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postheadericon Christmas Weekend In Chicago: At Least 27 Shootings With 7 Fatalities

In one of the Gun Control Capitals of the Country, Chicago saw bullets flying this Christmas weekend with at least 27 shootings. Of those shootings, 7 fatalities were recorded.

Of course gangs are to blame for most (if not all) of the shootings, and it helps to highlight the uselessness of gun control laws on the books. Of all the laws dealing with illegal possession of firearms, it seems that these thug life folks don’t care.


If you’re a citizen of Chicago, or better yet a politician with an open mind, it’s a great time to speak up about how useless these laws really are. While we have gangs fighting for turf and arguments over girlfriends, millions are unable to adequately protect themselves as law-abiding citizens.

While the below information isn’t clear as to whether it was gang related or not, it highlights the very real possibility that innocent lives can be injured or killed during these absurd gunfights;

This weekend, one of the victims was an 18-year-old man who was shot multiple times in the neck and back while he was driving at 1:30 a.m. on Christmas Day in the Gage Park neighborhood, on the city’s Southwest Side.

That’s all, really. Gun control punishes the people who abide. It’s so simple to me, and so crazy that some folks still cry for more gun control. #commonsenseisntsocommon

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postheadericon [VIDEO] [NSFW] Trump Supporter Pulled From Car And Beaten In Chicago Street

In a new video that’s circulating around the web, a group of angry men can be seen brutally attacking another man after ripping him from his car. Why? Supposedly because he’s a Trump supporter.


In one incident in Chicago, a white man was beaten up by a group of black people, apparently because he voted for Trump. In the video, he was pulled from his car and repeatedly punched and kicked while people in the background yelled “Don’t vote for Trump!”

In Chicago, it’s difficult to get a permit to carry a firearm. Had this man been allowed his right to carry, the assault could have never begun in the first place. I know, I know, we’ll never know many variables.

This is the world that we live in, though. A drive down the road could easily turn into an attack, simply because of who you voted for in an election.

These apparent Hillary supporters aren’t being displayed all across the media. I wonder why.

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postheadericon Retired Chicago Police Commander Wounded After Fighting Back Against Home Intruder

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — A retired Chicago police commander was forced to fight to save his own life after Keith Vaughns, 21, broke into his home and shot him in the shoulder. The former police officer was able to get off a shot and hit Vaughns in the leg. Both went to the hospital and were listed as being in stable condition.

The 73-year-old retiree, according to DNAinfo, was able to reach cover and concealment to return fire on Vaughns after he had already been shot in the shoulder. The young crook got hit in the upper thigh and fled the scene. He was picked up a short while later by police and taken to a nearby hospital.

Vaughns is already a convicted felon and was due in court the Friday after he committed the crime. He will be charged with a litany of felonies but the unfortunate truth is this 21-year-old is the violent product of an ongoing war occurring right inside the United States.

For any who doubt the veracity of such a bold claim, let’s look at the body count in the Chicago Metropolitan Area for just this current year.


Source: DNAinfo

And here’s a picture of the war zone.


Source: Chicago Tribune

And, for comparison, here’s the fatalities listed from our Operation Iraqi Freedom.


So far, with 2016 yet to be concluded, we have more dead Americans killed in Chicago than in the opening invasion of the Iraq war in 2003.

You tell me how that’s working out for us.

Thankfully, this retired police commander was able to defend himself. How many others could say the same?

Keith Vaughns is one of many.

We are witnessing a novel time in human history. This is, I believe, the absolute inverse of the story of Gaius Mucius Scaevola.

Scaevola (508 B.C.) was sent in to assassinate the king of an army that threatened Rome. He misidentified his target and killed the general’s scribe. He was captured and told his captors that his life was worthless but for the glory of Rome. To prove this, he stuck his hand into a nearby fire and burnt his own left hand off as a testament to the tenacity and sacrifice the ‘average Roman’ was willing to make to protect his homeland. The king of this army sent a peace envoy to Rome.

Keith Vaughns is an active example of the absolute opposite of this.

This is a war that has young men growing up in a veritable killing field. There is no honor, glory, or even dedication to any cause except for the pure lust of violence and the utter absence of conscience.

