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postheadericon How To Deal With Bad Neighbors

If you’re a homeowner, you have a deed. For most people, that deed is in the slimy hands of their mortgage lender. But, on that deed, there’s usually a description of the plot of land that a home rests upon. And at the town officer, that deed lines up with a plot of surveyed land.

That’s yours. Well, the bank owns it for the moment but for all intents and purposes it is yours.

Now we don’t always get to pick our neighbors — or even know who they are — prior to moving in. This can be a situation that either develops over time or explodes all at once.

There’s one simple truth: whoever said love your neighbor as yourself clearly hadn’t seen the variety of neighbors out there.

As a gun owner and a home owner, the chances you’ll ever need to deal with a bad neighbor with a gun are negligible. In fact, in this article, we’ll explain precisely why it’s probably always better to use alternate methods if you can help it.

And then there’s always a chance you could find your neighbor slithering on his belly through your basement with a knife in his teeth. A far less dramatic but equally scary scenario played out for one homeowner when he discovered his neighbor in his home with a knife. Not the norm by any stretch.

Hippy Dippy Non-Violent Intervention Is The Way, Man

You don’t get to pick your neighbors, usually. Because we live in a world with complicated family situations, drug use, drug dealing, loud music, loud cars, trash, raging bonfires, and the sorts of drama that could fuel day-time talk shows for millennia-to-come, you can bet that the people who enjoy propagating all the aforementioned live somewhere.

Hopefully, it’s not next to you.

If it is, there’s quite a few fine lines that need to be crossed before the guns come out.

  • There’s no immediate violent threat to you or those on your property.

Burning heaps of trash in the front yard, while likely against local city regulations, is something more in line with a call to the police.

  • The problem can be solved by calling 911.

If there’s something seriously wrong going on next door and you’re worried about it , your best bet is to hunker down and call the police. That said, if you see it’s your neighbor that’s the victim of violence, sometimes we all get by with a little help from our friends.

Depending upon where you live, this may take awhile. That’s why we own guns. If the police can’t or won’t arrive in time to stop something truly bad and dangerous from happening on your property, you’re there to defend yourself and your family.

The big one that will usually throw chances of resolving things peaceably right out the window is when you’re dealing with neighbors intruding onto your property. And then there’s weird exceptions, like this one, where the neighbors ended up getting into a shooting match while both were out mowing the lawn.

When In Doubt, Document And Record

Obviously, if you’re fired upon or threatened while you’re on your property, you should defend yourself. That’s why carrying a concealed handgun is such an awesome idea. You should do it literally every single moment you’re able.

However, just because the neighbors decided to farm out their methamphetamine lab production to their garage doesn’t immediately give you casus belli. Illegal? You bet. Opens up your home to unwanted attention and potentially criminal activity? Yep.

That’s why we have this amazing thing known as modern technology. We can set up cameras and accrue evidence which we can then hand right over to our friendly neighborhood policeman. So long as evidence clearly shows some illegal activity taking place, charges will be pressed and you can guarantee you’ll never get a Christmas card from that family ever again.

While that sounds well and good, there may be a heck of a time proving anything. Even with a multi-thousand dollar surveillance system set up, monitoring what goes on may prove difficult.

Use your best judgement. It’s always good to document stuff. You never know what may end up being the piece of evidence that helps you out in court if things go truly sideways.

In general, neighbors can be ignorant, annoying, and horrible — but they’re rarely violent. Whenever peace may prevail, let it.

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postheadericon Craigslist Deal Goes South, Two Armed Thugs No Match For This Armed Citizen

CYPRESS, TX — A pair of thugs who attempted an armed robbery against a man trying to sell a phone on Craigslist have been apprehended after their attempt at robbery went wrong, all thanks to an armed citizen.

As The Woodlands Patch reports:

Harris County Precinct 4 Deputy Constables were called to the 23900 block of Creek Ridge Drive in after residents in the area reported hearing gunshots. When deputies arrived, they found a black man, identified as Derek Cooper with two gunshot wounds to his abdomen.

