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postheadericon Man, Who Was Attacking Deputy, Is Shot By Armed Citizen

DAWSON COUNTY, GA — Our police do so much to keep us safe. Every day they put their lives on the line to make their communities peaceful.

It’s an awesome thing to get to see armed, responsible citizens get to return the favor every once in a while.

That’s exactly what happened with Deputy Randy Harkness, 52, and a bystander, when  thug decided to try to take advantage of the deputy’s generosity.

According to WSB-TV, officials stated that Harkness had just finished giving his soon-to-be attacker a ride to the gas station at which he was about to be attacked.

As he was getting ready to give the suspect money out of his own pocket, the man started beating the deputy about the head and face.

The gas station owner, Aseem Khan, was outraged.

“I’ve never heard anything like this and it should have never happened,” he said according to WSB-TV.

“(The deputy is) one of the nicest guys we all know here. He’s a jolly personality.”

“I was very worried he was going for the gun and thank God the police officer had his hand on the gun all the time,” he said later on.

A woman nearby saw the commotion, and wasn’t about to let the attacker subdue the poor deputy.

She shot at the attacker, forcing him to flee.

He ran across the street to a McDonald’s, where he assaulted another person and was then arrested.

The deputy, the suspect, and the woman he assaulted were all taken to the hospital.

“I truly believe that (the bystander is) a hero. I believe that she potentially saved this officer’s life. I don’t know how far this suspect would have went with the assault,” said Sheriff Jeff Johnson.

Concealed carry saves lives, people.

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postheadericon The Tables Turn With A Gun In The Hand; Thug With Box Cutter; 0, Armed Citizen; 1

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI — A man with a (bad) plan ended up in the hospital, because his plan involved being a criminal and going up against an armed citizen. The thug life really is a hard life… we know.

Bad choices, bro. It’s choices like these that land you in the hospital and jail. Oh wait, let’s keep the story going and see what happened to the bad guy…

From local news station;

A man who attempted to steal a car on Thursday night is now in the hospital after being shot by the car’s owner.

Police say the incident happened just before 10 p.m. at Lookaway Drive and Shepley Boulevard in St. Louis. According to police, a 56-year-old man discovered a 35-year-old man attempting to steal the victim’s car.

The suspect then lunged at the victim with a box cutter, but the victim shot the suspect in the leg in self-defense. The suspect was taken to a local hospital, and is listed in stable condition. The car’s owner was not hurt.

If there’s one thing that I never want to face, it’s a bad guy with a sharp object. Talk about dangerous. Knife attacks are brutal, and I’d rather face a guy with a gun any day.

I can also be fairly confident that I’d be on the phone with police instead of confronting the guy. Who knows, and I guess I never will unless I’m in the situation. I’m just as tired as the next guy with these criminals, but so many things can happen when you confront a suspect who isn’t posing you any imminent danger.

I’m not saying that this armed citizen did anything wrong at all, rather I find myself contemplating how I feel I would have handled the situation.

What about you? Chime in below in the comments section.

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postheadericon [CCW IN ACTION] Armed Citizen Draws Gun And Fires At Armed Robbery Suspect

COLUMBIA, MO — One armed robbery suspect ended up losing his chance at easy money and entered the fight of his life when the man he chose to rob was a concealed carrier.

Police report that they received calls of people hearing gunshots at about 11:30 p.m. July 8, according to KMIZ.

When they came to investigate, they found a 27-year-old male victim who claimed that he had been approached by a man, armed with a handgun, completely dressed in black.

The robber demanded the victim’s money. The victim responded by producing his own handgun and opening fire.

The robber ran for it.

No injuries were reported, although there was one car that was reportedly damaged by a bullet fired by the victim in self-defense.

The thug was still on the run as of the latest report by KMIZ.

This brings up an interesting point that is often discussed, but not as commonly observed.

When you’re scared, you’re crap at aiming.

I have not been in an altercation wherein I was forced to open fire an another person. At least not yet, and I pray that streak continues.

I have, however, been in a situation where I was forced to draw on an animal threat — a very different situation, but even that is enough to get the heart pumping and make folks shaky.

