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postheadericon Chinese Immigrants Line Up To Buy Guns In California, Taking Advantage Of Right Denied In Their Home Country

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — In the outskirts of Los Angeles, gun stores have seen a surge in interest in gun ownership by Chinese immigrants. In China, a private citizen owning a gun legally is not possible. In the United States, however, we have gun ownership built into our basic Bill of Rights. For Chinese immigrants with a valid Green Card, it’s now an opportunity to exercise a right they would have never experienced otherwise.

The L.A. Times did an interesting piece exploring one gun shop’s experience with Chinese immigrants coming into the shop and surprised that there is a clear path to gun ownership.

“I just tell them don’t be scared. It’s legal here,” one gun shop owner said.

In California, there are basic requirements that must be fulfilled before purchasing a firearm. California is one of the few states targeting the ownership of ammunition, detachable magazines, and magazine capacity amongst many other issues but they still do have a path to gun ownership for its citizens.

Granted, starting January 1st, a lot of firearms will no longer be available on the market. Many Chinese firearm enthusiasts have taken the opportunity in the preceding months to buy up semi-automatic rifles and handguns that would now be considered impossible to purchase under new state restrictions.

“I have short guns, long guns, handguns, AR-15s, rifles. I bought one, then I just kept buying more,” one gun owner told the L.A. Times.

For many of the people who talking with the Los Angeles Times, they described their interest as mostly entertainment. A lot of them admitted to going to the ranges on the weekend. Retirees see it as a leisure activity that they find exhilarating and challenging.

We hope some of them have pursued the process in Los Angeles County to get their concealed carry permit.

Overall, the article definitely highlights the importance of one of the fundamental rights of living in the United States. We are allowed to own firearms. These firearms can be used for leisure and sport but, if need be, they can also be used to save our lives.

And, for those willing to move a state or two over to the right, you may just get a much better selection of firearms to choose from — and an easier process to carry those guns wherever you go.

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postheadericon Home Intruder Learns Too Late That Occupants Of California Home Are Armed

ANTIOCH, CALIFORNIA — Antioch police arrived at a residence to find a 21-year-old male suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. According to a call to emergency services at 11:55 p.m., he was suspected of violently breaking into the home. Thankfully, one of the occupants was armed and shot the intruder multiple times.

Antioch police reported to East County Today that the suspect died on the scene. No charges have been filed against the occupant who shot the intruder but the investigation is under preliminary investigation.

Even in rural California, law enforcement understands the need to protect one’s self inside one’s own home. Whether it’s an apartment, a rented room in a house, or the house itself, every person that has a legal right to own a gun has the right to defend himself with it while in his own home. With the exception of Massachusetts, which weirdly alleges that force must be met proportionally, every other state in the Union acknowledges that inherent, natural right to self defense.

The best thing you can do if you’re stuck in that situation is to evade, barricade, communicate with authorities, arm up, and defend yourself if need be. That order can jumble around depending upon the circumstances but the two basic premises are this: if you’re going to defend yourself in your own home, you need a gun in-hand.

Contacting police when you get that first suspicion of a break-in can help them understand what they’re walking into. If the break-in ends, for whatever reason, and the culprits decide to beat feet before entering the premises, stay on the line with police and help them apprehend the bad guys. Do not pursue out of the house. Do not expose yourself to danger by pursuing bad guys. If they fall down due to injuries inflicted, you don’t have to endanger yourself by administering first aid. Just keep them stable and at gunpoint until authorities arrive.

Stay safe. Keep that gun close. It doesn’t matter if you live in California or Ohio, your life matters and you deserve to be safe inside your own home.

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postheadericon Masked Gunman Shot And Killed By Off-Duty Officer In California

STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA — A San Joaquin County deputy shot and killed one attacker and send another running after two masked men attempted to ambush him outside his apartment complex.

The incident occurred around 10:40 p.m. according to the Los Angeles Times. When the deputy saw two masked, armed men approaching him in the parking lot of his apartment, he drew his gun and opened fire. One of the men, now identified as Keenan Bradley, was injured and died at the scene. The other fled.

Officer Joseph Silva, spokesman for Stockton Police Department, did his best to answer the host of unanswered questions about the motivation behind this attempted crime.

“He [the deputy] did not know if he was being robbed, carjacked, or targeted because he was law enforcement,” Silva said. “Everything happened so fast. He just remembers seeing the guns pointed to his face.”

The fast reflexes and situational awareness of that deputy likely saved his life.

