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postheadericon Convenience Store Clerk Shoots An Armed Robber After Robber Sets Gun On Counter

LAVEEN, ARIZONA — When a 17-year-old armed robber entered a convenience store outside Phoenix, he probably counted too heavily on his gun doing the talking for him. Fortunately for the clerk had an opportunity to draw his own gun when the robber set the gun down on the counter.

According to ABC 15 Arizona News, the convenience store clerk drew his gun and shot the teenager. The robber ran from the store but was found near the location by police. They got him to a hospital where he is expected to recover and face charges.

Police believe the teen involved in the incident has no prior criminal history and this may have been his first go-round. Hopefully, surviving the experience will teach him that adult decisions carry adult consequences. Threatening a man’s life over a few hundred dollars in cash isn’t worth throwing your life away. That’s what I hope he gets from this encounter. If he doesn’t, I’m sad to say the prognosis for the long term isn’t so good.

As for the clerk, he did what he had to do to defend himself. You can’t take a gun pointed in your face by an armed robber as anything less than a direct threat upon your life.

There’s a term I keep hearing tossed around. It’s called “self-correcting behavior”. It’s a dark term referring to the fact that when idiots do dumb, illegal things, they either learn or they don’t get to be around long enough to be a threat to anyone else.

Every time I report on a story where a teenager steals a gun to go rob a person or break into a person’s home, I hope he lives long enough to learn the error of his ways. But, for the man with that gun pointed in his face, his choice is to live.

The clerk probably wasn’t expecting the robber to put his gun on the counter. When that happens, though, it’s maybe the only opportunity a law-abiding gun owner has to turn the tables.

I’d much rather the guy defending his life win the fight than the bad guy. It only happens if we carry every single day — on the job, at home, and anywhere else legally possible.

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postheadericon Bad Guys Picked The Wrong Clerk To Mess With — Now They’ll All Face A Jury

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — In a previous article, we talked about a Chicago store clerk who bravely defended himself against two armed criminals. Two of the criminals were wounded with non-life-threatening gunshot wounds and a third has been implicated alongside them. Now, they’ll all face a jury. Doesn’t pay to target clerks, does it?

According to DNAinfo, the three criminals are Stephon Kinchen, 18, Anthony Simpkins-McDonald, 21, and Neil Thomas, 24. One of them was hit in the right forearm and another in the shoulder. Both were taken in for treatment for their injuries before getting taken into a cell. Their buddy, apparently, got tagged along for the ride.

Now the two main suspects in the case, Thomas and Kinchen, were given slightly less than a million dollar bail while their accomplice, Simpkins, only got a quarter million dollar bail set for him. They were all charged with two felony counts of attempted robbery with a deadly weapon.

Being an accomplice really doesn’t minimize your exposure to criminal charges now does it?

As for the clerk, he managed to escape from that situation without any serious harm. If you recall our write-up on that event, both Kinchen and Thomas roughed him up a bit before he was able to draw his handgun and shoot both of them.

It’s another lesson in “carry everyday, everywhere“.

As we’re always quick to point out — if you’re a clerk, you’re either armed or you’re a sitting duck. That’s a hard enough job without having to worry if you make it home in one piece. As a customer walking into a convenience store or gas station store, you’re just as well served by carrying your handgun as well. If anything, we’d love to report on a story of too many people being prepared than not enough.

It can happen in a dangerous part of town, it can happen in the most peaceful suburb in America. Bad guys can strike anywhere, any time. That’s why we keep reinforcing the basics: situational awareness, defensive mindset, and carrying your handgun everywhere you go.

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postheadericon Fast Acting Convenience Store Clerk Saves Own Life By Taking Robber’s Instead

ORANGE PARK, FLORIDA — When an armed suspect entered a convenience store, one concealed carrier knew he had seconds to determine if he was friend or foe. The clerk, who has a permit to carry a concealed handgun, saw a man park in front of the store and leave his car running, he suspected something nefarious was brewing. By the time the suspected robber revealed he had a loaded handgun, the clerk drew his pistol and shot him center mass.

According to the Florida Times-Union, the suspect was pronounced dead at the scene. The deceased has been identified as 29-year-old William Kyle Smith. The incident was captured by video surveillance at the scene but has not been released to the general public. The clerk had his name withheld from the story on account of his lawful use of a handgun in protecting himself and stopping the commission of a violent felony.

This happens only two weeks from an internet cafe clerk having to use deadly force to protect himself from an armed robber and nearly two months from another incident at a gas station nearby. In that incident, both the clerk and the suspect were shot.

Concealed carriers — and especially clerks working behind the counter — in the state of Florida seem to need that everyday carry gun more and more.

In this particular case, the clerk is not expected to be charged with any crime but the gas station’s management has withheld comment.

