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postheadericon Death Of Two Armed Robbers In Unrelated Home Invasions Ruled As Self-Defense — A Tale Of Two Crooks

HENRICO COUNTY, VIRGINIA — Two unrelated home invasions, two justifiable homicides. That’s the verdict from a recent ruling by the Henrico County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office. Taivon M. Fox, 19, was a star high school quarterback that recently graduated and the other, Jarrelle J. Pringle, 21, wasn’t really known for much at all. Now they’re both dead after each took it upon himself to violently break into other people’s homes.

via Richmond Times-Dispatch

“After reviewing the facts of each case, we found that, in both cases, the evidence was clear that the person who discharged the weapon did so in self-defense,” Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney Shannon Taylor said in an email.

In Fox’s case, he used a woman to lure a man out from his home. The woman claimed she had accidentally bumped into the man’s vehicle. When he went out to inspect damages, Fox and an accomplice snuck into the home. When they discovered the occupant’s girlfriend on the couch, Fox began beating her with a baseball bat.

Sensing something was off, the man returned to his apartment to find the door locked — which he confirmed he had left open when he walked outside. According to the man’s affidavit to police, he saw Fox standing over his girlfriend with a baseball bat.

The second intruder was upstairs rummaging through the couple’s belongings. The man entered the apartment and retrieved a gun from the kitchen. When Fox made a move towards the man, he opened fire. The girlfriend then got up and retrieved another handgun and shot Fox and the other intruder. Both intruders escaped the home but collapsed shortly thereafter. Fox succumbed to his injuries and died.

Jarrelle J. Pringle died in a separate home invasion. Both he and an accomplice broke into a home only to discover a guest sleeping on the couch. When they pointed their guns at him, he used his own handgun to shoot both of them. Pringle died at the scene.

We’re covering this story to highlight an important detail about home defense.

The situations surrounding each case were extremely different. In the first case, the victim was lured out from his home. They used a simple ruse and it backfired. In the second, the crooks came in guns drawn.

That’s how fast and insidious these situations can be. There’s not a whole lot of warning and even with the killing of both of these intruders ruled as self-defense, there can still be a lengthy investigation process that can take months to fully wrap up.

Prepare for the moment. It’s the only reliable way you can deal with a situation that completely spirals out of control. Whenever possible, the closer that gun is to you, the better the chance you can use it should the need arise.

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postheadericon Would-Be Assailant Shot By Homeowner — Police Puzzled As To Why He Refused Medical Treatment, Bled To Death

SPOKANE VALLEY, WASHINGTON — A homeowner out on the waterfront heard a rapping, rapping on his front door. Wisely, he decided to arm up before investigating. It was night time and his house was near the Centennial trail that follows the Spokane River. This, according to neighbors, made these properties more vulnerable to home invasions and robberies in the past.

The decision to arm up before investigating turned out to be a necessity. According to KXLY 4 Spokane News, the homeowner eventually saw a man outside his door and told him to leave. After several moments, the man charged the homeowner and he was forced to defend himself.

He did arm himself prior to answering the door, when he did go outside on the porch, he initially didn’t see anybody, but then noticed a male in his yard,” said Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy Mark Gregory.

He fired one shot and the suspect fled outside the property. When police arrived, they say the man who was shot was extremely uncooperative with officers’ attempts to detain and get him treatment.

“The deputies continually tried to calm him (the suspect) down and they were able to detain him and get medics in there, but the male continued to be uncooperative,” said Gregory.

According to police, the suspect was shot through his femoral artery. By refusing prompt medical aid, he bled to death before he could be taken to a hospital.

The homeowner was cooperative with the investigation and is not currently being charged with any crime. The Spokane County Prosecutor will make the final determination.

We could view this as just another law-abiding citizen choosing to defend himself rather than be a victim. A very real scenario played out that night. A man who was probably less than completely sound of mind decided to charge a homeowner. This would have ended in a potentially very violent confrontation where the homeowner’s own life and well-being were put at risk.

Thankfully, the homeowner was wise enough to be prepared.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Concealed Carrier Killed In Ambush, Shot Attacker Before Death

DAYTONA BEACH, FLORIDA — In what appears to be a preplanned ambush, Bobby E. Willis III, 30, walked right into his assassin, Ricky Kelly, 32, outside a convenience store. Kelly allegedly opened fire on Willis, fatally striking him. Willis was a licensed concealed carrier who just moved from Miami to Daytona Beach. Laid on the hot concrete in the early morning, Willis was able to pull his own handgun and hit Kelly twice.

Kelly ran from the scene of the crime but was later picked up by police. He had to undergo surgery but is expected to make a full recovery. Willis died but several witnesses confirm that bystanders attempted to help him into the store for safety.

According to police records obtained by the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Kelly is a felon with prior criminal charges for cocaine possession. As such, he is not legally allowed to own and carry a gun in the State of Florida. Willis, however, was a legally licensed concealed carrier and decided to carry that day.

The good guy doesn’t always win in these situations. At best, Kelly will be tried for first degree murder and possession of a gun by a convicted felon. He’ll be in prison for a very long time. That’s a shy thing in comparison to the loss of life of a concealed carrier.

But, it’s also why we carry.

Who knows why Willis was the subject of a planned ambush? It doesn’t matter. It could be any of us in those shoes. For whatever reason, Kelly decided that he was going to shoot a man in broad daylight and escape in a Cadillac. That’s not how things work when you’re fighting someone who wants to defend his life.

It’s a high price to pay but ultimately, Willis did precisely what he needed to do: stop his attacker from hurting anyone else.

There have been cases of mistaken identity where a gang member has targeted an innocent person for assassination. Gangs don’t care. It would be a minor correction for them.

“Oh that guy? That’s not the right guy.”

Whether Willis knew he was being targeted or just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time will be the subject of a lot of speculation from those who witnessed that fateful occurrence.

For the rest of us, we don’t take chances. We carry everyday.

  • Going to the convenience store to pick up some orange juice? Carry.
  • Walking outside to pick up the newspaper off the front lawn? Carry.
  • Hanging around the house watching a movie? Carry. Carry. Carry.

You can only make the mistake of not carrying once — when it’s your life or the life of someone you love being threatened or hurt by a bad guy.

That’s why we carry concealed every single day… Because criminals don’t care who they hurt.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Signatures, product testing, and the lingering death of AV

Is it time to revalue the role of anti-malware? Maybe, but uninformed or intentionally misleading mutterings about signatures are not where to start.

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postheadericon The utterly crazy story of the death threat hacker (involves a cat)

A cat leads to a notorious death threat hacker finally being caught and jailed in Japan.

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