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postheadericon Concealed Carrier Arrested On Felony Assault Charges Following Shooting

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA — A man with a concealed carry permit was the one taken away in handcuffs after an altercation on the street a few days ago. While the details are slim, it may seem that the charges come from shooting at a fleeing suspect.

Local media reports on the incident;

A man who told police he has a permit to carry, later identified as 43-year-old Kevin Martin, was walking with another woman in the area when a group of two men and a 17-year-old possibly surrounded the pair, according to police.

“It just kind of happened all of a sudden,” said Courtney Bivens, who saw the entire incident unfold. “There was a little scuffle, so that caught my attention, and when I looked up I saw a guy pull out a weapon.”

The first shot, Bivens said, missed Demani Griffith and caused him to run away. Martin then let off a second round as the 18-year-old was fleeing, which Bivens believes was the one that struck Griffith in the leg.

There is some confusion as to whether there it was a group or one person who confronted Martin, but the bigger question here seems to be; Was Martin, if assaulted, in the wrong for shooting at a fleeing suspect? The answer is usually always ‘yes’.

We have no word as to whether the man shot has –or will– face any charges. We’ll try to dig into this story a little more and see what comes up.

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postheadericon Concealed Carrier Shoots And Kills Man Chasing After Him With Gun

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — A man was killed after a self-defense shooting ended a foot chase carried out by the man that was killed, reports RTV6.

You think that’s a little confusing, just wait until you hear what led up to the shooting.

Apparently, the man who was later killed, Keith Banks, age 31, was driving recklessly dangerously close to children, doing doughnuts and burnouts.

A spokesperson with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said that although many people called the police about the issue, Banks left before police arrived.

But Banks was apparently pretty pissed off, if you’ll pardon the French.

Neighbors reported that Banks later returned, furious, threatening to kill someone because the cops were called, according to RTV6.

In a fit of rage, Banks began to chase another man, threatening to shoot him.

Unfortunately for Banks, the other man happened to be responsibly-armed at the time.

The second man drew said handgun, shot Banks multiple times, and reported the bizarre incident to the police.

Banks died at the hospital to which he was taken, according to RTV6.

The second man was not arrested — and good for him — this seems about as clear-cut as they come.

Now, Banks clearly needed help. But when you go around endangering children and threatening the lives of folks, you may end up going after the wrong person.

Please share this story on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you think about Banks, the second man, and the chase!

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Dean and his SIG SAUER P320 Compact in an Alien Gear Holster and On Your 6 Designs Mag Carrier

Sig P320 Compact

Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB

I love my gun. She is named Sigourney. I like to carry her because double stack gives me 15+1.

The Alien Gear makes it comfortable and concealable.

On Your 6 Designs makes the OWB magazine holder.

“These are just a few of my favorite things.”

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postheadericon Concealed Carrier Has A Great Interaction With Law Enforcement, Thanks Deputy For His Professionalism

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, TEXAS — A concealed carrier was pulled over by a deputy with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office. After he told the officer he was carrying, the officer asked to see the gun. Once he saw it, he thanked the driver for telling him. The law enforcement interaction proceeded without incident. No one was hurt or worried. Everyone went about their day.

via the Austin Statesman

“I was a CHL holder, showed him that,” said the concealed carrier. “He asked me if I was carrying, and I had it in the center console. I showed it to him and he said thank you for telling me.”

The concealed carrier is an Army veteran and took to social media to kindly thank the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office for the professionalism of one of their deputies. The deputy insists he was just following protocol.

“I encourage people to carry lawfully, and to do it the legal way,” Bell said. “Because in an end result, they could help us out.”

I know a lot of concealed carriers have wrote in voicing their discomfort with the idea of getting pulled over. When police pull over a concealed carrier, ultimately, they just want a safe interaction. In discussions with current and former law enforcement, while their opinions on gun ownership and concealed carry may differ from their own personal experience, ultimately they all appreciated knowing the situation.

Now, depending upon where you’re pulled over, you may or may not be obliged to tell the officer. Some officers may prefer to not know. However, a common underlying theme is this: respect.

When you treat someone else with respect and have a regard for his or her own safety as well as your own, you are immediately inviting a positive interaction. It’s a net benefit.

Now every person — including some law enforcement — may not be receptive to that sort of interaction. That is on that person. You control you. It’s a win-win for all parties.

