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postheadericon Why we should fight for Net Neutrality

Granting ISPs the right to shape traffic, allowing for some traffic to be prioritized due to a commercial agreement, may have a negative effect on the outcome of using the service for both the consumer and the company providing the service.

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postheadericon Gmail now warns iOS users about suspicious links, in fight against phishing threats

Stop! Should you really be clicking on that link you just received in your email?

Gmail’s iOS app is now offering some additional safety nets for the unwary.

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postheadericon In ongoing phishing fight, Google to delay delivery of suspicious messages to enterprise Gmail customers

How well Google protects its business customers impacts all of us – whether we have personally chosen to be users of Google’s services or not.

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postheadericon How To Be One Of The Worst Gun Owners Ever: Shoot Multiple People After Inviting Them Over To Fight

WARREN, OHIO — In a perfect example of irresponsibility with firearms, a man stands accused of killing two people and injuring three others during an altercation at his home in February. The man, 47-year-old Nasser Hamad, did something that no gun owner should ever do… or, to be more specific, he did something that no one should ever do.

In a family dispute, Hamad is said to have wanted to fight while talking with the other involved parties on social media. Letting them know that he’d like a brawl, five people arrived at his home in a van to do just that. In an affidavit released shortly after the incident, it detailed the accounts of what actually happened that afternoon.

From Tribune Chronicle;

A gold minivan with Florida license plates arrived. The occupants exited and a fist fight began between Hamad and 17-year-old John Shively, one of the gunshot victims. The fight ended and the five went back to their van, which was parked near the apex of the driveway.

According to witnesses, Hamad then went into his house to grab a 9mm handgun from his bedroom. The affidavit said Hamad told police, “I just shot them. I got tired of this (expletive). They have been (expletive) with me for a long time and they shouldn’t have come over.”

Hamad said he unloaded the entire magazine from the firearm. Witnesses said Hamad walked from his front porch to the passenger side of the van firing the gun.

Hamad told police he saw a knife in the van but didn’t see a gun, according to the affidavit.

After returning to the home to reload, Hamad then came back out and encountered an off-duty emergency medical technician who had pulled into the driveway after seeing what he thought was a traffic accident. In a recorded statement to investigators, the EMT said he saw one person bleeding from his mouth and thought that person was involved in an automobile crash.

The EMT grabbed his medical bag and saw Hamad approaching the van. When the EMT asked the man what happened, the affidavit said Hamad responded by saying “I’ll show you what happened” and saw the man reach between his legs appearing to rack a round into a gun. The EMT said the man then shot into the passenger side of the van toward the female driver. As the EMT driver got back into his vehicle, he told police he saw a man wearing pajama pants standing face to face with the shooter right in front of the van’s sliding door.

The EMT heard the man say “you shot my mom (expletive).” The two men did not engage in any physical confrontation, but the affidavit states the man with the gun then pointed it at the man in pajama pants, who was scrambling to get back into the van. The shooter fired three times.

The EMT said he drove his vehicle down the driveway, parked it and ran from the scene.

As the second round of gunfire went into the van, the affidavit states John Shively and Bryce Hendrickson ran away from the vehicle. Shively ran south down the west side of state Route 46, while Hendrickson ran eastbound across all five lanes of traffic on the heavily traveled roadway. Hamad told investigators he was shooting at both men as they were running way.

Based upon numerous videos obtained in the investigation, many vehicles were traveling on Route 46 at the time of the shootings.

Police said the van had numerous bullet holes in it. As officers arrived at the scene, they saw Hamad near the front entrance of his home with a firearm in his hand. He walked into the home, and later came out unarmed with his hands up. Police later found the 9mm handgun, the affidavit states.

The affidavit states that as a police officer was escorting Hamad to a cruiser, they walked past victim Bryce Hendrickson and Hamad shouted at him “that’s what you get, you little (expletive)! How do you like that!”

