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postheadericon Avalanche takedown: Check if you are safe

Earlier this week coordinated law enforcement action took down the Avalanche fast-flux network. ESET has been assisting in the cleanup.

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postheadericon Leaked Photos Of New Glock 17M Revealed! Check It Out!

New photos have surfaced of a law enforcement issued Glock 17m. An officer involved with training on the new pistol leaked photos regarding some changes which Glock implemented in its new design. This pistol is not available to the public but we can look forward to seeing the many design features pushed to future Glock models.

From the pictures, we notice the following major improvements:

  • Beveled upper and lower receiver (smoother draw)
  • Flared magazine well (nod to CZ)
  • Ambidextrous slide release
  • Modified trigger (looks similar to Gen 4 single-stacks)
  • Longer, sturdier recoil assembly (experimented in Gen 4 design)
  • Ambidextrous magazine release (implemented in Gen 4 design)

Originally published in The Firearm Blog, we’re absolutely thrilled to look forward to the many new and improved features in this law enforcement model.

Glock recently featured a line of classic Glock models with optics. Combining these features with the bevel and flare developments, we can see a pistol that’s approaching competitive levels of shooting.

You tell us what you see. We picked out what stood out but without actually getting to fire it, it’s hard to tell where the improvements really lie with this newer model.

What we can count on is Glock to implement “what works”. Glock is an extremely conservative gun manufacturer. They have always built off a good basic frame and then developed outwards.

This is a great strategy when it comes back to affordability and reliability — two things concealed carriers take into account when making their concealed carry pistol purchases.

A big improvement is the flared magazine well. The flaring at the bottom makes it easier to load a new magazine in moments of high stress.

While your attention is directed towards dealing with a defensive gun use situation, you can more seamlessly load a pistol that has a flared magazine well.

There’s rumors of the trigger having improvements but Glock triggers have already been extremely smooth and reliable out the gate. With a 5.5 lb trigger pull and 2.5 lb trigger reset, the majority of Glock pistols have some of the lightest triggers on the market. Without firing this new model, we’re not going to say precisely how improved the new design is. We do see a nod to a previous line of single-stacks like the G43 and G42.

Take a look at the pictures and stay tuned. We hope to come forward with new developments as we see’em (or hopefully shoot them).

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postheadericon [BEGINNERS] Why You Should Always Check To See If A Handgun Is Loaded

By Luke McCoy via USA Carry

It’s the first rule in firearm safety: treat every weapon as if it is loaded.

Yet, there’s plenty of occurrences where someone assumes a gun is unloaded. The results can be disastrous.

The reason why we always check to see if a firearm is loaded is because it only takes being wrong once to ruin things for good. More importantly, it’s easy to check a handgun to see if it’s loaded. Some handguns even have indicators that act as a “heads up” that the gun is loaded. We should never take an indicator as proof positive that there isn’t a round in the chamber, though.

How To Properly Check To See If A Handgun Is Loaded

For those who may not feel confident with handguns, we’re going to discuss a sure-fire way to ensure a pistol is unloaded. A couple things you should never do:

  • Look down the barrel of the gun.
  • Point the gun at anything you do not intend to shoot while inspecting to see if it is loaded.
  • Let the barrel wander during inspection so it is facing another person or animal.

All visual inspection steps can be done by pulling upper receiver to the rear and there is no gun that would ever require you to stare down its barrel.

Step 1: Point the weapon’s barrel in a safe direction

The best place to start this is by maintaining basic firearm safety and ensuring the barrel of the gun is never pointed at anyone or any living thing.

Step 2: Eject the magazine from the pistol.

Press the magazine ejection button, usually found on the side of the pistol grip. For certain pistols, like the Walter PPS, there are models that have the magazine ejection lever located beneath the trigger group. Pull that switch downward to eject the magazine.

For revolvers, you can usually slide the cylinder out and visually inspect from the back end whether rounds are loaded. Even if the shell case has its primer indented, don’t assume it’s a spent shell. Eject the shells and actually check and ensure they are just shells. Little details like having one live round and five spent in a cylinder can be a potentially disastrous detail to miss.

Step 3: Pull the upper receiver back towards you and lock it in place

While simply pulling back the upper receiver will give you a glimpse into the pistol’s chamber, it’s a good practice to lock it to the rear and visually inspect the chamber to make sure it is clear. You still keep the firearm’s barrel pointed down range or in a safe direction at all times.

Step 4: Under dark conditions, inspect digitally with your pinky or with a flashlight.

Some chambers, like that of the CZ-75D PCR, are not always easy to inspect visually under dark conditions. Use a flashlight to visually inspect or use your finger if the upper receiver is locked to the rear.

Once a pistol has been inspected by you and it is completely unloaded, it is now safe to hand off to another person for his use. He should then inspect the gun to ensure it is unloaded before either storing it or loading it himself.

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postheadericon Awkward Moments In Concealed Carry: Check Out My Empty Holster!

Browsing the CCW subreddit, you’ll find many great stories from fellow concealed carriers. One story in particular stood out, because I’ve been there. When we are law-abiding, we sacrifice our safety and it forces us to make necessary adjustments to … Continue reading
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postheadericon Tombstone Re-Enactment Goes Sour — Fellow Actor Shot By Idiot Who Didn’t Check His Gun, Fired Live Rounds Instead Of Blanks

TOMBSTONE, ARIZONA — If you’ve ever seen Tombstone (1993), you’re probably a fan of the loosely-based historic gunfight which occurred in OK Corral between Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, and a bunch of rowdy vaqueros.  Well, a group of onlookers were … Continue reading
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postheadericon ATF Confirms That VA Gunman Passed Background Check And Bought Firearm Legally

The firearm used in yesterday’s horrific shooting was purchased legally by the gunman after he passed a federal background check. ABC News reported late last night: The ATF says the disgruntled former reporter who killed a television reporter and a … Continue reading
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postheadericon US lawmakers want taxi apps to check driver fingerprints

Ride-sharing taxi apps Uber, Lyft and Sidecar have been asked by US lawmakers to adopt fingerprint-based background checks for their drivers,

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