I’m happy to report when something in the concealed carry community goes right. While we love discussing how some concealed carrier saved someone else or himself, the reality for the vast majority of us is that we just simply need to get through the day. Most law enforcement officers I’ve interacted with have never given me a hard time so long as I abided by the law.

Do that and treat others with courtesy and don’t be surprised when the same is given to you. Good deal. Carry concealed every single day, everywhere you can. Know your state laws well enough to know how you’re supposed to govern yourself when interacting with law enforcement.

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postheadericon Two Teens Were Looking For A Victim — What They Found Was A Concealed Carrier Instead

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN — Two teenagers staked out a secluded, quiet block in Milwaukee to find themselves someone to rob. They waited and when a 36-year-old man drove up, presumably to go home for the evening, they moved on him. Go figure, they picked a guy who was also a concealed carrier.

According to FOX 6 News, 17-year-old Deonte Thomas was shot dead at the scene and his buddy, 18 years of age, was also shot but survived and was taken into custody. Both of them attempted to violently rob a man in the dead of night and both received exactly what was coming to them.

“…They were looking for trouble and they clearly picked the wrong guy — because he defended himself,” Alderman Mark Borkowski said.

We highlighted the part of the alderman’s speech to Milwaukee residents because the other parts are clearly going to show how little the average non-firearm-carrying resident understands about the realities of violence.

“…Be aware of your surroundings, and if you are targeted for a robbery, police say it is usually always the right call to give the crooks what they want (because they will likely flee as soon as you hand it over).”

Perpetual victimhood. Be a victim. Don’t fight back, man. Give the two violent teenagers, with a combined IQ of 75, all of your possessions and they’ll just leave afterwards.

Here’s where I divest from the party line.

Your defense is your problem. It’s not the police. It’s not the bad guy. It’s you.

If you’re attacked by two men in the dead of night, do you want to be the guy with the gun that fights back or do you want to be the guy in the hospital? That’s the choice.

This weird idea that somehow bad guys don’t hurt people if they don’t fight back is both dangerous and perpetrated by people who refuse to take responsibility for their own lives.

How did Deonte Thomas decide it was a good idea to ambush a dude at 10:30 p.m. at night in a secluded section of the city?

He was sitting home, doing his physics homework, contemplating life on other planets and decided, “gee, I bet if my buddy and I go jump some dude, everything will work out just fine!”

Makes perfect sense, right? Astrophysicists usually start their career with violent felonies. It’s a very clear cut path between beating a man for his possessions in the dead of night and curing cancer.

Don’t take my word for it. If you run up against some guys that want your things or just want to beat you, you get to make that decision and no one else. This concealed carrier decided he wasn’t going to be a victim that night. That’s a deeply personal decision that I respect.

It only happens if you get that permit, get the gun, carry it everyday, and refuse to just sit down and take whatever some violent idiot wants to throw your way. It’s not cowardice to run from a fight but it is cowardice to lay there and get beaten or shot because you don’t want to take responsibility for your own life.

Stay safe. Do call the police. Do carry concealed everyday, everywhere. Don’t be a victim.

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postheadericon Concealed Carrier Attacked In Drive-Thru Of McDonald’s — Why We Carry Everywhere

HIALEAH, FLORIDA — In a McDonald’s drive-thru, a concealed carrier was waiting to get to the teller to get his food. That was when Sergio Hernandez just walked up to the window and started chatting up the McDonald’s employee. To likely let Hernandez know that there were people waiting on their food, the concealed carrier honked his horn. That’s when Hernandez’s girlfriend attacked.

According to WSVN 7 News, Vanessa Puente, 20, rushed up to the driver’s side window and began wailing on it. He got out of the car to stop her hitting his vehicle and she began to attack him. Hernandez jumped in, punching him in the back of the head. When the driver tried to take out his cell phone to capture the incident on video, Puente allegedly knocked the phone out of his hand.

Left alone to defend against two violent attackers, the concealed carrier naturally feared for his life and took out his concealed carry handgun. He shot Hernandez once in the pelvis. Hernandez was transported to a nearby hospital and treated for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. Puente was taken into custody.