Investigators learned that the person who shot Cooper was trying to sell him a cellphone he’d advertised on Craigslist. The victim met with Cooper and a juvenile at that location for the exchange of the phone for money, when suddenly the juvenile pointed a handgun at the complainant and demanded all his money.

The victim handed over the phone and money, and then the juvenile and Cooper demanded all he had in his vehicle. The man told investigators he went to his car, grabbed his own handgun and fired two rounds, hitting Cooper twice.

The juvenile reported made a run for it, but was quickly apprehended by police officers in the area. He was arrested, charged with robbery, and was sent to a juvenile detention center.

Cooper was also charged with robbery, but he had a trip to the hospital to make first, before he could go to jail.

That’s the last deal these two will make for some time.

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postheadericon [REVIEW] Blue Alpha Gear Came Out With An SR Buckle 1.5″ EDC Belt And It’s Kinda A Big Deal

Blue Alpha Gear is a pretty new company in the gun world, but their Side Release buckle everyday carry belt is making a big impact for gun owners. This is a company that’s just emerged onto the market and they’re already making waves with their holsters.

One of the things we love about the firearms industry is it inspires the absolute best in small business. Companies like Blue Alpha Gear identify a need in the gun owning community and create a product specifically tailored to take care of that need.

The SR buckle 1.5″ EDC belt solves the problem of creating an everyday gun belt that I can wear at work, that’s fray-resistant, extremely durable, and has a quick release buckle attached to it.

Best of all? It’s made right here in the United States. I really loved that.

This belt buckle style is very useful. Made out of high-density polymer, this is the sort of buckle we’d expect to see on military grade gear. It detaches quickly but holds fast when you need it to.

blue alpha gear SR buckle long view

Set up at a 1.5″ width, it’s perfect for fitting through the narrow constraints of most regular trousers — from dress slacks to jeans. While there are plenty of gun owners who demand a larger width of 1.75″, for most trousers, 1.5″ is perfect. At 1.5″ in width, the Blue Alpha Gear’s EDC belt fits comfortable through the loops and is rugged enough to keep the lower back supported.

But where the heck did Blue Alpha Gear come from? This is a company we hadn’t heard much about. We heard about them first because of the recommendation of some of our readers and through comments made in the various concealed carry communities.

At Concealed Nation, we had the pleasure of speaking with Blue Alpha Gear’s owner, Kurt Sills, and picking his brain about what inspired him and his guys to make a custom-to-order belt and holster company.

“It started with us looking for what we wanted in a gun belt and not seeing it. So, we got a sewing machine and just started practicing on anything we could find. Before long, we were producing some top quality belts that met and exceeded our requirements,” Kurt said.

“Once our first belts got out there, a big problem was keeping up with demand. Each belt is made custom to order in the United States. Now, we’re getting used to the high volume but we feel we still give each customer that individual attention he deserves.”

When I asked about how the higher demand has affected quality, Kurt seemed pretty dedicated to his core values.

“We pride ourselves on high quality and a fast turnaround at a price that can’t be beat.”

The Side Release buckle on Blue Alpha Gear’s 1.5″ EDC belt comes in at around $ 30 with shipping. So, for $ 30, any gun owner can have a belt that will last him an incredible amount of time and maintain its durability no matter what he chooses to put in his holster.

I got to test out the SR buckle and my initial reservations mostly related to the fact that it’s a polymer buckle. What I really liked about it was that it was a belt I could wear just about any day, for any occasion. The heavy stitched material had a good, sturdy feel to it and looked like it could take some punishment without breaking.

blue alpha gear EDC belt

It’s the same heavy woven material I’d expect to find in military grade webbing, but tougher and more resistant to fraying. I found it fits easily and comfortably through the belt loops of my trousers and is extremely adjustable.

The adjustable nature of this Blue Alpha EDC belt is amazing. The belt has a velcro strip which lets me easily expand or contract the belt to accommodate a bigger gun in the waistband. This really deviates from the norm in the gun belt market where the consumer sometimes gets pegged into only getting one size and having to squeeze to fit in other handguns.

