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postheadericon Man Shoots At Vehicle Burglar, Gun Confiscated And Future Unknown

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD — A man may well be charged after he decided to open fire on three young men — two juveniles and one adult — who broke into his car in the middle of the night.

Only one of the thieves was wounded, but the vehicle owner was made to surrender his handgun to police. Although that’s not an uncommon occurance with any defensive shooting, whether this shooting was justified is very much in doubt.

As NBC 4 reports:

Officers investigating a report of a theft from a vehicle in the 14000 block of Twig Road in Silver Spring about 3:20 a.m. were flagged down by a man who lives on Rossiter Court. He told police he confronted three people breaking into his car and fired several shots at them… An 18-year-old man with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to his lower body was taken to a hospital, police said.

Officers determined he was one of the suspects shot at by the Rossiter Court resident. Officers also arrested two male juveniles who are charged, police said.

“Those two juveniles have been charged with theft-related offenses,” Montgomery County Police Officer Rick Goodale said. “The adult has not been charged. Those are still pending.”

The 18-year-old man hasn’t been charged because he is still hospitalized. The man who fired at the suspects surrendered his handgun to police.

“He fired multiple rounds at these suspects for breaking into cars, and you have to be accountable for all of those rounds,” Goodale said. “One of those rounds could have gone through a house and hit an innocent party.”

He has not been charged with a crime. That remains under investigation.

It borders upon ridiculous how often it needs to be clarified — very, very rarely will authorities back you if you shoot someone for breaking into your car if that’s all they do.

If your car is occupied or after confronting the thieves they escalate the situation, it’s another story. Think of it this way — having your car broken into is at the very least a massive inconvenience, and at the very most a costly theft.

It’s an outrage that such a thing could happen to you — I’ve certainly had my car broken into before — but their doing so doesn’t constitute a threat to your life or the loves of others in and of itself.

Be smart and play it safe, folks. The last thing on God’s earth I want to do is write a story about how you wound up in jail because someone decided to charge you for pulling the trigger under murky circumstances.

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postheadericon Man Comes Home To Burglar, Who He Shoots And Kills On Sight

MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA — 42-year-old Danny Williams was fatally shot after breaking into a home in an attempted burglary.

Williams was shot by the homeowner as he returned from home and found Williams inside.

Police are still investigating, but believe that Williams broke into the home and that the shooting was justified self-defense.

As with many of these similar stories, there isn’t much to say surrounding the details of the incident. It’s usually a three step process:

  1. Intruder enters home
  2. Armed occupant engages intruder
  3. Intruder leaves in either A) a hurry or B) an ambulance

So, here’s to the armed citizen for being able to defend themselves against criminals who look to disrupt our way of life.

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postheadericon Burglar Tells Woman To Be Quiet, She Pulls Out Something Loud

SPARTANBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA — A man is sitting (uncomfortably) in jail with a gunshot wound to his rear end after being shot by a woman whose home he had just broken into.

As you can see, it didn’t end well for him.

Samuel Jeter, 42, is facing first-degree burglary charges and is being held at the Spartanburg County Detention Center. He was found unresponsive by law Spartanburg Police officers who followed a trail of blood to the backyard of Katrina Walker, according to multiple reports.

Police responded to the call of a shooting at 12:35 a.m., on Thursday, where they found a woman crying on the front porch and another holding a 9 mm firearm, according to Fox Carolina.

Walker told the Spartanburg Herald-Journal that it was just after midnight when her 24-year-old daughter spotted a man in the bathroom holding a finger to his mouth, signaling her to be quiet. The 24-year-old instead started to scream, and when Walker came running to find out what was happening, the burglar tackled Walker.

The burglar wanted money, but that’s not what he got. The 24-year-old grabbed her gun and started firing. He was shot and found unresponsive by police in a neighbor’s yard.

While the young woman did fire as the suspect was fleeing, it doesn’t seem that she will be facing any charges. While it’s not recommended to shoot at a fleeing suspect, this incident has taken one criminal off the streets. For now.

