability to enforce such a measure wouldn’t be feasible.

According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, the FBI responded with a formal admission it would not conduct background checks on the private transfer of firearms. Despite the passage of Nevada’s Background Check Act of 2016 by voters, the mechanisms in place to enforce such an action would prove to be impossible at this time.

The Nevada Attorney General conceded that, “citizens may not be prosecuted for their inability to comply with the Act unless and until the FBI changes its public position and agrees to conduct the background checks consistent with the Act.”

So, as of right now, the FBI is unable to comply with the state of Nevada’s request. That means the private transfer of firearms, as of this moment, is not governed under the newly minted Background Check Act.

This is another example of people wanting to enact legislation that “shoots first, asks questions later”.

You’ve probably run into such a conversation at least once on social media. Someone says, “hey, why can’t we do (X)?”

Where “X” may signify anything restricting the sale or transfer of firearms, the answer is “lack of funding”.

And it’s no exaggeration. To enforce such a measure in Nevada, where guns are not registered, would be nearly impossible.

Say if you have a Glock 19 Gen 4 you’re looking to transfer to your cousin. That firearm isn’t necessarily registered in any official way to your name. If you transfer that firearm to your cousin, the only thing you’d need is probably some written bill of sale (if sold) or confirmation of transfer. This would be predominantly for your records so, should that firearm be stolen or lost, you can demonstrate that the firearm was not in your custody.

But even in that outright unlikely scenario, in the state of Nevada you are not required to maintain any paperwork related to the private transfer of a firearm so long as that transfer doesn’t require you to mail it anywhere and the person you’re transferring the firearm to has every right to possess a firearm.

Out of good habit, I always recommend keeping some sort of evidence of a transfer out of custody. I live in a state that is also unregulated in the private transfer of firearms. Any time I’ve sold a gun to a family member, friend, or known acquaintance, I’ve always done my own due diligence to ensure I’m on the right side of that transfer.

You do your business as you see fit.

And in Nevada, you can do it without the necessity of requiring a NICS check for the present time.

Should the FBI decide it DOES have funding or IS ABLE to comply with the Background Check Act, then it will be a different story.

I can see where this bill would have been needlessly cumbersome.

Imagine the scenario where you’re transferring a hunting rifle to a family relative that you know is able to possess a firearm. Now you have to run that family member through a background check — added money — on top of the fact you’re gifting that person a working firearm.

Firearms are expensive! The act of giving a firearm to someone who has every right to possess one shouldn’t cost you a dime more than you’ve already spent.

In either case, the federal government is presently unable to enforce a measure passed by voters. Hopefully it will be a lesson to future administrations to not attempt to restrict the private transfer of firearms amongst people who have every right to possess them.

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postheadericon Kentucky Runs Monthly Background Checks On It’s Concealed Carry Permit Holders

FRANKFURT, KENTUCKY — If you live in the state of Kentucky and have a permit to carry a concealed handgun, the Kentucky State Police are checking up on you, on average, once a month according to an article published by … Continue reading
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postheadericon ATF Confirms That VA Gunman Passed Background Check And Bought Firearm Legally

The firearm used in yesterday’s horrific shooting was purchased legally by the gunman after he passed a federal background check. ABC News reported late last night: The ATF says the disgruntled former reporter who killed a television reporter and a … Continue reading
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postheadericon US suspends background checks system after flaw found

An entire US department program is to be suspended in order to fix vulnerabilities discovered during a security audit.

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postheadericon Gabby Giffords Wants Everyone To Pass Background Checks Before Getting A Gun, Just Like Her Attacker Did

The man who shot Gabby Giffords passed background checks, yet Giffords continues to push for legislation that would make every single gun purchase require these very same background checks. It should be quite apparent now that background checks cannot and do … Continue reading
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