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postheadericon Man Storms Church And Shoots Multiple People, Is Then Stopped By Armed Usher

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE — One person is dead and eight others wounded after a masked gunman stormed into a church and opened fire. The scenario is one that many fear, and is nearly impossible to predict. This incident, however, could have been much worse if it weren’t for a brave –and armed– usher who sprung into action.

From local news;

The shooter, identified as {REDACTED BY CONCEALED NATION}, a 25-year-old Rutherford County man, accidentally shot himself after he was confronted by an armed member of the congregation. {REDACTED} was treated at an area hospital and was released into police custody, according to Metro Nashville Police.

{REDACTED} will be charged with one count of murder, additional charges will come later, police said. Police say he previously attended the church.

The woman killed has been identified as Melanie Smith, 39. Smith was a mother who lived in Smyrna.

The gunman is believed to have been shooting indiscriminately, and probably wasn’t expecting someone to be armed and ready to fight back.

Police say the gunman wore a neoprene ski mask when he shot and killed Smith in the parking lot of Burnette Chapel Church of Christ, as the service ended shortly after 11 a.m.

With his blue Nissan Xterra still running, the gunman then entered the rear sanctuary doors of the church and began “indiscriminately” shooting, police said.

Not long after the shooting started, an usher by the name of Caleb Engle engaged the gunman and was pistol-whipped as a result. During the engagement, the gunman accidentally shot himself in the chest.

At this point, Engle left the church and b-lined it to his vehicle, where he had a handgun. He grabbed the gun and ran back into the church, holding the gunman at gunpoint until police arrived.

The gunman was taken to the hospital for his injury and ultimately arrested on charges of homicide and attempted homicide.

If Mr. Engle is out there reading this, we thank you for your bravery during this horrible incident and wish your church the best in the days to come. You are a hero, no doubt, and saved countless lives.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Church Burglary Gone Wrong, Suspect Shot By Armed Churchgoer

DOTHAN, AL — A man is dead after deciding to take his life into his own hands, attempting to rob the occupants of a Baptist church in Alabama.

Dothan First reports that 26-year-old Steffon Tolver looked to score some easy money by robbing people on church grounds.

“He completed one robbery in which he received roughly $ 50 dollars and proceeded to try to rob someone else and the second person had a handgun and shot the suspect while he was in his office,” said police LT. Brian Smith according to Dothan First.

It was 10:30 p.m. on a Sunday. Workers were there prepping for the next week.

“They were getting ready to go on a youth trip and they were working late to get ready for the trip in the morning,” Smith said.

Some were confused as to why a church member had a gun on church grounds. However, Smith backs them.

“In a church or not wherever you are you have the chance to defend yourself in your home, you have certain additional rights,” he said.

OK, there are two things to remember here.

I have long told my friends — the most important place to be responsibly-armed is in a church, and that is a fact. Folks think of churches as places of peace — as well they should be. But that makes them appealing to bad guys.

Religious buildings have targets on their backs — regardless of faith. There is someone, somewhere, who does not want that faith to exist. So carry. You will be glad that you did.

Second — if you’re a bad guy — have a speck of ethics and try not to go robbing a church. For your sake, if not ours.

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postheadericon Update On PA Church Shooting: Concealed Carrier Charged, Brandished Firearm And CCW ‘Badge’

The shooting that occurred on Sunday at a church in Pennsylvania has been investigated, and today police released their findings during a press conference.

Here is the timeline of events, as outlined during the press conference:

  1. The victim, 27-year-old Robert Braxton, was a part of a verbal altercation when a congregation member sitting behind him, tapped Braxton on the shoulder and told him that his seat was already taken.
  2. A verbal argument occurred, and Braxton was later calmed down and things settled. Church members came to Braxton to calm things down and then walked away once things were settled.
  3. The defendant, identified as 46-year-old Mark Storms, then approached Braxton with his firearm already out, as well as a badge.
  4. The badge was determined to be a badge stating that he is a concealed carrier, likely similar to this one.
  5. A physical altercation then occurred, and punches were thrown between Braxton and Storms.
  6. Storms then fired two shots at Braxton, killing him.

Storms was arrested today and charged with voluntary manslaughter and recklessly endangering others.

Check this space for updates.

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