This story highlights something that we stress so often on our site; carry at home, because you never know when you’ll need it. In this case, the suspect was waiting in the bathroom. Sometimes, it’s just simply too late. Having your firearm on your person is a great way to gain some sort of advantage over the bad guy.

Armed Citizen, 1; Thug Life, 0.

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postheadericon Homeowner Holds Burglar At Gunpoint For Free Ride To Jail

GREENWOOD, IN — A man is now in jail after breaking into someone else’s home and picking the wrong house, according to WIBC. Not only did he pick the wrong house to attempt to rob — a gun owner’s — he also had a really, really weird excuse for why he was there.

According to local news:

Greenwood Police say Kyler Thompson, 46, had entered a home in the 800 block of N. Madison Ave. around 1:45 a.m. Wednesday. A woman in the home said she and her husband woke up to the sound of the breaking glass in another room. That’s when officers say the man grabbed a gun and found Thompson in a spare bedroom. Investigators say the homeowner held Thompson at gunpoint until police arrived to take him to jail.

According to officers, Thompson (said) he had been next door and was trying to stop a friend of his from entering the home. But investigators say Thompson’s friend was never found or identified.

Police say they found several items from inside the home belonging to the couple laying in the yard.

Thompson is in the Johnson County Jail without bond. Officers say he also has a felony arrest warrant in Marion County for possession of a firearm.

Seems legit.

Seriously, who on earth would think to use that excuse?

Even if he had gone over to prevent some other friend from doing wrong, what on earth is he doing in the house?

It’s amazing what people think other folks will believe.

It is doubtful that Thompson will get away with that excuse in court, and his felony arrest warrant is not likely to do him any favors. Hopefully, the man will not be able to endanger society for a long, long time.

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postheadericon Burglar Warned That Homeowner Is Armed, Takes His Chances Anyway. His Day Ended Badly.

CASTAIC, CALIFORNIA — A woman alone at her home heard banging at 2am on her doors and windows. She called 911, but there’s no way that they’d be there in time.

But she was prepared; Armed.

During the phone call, she alerted the man attempting to break in that she was armed. Apparently not caring of this fact, the man continued his illegal entrance into the home.

From The Blaze;

After the suspect entered the home through a rear door, there was a brief confrontation — and then the homeowner shot the suspect once in the chest, the Signal said, citing a release from Deputy Lisa Jansen of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. The homeowner used a handgun to defend herself, the paper added.

The suspect — identified only as a Hispanic male in his 40s — was taken to a hospital where he underwent emergency surgery, the Signal said, adding that he was listed in fair condition at the hospital about eight hours after the incident.

The suspect was arrested on a burglary charge, and hopefully won’t be trying to break into any homes again in the future. One can only hope, and we’ll try to not hold our breaths while we wait to see if he gets off easy.

In any event, this woman was prepared and willing to defend herself with lethal force.

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postheadericon Entitled Burglar Barges Into Home, Gets Shot, Cries “Daddy!”

LAKE WORTH, FL — In a very confusing turn of events, a homeless woman was found to be in the middle of events that resulted in one man shot and another one stabbed, according to the Palm Beach Post.

That woman reportedly called her friend early this month and said that she’d been punched by a man by the name of Gary Steven White outside of a rental community managed by his father. White’s father claimed that his son and the homeless woman were arguing about her alleged drug use near the rental community.

After the call the homeless woman made, things devolved quickly.

According to the Palm Beach Post:

“Moments after the call, the woman’s friend heard a noise outside his home on North M Street, just west of North Federal Highway.

“The man opened his door and saw two men outside the fence. The younger man, the 47-year-old White, entered the home, despite the resident’s orders to stay outside.

“The resident shot White in the abdomen. White screamed for his “daddy,” records state.

“‘Daddy, he shot me,’ White reportedly yelled.