Overall? For $ 30 with free shipping, I got a gun belt that fits great and feels extremely reliable. The Blue Alpha Gear SR EDC belt can accommodate any gun I choose to carry and roll with the punches. We look forward to seeing more exciting stuff out of Blue Alpha Gear in the future as they come up with gun products done right and made right here in the United States.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Halloween Around The Corner: How To Deal With Fake Guns

Halloween. That time of the year you get to see just how disgusting that coworker can look in an undead nurse’s outfit. It’s also an excuse for adults to get together and dress as whatever their id secretly desires.

Jokes aside, Halloween is a great fun time held by both children and adults. For children, it’s an excuse to get free candy. But plenty of inspiration for decent costumes comes with a need for prop weaponry or guns.

In this article, we’ll try to outline our best suggestions when it comes to ensuring you dress appropriately.

A real gun is not a prop. It is a tool you use to defend your life. Do not use a real gun as a prop… Especially if alcohol or other mind-altering substances will be consumed.

If you do not plan on drinking or consuming anything that will impair your judgement, feel free to keep your handgun concealed. In fact, it may even be a good thing that you’re a concealed carrier. But do not use that gun as a prop device in your costume.

Realistic Rules For Fake Gun Props

The best rules we can come up with for fake guns are reduced to two basic components:

  • It must not be mechanically able to load a round.
  • Nothing should be able to exit the barrel.

If the fake gun has functioning mechanics (i.e. you can rack the slide to the rear or it has an open barrel) it should have the following:

  • A bright, visible barrel plug
  • A bright neon plastic marker in the chamber to indicate that nothing is loaded into it.

If you’re stuck working security at a shin-dig, you should always inspect every fake gun as it comes in through the door to ensure that it could never be confused for a real one. If it could be because of either mechanics or design, make sure it is permanently decommissioned prior to being used as a prop at an event.


Additionally, we recommend that all prop melee weapons and firearms be anchored to their respective holsters by either a zip-tie or other device which will be permanently broken if tampered with.

This is the best way you can safely know that the props being used as costume pieces will not pose an undue risk to other people at the event.

While we were researching this article, we found it helpful (and strangely educational) to go through cosplay and anime convention rules and regulations concerning fake weapon props. As you may or may not know, grown adults dress up as their favorite fictional cartoon characters and attend conventions. Those costumes often include fake props. As many conventions have strict no gun policies, they have to check incoming attendees for actual firearms and melee weapons. This requires them to come up with regulations dictating where the cut-off exists.

How Some Anime Conventions Dictate ‘Real’ Versus ‘Fake’ Weapon Props

Everything can be a potential weapon in the right (or wrong) circumstances. The best rule is to simply not be an idiot but we’ve found that’s extremely hard to legislate.

At anime and cosplay events, organizations are responsible for checking and clearing all props entered into the event. This is a process called ‘peace bonding’. It requires certifying that the prop is indeed not usable as a conventional firearm or melee weapon.

We’ve directly referenced one Anime Expo’s rules and regulations to give an idea of what they would generally allow in through the door. While that’s just one private organization, we’ve struck through lines that are not relevant to give an idea of conventions commonly adopted by events that typically have fake weapons filtering in through the door.

via Anime Expo rules and regulations concerning fake guns and weapons

Peace Bonding Rules

If a prop weapon is, or was, at any time capable of firing anything, it must be rendered permanently inoperable in order to qualify for Peace Bonding. You can do this by, for example, permanently plugging the barrel with glue, caulk, or any non-removable substance. You must be able to prove that the gun is permanently decommissioned upon inspection. Bring tools if necessary.

In addition, to be Peace Bonded, your weapon must meet the following criteria:

  • Your prop weapon can’t be more than 7 feet (2.13 meters) long or weigh more than 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms).
  • Prop explosives cannot be made out of metal.

CONCEALED NATION EDITORIAL NOTE: Actual explosives don’t need a metal case to be dangerous.