Come to find out, Puente was out awaiting trial for an unrelated felony offense. When the judge read her charges and saw Puente present herself, she chided the young woman’s actions and even questioned why Puente would be willing to risk everything over the honk of a car horn.

“This is because people honked their horn. OK,” said the judge.

While we can’t control for idiots, this concealed carrier did a decent job of standing his ground, attempting to de-escalate, and trying to dutifully report information to the police and his insurance in the midst of an attack. The problem was that he was dealing with two highly imbalanced, violent people.

Even he likely didn’t expect that outcome based upon the event. Hernandez is probably just another scum-sucking street-level thug holding up traffic with his minor-league game antics. The concealed carrier had no way of knowing Hernandez’s girlfriend would head off a dangerous assault upon him.

This concealed carrier did the right thing, ultimately. He used his gun to protect himself after all other options were exhausted. It’s not your job to get beat upon by two strangers in a parking lot. Some people don’t want to be responsible in defending their own lives. A concealed carrier is not one of those people.

In this case, the absolute right thing appears to be happening. Fuente can look forward to a long career in charm school, aka women’s prison, and Hernandez will likely do a little bit of time for the battery charge but he’ll have a permanent reminder on his hips of the cost of being an idiot out in public.

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postheadericon Concealed Carrier Holds Man At Gunpoint After He Tried To Drive Off After Hitting 7-Year-Old Trick-or-Treater

TACOMA, WASHINGTON — A 7-year-old boy was hit by a car ‘barreling’ down the road while he was trick-or-treating with his father Monday night. The man behind the wheel stopped shortly after, but soon tried to get away.

That’s when an armed citizen stepped in.

Danielle and Michael Lester had just crossed the street with their two children and nephew when they saw a sport utility vehicle “barreling” through the street near the intersection of North Eighth and North I streets.

“I actually saw the little boy fly through the air. It sounded like somebody hit a garbage can,” Danielle Lester said by phone Tuesday.

The boy is currently in critical condition.

When the driver looked to be wanting an escape, Danielle Lester stepped in front of the vehicle and told him to stay where he was.

“He was revving his engine and bumping against me,” Danielle Lester said.

A neighbor, Kenneth Hines, came over to help when he realized what was going on.

Hines was also armed at the time.

He used his firearm to keep the man from leaving, who was attempting to run away. “I basically did a citizen’s arrest,” said Hines.

The man was believed to be intoxicated and was charged with suspicion of vehicular assault and driving under the influence, police said.

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postheadericon [CCW IN ACTION] Concealed Carrier Stops Armed Juveniles From Robbing Burger King — Same Juveniles Responsible For Crime Spree

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA — A licensed concealed carrier drew his concealed carry firearm and successfully defended himself and the cashier after five juveniles, two armed, attempted to rob a Burger King at gunpoint.

According to RTF 6 ABC News, the two armed teenagers pointed their guns at the cashier and reportedly told her to open the drawer. A customer drew his concealed carry pistol and told the two armed criminals to drop their firearms. One of the teenagers turned his gun on the concealed carrier. The concealed carrier fired five rounds, one of which grazed the arm of the crook. Both armed robbers dropped their firearms and fled to a nearby Ford F-150.

Indianapolis police caught up with all five teenagers and they all allegedly confessed to not just the attempted robbery at the Burger King, but a string of up to nine businesses in three days.

Two of the gang are old enough to be charged as adults. Antonio Cowherd and Mikel Kendrick are both 19 years old and can look forward to a nice long stint in Indiana corrections.

Major Richard Riddle with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department announced that this group was believed to be the primary suspects in the armed robbery of multiple gas stations, a Family Dollar and a convenience store spanning the distance from Indianapolis to nearby Plainfield.

Not only did this concealed carrier put an end to potentially a string of criminal enterprises, he was able to protect himself and the cashier from harm. This is what happens when people carry concealed. Armed robbers have to walk into a business and hope to goodness there isn’t an armed citizen willing to stand up to them. When there is one, they drop their guns like cowards or they get shot. All that posturing and thug life mentality really amounts to absolutely nothing when faced against a legally armed citizen.

All five are alive — for now — but make no mistake. They’ll either learn their lesson in corrections and go about their lives or they can look forward to running into another concealed carrier down the line. That’s on them. In the meantime, we protect ourselves, our family, and our businesses. We have to. They’re obviously not going to stop.