It’s a reminder to all of us — don’t shoot until you know what you’re going to hit, and try to keep it cool. Staying cool and maintaining good judgment coupled with accurate shooting is the best way to navigated a deadly situation.

How do you give yourself the best odds?

Practice, practice, practice. Go hit the range when you get a chance. It’s a blast (pun not intended) and you just might be thankful you did later.

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postheadericon Craigslist Deal Goes South, Two Armed Thugs No Match For This Armed Citizen

CYPRESS, TX — A pair of thugs who attempted an armed robbery against a man trying to sell a phone on Craigslist have been apprehended after their attempt at robbery went wrong, all thanks to an armed citizen.

As The Woodlands Patch reports:

Harris County Precinct 4 Deputy Constables were called to the 23900 block of Creek Ridge Drive in after residents in the area reported hearing gunshots. When deputies arrived, they found a black man, identified as Derek Cooper with two gunshot wounds to his abdomen.

Investigators learned that the person who shot Cooper was trying to sell him a cellphone he’d advertised on Craigslist. The victim met with Cooper and a juvenile at that location for the exchange of the phone for money, when suddenly the juvenile pointed a handgun at the complainant and demanded all his money.

The victim handed over the phone and money, and then the juvenile and Cooper demanded all he had in his vehicle. The man told investigators he went to his car, grabbed his own handgun and fired two rounds, hitting Cooper twice.

The juvenile reported made a run for it, but was quickly apprehended by police officers in the area. He was arrested, charged with robbery, and was sent to a juvenile detention center.

Cooper was also charged with robbery, but he had a trip to the hospital to make first, before he could go to jail.

That’s the last deal these two will make for some time.

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postheadericon Armed Citizen Captures Robbery Suspect

TULSA, OK — In what could very well have been a clean robbery for two suspects at the Cash America Pawn in Tulsa, Oklahoma, June 1, one inconvenient little law-abiding citizen completely ruined their day.

KRMG reports that two thugs entered the pawn shop and used a hammer to rob the place.

An armed citizen intervened, fired two shots, and subdued one of the two suspects, later identified as Robert Johnson.

The other one got away, however, with both guns and jewelry.

But let’s take a step backward for a moment. The thugs used a hammer, as KRMG reports. A hammer, to rob a place that sells guns.

KRMG reports that an “armed citizen” subdued the suspect that was captured while the other one got away with both jewelry and guns, which tells us that the citizen who stepped up to prevent the robbery was possibly not an employee.


There very well may be a policy that prevents them from being armed, but folks — whenever you can, carry. At work, at home, in the car… you get the picture.

There’s no way to know what’s coming, and although the armed citizen in this situation did well for himself, a bad guy got away.

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postheadericon CCW IN ACTION: Attempted Carjacking Suspect Is Shot By Armed Citizen, In The Groin

CHICAGO, IL — A legally and responsibly-armed concealed carrier shot one of two men who attempted to gang up on him and steal his car, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Oddly enough — and an unfortunate testament to just how things are in Chicago — this attempted carjacking occurred in broad daylight.

As the Chicago Tribune reports:

Shortly after 11:30 a.m., the victim was standing outside his vehicle in the 5300 block of South Pulaski Road when two men approached and demanded his car keys, police said.

Instead of handing over his keys, the victim shot one of the men in the groin area. The other man took off, but he was caught a short time later, police said.”

The man shot in the groin was run to the hospital where he appears to be in good condition. He has not been identified other than the revelation that he is 25 years of age.

The other attacker was arrested, but nothing has been identified about that individual as of yet, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Police did report that a “weapon” was recovered from the scene.

Folks, it just does not matter where you are.

You could be in a gas station bathroom, in you home, inside or outside of your car — you never know when you might need your carry gun.

So for the love of all that’s good, please don’t leave your firearm at home.

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postheadericon Armed Citizen Stabbed In Neck And Head By Teen, Then Shot At Suspect. The Rest Of The Story Will Piss You Off.

SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA — A gun owner confronted a teenager attempting to break into his car outside his apartment. The teenager turned around and stabbed the man repeatedly in the neck, head, and back before the gun owner drew his handgun and shot at the teenager.

According to the Charlotte Observer, Tyler Aaimer Spencer Nichols, 17, turned himself in and was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury, four counts of breaking and entering of a motor vehicle and three counts of larceny.

That teen was held on $ 25,000 bail. That’s the criminal equivalent of a slap on the wrist, and that’s the “piss you off” part. For such a crime, a higher bail amount would seem reasonable. No?

Thankfully, the victim was able to get treatment and was released from the hospital.

This is a case of a gun owner trying to do the right thing and stop a teenager from breaking into his property. Unfortunately, he was dealing with a violent thug that wouldn’t hesitate to stab a stranger in the neck. This thug will be a welcome addition to a juvenile correction facility, no doubt.

As for the man, he nearly lost his life. This could have ended much worse considering the extent of injuries he sustained.

A defensive mindset is needed at all times. Never assume just because the person doing the crime is a minor that he will be less prone to using violence. If anything, he may feel he has more to prove.

If you’re not comfortable defending yourself with a gun, you need to hold back and wait for police. It’s okay. In fact, in a lot of cases, it’s probably best for the gun owner to stay back and let police handle it. Rushing into that sort of situation will inevitably put you at greater risk. And it’s with that risk you may be forced to defend yourself against someone who has no compunction about taking your life.

A defensive mindset. Every gun owner needs to have it. Protect yourself, protect your family, don’t put yourself into a risky situation you don’t need to be in.

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postheadericon Armed Citizen Considerations in the Time of the Active Killer

Mass attacks grab the headlines. A lone sicko mad at the world, a racist who wants to start a race war, a jihadi terrorist, take your pick. They all seek a similar goal: a high body count. We also know from experience the best way to resolve such issues is to cut the mass killer down with fast and accurate gunfire at the beginning of the rampage. Of course, these monsters almost exclusively attack liberal utopias gun-free zones to avoid such contingencies. Notice I refer to active killers rather than “active shooters” and that is because these nut jobs tend to use more than just firearms. Knife attacks, vehicle attacks, and explosives have all been used and there are, unfortunately, going to be more such attacks. Anyway, what are some considerations for the average concealed carrier in this age of terror and mass murderers?

Modern tactics suggest training to make head shots more often than has been the doctrine in the past, training to make “anchoring” shots to make sure that a terrorist is truly out of the fight, and the like. These are considerations for this rare yet exceedingly bad scenario. Here, though, I wish to tackle a few topics specifically geared towards the concealed carrier that have not been brought up as often. Before proceeding, let me say that the average concealed carrier is still far more likely to get into a fight with a crackhead in a parking lot than with terrorists or other active killers. However, the active killer threat, although still relatively uncommon, is bad news and demands some different skills and tactics to resolve.

I think it is worth spending more time focusing on further shots and enhanced accuracy than most concealed carriers do. I say this based on the fact that such incidents stopped by armed resistors have often entailed longer range shots than typical violent encounters. Can you make head shots at 25 yards? Many active killers have worn body armor and/or explosive vests. If you suspect either you need to go for head shots to neutralize and to not detonate explosives. Also consider the gun you carry. Small guns are necessary for certain circumstances or dress and they are far better than no gun, but the commitment to carrying a more formidable handgun when you can do so is worth the effort this day and age. Now, let us address two considerations that may prove the most pressing for concealed carriers in such a situation:

Consideration 1: Don’t Get Killed by Friendlies

One topic pertaining to active killer situations that does get discussed fairly extensively is not getting killed by responding police officers. This is indeed a valid concern as any officers responding to calls for an active killer in a public location will be rolling in hot looking for, you guessed it, a guy holding a gun. A second concern which is discussed less, however, is not getting killed by a fellow armed citizen. I will remind the reader that, at the time of this writing there are over 14 million concealed carry permits issued in the United States. If in a crowded location where you are carrying your gun don’t you suppose there is likely to be another citizen carrying a gun? There may be many other citizens carrying guns. That may insure a short rampage for the killer, but it may pose a hazard to yourself. After all, during a mass attack other armed citizens will be looking for, you guessed it, a guy holding a gun.