This is an increasing reality of life or death situations. Small clues, such as a man quickly pulling up in his car and jumping out with a gun, only give us mere seconds to respond.

Believe it or not, that’s not a lot to go on when you’re contemplating whether or not you need to use deadly force to protect yourself. One thing is for certain, this clerk refused to be a victim.

That only happens when the concealed carrier makes a conscious decision to carry everyday, everywhere legally possible. At a place like a convenience store, it just makes sense to protect yourself and those around you. This guy did it right. While we hope no one else will need to, we know it’s going to happen.

Why not prepare for it? Carry concealed everyday.

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postheadericon Suspects Try Robbing Liquor Store, But The Clerk Had Other Ideas

PARK CITY, KANSAS — Roland Ross, 28, and Michael Phillips Jr., 37, probably didn’t expect Federal charges after failing to rob a Park City liquor store at gunpoint. Likely, they figured being armed and threatening the clerk with a classic line like “if he was ready to die because this was a robbery and to give them all the money” would be a surefire way to make at least a couple hundred bucks. What ended up happening, though, is a cold taste of reality.

According to the Wichita Eagle, Ross and Phillips entered the MGS Liquor store while under the full watch of surveillance video. When one of the men allegedly asked the clerk whether or not he was ready to die — he probably didn’t expect the clerk to pull a gun and shoot him in the chest… Because that’s precisely what happened. And while the man managed to escape, he left blood soaked hand prints all over the door and in his vehicle. He left his buddy to deal with the fallout. His buddy, however, figured correctly that he wasn’t going to get one over on this clerk and he was already man down. His accomplice surrendered to the clerk and waited for police to arrive.

Now both of them will be facing federal charges in connection to the robbery. If convicted, they could each spend up to 20 years in federal prison and not less than seven consecutive for the brandishing charges.

The one robber who was wounded allegedly tried to play off his injuries to “getting poked by a stick” while out on a run but medical professionals quickly figured out there was a bullet lodged in his sternum.

There’s no way you can play off a bullet wound as anything other than a bullet wound — at least not for long.

But, then again, that’s what happens when you directly threaten someone’s life. These guys came in and had plenty of options and they chose the “gun in your face, money in the bag” approach. That’s not a safe bet. When you place a person’s back against the proverbial wall and give him no options — expect him to act quickly and violently.

Both robbers get to live and both of them get to live out severely long sentences in federal prison. Hope they’re better at dominoes than they are robbing liquor stores.

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postheadericon Concealed Carry Licensee Saves Store Clerk from Hatchet-Wielding Man

BURIEN, WASHINGTON — A masked hatchet-wielding man wreaking havoc in a Washington 7-11 was shot and killed this morning by a good Samaritan with a concealed firearm.

Though the motive is unclear, the as-yet unidentified suspect entered the store shortly before 5:45 am and, without saying a word, immediately started swinging the hatchet. He first attacked a customer before turning his sights on the clerk, who suffered only minor injuries to his stomach before a good Samaritan stepped in.

The 60-year-old morning regular was seated in the store drinking his coffee when the attacker came in. Responding immediately, the unnamed man pulled out his firearm and shot the assailant, who died at the scene.

King County Sheriff Sergeant Cindi West, called the man a hero, saying, “Fortunately, because of this customer with his weapon, this could have been a lot worse… we believe had this good Samaritan not acted, we might have a dead clerk on our hands right now. The clerk could be the one laying there dead on the floor right now.”

Investigators describe the areas as a “quite neighborhood,” saying this is the “first violent incident at the store in recent memory.”

Though the need to be prepared to defend yourself couldn’t be more obvious in some areas (think Chicago, New York City, Detroit, et al.), the importance of remaining vigilant, even in “quiet neighborhoods,” cannot be overstated.

Every quite area… every nice neighborhood… every quaint little town… has the potential to see its first violent crime. If you live there, through proper training and preparation, you can decide not to be its first victim.

I know a lot of concealed carry licensees who only carry when they’re headed to an unfamiliar or known dangerous area. Had the good Samaritan in this story had that same mindset, things would almost certainly turned out much worse.

If you’re licensed to carry a concealed firearm, make sure you have, not only the license to carry it, but also the training to use it should you need to. And make it a habit to carry it every single day, no matter where you’re going.

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postheadericon Elderly Store Clerk Chases Out Armed Robber With Gun Of Her Own!

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI — After having a gun drawn on her at point blank range, a neighborhood store clerk bravely retrieved her own gun to stop the armed robber from further assaulting her husband.  Recounting the tale for KSDK 5, … Continue reading
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postheadericon Houston Store Clerk Fights Back, Killing Two Of Three Armed Robbers

HOUSTON, TEXAS — The news reporter for this station summed up gun ownership for self-defense in her opening segment; “Those who work here were prepared because they know what it’s like to be victims.” Well, almost. It’s good to be … Continue reading
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