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postheadericon Thug Shot In Both Legs By Homeowner During Burglary

ALBUQUERQUE, NM — When a homeowner encountered two thugs breaking into his own garage, he took the fight to them, and he did it quickly.

It resulted in two bullets, one in each leg, for one of the bad guys — pretty much putting an end to his budding cross-country career for the time being, at least.

As KOB 4 reports:

According to a criminal complaint, a burglary didn’t go as planned for Rodolfo Serrano-Urias. Things turned when he and friend broke into Warren Wild’s garage on Los Tomases Drive early Tuesday morning.

Police said Wild heard something and checked the garage. He had a .40 caliber Glock handgun. When he saw the men he fired one round to scare them away. That’s when the two took off.

But Serrano-Urias didn’t get far. According to the report, Wild shot Serrano-Urias in the back of the leg as he jumped over the fence in the backyard, but that still didn’t stop him. The suspect then took off down Sunset Avenue when the homeowner shot him in the other leg.

At least that’s what the suspect told police. According to the homeowner, he only fired at Serrano-Urias while he was in the backyard. He said he pulled the trigger to protect himself and his wife, who was also outside.

Police found Serrano-Urias in the middle of the street in front of the home with two gunshot wounds, one in each leg.

Once again, we see one of the worst practices in the firearms community: the warning shot.

Folks, if your firearm is out and you choose to fire, you need to be firing to neutralize a threat, not to make a point.

And, as this story bears out, this homeowner had to fire on at least one of the burglars anyway — it’s not worth it.

Firing a shot as a warning is rarely an aimed shot, and it’s often not a shot about which a shooter has thought that much. The odds of hitting something you really don’t want to go much higher.

Stay safe out there, folks.

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postheadericon Armed Teen Shot And Killed By His Armed Target During Attempted Robbery

DEKALB COUNTY, GEORGIA — A teen lost his life and one of his buddies is on the run after they picked the wrong person to try and rob at gunpoint. While a 44-year-old man was walking is dog, the duo pulled up and got out of the vehicle to rob the man at gunpoint. reports;

The 44-year-old man told investigators an SUV pulled next to him in the 5800 block of Cedar Croft Lane in Lithonia and two people got out of the vehicle.

“The suspects attempted to rob the victim with a handgun,” DeKalb police spokeswoman Shiera Campbell said Thursday. “The victim pulled his handgun and shot one of the suspects.”

The man called 911.

Officers responded about 10:30 p.m. and found the teen in the road suffering from a gunshot wound. He was taken to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he later died from his injuries.

Police tried searching for the second suspect, but were unable to locate him.

A quick dog walk can turn bad, and it’s why we consistently promote carrying your firearm all the time. Some will use the excuse of ‘I’ll just be out for a few minutes’, but we all know how quickly things can happen in just a few seconds. When the bad guy finds you, it’s best to be prepared.

While this incident is still under investigation, charges are not likely for the concealed carrier, with police Lt. Rob Bryant saying “the evidence is leaning toward no charges at this time.”

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postheadericon Bringing Your Firearms During An Evacuation: Does Anything Get Left Behind?

In the very real danger of Hurricane Irma for Floridians, many are –or have already– fleeing the most dangerous areas. Some of those people are under mandatory evacuation orders, while many others are heading north just to be on the safe side.

With it being legal to carry concealed for a 48-hour period during an emergency evacuation, what about other firearms that someone may have? Do they leave them at home, or take the whole cache with them?

Staying in possession of your firearms is important, and that means taking them along with you. There are numerous factors at play here, and we’ll just name a few things that could go wrong if you choose to leave them behind:

  • Your firearms could get damaged by water/wind/flying debris
  • Your firearms could (most likely) get stolen by looters who look to take advantage of disasters such as this one
  • You’ll be sad not knowing if they’re safe or not

Looting is a serious problem, both during and after hurricanes. These thugs will seize the opportunity to seize your firearms and ammo, because they know with great certainty that they’re left unattended.

If you absolutely must leave your firearms behind, make sure to have them hidden and as secure as possible. If it’s a built-like-fort-knox safe, the looters will likely not take the time to try and break into it and simply move onto the next house. If you are keeping them in a safe, make sure it’s one that is both water and fire proof.

