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postheadericon Man Shot In Neck After Kicking In Door Of Ex-Girlfriend

BROOKLYN, NY — A former North Carolina resident, a woman who had moved to New York, was forced to shoot her ex-boyfriend when he stormed into her home in a rage.

She hit him right in the neck and sent him packing.

As the New York Daily News reports:

The 30-year-old man, identified by sources as Marlon Womack, stormed into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment building on Bristol St. near Blake Ave. in Brownsville at 6:13 p.m., cops said.

When Womack kicked open her door, he found the 52-year-old woman, who sources identified as Tonya Wooten, standing at the threshold with a handgun, police sources said. Wooten pulled the trigger and hit Womack once in the neck, according to sources. Medics rushed him to Brookdale Hospital where he is in stable condition, police said.

Cops found Wooten’s .40 caliber handgun at the scene. She recently moved to the city from North Carolina. While the weapon was legal there, she did not have a New York permit yet, police sources said.

Police sources failed to point out the she actually did have the only real permit that mattered — being under the protection of the Second Amendment.

Womack and Wooten’s altercation goes to point out the need for the Equalizer in not one, but two different ways.

We have a much younger man attacking a middle-aged woman.

She’s at a disadvantage, physically speaking, in two ways. First, men tend to be physically stronger than women. There are certainly exceptions, and no one is saying it’s fair, but it’s a clear and obvious reason we all need the Equalizer. Second, the woman had 22 years on the man. I’m not one to care much for age gap in relationships, but in a falling out and a physical conflict, it’s a huge factor.

New York needs to take a hard look at their firearms policies so that Americans living therein can better defend themselves.

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postheadericon Angry Ex Bashes in Woman’s Door, Gets Greeted by the Equalizer

TULSA, OK — When one man threatened the life of a former girlfriend, he likely thought that he could do so with impunity, or at the very least didn’t care.

However, thanks to the mighty equalizer, he was both apprehended and will soon face some serious justice.

As News on 6 reports:

Police got the call around 11 p.m. Friday night near Pine and Peoria. The man, later identified as William Easley, was found lying in the driveway with bullet wounds in the arm and chest.

The victim told police the two had a fight and the man sent text messages saying he was going to come over and kill her. She says she shot him with a handgun after he kicked in the door.

It’s amazing what some men think that they can get away with saying to women — especially when they happen to be bigger or stronger than the women they’re trying to menace.

Unfortunately for him, she had an equalizer.

Actually, it may be good for him. After he recovers from his wounds, if he ever fully recovers, he might just learn that he can’t threaten people with murder and expect for his day to go on like nothing happened.

This isn’t the first time that we’ve reported on women defending themselves with firearms. It won’t be the last.

In a world that is perpetually filled with broken people, it’s inevitable that threats like Easley will emerge.

It’s up to us, the responsibly-armed men and women of America, to keep them in check by properly defending ourselves.

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