  • All swords or bladed martial arts weapons must be blunt-edged and cannot have any sort of cutting or sharpened edge (no live steel). Metal swords must have a sheath and must remain in the sheath for the duration of the Event. Whenever possible, for the purposes of keeping metal swords in sheaths, we recommend anchoring the sword to the sheath. We also reserve the right to anchor bladed weapons shut.

CONCEALED NATION EDITORIAL NOTE: Anchoring bladed weapons in their sheath is not a bad idea to demonstrate that they cannot be readily used as a cutting implement.

  • All prop bows must be unstrung or have a low-tensile thread.
  • All prop arrows must have non-metal, blunted tips.

CONCEALED NATION EDITORIAL NOTE: Blunted arrows are potentially as dangerous as bladed ones. In fact, when hunting small game like rabbits or squirrels, a blunted-tip arrow can be extremely effective.

  • Metal chains must be less than 12 inches long and no more than one inch thick.
    Non-metal chains must be under a reasonable length so as not to pose a safety or fire hazard.

If your prop weapon looks realistic, then federal law requires that it either be translucent enough to see inside, or be at least half covered with solid white or bright red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, or purple. 15 CFR § 1150.3.

As we can see, cos-players and anime conventions are just a limited source of wisdom when it comes to checking weapons or guns for a dangerous capacity.

Federal regulations also have very limited reach when it comes to marking props.

Accordingly, 15 CFR § 1150.3 states explicitly:

It shall be unlawful for any person to manufacture, enter into commerce, ship, transport, or receive any toy, look-alike, or imitation firearm unless such firearm contains, or has affixed to it, a marking approved by the Secretary of Commerce, as provided in subsection (b).

Looking at pictures of fake guns, we’re pretty sure you’d have to use a magnifying glass to check for those signs.

So, in conclusion:

  • Make sure all prop firearms and melee weapons are marked as such.
  • Anchor all weapons to respective holsters with a tamper-free device such as a zip-tie.
  • Make sure all non-firing firearms have barrel plugs and chamber empty indicators.

Have a happy Halloween and be safe out there!

Concealed Nation

postheadericon A Quick Thank You + A Holiday Weekend Deal!

We know the best way to say THANKS is to give you a deal on the most versatile networking devices around.

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postheadericon A Special Deal for Australian VPN Users

Special Deal For Australian VPN Users

As we have noted a few weeks ago, the handing over of the personal details of 4,726 users who illegally downloaded the 2013 film Dallas Buyers Club from Australian Internet Service Providers to Voltage Media (the company that owns the rights to Dallas Buyers Club) has created a groundswell of Australian VPN interest.

It seems this Dallas Buyers Club fiasco is only the beginning. The Australian government has taken some very alarming steps in its efforts to curb illegal downloading and piracy across the country. This is most certainly due to heavy pressure from media industry groups (like Voltage Media) trying to maintain a stranglehold on content delivery and access throughout the country. Media giant Sony has even lobbied the Australian government to block access to content not licensed specifically within the country.

Using a VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a great method of protecting yourself from prying digital eyes, be it snooping governments or, in this case, media companies. With this growth in interest, we have been receiving much attention from Australian VPN users looking to get the most out of their setup by using a FlashRouter. Using a FlashRouter, you can set up a VPN network in your home, and use a VPN on devices like Roku and AppleTV, which otherwise have no VPN support.

This being said, while we are in the slow transition from Spring to Summer here in the United States, over in Australia, it seems the Winter season is about to begin. Though Aussies do not have to go through the same winters that, say, people who live in Buffalo, New York have to go through, we figure that colder weather probably means a lot more time indoors and time indoors probably means a lot more time streaming Netflix.

And now that Netflix has finally come to Australia, upgrading your router to handle some high-quality Roku streaming certainly seems like a good idea. And if you would like to switch back and forth between a US IP and an Australian IP to take advantage of multiple Netflix regions, a FlashRouter can help with that too!