“His father came running. The older White and the resident struggled over the gun, the resident said, and eventually the resident threw down the firearm.

“The resident felt a pain in his back. He then realized he was being stabbed, the police report said.

“The father grabbed his son, put him in the car then picked up the gun. The elder White told police he did so no one else would be shot.

“He drove nearly three miles south to his home near Lantana Road and Dixie Highway and called 911.”

Both White and the resident were taken to different hospitals, and White will be facing charges of attempted homicide and burglary with assault, according to the Palm Beach Post.

What a nightmare story.

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postheadericon Teen Accidentally Shoots Burglar Thinking She Was An Animal

WOOD COUNTY, TEXAS — A fourteen year old teenager shot a suspected burglar in the chest after he mistook the burglar for what he thought to be an animal on the property of an abandoned house. The intended target ended up being a 43-year-old woman who had her car hid under a tarp and was on someone else’s property without their permission. She was believed, by police, to be in the midst of burglarizing the empty residence.

According to CBS 19 News, the woman was transported to a nearby hospital. For getting shot in the chest, she appears to be doing a lot better than most. My guess is it was a .22LR round.

Police are still debating whether to charge the youth with the shooting. He DID shoot a possible criminal, true, but that’s still a huge mess-up. Mistaking a person for an animal isn’t confirming your target and it’s definitely not a safe way to pick targets.

Investigators will likely take a lot of factors into consideration for this particular case. It’s a weird one, that’s for sure.

Once the woman gets out of the hospital — if she does — then there will likely be a bit more inquiry related to what she was doing there in the first place.

This is just another example of why it’s so important to reinforce those basic components of firearms safety. There’s no issue with stopping a violent crime or a criminal but if we don’t have the basic knowledge to hold fire until we’ve identified the threat, there’s going to be some serious issues further on down the road.

So, I guess it’s a reminder to us all that firearm safety never gets old. It doesn’t matter if it’s our kid learning to shoot for the first time or someone who’s shot continuously for forty plus years.

I personally hope that this kid gets a good life lesson out of this. At the end of the day, he shot another person in the chest. That’s pretty big.

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postheadericon Elderly Detroit Man Forced To Defend Himself — One Burglar Dead, One Lesson Learned

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — An elderly homeowner is forced to come to grips with taking the life of a 16-year-old man who broke into his home with the help of another 18-year-old. He initially refused to talk to the news after authorities found the body of the 16-year-old in the backyard. Both teenagers broke into the man’s house at around 3:05 a.m.

According to WXYZ Detroit, both teenagers violently broke in through the back of the home. Pictures released from the scene indicate they used an excessive amount of force in bashing down a part of the patio. This man likely had very little time to react to save his own life.

The hard part about these types of stories is that the homeowner did what he had to do in order to survive — but it may take awhile to fully acknowledge that. No one said it was easy defending your own life in your own home but it’s a responsibility none of us take lightly.

Police are still investigating the break-in. The second suspect escaped while the first one is obviously dead and can’t tell no tales. It will be extremely hard to identify or locate the second suspect.

In places like Detroit, there’s never a lack of violence. Whether it’s on the street, in the store, or right inside one’s own home, desperate times create desperate men — and some of those men either don’t care or don’t want to care about what they try to do next.

It’s our job to defend ourselves. There’s no politics involved. It’s a simple decision to not be a victim.

This story is still being investigated. Police are not likely to file charges until a complete investigation has taken place. We hope this man is safe until then and that other criminals in the area took the example of the previous two and don’t push for a second chance opportunity. It looks like one resident in that neighborhood of Detroit doesn’t want uninvited guests.

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postheadericon 17 Feet Down, 73 Guns Later – Cat Burglar Busted On His Getaway Tricycle

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — It’s not the first time but we’re all hoping it’s the last.  Al’s Army-Navy Store on Orange Blossom Trail has been hit again.  This is the third time this gun store has been robbed and each time, … Continue reading
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