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postheadericon Neighbor Fatally Shoots Suspect After Seeing Man Being Beaten And Robbed

GREENVILLE COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA — An alert neighbor witnessed a man in a struggle with three other men who were holding him at gunpoint. He immediately grabbed his gun and made the decision to intervene.

Local news reports;

Investigators said Shane William Standard, 25, Tracie Lewis Mayfield, 32, and Jeffrey Eugene Bradley, 31, went to a home, held a man at gunpoint inside the home and demanded money.

Investigators said a neighbor saw the struggle, grabbed a gun and fired a shot, hitting Bradley at least once. He died at the hospital, Greenville County Coroner Kent Dill said.

The other two thugs were both both charged with first-degree burglary, attempted armed robbery, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, criminal conspiracy and kidnapping.

There is no mention of the condition of the man held at gunpoint, but we hope that he is alright and uninjured.

I’ve said it a hundred times; the thug life never pays off in the end. The result here is two people in jail, hopefully for a long time, and their bff dying at the hospital.

Being a criminal has it’s hazards, just like any other career or hobby. In this case, one of them found out the most dangerous hazard of them all; the armed citizen willing to take a life to defend another.

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postheadericon Man Caught After Police Say He Shot 6 People, 3 Fatally, In Maryland & Delaware Shootings

EDGEWOOD, MARYLAND — A man was taken into custody after a full day of searching for him after he allegedly shot and killed three people and injured another three. The incident occurred at a place where he had been employed for the last four months.

The Baltimore Sun reports;

Prince is believed to have shot five people about 9 a.m. Wednesday at a kitchen countertop company in an Edgewood business park where he had worked for the past four months, police said.

The five victims were all employees of the business, Advanced Granite Solutions. Prince also is alleged to have shot another person in Delaware later in the morning.

As the manhunt unfolded and police flooded the Interstate 95 corridor seeking the suspect, Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said: “there’s an individual out there on the loose who’s committed one of the most heinous acts in our county; we certainly consider him armed and dangerous.”

Gahler called the shooting “a targeted attack, limited to that business.”

People who knew the gunman said that he was raised by a nice family, and that he seemed to have just ‘snapped’. It’s a testament to how difficult it can be sometimes, to figure out who is a danger and who is not. The suspect did have a history with police, but many did not result in convictions. Regardless of whether or not he was raised right, this man still had some issues that were not happening behind the scenes.

We hope that the surviving victims of this horrible crime are able to recover fully and quickly, and our thoughts are with them and those whose lives were taken by a person with no regard for life.

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postheadericon Mother And Son Security Team Fatally Shoot Two Thugs After They Come At Them With Guns Drawn

BEECH GROVE, INDIANA — Two armed suspects were fatally shot outside a bar and eatery in Beech Grove after they attempted to rob a mother and son security team patrolling outside the area.

According to a statement by Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley, one of the suspects was identified as 29-year-old Seth A. Easley and the other was a 14-year-old boy who has not been identified at this time.

via WTHR News 13

“The child demanded everything you have from both security guards, including a cell phone that was laying on the lap of one of the security guards,” Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley said.

The security team were in a vehicle outside the eatery. The time of the event was around 1 o’clock in the morning. After the 14-year-old and 29-year-old criminals were seen roaming around the entrance of the establishment, security rolled up. One of the security members began calling 911 when the duo were approached by the 14-year-old. The teenager brandished his gun and demanded their possessions. The security team fought back, engaging both suspects with their handguns.

While the Beech Grove mayor recalls this event as a tragedy, it highlights the reality of crime in America. The bad guy may be little more than a kid with a chip on his shoulder, a stolen gun, and something to prove.

In either case, both the boy and his gang handler are dead.

We’d love if the story ended with something else less absolute than death but the sobering truth is that if that boy wanted to live in the first place, he shouldn’t have shoved a gun in someone’s face.

Security guards and store clerks — these are the most common recipients of gang violence because they’re visible and often in places that are poorly protected. Surprise, surprise, these are also the two groups of people that are investing heavily in their own personal protection.

Concealed carriers sometimes get caught in this mess, too. A lot of gangs send young boys off to conduct armed robberies and malicious criminal activities as a means to “prove their worth”. Much like child soldiers are employed in extremely poor countries, we’re now seeing this tactic brought to America.