However, we know Australia is a long way from the East Coast of the United States and the cost of shipping a router this distance can be rather intimidating. This is why, to celebrate this splurge of new Australian VPN users, we will be setting a flat priority shipping  rate of $ 25 for all FlashRouters over $ 200 to anywhere in the Commonwealth of Australia. To take advantage of this deal, simply select Australia as your shipping country in the cart and it will appear. Now, on to the routers…

Top Routers for Australian VPN

Asus RT-AC87U DD-WRT OpenVPN Router Best Routers 2015 - Budget Wireless-AC The TP-Link WDR3600 Dual Band DD-WRT FlashRouter
Asus RT-AC87U DD-WRT Netgear AC1450 TP-LINK WDR3600 DD-WRT
1 Ghz Broadcom, Wireless-AC, 4 External Antennas 800 Mhz Broadcom, Wireless-AC, USB 3.0 580 Mhz Atheros, 2 External Antennas, USB 2.0
Best in Class Asus Model Economy Wireless-AC Favorite Budget Wireless-N Favorite
$ 429.95 $ 199.95 $ 149.95

If you are going to be streaming with a VPN in Australia, using a FlashRouter is your best bet. With a FlashRouter, you will not only be protecting individual devices with a VPN, but rather your entire network. However, connecting to a VPN will always cause some kind of drop in speed, as you will have to tunnel your connection to a VPN server and back. To even out this slowdown, using a high-powered FlashRouter like the 1 GHz powerhouse Asus RT-AC87U will certainly suffice. The RT-AC87U uses four external antennas, providing a wide WiFi range. This is a fantastic device for a large home, small business office or for anyone looking for a gaming wireless router.

Interested in a powerful wired option as opposed to a wireless connection, the Netgear AC1450 FlashRouter is a recommended router as it uses an 800 MHz processor at the competitive price point of $ 199.95. The AC1450 uses internal antennas,  making this the preferred device for users looking to get the most out of their connection without focusing on expanding their wireless range. For Australian VPN users who looking for Wireless-N support at a value, the TP-LINK WDR3600 DD-WRT is a choice mid-range router. For more information on these three devices, as well as the rest of our catalog, check out our Best Wireless Routers of 2015.

Best Australia VPN Providers

As you may have noticed, there are a slew of providers available for would-be Australian VPN users and picking which provider you will choose to spend your hard-earned money on can be a bit of a challenge. So, with this, let’s see some of the best VPN providers for Australian users.

PureVPN offers great a service for Australians, with servers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia. On top of this, PureVPN also provides a high-speed service and highly rated customer support. PrivateInternetAccess is another well-reviewed service popular with Australian VPN users. In addition to hiding your IP address, PrivateInternetAccess also encrypts your data at a packet level, providing even more security. The service is also available at a great value. Lastly, IPVanish is one of the most highly regarded VPN providers supported by FlashRouters and is a great choice for Australian VPN users. IPVanish has servers in more than 60 countries and keeps zero logs. FlashRouters also has a slew of other supported VPN providers.

Want more news and information about how to keep your wireless network safe? Follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. 

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postheadericon FlashRouter Bonus Deal: Write a Review, Get a $5 Credit from FlashRouters

We’re very pleased with the community of customers and users we’ve established. It makes us feel good knowing that people are benefiting from the open-source routers we provide here at FlashRouters.

And we want to maintain that bond between us and our customers, which is why we work hard to make sure you know that you’re appreciated. In that spirit, FlashRouters is happy to announce a new program designed to reward users who take on a more interactive role in the FlashRouters universe.

FlashRouters Product Review Discount

Write A Review, Get a $ 5 Credit!

It’s as simple as that header: if you’re willing to take the time to share your thoughts and give us the feedback we need to maintain our standards of customer service, then we’re more than happy to reward your efforts.

It is not our thing to send out follow up e-mails and pester and beg. We just hope a little incentive will make it something users that want to share their experience even more likely to do it. We know you’re busy and this is our way of saying thanks.

So if you’ve purchased a FlashRouter, or a FlashRouter product, and created an account, we want to hear from you. Let other customers know how your FlashRouters purchase has performed, and we’ll credit the account you paid with $ 5. All that’s required is having a FlashRouters account, and you can contribute to this new program.

