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postheadericon Man Breaks Into Home, Screams, Then Shot By Occupant… And That Was Only The Second Home He Broke Into That Night

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE — Memphis police were called to a residential block of Sherwood Forest in response to a shooting at a residence. Occupants of the residence report a man attempting to gain entry through their front door. When one of the occupants encountered him, he was screaming and reaching into his jacket. The occupant shot him.

Another person in the home attempted to strike the suspect with his pistol to stop him from fleeing the scene, according to Local Memphis News. That didn’t work. The suspect fled and attempted to break into another home while he was already previously shot. Police detained him at that home.

While police were investigating the scene, they discovered yet another homeowner who reported that the suspect broke into her home. She heard him enter, scream, and then leave.

Police identified the suspect as Emmanuel Lane, 28. The three separate incidents all occurred around 2:30 a.m.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say drugs were involved. If not drugs, then some very severe psychological problems may have been at play. It’s not normal human behavior to repeatedly walk into other people’s homes, scream, and then leave.

The man was taken to a hospital and was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. It is sincerely my hope that he’s able to get some sort of treatment because breaking into people’s homes to upset them is no way to go through life.

Just a little while back, we had another story involving a man high on methamphetamines. He entered a business and threatened the owner and customers with a rock. After he was shot, he wandered around outside until police picked him up.

There’s a common trend with methamphetamines. The user gets whacked out of his mind, acts psychotic, and people have a hard time interpreting this as a temporary condition. And it’s hard to interpret someone’s actions as temporary when he is acting in a threatening manner, intruding onto private property, and even directly threatening force.

Meth. It’s a hell of a drug.

For this story, each homeowner took a different approach. The first one stayed in her room and waited for the intruder to leave. The second one responded with justifiable use of deadly force per Tennessee regulations. And the third, likely confused as hell as to why there’s a bleeding man attempting to break into his home, simply called police and waited for them to handle it.

Which one was the correct answer? Whichever keeps you safe. When some folk get high on meth or PCP or any number of other hard street drugs, they can act erratically and violently. This is a bad combination when you add home invasion into the mix. Protect yourself accordingly, don’t put yourself in harm’s way any more than you absolutely need to, and definitely notify authorities.

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postheadericon Woman Doesn’t Wait For Police: Shoots Ex-Boyfriend Who Broke Into Home, Saving Herself And 11-Year-Old Son

LEITCHFIELD, KENTUCKY — 43-year-old Patrick Dewayne Decker is no stranger to violence. Convicted of charges ranging from rape to kidnapping and assault, it’s not a far fetched notion to think something like a restraining order would be any obstacle for him. That’s why his ex-girlfriend got a gun. It all came down to a simple choice: her and her son or Decker. She chose herself and her son. She chose right.

According to WDRB, the Grayson County Sheriff’s Department received notification from 911 dispatch that as of 9:22 p.m., the ex-girlfriend reported she had shot and killed Decker. Her side of the story is that he busted through the door of her home, despite having a restraining order filed against him and being urged to leave her alone by family members and a court. She fired several shots, killing him.

Her and Decker’s son was present at the time of his assault on her home.

That restraining order? It turned out to not be worth the paper it was printed on. When she realized she was dealing with a cold, hardened criminal with a violent streak, she had to make the uncomfortable but brisk reality check that this was a man who would stop at nothing if an idea struck him just right.

Well, he’s dead now and she doesn’t have to worry about him breaking down hers or anyone else’s door ever again.

It’s not the conclusion any sane person hopes for but when faced with the potential to have her and her son be at severe risk, the sheriff’s department is too far away to help but a handgun only takes seconds.

According to court documents, Decker had been living across the street in his parent’s home before the crime took place. He allegedly petitioned the court to allow him to stay within the radius of a protective order so he could have a place to live.

The court issued a protective order that clearly violated this woman’s ability to assess a threat before it’s on her doorstep. Not like it would have mattered. Not like Decker really seemed all to worried about following the course of law in the first place.

And now it’s over.

Sober reality or victimization — we all have to choose whether we like it or not.

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