There are many tactics that are suggested to deal with this including holding your gun in position Sul and covering it with your support hand so that it is obscured from the sight of potential friendly fire. There is also the discussion of getting your gun back in the holster before police officers arrive. One thing I don’t see discussed very often, however, is my advice: don’t take your gun out unless you make contact with the killer. Now, before the gnashing of teeth begins, I am not suggesting not taking your gun out if you actually see the killer and can shoot, but in many of these circumstances most are aware of the situation initially only by the sound of distant gunfire. If you are in the mall, an office building, or any such location, if you hear gunfire but see no immediate threat, don’t take your gun out. Get your bearings on what is happening, identify where the danger is coming from, and determine your course of action.

What you decide to do is, of course, dependent on the situation. Are you in a public place with your family? Obviously, for most of us, the safety of our loved ones is first priority and if we can simply get them out of the building to safety that is what most of us would do. However, if by yourself, armed, and trained to the point of confidence, you may decide to move towards the gunfire to protect innocent life. In such an event I do not see the feasibility of drawing your gun and running into a crowd of people who are stampeding past you to go confront the threat with gun in hand. You are going to be a target for any other armed citizen or LEO present. The gun needs to stay concealed until it is go-time. If you encounter the killer the gun needs to come out fast and the problem needs to be neutralized fast, and the gun needs to be re-holstered.

Consideration 2: Don’t Kill Friendlies

This consideration is important and is not discussed very often. While we don’t want to be killed by friendlies, be they LEO or other armed citizens, we certainly don’t want to kill a friendly either. After all, you are going to be looking for, you guessed it, a guy holding a gun. What if that guy with a gun in his hand is another armed citizen like yourself? Maybe one who did not consider the suggestions in this article and decided to run around with a gun in his hand instead of keeping it in the holster until go-time. How do we know what we are looking at? We need to interpret what we are seeing. How does an active killer look?

Before proceeding, take a look at these two pictures. On the left is a capture of Derek Klebold, one of the two Columbine High School killers. The other image is a picture of armed citizens present at the Westgate Mall terror attack in Kenya.

Do you see the differences? The reality is very few, even among experienced law enforcement officials, have dealt directly with active killer events so there are few who have seen it firsthand. Most of us have not seen it directly and hopefully that will remain the case. So how do we know what to look for? Well, one of the benefits of modern technology such as surveillance cameras everywhere in combination with video internet sites like YouTube and Live Leak is the fact that we can indeed see what it looks like. Do the research. You will notice a trend in which these guys move in a hunter-killer manner. Often the weapon is held high and the eyes of the killer scan low, looking for victims who are cowering under furniture or laying prostrate on the floor waiting to be executed. It is the body language of an invulnerable hunter slaughtering helpless prey. Sometimes cool and calculated, such as what we saw transpire at Columbine. Sometimes hurried and frenzied, such as what we saw in the Washington Mall terrorist attack. Learn this posture.

Another consideration is the kind of weapon the gunman is holding. A long gun is an obvious indication that we are probably not looking at an armed citizen. This alone is not absolute proof that you are looking at the killer, but it is serious evidence. Hence a reason that running into the crime scene with your “trunk gun” is not a good idea in such circumstances. The long gun is also a significantly more dangerous threat to you than a handgun. Approach with appropriate tactics and if you have confirmed that you are dealing with the killer taking him out from behind cover and before he sees you is the suggested strategy.

The most obvious indication that you are looking at the killer will be, of course, if you see him killing innocents. One thing of note: an active killer is a different situation than many typical criminal actors. If you know that you are looking at the killer and he has not yet seen you, you are not obligated to announce yourself or to make verbal challenges commanding him to drop the gun. You need to make sure that it is indeed the killer, but if you know it is, there is only one course of reasonable action and that is neutralization through gunfire. Shooting active killers and terrorists in the midst of a rampage in the back is also permissible, unlike shooting a fleeing mugger. This is a known active threat that will continue to kill innocents unless stopped.