The easiest way to write a review is to log in to your account and then visit a product page and submit a review. It takes less than 5 minutes. $ 5 for 5 minutes of your time!

Your feedback is the backbone of FlashRouters. We do what we do because we want to improve the security, versatility, and power of our customer’s wireless networks, and we can do our jobs even better if we’re hearing from you. So write a review and share your experience. Everybody wins!

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postheadericon Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deal at FlashRouters

Two things that should be on all of your minds: eating like a death row prisoner on Thanksgiving, and gearing up for the holiday gift-giving season.

There’s not much we can do to enhance the former – though we’ll certainly do our part in our own respective celebrations – but on the latter front, we have a lot to offer. After all, Black Friday is impending, and we at FlashRouters want to get in on the major discount fun.

But rather than diving heedlessly into the melee that is in-store Black Friday shopping, we encourage you to stay indoors, enjoy your food hangover, and get deals online.

And since, we know no one likes waiting, we’re are starting the deal right now! You can call it a pre-Black Friday sale or a pre-Cyber Monday sale but we call it savings. Just add the upgraded and enhanced router of your choice and get Free shipping inside the US via USPS Priority or a $ 25 discount to all customers outside the US. No coupon codes or hoops to jump through.

Add any router and the discount will show up right in the cart after you make a shipping quote (it has to figure out where you are to provide the correct discount. Get ready for the FlashRouters experience!

Note: This offer can not be combined with any other offer or discount code.

The Mission of FlashRouters

At FlashRouters, our primary goal is to provide our customers with devices that strengthen their wireless networks in terms of power, speed, and security. We work tirelessly to ensure that every router we sell is versatile and high-end. In fact, we just created a new animated video to explain what FlashRouters does and how it can benefit you that we are proud to reveal today!

We achieve this mission by flashing/upgrading all of our routers with open-source firmware (hence our name). Every FlashRouter is flashed with either DD-WRT or Tomato firmware, replacement firmwares that boost the functionality of already superior routers. Using a FlashRouter, you’ll be able to extend your wireless network and access advanced security options.

In fact, a FlashRouter will particularly come in handy this season when all of those Xbox Ones,iPad Airs, Roku 3s and Playstation 4s start getting unwrapped. Using a FlashRouter, you can even control the allocation of your bandwidth, which means you can prioritize activities that require more bandwidth, such as gaming and streaming movies & television (Netflix, Hulu and much more).

If you’re going to pay top-dollar for these gaming systems, you might as well ensure that they’re running the best they can. A FlashRouter will handily achieve that goal.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Savings

The Netgear R6300 Wireless-AC DD-WRT FlashRouter

Netgear R6300 Wireless-AC DD-WRT FlashRouter

So we’ve told what a FlashRouter can do for you; why don’t we finally get to the deals? That’s what you’re here for, right?

We’re doing something rarely if ever do. We’re happy to announce that we will be officially suspending costs of USPS Priority (2-3 days) and slashing $ 25 off of international shipping costs on any FlashRouter during our Black Friday sale.

That’s right free USPS Priority shipping on any of our routers. Whether you go in for any of our new lightning-quick Wireless-AC devices, or perhaps if you prefer to buy one of our new basic economy Tomato models like the E1200 & E2500 or some popular favorite somewhere in between like the E4200 DD-WRT– our all-time best seller or the Netgear WNDR3700. This also applies to any VPN provider specific model on site.

Unlike many other companies, we do not just figure shipping costs into an item price and jack it up. We provide the best price per unit we can on a router while keeping a premium to properly pay a highly-trained, US-based expert tech support staff to help you with any problems or issues you may have. Then we get direct rates from our shipping carrier and have them included in our cart with no handling or added charges.

This deal won’t last forever (and can’t be combined with any other offers). In fact, it runs now through Cyber Monday Dec. 2. So if you value the best possible network centerpiece for your tech toys to come, act now.

Have a happy Thanksgivings from all of your friends at FlashRouters, and we’ll see you at the checkout page!

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