It would have been all too easy to stumble outside at 10:30 p.m. and be oblivious to who’s moving through the apartment complex’s parking lot. Thankfully he wasn’t.

The other thing that saved his life? His ability to use a handgun.

In California, concealed carry permits are issued on a county-by-county basis. In some counties, the process may be easier than others. Some, like San Francisco and Los Angeles counties, it can be outright impossible.

As a member of law enforcement, this officer is allowed to keep a gun on him at all times. He’s subject to far fewer restrictions about what he carries and how he carries it.

For the average Californian heading out to his or her car at 10:30 p.m. on a weekday, he would be at the mercy of those two masked, armed men.

Law-abiding citizens of California have a hell of a time obtaining a concealed carry permit. There are still tens of thousands of legally registered concealed carriers. According to a report by Reveal, there are approximately 71,000 active concealed carriers in the state of California. That means the average Californian is statistically unlikely to be armed once he or she is outside the home.

Easy pickings for carjackers, thieves, and killers.

Maybe those two criminals targeted the deputy because he was a deputy. In which case, at least one of them got what he deserved. Or, as could be the case, they were just too stupid to know the deputy was one of the few Californians carrying a handgun.

No matter. One of them lost the odds on that gig and now he’s joined the majority.

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postheadericon Gov. Brown Drops The Veto Hammer On A Few Anti-Gun Issues — But Don’t Get Too Excited, California…

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA — At this point, California gun owners are so used to bad news that even mediocre political progress is great. Well, Californian gun owners and concealed carry permit holders have a little easier sigh of relief after Gov. Brown got done vetoing a number of assembly and senate bills which would have gone overboard in restricting the rights of law-abiding citizens.

Before you get too excited, there’s ‘good news’, ‘bad news’, and ‘ugly news’. Let’s start with the good…

NOTE: The full list of bills signed and vetoed is available through the Governor’s website. You can find that list here. If you need to look up the language on a bill, check out California’s legislative ‘bill search’ here.

The Good

AB 450 – VETOED – McCarty (D-Sacramento)

AB 450 would have allowed counties to determine their own price for a concealed carry permit application fee. It would have enabled politicians and law enforcement to use discriminatory fiscal practices to determine who may even apply in the first place. Gov. Brown saw no merit to the bill and vetoed it.

AB 2510 – SIGNED – Linder (R-Corona)

AB 2510 would create a uniform concealed carry permit in the State of California that was valid across the entire state. This changes the previous method of having individual counties and major municipalities come up with their own criteria and nuanced ways of asking questions. The State Attorney of California is tasked with coming up with the uniform concealed carry permit application.

SB 1332 – VETOED – Mendoza (D-Los Angeles)

SB 1332 sought to increase the complexity of the laws governing the exchange and loaning of firearms. This would have made the practice of lending a gun at a range, per se, to be nearly impossible to do in a convenient time frame. Thankfully, Gov. Brown shot this one down because he thought it would end up costing the Department of Justice millions of dollars to maintain.

The Bad

AB 2413 allowed sheriffs and police chiefs to lift the $ 100 cap on fees. This was vetoed by Gov. Brown. Sheriffs no longer have the authority to waive fees associated with applying for a concealed carry permit.

AB 1850 – SIGNED – Waldron (R-San Diego)

Upon the issuance of a restraining order or protective order, that person has to cede any and all firearms he or she possesses as well as not attempt to procure firearms throughout the course of the protective order. Because protective orders do not really have much of an appeal process, a person could effectively be disarmed upon suspicion.

“The defendant shall relinquish any firearms that he or she owns or possesses pursuant to Section 527.9 of the Code of Civil Procedure.”

The Ugly

AB 2165 – SIGNED – Bonta (D-Alameda)

AB 2165 creates exceptions for government employees to purchase handguns not deemed safe to own by a regular citizen. This creates a widening double standard whereby ordinary citizens are scrutinized over their personal choice of handguns while those associated with the government must obviously be so beyond reproach as to deserve the honor of purchasing a gun otherwise unobtainable to a law-abiding citizen.

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postheadericon Why NOT Escalate From Petty Larceny To Armed Robbery?! This California Crook Learns To Chill The Hard Way.

PALMDALE, CALIFORNIA — An armed security guard shot a thief in the leg at a supermarket after the thief pulled out a knife. The security team became aware that there may be a theft-in-progress and dispatched a guard to check it out. As he approached the suspect, the suspect drew his knife. This took it from a likely simple petty theft into armed robbery.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Palmdale Station, the suspect was shot in the legs and managed to flee on foot. Deputies established a perimeter and swept him up shortly thereafter.