And, bolt that mofo to the ground. Assuming the walls are still around to contain the safe, it’s better than someone(s) simply walking out of your house with everything.

We decided not to leave our area, but we’re also not in the current direct path of the storm. If we were leaving, or are leaving, all the firearms will be coming with us. It’s just safer that way.

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postheadericon *WARNING: GRAPHIC* Bodycam Footage Released Of Police-Involved Shooting During Traffic Stop

DOUGLAS COUNTY, CO — Amazing body camera footage shows just how little time law enforcement officers sometimes have before they have to choose what path they are going to take in reaction to threats.

Deyon Marcus Rivas-Maestas, 25, turned what was supposed to be a friendly stranded motorist assist into a nightmare when he pulled an AR-style rifle seemingly out of nowhere and attacked an officer who came up to his vehicle, according to KKTV.

The deputy, Brad Proulx, drew his firearm out and engaged Rivas-Maestas.

Look at the video above — it happened so fast.

Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock is proud of Proulx’s actions.

“The result of this shooting is a testament to the training each of our deputies are provided,” Spurlock said according to KKTV.

“This just shows how necessary it is for deputies to be able to make split-second decisions, not only for their own protection but for the protection of the community.”

Most people know that traffic stops and roadside visits are extremely dangerous, and this just goes to prove that case even further.

“Traffic stops are probably one of the most dangerous things our law enforcement officers do,” El Paso County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Jackie Kirby said according to KKTV.

“He was just on routine patrol and wanted to assist a motorist… and then it elevated very very quickly.”

“What’s not captured is that threat, that emotion, that adrenaline that that deputy is feeling,” added Kirby.

Rivas-Maestas was sent to the hospital where he was treated and released. He was then taken into custody to face his charges of stupidity.

Hats off to this deputy for reacting with the speed of a quick-draw shooter.

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postheadericon Store Manager Shoots And Kills Armed Robber During Gunfire Exchange

WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA — When two suspects entered the Coliseum Bingo and Games Wednesday around 5 a.m., the night manager knew he only had moments to draw his gun and get on target. The two armed suspects exchanged shots with the manager. The manager took a hit in the shoulder but was able to mortally wound Deshaun Rashaud Fisher-McCullum. Both armed robbers attempted to flee but Fisher-McCullum was found approximately 300 yards from the scene, expired from his injuries.

According to WFMY News 2, police say that Fisher-McCullum died as a result of gunshots received during the armed robbery. If his accomplice is caught, he will likely face murder charges related to his colleague’s death. The manager’s name hasn’t been released and police are treating this as a self-defense case.

In North Carolina, there are some adult games centers that are targeted due to the influx of cash they receive. Hitting a place in the early morning was likely a calculated move to try to get as much money as possible from the business. These two armed robbers likely thought that having guns was enough to keep anyone from acting ‘out of line’. It wasn’t. When criminals feel that they can threaten the lives of customers and employees, you can bet they’ll do it again.

Thankfully, this business hired the right night manager. Protecting a business with a gun is just a smart move — especially when cash volume makes it a high priority target for hoodlums. Winston-Salem isn’t a particularly violence-prone city in North Carolina but it still has plenty of people who refuse to be victims.

Another factor that likely worked in this manager’s favor was his familiarity with his firearm. There’s a good chance that man had fired his gun before he was stuck in that exchange of gunfire. Basic familiarity, taking cover, and putting rounds on target are often times the only factors that separate the quick from the dead.

When armed robbers enter a place of business, their first thoughts aren’t taking cover. For employees, it should be. Any amount of cover between you and the guy attempting to kill you can play an advantage. There’s less space for the bad guy to hit you and he’s still left exposed to your gunshots.

Good work on behalf of the manager. I hope he recovers from his wounds and gets a bonus for protecting the lives of his patrons.

If you work in a business that deals with either high volumes of cash and/or foot traffic, getting trained up on the proper use of a handgun is the first step to protecting yourself. The second step is to carry that gun every single day, everywhere you’re legally able to. The lives of those around you may well depend on your ability to use that gun properly.

