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postheadericon First Conviction Revealed Under New Chinese VPN Ban

Over the summer, there was speculation of a Chinese VPN ban. Apple’s removal of Chinese VPN apps seemed to reiterate this. Now, convictions for VPN use in China have begun.

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postheadericon Chinese cryptocurrency crackdown

China banned the raising of funds using token-based digital currencies and deemed the practice illegal on Monday, in a move seen as an attempt to impose more regulations on the virtual market.

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postheadericon iOS VPN apps removed from Apple’s Chinese App Store

Apple has bowed to pressure from the regime in Beijing, and removed some VPN apps from the Chinese version of its iOS App Store.

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postheadericon Chinese Immigrants Line Up To Buy Guns In California, Taking Advantage Of Right Denied In Their Home Country

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — In the outskirts of Los Angeles, gun stores have seen a surge in interest in gun ownership by Chinese immigrants. In China, a private citizen owning a gun legally is not possible. In the United States, however, we have gun ownership built into our basic Bill of Rights. For Chinese immigrants with a valid Green Card, it’s now an opportunity to exercise a right they would have never experienced otherwise.

The L.A. Times did an interesting piece exploring one gun shop’s experience with Chinese immigrants coming into the shop and surprised that there is a clear path to gun ownership.

“I just tell them don’t be scared. It’s legal here,” one gun shop owner said.

In California, there are basic requirements that must be fulfilled before purchasing a firearm. California is one of the few states targeting the ownership of ammunition, detachable magazines, and magazine capacity amongst many other issues but they still do have a path to gun ownership for its citizens.

Granted, starting January 1st, a lot of firearms will no longer be available on the market. Many Chinese firearm enthusiasts have taken the opportunity in the preceding months to buy up semi-automatic rifles and handguns that would now be considered impossible to purchase under new state restrictions.

“I have short guns, long guns, handguns, AR-15s, rifles. I bought one, then I just kept buying more,” one gun owner told the L.A. Times.

For many of the people who talking with the Los Angeles Times, they described their interest as mostly entertainment. A lot of them admitted to going to the ranges on the weekend. Retirees see it as a leisure activity that they find exhilarating and challenging.

We hope some of them have pursued the process in Los Angeles County to get their concealed carry permit.

Overall, the article definitely highlights the importance of one of the fundamental rights of living in the United States. We are allowed to own firearms. These firearms can be used for leisure and sport but, if need be, they can also be used to save our lives.

And, for those willing to move a state or two over to the right, you may just get a much better selection of firearms to choose from — and an easier process to carry those guns wherever you go.

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postheadericon Microsoft and CETC announce partnership to serve Chinese users in specialized fields

REDMOND, Wash., and BEIJING — Sept. 23, 2015 On Wednesday, China Electronics Technology Group (CETC) and Microsoft Corp. announced a partnership aimed at providing world-class operating system technology and services for Chinese users in specialized fields in government institutions and critical infrastructure state-owned enterprises.

CETC and Microsoft will partner to explore how to support the configuration, deployment and maintenance of localized Windows 10 in the computer systems of Chinese users in specialized fields.

As part of the cooperation, relevant CETC subsidiary companies will become members of the Microsoft Partner Network and sign a Microsoft Premier Support for Development agreement. These steps will provide training and certification to the relevant CETC subsidiary companies from Microsoft for the latest technology for Windows deployment, support and best practices.

CETC is preparing to start internal testing for its support of Windows 10 in the coming months. The companies intend this collaboration to grow over time so it can deepen service to these specialized fields.

About CETC

CETC, as one of China’s large-scale state-owned high-tech enterprise groups, has been leading China’s electronic information technology innovation over the past sixty years. CETC is devoted to providing information products, services and complete solutions of high competence to customers.

About Microsoft

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

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postheadericon Security concerns prompts ‘gold rush’ for Chinese enterprise computing market

Concern over the security of Windows in China has led to a ‘gold rush’, as Chinese firms race to fill the gap left by Microsoft’s operating system, reports Reuters.

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