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postheadericon *WATCH* Two Armed Robbers Dead After Father, While Holding Infant Son, Shoots After Having Gun Pointed At Him

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL — An off-duty police officer in Brazil happened to be inside a pharmacy when two armed robbers came in looking to score big.

Both of those robbers, aged 24 and 22, didn’t leave the pharmacy alive.

The officer, identified as Sgt. Rafael Souza, wasted no time with his response, even while holding his child.

Inside Edition reports;

In the footage, Souza is seen holding his son with one arm and pointing a gun with his opposite hand.

He shoots one man as the suspect runs around a floor display. He runs and fires again, then disappears out of the frame.

The cop’s wife is seen cowering behind another merchandise display, then stretching out her arms toward her husband, who hands off the baby and continues chasing the suspects.

Watch the surveillance video below:

Our friends at TTAG asked their readers a question based on the video: What would you do with your kid(s) during a self-defense gun use?

Well, it’s hard to say, and I imagine that this officer acted the best he could in the given situation. This likely began very quickly, and who’s to say setting the child down first would have been a good or bad decision. If there’s no apparent place to put the child in a split second, it seems that this is the next best option.

What are your thoughts? Where would your kids go if you found yourself in a similar situation? Chime in below.

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postheadericon Father And Son Show No Restraint, Fire On Vehicle That Crashed Into Their Fence

If you want to see knee-jerk reactions, look no further than this father-son duo who decided to open fire on a vehicle that had crashed in their yard. The driver was uninjured, but retreated as quickly as he could to avoid being shot.

Local news tells us how things went down;

Mike Sanderson told police he was sitting on the couch watching television when he heard an engine revving outside. After looking out to see the truck in his yard, Mike Sanderson grabbed his gun, a .22-caliber pistol, and went outside, according to court documents.

The truck was still running, so Mike Sanderson approached, pointed his gun at the vehicle and told the driver to shut off the engine, according to court documents. When the driver started to back up, Mike Sanderson shot the vehicle’s front tire in an attempt to flatten it. As the driver continued to back up, Mike Sanderson shot a second time, this time taking aim at the vehicle’s rear tire.

Mike Sanderson then dove to the ground after hearing gunshots coming from behind him. Soon, he realized that his son had grabbed a gun and started shooting several times as the truck was leaving, according to court documents.

During an interview with police, the son stated that he wasn’t quite sure why he was firing on the vehicle.

Nice answer.

He said that he was sleeping when he heard the commotion outside. He grabbed his gun and went out, then emptied his magazine in the direction of the vehicle. He told police that he was scared and just started firing.

The driver was located by police and shared his side of the story;

[Adam] Smith told police he had been working two jobs and fell asleep behind the wheel, causing him to crash into the Sanderson’s yard. After waking up and realizing he had just crashed, he told police he saw the residence’s door fly open and a man walking toward the crash while shooting.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Smith recalled yelling at the man. “I’ll fix your fence!”

But when the man wouldn’t stop shooting, Smith said he drove away and later ditched his truck near the boat ramp because the vehicle’s drivetrain was damaged from the crash and he assumed that the men who were shooting at him weren’t “done with him yet.”

Regardless of how things went down, it seems that this father –and definitely the son– took things too far when reacting to this situation. The father may have had cause to fire if he felt his life was threatened, such as the driver trying to run him over. I’m not saying that happened, but it’d give credit to shooting at the vehicle.

The son, however, fired shots into the dark without having a single piece of knowledge of what was actually happening. That’s irresponsible beyond comprehension, and everyone in this story is lucky that the driver wasn’t injured or killed.

Both father and son are in jail, hopefully thinking about how things could have been handled better.

Police later arrested Mike Sanderson on suspicion of unlawful use of a weapon, menacing and first-degree attempted assault and is being held in lieu of $ 156,250 bail. Dillen Sanderson was arrested on suspicion of unlawful use of a weapon and first-degree attempted assault and is being held in lieu of $ 150,000 bail.

That’s a bad day for everyone.

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postheadericon What Could Ever Make A Father Shoot His Own Son? This.

MACON COUNTY, NORTH CAROLINA — A son with a criminal record a mile long. A father trying to protect himself. These are some of the conditions surrounding the recent shooting of 25-year-old Danny Thomas by his own father.

According to the Macon County Sheriff’s Office’s statement to WLOS News, Thomas’ father discovered him trying to steal gas from his vehicle. When the father confronted his son, the son got violent and allegedly grabbed him by the beard. The son went further and took out a knife.

“The son then grabbed his father by the facial area and also displayed a knife according to his father. We were able to retrieve a knife at the scene,” Macon County Sheriff Robert Holland told News 13.

The father, fearing for his life, took out a 9mm handgun and shot his son once in the abdomen. The Sheriff’s Office arrived at the scene and took D.J. to a nearby hospital where he remains under close guard.

The Sheriff’s Office confirmed that Thomas was scheduled to show up in court over a breaking and entering and larceny charge. He has multiple prior convictions and law enforcement told the news that they were very familiar with Thomas’ prior criminal activities.

It’s unconfirmed whether or not drugs or alcohol played a role in the altercation but the Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the matter.

It’s a tragic thing when a son strays so far from the path of being a law-abiding citizen that he sees his own family as potential prey to his criminal exploits. How many times had his father already been forced to defend himself and his own family from his son?

If so ever there were conditions whereby a father would feel compelled to use deadly force against his own son, this certainly would be it. It’s sad but necessary. The alternative promises only a limited life full of more pain and misery.

We can’t all choose the paths our children go down but we may take full responsibility for our own safety and defense. And, in cases like this, it’s all the more necessary to do so when violence is already unavoidable.

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postheadericon [VIDEO] Man Tries To Set Girl On Fire, Father Steps In With Gun – First Person Defender

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