As a gun owner, it only means one thing: if you’re not carrying everywhere you go, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

I don’t pretend for a second that some 14-year-old boy understands the full ramifications for his actions if he’s stupid enough to point a gun at an armed security guard.

Does this kid — who never took a gun safety class in his life — understand what happens if he applies just a tad more pressure to the trigger? How much does it take for a loaded gun to go bang?

I carry concealed every single day and I suggest my reading audience do the same. I train with my concealed carry gun because I understand precisely how much pressure it takes to make a handgun fire. The answer is not much. And if it’s a teenager pointing a gun at me and he’s nervous enough, I know my life is as good as gone unless I plan on defending myself.

Tough truths for tough times.

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postheadericon Prominent Atlanta Attorney Has A Negligent Discharge — Wife Fatally Shot

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — In a case that the Atlanta police are handling delicately, prominent Atlanta attorney Claud “Tex” McIver negligently discharged his firearm and the resulting discharge punched through the front seat of his Ford Expedition and through his wife. The couple were being driven through Atlanta to see another client when they hit a section of active protest from the Black Lives Matter movement. Potentially wary of the group’s violent tendencies, McIver got out his snub-nosed .38 revolver and placed it on the seat beside him. After passing through that section of protest, he says he nodded off but woke up when the gun went off. The resulting impact of the bullet penetrated the front seat where his wife was sitting and through her back.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the wife was transported to Emory University and taken in through the emergency department. She died later that day in surgery. Both are considered to be prominent citizens in Atlanta and operate a profitable marketing venture together.

McIver is described as being extremely distraught and in considerable mental anguish over the incident and police are taking matters slowly to ensure the case is properly investigated.

“This is one of those situations we’re working through very slowly,” police Sgt. Warren Pickard said. “We want to get it right.”

McIver is on the Board of Elections for the State of Geogia and his wife ran an extremely successful marketing firm to which he was on the board of directors. In addition to his own practice, McIver is described as a philanthropist and extremely professional. He told police he doesn’t remember pulling the trigger and it’s believed that the discharge occurred when the vehicle went over a bump. It was unsecured in a seat beside him.

If anything, this should demonstrate that guns don’t discriminate. And guns don’t have a mind of their own. When outside of our control, a gun needs to be secured in a holster. Having a gun is a great thing. There is responsibility attached to that. There is no such thing as an accident when it comes to the discharge of a firearm. There is purposeful discharge and negligent discharge. We’re responsible for both.

As daily concealed carriers, we cannot be caught in this situation. We can’t afford to be caught in this situation. The resulting catastrophe is too great and the impact on those who depend upon us is permanent.

Secure the damn firearm when it’s not in use. Put it in a holster. It’s not hard and it’s guaranteed to never go off unless you pull the trigger.

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postheadericon Suspect Fatally Shot By 23-Year-Old Woman During Robbery Near Convenience Store

GLENDALE, ARIZONA — A 23-year-old woman probably didn’t expect to ever have to use her self-defense gun to protect her own life. Thankfully, she carried it anyway — and used it to save her life from an armed robber.

According to FOX 10 Phoenix, 27-year-old Frank Taylor drew his gun and pointed it squarely at her head while she was seated in the driver’s seat of her car outside a Circle K convenience store. Knowing her life was in direct jeopardy, she drew her pistol from a hip holster and fired one shot into Taylor. Taylor collapsed. By the time emergency services got him to the hospital, he was dead.

This was fast thinking on her part. With a gun already pointed at you, there’s no safe option. However, when both choices include victimization, any chance at self-defense is a good bet.

This is why we carry everyday, folks. Because statistically, the chances of this ever happening to us, our mother, sons, daughters, or significant other is small. But the only time statistics get tabulated is after a crime takes place. Personally, I’d rather not wait to get tabulated into those statistics. This woman didn’t, either.

Training, situational awareness, and being prepared to commit to defending your life — that’s how people get through these situations. It’s a battle of will. In Taylor’s case, he picked the wrong soft target.

And that brings us to a next piece — how do you think criminals choose their victims?

