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postheadericon Robber Shot By His Own Gun While Trying To Rob Ride-Share Driver

CHICAGO, IL — While trying to rob his ride-share driver, one thug found himself on the wrong end of his own firearm when the driver decided to resist his attack.

I guess if you’re in Chicago and don’t own a firearm, you just have to make due with the bad guy’s sometimes. You gotta do what you gotta do.

As South Side Patch reports:

A man who attempted to rob his ride-share driver early Tuesday morning was shot while the driver attempted to disarm him. Police said a 25-year-old man was arrested and hospitalized following the incident at 2:02 a.m. in the 7200 block of South St. Lawrence, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The passenger attempted to rob the driver at gunpoint at that location when the driver,also a 25-year-old man, attempted to disarm him and the gun went off. The alleged robber was the one who was shot in the hand when the gun went off. Charges are pending Thursday, the Sun-Times reports.

The ride-share driver had a Lyft sticker on the vehicle, but he has not been an active Lyft driver for two months and the incident had nothing to do with Lyft.

Ah, Chicago. It’s been a minute since we last hear from our northern friends. Glad to hear that the crime hasn’t gotten less insane.

I think many share my combined sense of both astonishment and elation at the chronic ability of bad guys to keep their guns in their hands.

It’s really not that hard.

This situation would have been a great deal safer, however, if the driver had a firearm of their own. Granted, it’s a great deal harder to conceal carry in Chicago than other areas.

Stay safe, and stay armed, when and wherever you can.

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postheadericon Uber Driver Forced To Defend His Own Life As Well As His Passenger’s After Attempted Carjacking — Why We Carry Everyday!

AVENTURA, FLORIDA — An Uber driver picked up a passenger at 5 a.m. to head to the airport. This is nothing new in the life of an Uber driver living outside Miami. Everyday these guys are responsible for getting people safely to and from the airport and other major destinations. However, today was different. Not only did he give his passenger a ride — he potentially saved his life as well.

According to CBS Miami, a gray van pulled in front of the Uber car as it entered the freeway. A man got out, armed with two guns, and attempted to commandeer the driver’s vehicle. Thankfully, the Uber driver was a properly licensed concealed carrier and was able to get his own handgun out and shoot the would-be carjacker.

When police arrived, they discovered the attempted carjacker was deceased and began taking witness testimony. Police concluded that this man used justifiable deadly force to defend himself. A District Attorney will likely make a final ruling but self-defense appears to be evident.

This was a situation that’s far outside the norm for most people but unfortunately, Uber drivers, delivery drivers, and plenty of business owners have to worry about some thug trying to commandeer their vehicle at gunpoint. It’s a real threat — especially if you drive a newer model vehicle.

That’s why concealed carry is so essential. Not only do you protect yourself, but you maintain the right to not be some idle victim in the event of a violent armed robbery. Bad guys don’t care what you lose — they just want your stuff. And they’ll take it by any means at their disposal. That’s why you have the responsibility to defend yourself. An everyday concealed carry handgun can do precisely that.

This guy followed the law, did what he was supposed to, and likely saved his own life in the process. As for his passenger in the backseat, he likely appreciated not being stuck in a vehicle with an armed bad guy.

Whether you’re an Uber driver, pizza delivery man, or just a concealed carrier who understands the value in protecting your life, carrying a concealed handgun every single day can truly save you. That’s why we promote carrying every single day, knowing the law, and in the event of a defensive gun use scenario, covering your own hide.

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postheadericon Delivery Driver Wrestles Gun Out Of Robber’s Hands

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT — A delivery driver making a food delivery at 3 a.m. was surprised to be greeted by a man with a gun. He showed up at the listed address with an order for $ 37 worth of food. Instead of paying for the food, the occupant decided to rob him at gunpoint.

According to NBC Connecticut, the victim was threatened multiple times throughout the robbery that he would be shot and killed by the armed robber. At first, the robber just wanted the food and then some soda from the back of the victim’s car. Then he wanted his cell phone. Then he wanted his wallet…

You see where this is heading?