In contrast to the killer profile, how may a plain-cloths good guy appear? He is going to appear different. A guy who is trying to stay behind cover peering around an object towards the suspected direction of danger is probably not the killer who will most likely be in the hunter-killer mode and posture. Look at surveillance footage of what armed defenders caught in such situations look like. They tend to keep low behind cover, looking towards the area of the threat. If encountering this potential good guy you need to take heed. If the killer emerges and you draw your weapon this identified good guy may burn you down in the confusion of the ensuing fight. Now you will be in a precarious situation. Will you be able to communicate with the other good guy? If not be conscious of him and his location. Perhaps your best bet now would be to escape to safety as soon as possible since you face the potential of friendly fire.

So, consider these topics when thinking about this most unpleasant of circumstances. Unfortunately we live in such a time. Continue to train for the more common garden variety of criminal attack but also spend some time working the skills that will be required if facing such a dire situation. The active killer dynamic is real and will probably not end in our lifetimes. Prepare for it now and you will be better able to protect innocent life in a worst case scenario.

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postheadericon Building the Complete Package: Skills for the Modern Armed Citizen

Those of us that carry a gun every day willingly as citizens tend to be gun people. There are over fourteen million concealed carry permits at the time of this writing in the United States, but sadly very few carry the gun every day. Even those in professions that require the carry of a gun such as law enforcement and military contain a majority of personnel that are not at all dedicated shooters even though they carry the tool as part of their career. So, those of us that do take shooting and training seriously tend to like to shoot for the sake of shooting and we like all things related to firearms. We favor this particular tool and we understand the capabilities. As such the gun community tends to focus on, you guessed it, the gun.

I find among concealed carriers a trend that disturbs me and that is the over-reliance on the singular tool. This is NOT a suggestion that gun carriers are out looking for trouble and hoping to get into gun fights. The statistics clearly demonstrate that legal concealed carriers are the most law abiding citizens in the nation. Also, this is NOT a rant suggesting that most concealed carriers are totally unprepared. Those of us that choose to carry a firearm are well ahead of the pack in defensive ability, and usually in the associated mindset. Rather, I just want to point out a complacency that many carriers develop regarding their reliance on only the handgun as their form of self-protection. This tends to contribute to a neglect of other skills that are very important for any individual that wants to remain ready for the dangers of this world. Following is an outline of the skills that I find often neglected among many of us and these are worth consideration as we should all strive to ever enhance our capabilities.

Physical Fitness

I see a lot of gun guys and gals that are quite portly. I am not pointing fingers here, I have been rather round at certain points in my life as well, and I still work at staying in shape as it does not come natural to an individual that is rather undisciplined in eating habits. The truth is, staying fit underpins every pursuit in life, not just your ability to defend yourself, but here we are speaking to it from that angle since that is our current topic of consideration. When I see shooters diligently practice with their weapons but are so out of shape that they can’t possibly run 100 yards without keeling over, I have to question their priorities. It should go without saying that people who are truly de-conditioned face a far greater danger from heart disease and other health issues then they face from criminal attack, so that should be incentive alone.

Going beyond the obvious life dangers of being completely out of shape and staying “tactical” in this discussion I would like to point out that there is a lot more involved in being able to protect yourself and your loved ones then just having the skills to shoot people in the face. Can you run at a dead sprint for 200 yards without dying? Could you do that while carrying your small children? Can you pick up the table in a restaurant and throw it through the window so that you and your loved ones can escape a bad situation? Can you last beyond a few seconds in a contact distance fight with an opponent? Can you drag someone through a car window to get them clear of ensuing flames following a wreck? Can you pull your own body weight up and over a wall? Fighting is a very physical event whether fighting men or fighting other adversity or crisis. If you are a heart attack waiting to happen yet you hit the range every weekend then you need to get your priorities straight. Keep hitting the range, but you need to be hitting the gym several days a week as well or you are fooling yourself.