What we have here is an altercation that should have never occurred in the first place. While Hamad is claiming self defense, that’s a stretch considering that he went back into his home to retrieve his pistol, and the fact that the van was about to leave when he came back outside with the pistol.

Let’s take the fact that Hamad wanted to fight out of the equation. If the five people showed up at his home and he came outside to go fist-to-fist, fine. Then, if he went back into his home and called police, that’d be great. THEN, if one or more of the five individuals tried to enter the home forcefully and Hamad displayed his firearm at that time, that’d be great as well. But instead, we have an angry Hamad who does the unthinkable and goes outside to shoot at people who are not a current threat to his life. It was pure anger and emotion that seems to have created this situation, and it’s a damn shame.

One of Hamad’s attorneys, Geoffrey Oglesby, claims that ethnicity is a factor in the charges filed against his client.

“It appears to be a situation of a person standing their ground, and the question is, can minorities stand their ground like other people? And it seems like when minorities stand their ground, they get charged,” he said. “And it appears to be, I hate to say it, based on his ethnicity in this particular case, and it’s truly unfortunate. But, we feel that he’ll be exonerated.”

Standing your ground inside your home is one thing, but going to get your firearm and then shooting at people inside a vehicle that looks to be leaving is a whole other story.

Nice try, defense attorney, but this is one man that should be held accountable for his hugely poor judgement.

Sit tight, because Hamad’s trial has been pushed back until September 18th.

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postheadericon Occupant In Apartment Forced To Fight For Gun After Suspect Forces Entry Into Home

CLEVELAND, OHIO — While a young woman was trying to open the door to her apartment, an armed robber snuck up behind her. Once the door was opened, he plunged the gun into her backside and forced her to allow him entry. Unarmed and fearing for her own life, she complied and he quickly moved through the apartment, room by room, until he found another man inside. This man, though, wasn’t going to be a victim.

According to FOX News 8 Cleveland, the 26-year-old occupant grappled with the man until he gained control of the gun. He then discharged the pistol multiple times into the armed robber, critically wounding him.

After defending himself and neutralizing the robbery suspect, he got on the phone with police. They arrived and took his statement but by the time they made it there, the suspect was dead.

This is one of those heart-pounding situations we see play out. An armed robber gains entry by forcing a gun on an occupant and then has freedom of movement to do what he wants. Anyone who resists him is fair game for his own violent means.

When a household isn’t armed, this is an unfortunate possibility.

On a sidenote, seems like a lot of violent activity happening in Cleveland. Cleveland isn’t a place I put up alongside Baltimore and Chicago but it definitely sees its share of gang-related violent crime. It seems like more and more citizens are getting caught in the middle.

That’s nothing new. Statistics play down the significance of a good guy with a gun because most of the violent statistics captured are just about whether or not a gun was used. There’s little to no mention of whether or not the person using the gun was defending his life or protecting his family — as the City of Indianapolis recently discovered when it was reviewing its own crime-related statistics.

The average person is complacent with violent crime. The average person doesn’t believe he or she will be the victim of a violent crime and doesn’t take active preventative measures to protect himself, his home, and his family. These scenarios are relegated to the world of television crime fiction and movies.

You’re no longer average because a violent criminal found you. Now you’re an exceptional statistic. Which column that data goes under — shot and killed, murdered, raped, or assaulted — is all left up to chance when you don’t have a gun.

Responsible concealed carry and gun ownership is easy given a little attention and patience. The life you save may be your own.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Shopkeeper Critically Injured In Gun Fight With Armed Robber

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO — Late on Thursday night, an armed robber entered an auto shop and attempted to rob the owner at gun point. The owner pulled out his own gun and the two exchanged rounds. During the exchange of gunfire, the owner was hit twice and taken to a hospital in serious condition. The armed robber fled and it is unknown the extent of his injuries.

According to ABC News Channel 13, the owner is believed to be recovering from his wounds. Police are still on the look out for the armed robber.

