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postheadericon Man Comes Home To Burglar, Who He Shoots And Kills On Sight

MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA — 42-year-old Danny Williams was fatally shot after breaking into a home in an attempted burglary.

Williams was shot by the homeowner as he returned from home and found Williams inside.

Police are still investigating, but believe that Williams broke into the home and that the shooting was justified self-defense.

As with many of these similar stories, there isn’t much to say surrounding the details of the incident. It’s usually a three step process:

  1. Intruder enters home
  2. Armed occupant engages intruder
  3. Intruder leaves in either A) a hurry or B) an ambulance

So, here’s to the armed citizen for being able to defend themselves against criminals who look to disrupt our way of life.

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postheadericon Man Shoots Dog At NH Rest Stop After His Dog Comes Under Attack

HOOKSETT, NH — As a concealed carrier who does a fair bit of traveling, few things are less fun than a rest stop. Although some of them are well-surveilled, some aren’t, and the constant arrival and departure of travelers means that maintaining the situational awareness every carrier has to have takes an effort that is far above average.

Even more frustrating, there is more to maintaining that awareness than just the human traffic — animals need to get out and do their business and stretch their legs, too.

Sometimes, those animals don’t get along, as one concealed carrier found out the hard way.

The Boston Globe reports that a man taking a break at a rest stop in New Hampshire was walking his small dog when a large, aggressive dog in another vehicle noticed the small dog and leapt out the vehicle to assail it.

The big dog clamped on to the little dog and stayed there.

The owner was mortified, and did all that he thought to do to free his dog without killing the larger dog. However, it did not seem that anything the owner was doing was going to work, and his pet’s life was in jeopardy.

So, to save his animal’s life, he shot the large dog and killed it.

There are two things that would have completely prevented this situation, and neither of them are the owner’s fault, here.

  1. The owner of the large dog could have ensured that his/her large, obviously aggressive, animal was properly restrained for such a high-traffic area.
  2. The owner could have been paying attention enough to come and resolve the violence his/herself.

Since this is a rest stop, it’s reasonably fair to assume the owner was likely stretching, relieving his/herself, etc., but if that is the case, refer back to #1.

What a shame.

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postheadericon CES: IoT security comes of age

For years, IoT security seemed like solving a problem that didn’t exist. Not anymore says ESET’s Cameron Camp, who was at this year’s CES.

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postheadericon DDoS robots for the masses: IoT security comes of age

IoT security matters more than ever, explains ESET’s Cameron Camp, as the technology, which offers us so much, is vulnerable to attack from cybercriminals.

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postheadericon Why We Carry: Family Comes Home During Burglary In Progress, Suspects Shoot At Them While Trying To Get Away

RICHLAND COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA — A family of four were pulling up to their home Wednesday night when they noticed a vehicle parked out front that they did not recognize. They innocently pulled up behind the vehicle. What happened next … Continue reading
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postheadericon Amazon Prime Instant Comes to Japan + How To Watch Amazon Instant From Anywhere?

Amazon Prime Instant Video is coming to Japan. Find out how you can stream the service from anywhere in the world.

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postheadericon Econ Professor Quits As Concealed Carry Comes To University of Texas

AUSTIN, TEXAS — An economics professor with over twenty years of teaching at the University of Texas in Austin has decided to resign due to his fears that the recently passed Texas law concerning concealed carry on campus will endanger … Continue reading
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postheadericon ILLINOIS CONCEALED CARRY COMES THROUGH: Man Defends Himself Against Two Others After Racial Remarks Lead To Confrontation

FAIRFIELD, ILLINOIS — As the last state in the country to allow concealed carry, it may have saved the life of permit holder Erick B. Paula, 26, during a confrontation Sunday morning. Paula, who is black, said he encountered the two … Continue reading
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