To make it clear, there will be no negotiating with this enemy because this enemy was raised in an environment that knows nothing of the language of diplomacy. They will kill and murder anyone who stands in their way and with the clearest of conscience, do it again.

Witness the statistics. Read the reports. We are fighting a novel and new threat to civilization and this retired police commander was just the most recent, notable person to get caught in the cross hairs.

If ever you needed encouragement to pursue that Illinois FOID and pay the exorbitant fees to pursue an Illinois concealed carry permit, look no further than the ongoing blood bath in Chicago. That’s no hyperbole — that’s reality.

And it’s a reality that we must all face together.

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postheadericon Chicago Facing Police Shortage, Pension Collapse, Rep. Wants To Serialize Ammo… Priorities, Right?

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Labor Day is widely anticipated to be one of the bloodiest weekends in the Windy City. With homicide rates skyrocketing, police unions are warning they won’t be able to cover an expected 2,000 man-hours with voluntary overtime. It’s okay, though. One lawmaker is brave enough to come up with a solution: force manufacturers to serialize ammunition.

State Rep. Sonya Harper, D-Chicago believes that if manufacturers are forced to serialize ammunition, investigators will have an easier time tracing the origin of all the rounds fired by illegally obtained firearms.

via ABC News 7

“We’re not trying to get rid of responsible gun owners guns, we just want to know how the guns and the bullets are getting into the hands of our youth and causing senseless harm and murder,” Harper said.

This proposed bill is expected to be filed later on next week.

Not only would this add a burdensome cost to manufacturers, it would only potentially affect Illinois purchasers.

In Illinois, a resident has to obtain a Firearm Owner Identification Card (FOIC) and then pass another, stringent examination and course work to obtain a concealed carry permit. And now, a concealed carrier in Illinois may potentially have to use serialized ammunition.

This is all in the hopes of better understanding how criminals get their hands on guns.

According to ABC News, Chicago had its deadliest August in nearly two decades. Ninety people were killed in the Windy City and police have confirmed 384 shooting incidents and 472 shooting victims.

This isn’t a gun problem. This is a war zone.

And to make matters worse: Chicago’s infrastructure is running out of money.

When the money stops, the police stop.

Chicago is facing a $ 426 million budget shortfall next year. With a $ 20 billion dollar pension bubble threatening to explode the public sector’s retirement security, Chicago can’t even promise their police officers that they’ll retire in peace and safety.

The Fraternal Order of Police has picked up on this dark new reality and has asked its officers to not volunteer for overtime hours in areas where police are traditionally put in the most violent, hardest hit areas of this war zone.

via Chicago Tribune

“In order to show unity and protest the continued disrespect of Chicago police officers and the killings of law enforcement officers across our country, we are requesting FOP members to refrain from volunteering to work (overtime),” the flier reads. “You’ve earned time to be with your families.”

The police in Chicago are not going to be a phone call away this Labor Day weekend. Do you really want to make it harder for law-abiding citizens to have access to the only means they have to defend their lives, family, and home?

Stay safe, everyone. Carry everyday, everywhere you legally can. Your life is worth it.

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postheadericon Chicago man pleads guilty in celebrity iCloud data breach

A 28 year-old Chicago man has pleaded guilty to using phishing scams to illegally access into more than 300 iCloud and Gmail accounts, around 30 of which belonged to celebrities.

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postheadericon Chicago Anti-Gunners Tell Stores To Discriminate Against Concealed Carriers — Here’s How The Stores Reacted

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Groups of ‘concerned citizens’ are now proverbially up-in-arms about Chicago retailers that refuse to post ‘gun free zone’ signs in their businesses.  Peaceful Communities in Northbrook and the Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs in Highland Park … Continue reading
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postheadericon Sworn Law Enforcement Officers Unarmed And Trained To Run And Hide In The Event Of Active Shooter At Chicago Airports

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Filed under ‘things we will never understand’, a reader sent us the above news clip that discusses the day in a life of an Aviation Officer at Chicago International Airport. The recipe: Sworn law enforcement officers who … Continue reading
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postheadericon FBI trace celebrity iCloud hacks to Chicago home

The FBI has seized a computer, cellphones and storage devices belonging to a Chicago man thought to be responsible for last year’s iCloud hacks.

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