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postheadericon Murder And Gun Charges Dropped Against Armed Homeowner Who Shot And Killed Intruder

CANADA — A man who shot and killed an intruder back in April of 2016 inside his home, had his murder and gun charges dropped. It seems that self-defense with a firearm prevails in our northern neighbor.

Local media reports;

Gilbert Budgell was charged following a home invasion at his Botwood residence. It’s alleged the two masked men entered the house and Budgell shot at one of the intruders.

A preliminary hearing was set to begin in Grand Falls-Windsor court today, but the charges against Budgell were instead dropped.

There were two masked men who entered, and only one left alive. It’s a sad day when an armed person is prosecuted for shooting someone who illegally entered their home while wearing masks.

It is also noted that the homeowner pleaded guilty to drug charges earlier this year. Whether or not the home invasion was over drugs is not known, but it seems that we still have a case of self-defense that’s justified.

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postheadericon Concealed Carrier Arrested On Felony Assault Charges Following Shooting

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA — A man with a concealed carry permit was the one taken away in handcuffs after an altercation on the street a few days ago. While the details are slim, it may seem that the charges come from shooting at a fleeing suspect.

Local media reports on the incident;

A man who told police he has a permit to carry, later identified as 43-year-old Kevin Martin, was walking with another woman in the area when a group of two men and a 17-year-old possibly surrounded the pair, according to police.

“It just kind of happened all of a sudden,” said Courtney Bivens, who saw the entire incident unfold. “There was a little scuffle, so that caught my attention, and when I looked up I saw a guy pull out a weapon.”

The first shot, Bivens said, missed Demani Griffith and caused him to run away. Martin then let off a second round as the 18-year-old was fleeing, which Bivens believes was the one that struck Griffith in the leg.

There is some confusion as to whether there it was a group or one person who confronted Martin, but the bigger question here seems to be; Was Martin, if assaulted, in the wrong for shooting at a fleeing suspect? The answer is usually always ‘yes’.

We have no word as to whether the man shot has –or will– face any charges. We’ll try to dig into this story a little more and see what comes up.

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postheadericon Man Who Shot Attacker In The Back Is Acquitted Of All Charges

SPOKANE, WA — A man who shot and killed a man who had previously hit him and the woman he had come so assist has been acquitted of all charges, according to KXLY.

Here’s the catch, William Poindexter, the man shot, had stopped attacking him and was walking away with her. Edward Bushnell shot Poindexter in the back.

As KXLY reports:

Bushnell saw a total stranger getting beaten by her boyfriend and when Bushnell tried to stop the attack, he was clubbed in the face.

After Bushnell was knocked to the ground and the couple started walking away, Bushnell pulled a pistol out of his bag and shot William Poindexter in the back.”

Prosecutors believed that he was past the point of justifiable homicide, but the jury seems to have disagreed.

“He thought he was doing the right thing and I think he was doing the right thing,” said his defense attorney Rob Cossey according to KXLY.

Had he been convicted, he would have faced up to 25 years in prison.

That’s no joke.

This story brings out a really important point — there is a truly awesome responsibility that comes with concealed carry, and judgment in conflict is clear.

Although this good Samaritan was able to avoid jail time, and we’re happy for him, the jury could very easily have convicted the man who shot another man in the back.

It’s incredibly tricky — keep your heads cool out there.

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postheadericon US charges Russian FSB officials in connection with massive Yahoo security breach

The United States has charged four men, including two officials of Russia’s FSB intelligence agency, in connection with a hacking attack against Yahoo that saw the details of 500 million users stolen and the use of forged cookies to break into accounts.

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postheadericon US charges seven Iranians for bank-related cyberattacks

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) has indicted seven people believed to have coordinated cyberattacks on banks between 2011 and 2013, all with links to the Iranian government.

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postheadericon Photobucket hackers face charges over photo-stealing app

Two men were arrested last week for allegedly developing hacking software that steals user information and photos from the image-hosting website Photobucket.

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postheadericon 72 Year Old New Jersey Man Faces 10 Years In Prison On Felony Charges For 300-Year-Old Antique Flintlock

In a glaring example of bureaucratic stupidity, the Cumberland County (NJ) prosecutor is seeking a felony conviction for Gordon Van Gilder, a 72 year-old retired teacher. Mr. Van Gilder was involved in a traffic stop when he consented to a … Continue reading
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