The armed robber wouldn’t be satisfied with just a glass of milk and a cookie. You give a mouse a cookie, he’s going to want a glass of milk. And eventually, it ends when he takes your car, your home, and if he’s feeling angry that day — your life. That’s where the robber was headed and the delivery driver knew it.

At some point in the encounter, the delivery driver realized it wasn’t going to get any easier than it already was. A gun pointed at him by an unstable, idiotic youth that doesn’t know any better — take your chances with no gun. He allegedly overpowered the youth, took his gun, and opened fire on him with it.

The robber fled into the night. Police showed up and took the handgun and filed their reports. Surprise, surprise, Shawn Pauls, 23, shows up in the hospital the next morning after someone dropped him off. He has a single non-life-threatening gunshot wound and somehow knows nothing about all the events from last night.

Pauls is a felon with a prior record that indicates if anyone was dumb enough to push his luck with a delivery driver, he surely would be dumb enough for that. And it turns out the New Haven police think the same. They’ve since charged him with criminal possession of a firearm, first-degree robbery, second-degree larceny and first-degree threatening in connection with the incident.

Paul’s gun obviously wasn’t bought at the local gun shop. This should help inform anyone curious that there isn’t an armed criminal out there who will hesitate to get his hands on a stolen or illegal gun and use it. Thus, any law-abiding person wandering about may as well strongly consider the same.

That delivery driver was tough as nails. That’s not a safe bet for the average person. It’s better to be prepared than rely on a lucky break in a bad situation. Carry everyday — especially in Connecticut.

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postheadericon Security Guard Saves Nightclub Crowd From Violent Driver

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA — Outside a nightclub in Birmingham, a security guard had moments to react after a driver rammed a person against a parked vehicle. The driver backed off the person and was about to direct his vehicle towards the rest of the crowd when the security guard took out a legally concealed handgun and shot him.

According to WSFA 12 News, the driver died at the scene and the man he hit was hospitalized. This is a situation that could have been a lot worse if that security guard had not been ready and able to address the situation.

“We are thankful for the heroic actions of the security guard. Further loss of life could have happened, but his quick, responsible actions prevented that. Now we will try to understand motive or reasoning, if any, behind the victim’s reckless actions,” said Sgt. Bryan Shelton with Birmingham police.

Police credit the security guard’s actions with saving the lives of the people outside the nightclub and preventing further injury or death. The motives of the driver are unknown at this time but as we’ve seen with other historic nightclub shootings, a bad situation can get a whole lot worse if there isn’t a responsible person with a gun willing and able to put a stop to it.

Chances are good that anyone planning on staying out late and partying is not likely to be armed or coherent enough to respond to a threatening situation like this. That’s where the role of armed security should be. For those who are of sober mind and good disposition, they are best able to respond to violent threats.

This guy judiciously decided to put an end to the attack when he saw that the driver was not going to stop until he hurt or killed more people. Watching a man being pinned to a parked car and getting crushed is evidence enough that there’s a time to act. Good on this security guard and our condolences to the man who happened to be the canary in the coal mine on a rough situation.

Carry everyday, maintain your situational awareness, and carry responsibly.

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postheadericon [CCW IN ACTION] It’s Not Delivery, It’s Defense! Pizza Delivery Driver Dishes Out A Well Placed Shot To Armed Robber

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA — The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office confirmed that a pizza delivery driver was held up on the Westside of the city while making a delivery run.  Sources at CBS WJAX-TV 47 confirm that the delivery driver was approached by … Continue reading
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postheadericon Armed Pizza Delivery Driver Turns The Tables On Robber

DOUGLAS, GEORGIA — A pizza delivery man was making a delivery to a residence when a man came out and threatened him with a metal bar and attempted to rob him. The suspect, identified as Antavious McTear, wasn’t expecting his intended victim to … Continue reading
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postheadericon US lawmakers want taxi apps to check driver fingerprints

Ride-sharing taxi apps Uber, Lyft and Sidecar have been asked by US lawmakers to adopt fingerprint-based background checks for their drivers,

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