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postheadericon [CCW IN ACTION] Armed Citizen Draws Gun And Fires At Armed Robbery Suspect

COLUMBIA, MO — One armed robbery suspect ended up losing his chance at easy money and entered the fight of his life when the man he chose to rob was a concealed carrier.

Police report that they received calls of people hearing gunshots at about 11:30 p.m. July 8, according to KMIZ.

When they came to investigate, they found a 27-year-old male victim who claimed that he had been approached by a man, armed with a handgun, completely dressed in black.

The robber demanded the victim’s money. The victim responded by producing his own handgun and opening fire.

The robber ran for it.

No injuries were reported, although there was one car that was reportedly damaged by a bullet fired by the victim in self-defense.

The thug was still on the run as of the latest report by KMIZ.

This brings up an interesting point that is often discussed, but not as commonly observed.

When you’re scared, you’re crap at aiming.

I have not been in an altercation wherein I was forced to open fire an another person. At least not yet, and I pray that streak continues.

I have, however, been in a situation where I was forced to draw on an animal threat — a very different situation, but even that is enough to get the heart pumping and make folks shaky.

It’s a reminder to all of us — don’t shoot until you know what you’re going to hit, and try to keep it cool. Staying cool and maintaining good judgment coupled with accurate shooting is the best way to navigated a deadly situation.

How do you give yourself the best odds?

Practice, practice, practice. Go hit the range when you get a chance. It’s a blast (pun not intended) and you just might be thankful you did later.

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postheadericon High-profile data breach at Sage draws attention to internal threats

The latest high-profile data breach at Sage has highlighted the importance of investing in a high-quality cybersecurity program to keep safe from internal threats.

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postheadericon Armed Citizen Draws And Fires On Felon With Gun At Gas Station During Altercation

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — A convicted felon with a criminal record longer than a roll of toilet paper pulled a gun out on a man at a gas station after the two allegedly got into a verbal altercation. That felon just happened to pick the dude with a license to carry concealed. And that’s when things turned real bad for Delvin Jamar Broner, 36. The concealed carrier was well within his rights to draw his pistol and shoot the armed felon based upon Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws which do not require a person to retreat so long as he is in a place where he has every right to be and feels threatened.

via WFTV 9

“I don’t know what I would have done is someone had pulled a gun out on me like that,” said a witness. “He’s alright then right? That’s the law. Zimmerman pulled it off.”

While we wouldn’t necessarily use the Zim-Zam to condone or advocate for someone else’s completely unrelated case, it is refreshing to see that concealed carry license holders are taking their responsibility seriously. Carry everyday and, in Florida’s case, defend yourself if you feel it is warranted.

However, we’d like to point out another recent situation where a concealed carrier and another guy got into a shoot out at a gas station. Both were wounded severely. That situation was a bit more sketchy than the sounds of this one but the point is the same. If you see a fight escalating, three basic principles to take are this:

  • Avoid: When possible, avoid the conflict. Put distance between yourself and who ever is aggressively posturing towards you. De-escalate whenever possible, even if that means leaving before you’ve concluded your business.
  • Deny: Don’t give your opponent the opportunity to catch you out in the open. Give yourself room to move to cover or concealment. Don’t give the bad guy an easy line of sight.
  • Defend: In this case, the felon drew first. He made that call — and it did not work out for him. And likewise, if you are caught in a situation where the only feasible solution is deadly force — use it decisively. Shoot to neutralize.

Police are still investigating the crime scene but initial reports suggest the concealed carrier immediately contacted 911 and cooperated with police over the course of the investigation. It sounds like this guy did everything that was within his rights to do and responsibly at that. Best of all, he was able to walk away afterwards. In a defensive gun use situation, that’s the best anyone can hope for.

Carry everyday, know when to Stand Your Ground and when its prudent to retreat, and keep on being responsible.

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postheadericon Two Armed Robbers Wisely Give Up After Deli Worker Draws Gun

CLEVELAND, OHIO — One deli owner was in for quite a surprise when two armed robbers attempted to clear him of $ 300 only to have a friend run in at the last minute, save him, and get both robbers to surrender. This is why you don’t knock off your neighborhood deli — people are really finicky about who makes their sandwiches and tend to get aggressive when anyone else tries to mess with the deli who gets it right.

The owner, who wished to remain anonymous, tells a harrowing story of getting robbed at gun point in his shop towards closing to a Cleveland news source. And who can blame him? Closing up his shop at around 10 pm, he was confronted by two men at gun point with absolutely no way to defend himself.

“I was so panicked and scared,” he said. “They would have killed both of us. What’s going to stop them?”

Thankfully, a passerby saw the robbers in the store and flagged down an officer. This guy wasn’t content to just sit by and watch as the deli owner got robbed, though. According to the news, he ran in and grabbed a firearm from behind the counter of the shopkeep’s desk and chased the two armed robbers into the backroom.

Once there, police confirm he slammed one of the guys up against a wall and the other one hid in the bathroom.

Police quote that the armed man warned the hiding robber to surrender by saying, “my gun is bigger than yours.”

Alright folks, we’ve departed from the normal concealed carrier narrative into a whole new avenue. This guy has what some may call cajones. That’s not precisely what we’d prescribe our average audience participant. In the vast majority of cases, we’d urge to stick your distance, protect yourself, your family, and your property but do not give chase and definitely do not taunt a potentially violent armed robber while he’s holed up and has nowhere to go.

That said, this is the sort of situation we’re glad to see ended well for all parties. The police were already on scene and secured everything down. Guns were recovered, robbers were put in jail, and we’re sure the money got placed into evidence. In any case, this was definitely a good guy with a gun story — it’s just anything but the practical way we’d normally see it.

Stay safe, definitely protect yourself, your family, and your property and definitely let police know when you see someone committing a violent felony (which this most certainly was). Do not feel impressed to have to go charging in after them and try to be the hero. It’s great when it works out but it’s very easy to trip the fine line and have it end up horribly tragic.

But, in conclusion, “surrender — my gun is bigger than yours” is certainly a quote to remember someone by. Hope he gets a free sandwich out of the deal.

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postheadericon Two Robbers Tell Clerk They Were Just Joking After Clerk Draws Gun On Them

Two men walked into a Dunkin Donuts. Sounds like the start of a funny joke, right? Let’s continue… Two men walked into a Dunkin Donuts around 2:30am Monday and told the clerk behind the counter that they were there to … Continue reading
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postheadericon SPECIAL DELIVERY: Another Fake Home Delivery, Gunman Draws Gun On Nanny And 3-Year-Old

LA GRANGE, KY — An unidentified nanny was at a home with a 3-year-old when a man posing as a delivery man came to the door. The nanny didn’t see anything out of the ordinary, and mentioned that it wasn’t … Continue reading
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