Carry every single day, everywhere you legally can.

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postheadericon Concealed Carrier Killed In Ambush, Shot Attacker Before Death

DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA — In what appears to be a preplanned ambush, Bobby E. Willis III, 30, walked right into his assassin, Ricky Kelly, 32, outside a convenience store. Kelly allegedly opened fire on Willis, fatally striking him. Willis was a licensed concealed carrier who just moved from Miami to Daytona Beach. Laid on the hot concrete in the early morning, Willis was able to pull his own handgun and hit Kelly twice.

Kelly ran from the scene of the crime but was later picked up by police. He had to undergo surgery but is expected to make a full recovery. Willis died but several witnesses confirm that bystanders attempted to help him into the store for safety.

According to police records obtained by the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Kelly is a felon with prior criminal charges for cocaine possession. As such, he is not legally allowed to own and carry a gun in the State of Florida. Willis, however, was a legally licensed concealed carrier and decided to carry that day.

The good guy doesn’t always win in these situations. At best, Kelly will be tried for first degree murder and possession of a gun by a convicted felon. He’ll be in prison for a very long time. That’s a shy thing in comparison to the loss of life of a concealed carrier.

But, it’s also why we carry.

Who knows why Willis was the subject of a planned ambush? It doesn’t matter. It could be any of us in those shoes. For whatever reason, Kelly decided that he was going to shoot a man in broad daylight and escape in a Cadillac. That’s not how things work when you’re fighting someone who wants to defend his life.

It’s a high price to pay but ultimately, Willis did precisely what he needed to do: stop his attacker from hurting anyone else.

There have been cases of mistaken identity where a gang member has targeted an innocent person for assassination. Gangs don’t care. It would be a minor correction for them.

“Oh that guy? That’s not the right guy.”

Whether Willis knew he was being targeted or just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time will be the subject of a lot of speculation from those who witnessed that fateful occurrence.

For the rest of us, we don’t take chances. We carry everyday.

  • Going to the convenience store to pick up some orange juice? Carry.
  • Walking outside to pick up the newspaper off the front lawn? Carry.
  • Hanging around the house watching a movie? Carry. Carry. Carry.

You can only make the mistake of not carrying once — when it’s your life or the life of someone you love being threatened or hurt by a bad guy.

That’s why we carry concealed every single day… Because criminals don’t care who they hurt.

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postheadericon Concealed Carrier Shoots Armed Robbery Suspect

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA — People forget that unlike other major metropolitan cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, the citizens of the city of Brotherly Love can and do carry concealed. Thankfully, a customer at a gas station in Philadelphia was able to use his legally concealed carry handgun to stop an attempted carjacking and robbery from taking place.

According to FOX 29 Philadelphia, the concealed carrier was walking out of a gas station store with a bag of potato chips when he encountered a man first try to rob a gas station clerk exiting the building and then, when that failed, try to rob him.

The robbery suspect was parked inside a blue minivan as the store was believed to be closing. The gas station clerk walked out into the parking lot where he was confronted by the suspect and told to get in the minivan. The clerk ran back into the store for safety.

Undeterred by his failed attempt, the robber saw another guy eating from a bag of potato chips and must have figured he could recover by pointing his illegally owned handgun at him. Well, the guy holding the chips was a concealed carrier and he was armed. Seeing a gun pointed at him, he had seconds to react. He drew his pistol and reportedly fired three times — striking the robber’s abdomen, hand and back.

Police took the criminal to the hospital where he is undergoing surgery to save his life. The man who defended his life produced his concealed carry license to police and cooperated with the investigation. In this process, his gun was confiscated.

This guy did everything right and he survived a really tough situation.

To briefly touch on another point, if your gun gets confiscated by police following a defensive gun use situation, make sure to get a receipt for that gun and pursue it through the process of civil forfeiture. Police may have a right to take your gun as evidence if it was used in a situation, but they don’t have a right to keep it.

Get your gun back. Those things are expensive and if you end up using it and are alive to talk about it — it obviously did its part.

Also, carry everywhere you go. Nobody expects to run into an armed robber while walking to the local gas station to pick up a bag of chips. That bag of chips could have been a soda or a six-pack but it’s all the same to bad guys looking for easy prey. Defending your life takes a 24/7 commitment to concealed carry.

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