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postheadericon Retailers! Avoid getting hacked during the holiday season (or any other time of the year)

Tips for cash-strapped retailers looking to avoid getting hacked, during the holiday shopping season, or any other season.

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postheadericon Suspect Fatally Shot By 23-Year-Old Woman During Robbery Near Convenience Store

GLENDALE, ARIZONA — A 23-year-old woman probably didn’t expect to ever have to use her self-defense gun to protect her own life. Thankfully, she carried it anyway — and used it to save her life from an armed robber.

According to FOX 10 Phoenix, 27-year-old Frank Taylor drew his gun and pointed it squarely at her head while she was seated in the driver’s seat of her car outside a Circle K convenience store. Knowing her life was in direct jeopardy, she drew her pistol from a hip holster and fired one shot into Taylor. Taylor collapsed. By the time emergency services got him to the hospital, he was dead.

This was fast thinking on her part. With a gun already pointed at you, there’s no safe option. However, when both choices include victimization, any chance at self-defense is a good bet.

This is why we carry everyday, folks. Because statistically, the chances of this ever happening to us, our mother, sons, daughters, or significant other is small. But the only time statistics get tabulated is after a crime takes place. Personally, I’d rather not wait to get tabulated into those statistics. This woman didn’t, either.

Training, situational awareness, and being prepared to commit to defending your life — that’s how people get through these situations. It’s a battle of will. In Taylor’s case, he picked the wrong soft target.

And that brings us to a next piece — how do you think criminals choose their victims?

In a world occupied by predators and prey, a predator will almost always select what he believes to be the easiest meal. When injuries get treated in hospitals and failure usually results in prison time, criminals don’t have a lot to lose in these violent crime scenarios. They stand to get everything and lose practically nothing.

Well, this woman wasn’t about to be an easy target for anyone. She did a great job reacting to the situation and undoubtedly did what she had to do to stay alive.

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postheadericon Irresponsible Gun Owner ‘Traumatized’ After Gun Goes Off During Swim Class

CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA — Stop it. Stop putting your gun in your back pocket and pretending that’s a safe practice. It’s not. And yet another concealed carrier had to figure that out the hard way when his Springfield Arms XDM .40-caliber handgun “discharged itself” while he was attending a children’s swim lesson at the University of Charleston.

During the swim lesson, children and parents immediately feared for their own lives when a dude’s gun went off.

via the Charleston Gazette-Mail

“This man was sitting not 2 feet away, and his gun went off,” Kay said, recalling what her daughter told her. “She said he had a huge hole in his pocket. Everyone was upset. It could have been a terrible tragedy for many people.”

Guns are prohibited on the University of Charleston’s campus, the Gazette-Mail reports. And Randy Ross, the director of public safety on campus said the man had a valid concealed carry permit.

What the heck, man?!

Seriously. Why do we have to continue pretending that this sort of action is in any way appropriate for both responsible concealed carry and the safety and well being of others?

The director of public safety even commented that if the man had just used a proper holster for the gun, this entire thing likely would have never happened.

“It’s very hard to do that with that weapon,” Ross said. “Weapons don’t just go off like that. It’s almost something like you have to consciously do and I know that that wasn’t the case.”

When a concealed carrier does something like this, it calls everything into question — from the role of why we carry concealed all the way down to why institutions decide to idly ban us from going places because of a perceived fear of the misuse of those firearms.

This guy then had the audacity to say he was “traumatized” after the fact. If he was so traumatized, maybe he could have used the two working brain cells he must have had in his brain to rub together and come up with a plan to prevent that ever from happening.

Safe handling of firearms is the very first principle in carrying a firearm — concealed, openly, or where-ever. For concealed carriers, that includes a holster that maintains retention over the pistol and protects the trigger guard.

We’ve covered a LOT of negligent discharges in just this past two weeks. Do you think those are articles we’re looking to cover? Absolutely not. We LOVE to hear stories and report them to you about concealed carriers doing what they’re characteristically best known for: being the good guy with a gun when the bad guy shows up.

That’s ultimately why most of us carry — we take an avid interest in our own personal protection and that of our family and loved ones. And to that effect, we seek training and constantly take measures to combat complacency.