This is a ‘Guns Saving Lives’ story but, in California, it’s truly difficult to know what the future holds for private security and citizens. The laws governing the purchase of ammunition and several aesthetically-defined firearms are expected to force private security and concealed carriers to carefully account for every round and judge whether or not California considers their choice in firearms to be illegal by state law.

In a case like this, dealing with a petty thief who would draw a knife, we’re dealing with someone so dumb that him and people like him may be a legitimate threat to regular law-abiding citizens.

Let’s take the petty theft into consideration. If the value of the goods is less than $ 950, the charge is usually a misdemeanor.  It’s a grocery store. There is no possible way that man could be smuggling $ 950 worth of groceries on his person. It’s theoretically possible given the amazing lengths criminals will go to take property from others but it’s just not practical.

And judging by the fact he was willing to escalate the situation to violence, he was never going to be that ace criminal that figured out how to pull off a big heist.

The armed security guard thankfully had a handgun on him. If asked to contend with an armed thief with only a can of pepper spray, the vast majority of people would not escape that situation without injury.

No $ 12.50/hour job is worth permanent nerve and tissue damage.

We’re not sure if the security guard intentionally aimed low to avoid running that razor thin line of California’s imaginary definitions of self-defense or if the rounds just happened to hit there first, but he was not charged with any criminal wrongdoing.

Shoppers, probably unaccustomed to hearing gunshots from good guys, will likely complain to no end to the manager.

Carry everyday, Californians. Who knows how much longer it’ll last?

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postheadericon California Transplant Restricts Utah’s Open Carry — And It May Be Against The Law

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — Sea Bears Ogden Fish House relocated to the historic Ogden Union Station outside Salt Lake City. This historic location is home to a number of museums and it is a very scenic destination for visitors and locals alike. Sea Bears has maintained a policy which allows its waiters and waitresses to openly carry firearms on their kilts.

Since the business has been open, this has not been a problem. However, when they relocated to the new historic location, the Executive Director of the Ogden Union Station Foundation has inserted stipulations: no open carry.

If this sounds weird for Utah, you’d be right. But then again, its Executive Director isn’t from Utah. She’s from Orange County, California.

The main curator of Union Station, Dr. Elizabeth Sutton, Ph.D., is from Orange County, California, and relocated to Utah in 2012 to help out at the Museum of Anthropology at Utah State University. She is now the Executive Director of Ogden Union Station Foundation and Museums and it was her call as to whether or not to push the restriction of open carry on the premises of the Sea Bears location.

via KSL

“In this day and age, to see somebody carrying in public, you don’t know right away if it’s friendly or scary,” Sutton said. “So, to make everyone feel safe, we felt that open-carry does not meet our mission and goal.”

Thankfully, according to the Standard Examiner, there’s been a public outcry over this arguably illegal restriction. Dr. Sutton responded by reassuring everyone: we have signs that stop people from carrying guns openly.

“I believe the misinformation came with people believing that we were going to allow open-carry in the Station,” Sutton said. “It is not allowed, and we have not had a problem. I had my staff put up signs today.”

Because, as we all know, putting up signs stops criminals. /s

Located at the Union Station site is a museum dedicated to John M. Browning’s contributions to firearms. The irony was not lost on visitors.

For right now, until this is contested in court, California will have temporarily won its restriction of open carry. Sea Bears waiters and waitresses can carry concealed.

The owners of the Sea Bears location at Union Station enjoy their new location but will not comment on Dr. Sutton’s restrictions on the carrying of firearms. After all, in business, location is everything.

This is a frightening development. As more Californians move away to seek opportunities elsewhere, neighboring states are going to see more and more California-style gun restrictions creep in through the woodwork.

This means more vigilance on the part of locals. There’s nothing wrong with someone coming from California and bringing their expertise with them. When they attempt to institute their own draconian laws in neighboring states, there has to be an upper limit to that.

The best place to start: the wallet.

The Union Station has a very high operating budget in relation to its income. This major historic site offers a lot of great museums and feature locations ideal for visitors and families. The restaurant location is a source of generated income for this foundation. We believe the Sea Bears have a LOT more leverage in this negotiation than they let on but they’re playing it safe.