Hand-to-Hand Skills

Can you fight with your hands? If not you need to learn how. You don’t need to join a formal martial arts program (most are a waste of time anyway when it comes to realistic skills) but you should take some basic combatives training. You should test these skills out with live training partners and you should work your striking skills on heavy bags. Even as a dedicated shooter there may be times and places that you can’t be armed. Your hands and feet will always be your first or final line of defense. Even when armed, some fights start as fist fights or at contact distance and combatives can play a huge role in your ability to even deploy the gun should you need to. Hand-to-hand skills are important for the armed citizen.

Alternative Weapons

I bet you carry a knife, but do you train with it to use as a weapon should you need to? I admit that I am hardly a knife guy and it is not a tool that factors prominently into my defensive tool set. However, I do carry a knife every day since it is essential to carry a cutting tool and thus I consider it a backup to my firearm should things go really bad. Some basic knife skills are warranted, probably most critical of all is the ability to deploy the knife quickly. How about less-lethal tools such as OC spray for use in confrontations that do not call for a lethal response, or for times when only such weaponry is available? A command of tools such as tactical pens and other impact weapons can provide a great advantage over just empty hands should you need to spend time in places in which you can’t go armed with a gun or even a blade. Having some skill with weaponry beyond the gun is a sound tactic as you never know what will be available to you in a critical situation where you have no firearm or simply can’t deploy it.

Medical Skills

I have become a true believer in carrying medical gear on one’s person and, more importantly, acquiring the skills to use it. It is worth getting some training in emergency trauma care so that you know how to stop major bleeding. Carrying a tourniquet and hemostatic agent and knowing how to use them is a sound investment of time and resources. This skill set and gear is more likely to be used to address emergencies that are not at all related to self-defense and I think carrying the ability to plug holes is important. Traumatic blood loss is the biggest killer in the wake of accidents, as well as shootings or other criminal attacks. Knowing how to keep somebody alive long enough to make it to medical care is a very important skill that may save lives more often than your firearms skill ever will.

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postheadericon Armed Citizen Shot By Off-Duty Police Officer While Chasing Armed Robber

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — A Georgia man was shot and critically wounded after an off-duty police officer heard shots fired and saw a man round a corner with a gun and assumed he was the culprit.

As WSB-TV Atlanta reports, the gun owner was actually pursuing an armed robber who had just robbed the gun owner and another man to the tune of $ 1,000. The gun owner took off after the armed robber, who is believed to have fired two shots directed at him. An off-duty police officer just happened to be in the area and heard shots fired, so he naturally drew his own handgun.

Unfortunately, the gun owner rounded the corner first and the off-duty officer, seeing a man with a gun and having just heard gunshots, opened fire and struck the gun owner. The victim was critically injured and taken to the hospital where he remains in serious condition. Atlanta police in conjunction with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation are looking into the matter and are expected to conduct a thorough inquiry into the incident.

The off-duty police officer has been placed on administrative leave pending the results of the investigation.

“I think he should have at least yelled freeze or something. My dad knows English. If he would have said something, stop, freeze or something, he would have stopped,” the son of the victim said to news reporters.

From the sounds of this report, it definitely sounds like the off-duty police officer may have jumped to conclusions before taking control of the situation. In a perceived life-or-death situation with shots actively being fired, a person can easily make that mistake. The problem relates to the fact that no one can take back what leaves the barrel of a gun.

It doesn’t matter if the man is just a gun owner or a sworn officer of the law — it’s vitally important to differentiate good guys from bad guys. Without knowing more about this case or the details leading up to it, it definitely seems like a whole cascade of bad mistakes lead to a great, big tragedy.

  • This gun owner shouldn’t have been shot.
  • The gun owner shouldn’t have attempted to pursue an armed suspect on foot and alone.
  • The police officer should have checked his targets.
  • The police officer should have given much more direction to the person he believed to be the bad guy before he pulled the trigger.

Good guys and bad guys don’t wear little signs on their head indicating which one they are. It’s our job as concealed carriers, gun owners, and in some cases sworn officers of the law, to ensure that every person we perceive as a threat is actually a threat.

Our sincerest condolences go out to the family and hope, if anything, this will provide the basis for better community outreach and education for law enforcement working in Northwest Atlanta.

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