For THAT concealed carrier, the Charleston police plan on pressing charges. Once those charges go through, he’ll have a lot of fun dealing with private civil litigation surrounding the needless endangerment of other people’s children and their own well-being.

Train how you intend to fight. Use proper safety equipment that includes a high retention concealed carry holster that protects the trigger guard. Always abide by the four basic principles of firearm safety. That’s how you avoid a negligent discharge.

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postheadericon Armed Citizen Draws And Fires On Felon With Gun At Gas Station During Altercation

ORLANDO, FLORIDA — A convicted felon with a criminal record longer than a roll of toilet paper pulled a gun out on a man at a gas station after the two allegedly got into a verbal altercation. That felon just happened to pick the dude with a license to carry concealed. And that’s when things turned real bad for Delvin Jamar Broner, 36. The concealed carrier was well within his rights to draw his pistol and shoot the armed felon based upon Florida’s Stand Your Ground laws which do not require a person to retreat so long as he is in a place where he has every right to be and feels threatened.

via WFTV 9

“I don’t know what I would have done is someone had pulled a gun out on me like that,” said a witness. “He’s alright then right? That’s the law. Zimmerman pulled it off.”

While we wouldn’t necessarily use the Zim-Zam to condone or advocate for someone else’s completely unrelated case, it is refreshing to see that concealed carry license holders are taking their responsibility seriously. Carry everyday and, in Florida’s case, defend yourself if you feel it is warranted.

However, we’d like to point out another recent situation where a concealed carrier and another guy got into a shoot out at a gas station. Both were wounded severely. That situation was a bit more sketchy than the sounds of this one but the point is the same. If you see a fight escalating, three basic principles to take are this:

  • Avoid: When possible, avoid the conflict. Put distance between yourself and who ever is aggressively posturing towards you. De-escalate whenever possible, even if that means leaving before you’ve concluded your business.
  • Deny: Don’t give your opponent the opportunity to catch you out in the open. Give yourself room to move to cover or concealment. Don’t give the bad guy an easy line of sight.
  • Defend: In this case, the felon drew first. He made that call — and it did not work out for him. And likewise, if you are caught in a situation where the only feasible solution is deadly force — use it decisively. Shoot to neutralize.

Police are still investigating the crime scene but initial reports suggest the concealed carrier immediately contacted 911 and cooperated with police over the course of the investigation. It sounds like this guy did everything that was within his rights to do and responsibly at that. Best of all, he was able to walk away afterwards. In a defensive gun use situation, that’s the best anyone can hope for.

Carry everyday, know when to Stand Your Ground and when its prudent to retreat, and keep on being responsible.

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postheadericon Jewelry Store Owner Shoots And Kills Suspect During Attempted Robbery, Same Suspect Linked To 10 Day Crime Spree

APPLE VALLEY, CALIFORNIA — Fresh out of prison, 20-year-old Keon Bailey, of Lancaster, was shot and killed by a jewelry store owner after an attempted armed robbery. As it turns out, he’s also wanted in connection to a 10 day crime spree that left two dead.

According to investigators, Bailey was wanted in connection with a donut shop robbery, a home invasion, and a double homicide prior to attempting to rob the jewelry store.

The double homicide, which was suspected to have occurred in vicinity of March 1st, left an elderly couple in their 90s dead. This occurred less than a week after Bailey had been released from the California penal system. According to ABC 7 Eyewitness News, investigators had also identified Bailey in his follow-up robberies of a donut shop and another person’s home.

This guy is a dyed-in-the-wool criminal. And unfortunately, there’s just no reasonable way to broker a peace with that sort of person. Thankfully, one law abiding gun owner was willing and able to stand up to a man that obviously thought nothing of murdering an innocent old couple. ABC 7 tried to interview the jewelry store owner, who is described as someone of gentle demeanor, due to the shock of having to take another person’s life.

No matter how bad the bad guy is, a good guy isn’t going to have an easy time when faced with that type of situation. It’s a thing we keep reiterating in the concealed carry community because despite taking our responsibility to defend ourselves, our family, and our property — sometimes reality is going to call us to task on that. This man did a good job and the police are understandably supportive of him in their investigation.

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