In a world occupied by predators and prey, a predator will almost always select what he believes to be the easiest meal. When injuries get treated in hospitals and failure usually results in prison time, criminals don’t have a lot to lose in these violent crime scenarios. They stand to get everything and lose practically nothing.

Well, this woman wasn’t about to be an easy target for anyone. She did a great job reacting to the situation and undoubtedly did what she had to do to stay alive.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Why We Carry: Woman Fatally Shot By Thug While Fleeing Home Invasion

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND — This is the type of tragedy we train to avoid: a woman was shot outside her home trying to flee armed men who broke in and demanded money and drugs, according to Baltimore Police. She was found less than a few feet outside her own front door with a fatal gunshot wound to the neck.

You can’t hope to negotiate with thugs. These guys remind me more of raiders from the Fallout video game series than people we’d expect to be walking the streets.

As WBAL TV recounts, the police are investigating the crime as a drug-related home invasion. We’ll never know the full story, though, because the home owner is dead and the criminals who killed her are loose on the street.

Just another day in “gun progressive” Maryland.

While publications like the Baltimore Sun continually tout Maryland’s gun laws as “progressive”, they still keep wondering why gun violence is such a big thing in their progressive city. As we’ve said multiple times, bad guys will find a way to get a gun. They don’t need to shop around online or find some shady private sale loophole like the anti-gun propaganda loves to talk about… They can find one off the street, probably stolen, and will have little remorse about using it.

This is why law-abiding people need fewer restrictions. Everyone has an inalienable right to self-defense and the constitutional specifically allows people to keep and bear arms at their own discretion. Creating barriers and obstacles hinder a person’s ability to defend him or herself in his own home. The apologetics used in defending these practices — which are arguably defined as discrimination — is abhorrent and needs to come to a complete stop.

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postheadericon Teen Burglary Suspect Fatally Shot By Homeowner After Choosing Wrong House

MIAMI, FLORIDA — One family is irate following the death of their teenage son after he was shot and killed breaking into a home. In a follow-up to a previous article we covered, a 17-year-old was shot and killed by the homeowner after she returned home to find him exiting through a window. We’re covering this specifically to highlight that just because you act in due course of the law, don’t expect your attacker’s family to care at all about that.

According to Miami CBS, the police reported that the home had been burglarized previously in the past. The homeowner installed security and surveillance systems to monitor the home while she was away. When the homeowner was notified that her home had been broken into, she notified police and headed home to see what the damages were. When she got there, she found a 17-year-old thug climbing out her window.

While we covered the gist of that story in a previous article, we wanted to highlight the deceased burglar’s family’s opinion on the matter.

via Miami CBS Local

I don’t care if she have her gun license or any of that. That is way beyond the law… way beyond,” said the deceased burglar’s cousin. “He was not supposed to die like this. He had a future ahead of him. Trevon had goals… he was a funny guy, very big on education, loved learning.”

Get ready… It gets better.

“You have to look at it from every child’s point of view that was raised in the hood,” said Harris. “You have to understand… how he gonna get his money to have clothes to go to school? You have to look at it from his point-of-view.”

So, a homeowner returns home to her property after receiving a notification from her alarm system that her house is being broken into. She comes home to find a 17-year-old climbing out the window. When she confronts him, some manner of altercation took place. In the end, she used her legally licensed gun to neutralize the threat. The result was that teenager made a huge miscalculation and he died because of it.

And now we have an irate family yammering on about how he somehow has a right to another person’s belongings and should feel free to jeopardize that person’s right?

There is a massive disconnect in this world when we actually have to sit down and have a discussion about why society operates off of basic rules. A basic rule is you don’t take other people’s things. A second one is that if you’re willing to potentially assault someone or use force against her unlawfully, that person has a right to protect herself and her property.

The homeowner is believed to be in her mid-50s. She’s not about to scrap with some 17-year-old roughneck that doesn’t understand how property works. It’s tragic when anyone loses their life needlessly but in this particular case, there is definitely the absence of any notion of wrong-doing on behalf of the home owner.

Don’t get me wrong — if I lost a close family member to something stupid like this, I’d be emotional, too. I would, however, mind my words carefully on how I decide to phrase the argument that the family member had a transcendent right to violate another person.

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