As a business owner, it has to be especially hard to see your life’s work jeopardized in an instant because some criminal thinks he can take it. Tools, equipment, and most of all — your own life — are all up for grabs when a bad guy walks in the door.

This owner was injured and that is a shame. However, it’s a chance any person takes when he tries to defend himself. It shouldn’t mean we stop trying. If anything, after this man recovers, he’ll probably be more emboldened in his self defense.

Surviving failure is important. Learning from that failure to lessen the chances of it happening again is how we improve.

After a long day’s work, the senses are dulled. The mind and body are both tired. Having to push those things aside to maintain situational awareness takes exceptional discipline and self-awareness. That’s our first tool — our mind. A gun without a mind to use it properly is useless.

If anything, let this be a stark reminder to all those hard workers out there. Just because the end of the day has arrived, it doesn’t mean we throw our guard down. Situational awareness is the one key factor that can tip us off to a threat before that threat is upon us. What we can’t see, we can’t react to. Worse, we’re left in a truly horrible situation of needing to react and, instead, staring down the barrel of a bad guy’s gun.

Don’t be disheartened when a law-abiding citizen gets injured defending his life and his life’s work. It should be a reminder that we’re never ever at the top of our training and ability. That only comes through continuous, ardent practice.

I hope the owner makes a swift recovery. Carry everyday, everywhere.

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postheadericon Home Intruder Brings A Knife To A Gun Fight — 50/50 Guess How It Ends

NORWALK, CALIFORNIA — Waking up at 2:30 a.m., a female occupant of a home in Norwalk was alerted to a potential home invasion when she heard noises coming from the front door. Finding no success with the front door, the alleged burglar moved around to double French doors in the back. He broke in and emerged with a knife in his hands.

A male occupant was thankfully armed. He shot the intruder once in the torso. The alleged suspect fled the scene but was picked up only a block away. Police had to take him to a nearby hospital for emergency medical treatment. San Gabriel Valley Tribune listed the intruder’s condition as stable.

Home intruders don’t have to be clever. They just need to be violent and fast. While any experienced thief worth his salt would use the cover of darkness and silence to achieve a non-violent ending, most armed burglars don’t worry about all that.

That’s a problem for a homeowner or a tenant. An easy solution is to stay armed and keep a gun close-by even while at home. This ensures that if you’re awoken in the dead of night, you can quickly respond.

If there’s family or other tenants, it’s always good to at least have a chat and have a contingency plan laid out. Who knows the disposition of the people coming to break in and it’s best if everyone knows where to stay put until police arrive.

Make no mistake — a person wielding a knife is a deadly threat. When police are minutes away, a handgun only takes seconds to resolve a deadly force conflict.

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postheadericon Finland – hope in the fight against cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is an issue causing havoc in schools across the world, but a Finnish scheme created in 2009 is making a big difference.

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postheadericon Brad Pitt, Celebrity And Gun Owner, Joins Brady Campaign’s Fight For More Gun Control

I take back what I’ve said about Brad Pitt.

The iconic movie star has been a gun owner since the age of six, has a shooting range on his property, and learned early on to have a “deep respect for the weapon”.

But that’s not stopping him from co-chairing an upcoming Brady Campaign event.

The Brady Center 2016 Bear Awards Gala in Los Angeles event is an awards ceremony in which people pushing for gun control get awarded for doing just that. Under a ‘safer America’ tag, of course.

As a gun owner, we invite Mr. Pitt to join us in our quest to truly make a safer America by providing useful information to gun owners and soon-to-be gun owners, and by promoting safety and responsibility to the millions of gun owners out there.

We invite Mr. Pitt to share the self-defense stories that we share on a daily basis that proves time and time again, that the law-abiding citizens of this Country are defending themselves each and every day.

We invite Mr. Pitt to also make a commitment not to use firearms in any upcoming films. Some people may get the wrong idea.

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