For visitors who see signs posted at Union Station, make sure to let staff know that their decision to restrict open carry may influence your decision to return. And do try the seafood. We heard from some of our readers that Sea Bears is the best seafood outside Salt Lake City.

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postheadericon Massive Gun Bills Pass In California, Dubbed The “Gunpocalypse”

By Sara Tipton via The Truth About Guns

“Gunpocalypse” — a package of ten new gun control laws — have passed the California Senate. [Clickhere for a rundown.] They’re now now en route to the Assembly, who will no doubt vote yea as well. If approved, the package will head to the governor for his signature. They includes an ammo registry (license, depending on how it’s worded) and a potential ammo purchase limit, as well as a ban on “bullet button enabled” guns – semi automatic rifles with detachable magazines to normal people. All of which proves that the state of California is home to a special kind of tyranny . . .

While I was told by a friend of mine, Jason, who lives behind enemy lines in the Golden State, “none of these bills will stop crime!” I could only respond with “I know. But that isn’t the point.” He replied “No. It’s not. The point is, people won’t get on the trains or suffer much more oppression while armed.” Bingo. So in comes Gunpocalypse.

Again, this isn’t a joke to those that live with this sort of asinine and ridiculous stuff on a daily basis. The men I knew who were friends of mine, whose wives I drank coffee with in my home, and whose children played with mine, are not the ones that need controlled.  All of them were in close vicinity to myself and my kids with guns. The men discussed hunting and checked out my husband’s rifles while we all chatted about the mandatory vaccine laws.

These are not the people to be concerned with. Yet these laws will harshly affect them more than any felon. The magazine illegality will immediately turn most of my friends into felons overnight, by simple virtue of possession.

While you may own a 30-round magazine in California, you can’t legally put more than ten rounds in it. None of the hunters ever did, and they used bullet-buttons. Now what?  They potentially wake up as felons in a matter of months if the refuse to get rid of legally acquired items they paid for. The word you are looking for is asinine.

This is what oppression looks like, and it isn’t a good look, California. We can hope the Supreme Court will someday strike down these clearly unconstitutional laws. Meanwhile, I will still be here fighting for the rights of not only my friends, but the rest of you in that state. I will still donate whatever funds I can spare to help. Godspeed, California.

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postheadericon Concealed Carrying California Man Stops Knife-Weilding Robber

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA — A concealed carrier got more than his fair jolt of adrenaline when a crazed man with a knife charged him as he tried to get out of his truck. According to the victim, he pulled up to a gas station when he saw a man approaching him. When he asked the man’s intentions, the man allegedly took out a double bladed knife and charged him. The concealed carrier quickly closed the truck door and the knife got embedded in the frame and snapped. The attacker wasn’t phased. He went to pick up the pieces and press the assault.

Thankfully, the concealed carrier remembered to carry everyday. It could be the single thing that saved his life.

Via ABC 30 Action News

“I got out and I asked him ‘hey what are you doing?’ He looked at me and yelled and came at me with a knife, and I jumped back in my truck and he stabbed my door. The knife broke and he picked up the blade. When he picked up the blade, I rolled my window down and pointed my gun at him and told him to back off. He just looked at me, turned around, and took off running,” said the concealed carrier.

His alleged attacker, Jason Gonzales, took off running down the street. He was later apprehended a quarter mile down the road by deputies and charged with possession of his broken knife alongside assault with a deadly weapon.

It was nothing the concealed carrier was preparing to deal with when he woke up that morning.

“I’m still shaking. Like I said, it’s something you don’t wake up thinking you’ll going to have to do.”

This is a situation that happened in broad daylight, out in plain view. If this concealed carrier had not been prepared to defend himself, it’s very likely he could have been severely injured or worse. It’s a situation none of us want to be faced with but it’s also the reason why we have to carry every single day.

“The way things are going now, I’m not going to let someone take me away from my kids just because they are on drugs or want $ 20 or whatever’s in your wallet.”

It’s not just about feeling safe, it’s about actually being able to protect yourself when someone — for whatever reason — decides he wants something you have and isn’t afraid to hurt or kill you to take it. That’s a lesson first and foremost in the minds of any concealed carrier and we hope it’s only more reinforced by this event.

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postheadericon California Tries To Reneg On Campus CCW

In the California Senate, SB 707 is making its rounds.  It’s meant to expand upon the already controversial, vaguely worded Gun-Free School Zone Act of 1995.  Outside of the fact it extends the limits of an imaginary “gun free zone” … Continue reading
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