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postheadericon Elderly Man Accidentally Lets The Bad Guy Force Entry Into His Own Home — Still Fights His Way Out

DANVILLE, VA — A 71-year-old man was shot in the arm following an exchange of gunfire with an intruder who barged into his home. According to the victim, he said he heard a knock at his door at 10:15 p.m. When he opened the door, the intruder pushed his way through, pointed a gun at him, and demanded he hand over money. The homeowner opted to open fire instead.

According to, the elderly man was hit but the intruder fled after the fight. The homeowner was released following treatment for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound.

It’s a good thing he was armed but a big mistake was made when he opened the door to a stranger. It’s an easy mistake that any of us could make. A lot of burglars tend to knock on a door first before barging in because it can let them know who’s home and their general disposition.

In this case, it also saves them the hassle of having to break down a door or crack open a window.

That’s not to say if you don’t answer the door, a burglar won’t proceed with a home invasion. After covering countless stories relating to intruders breaking and entering, it seems the knock on the door is just a perfunctory step in the process.

As a gun owner inside the home, this is an opportunity to take cover, barricade, and get your gun ready. If possible, get on the phone with 911 and get that ball rolling. Police, even in rural areas, can begin moving in your direction and that starts the stopwatch for the would-be intruders.

If the intruders decide to go ahead with the burglary despite no answer on your part, it’s to their own risk.

It’s a habit of a lot of people to assume the best about others. A knock on the door may be a relative or someone in need. To be perfectly honest, if someone intends to come over at a late hour, it would be preferable if he or she called first.

Calling out or inquiring who’s at the door only lets the bad guys know that someone is inside and that means they can prepare for a fight. It’s a delicate situation either way. That’s why I recommend getting at least one surveillance system set up over the doorways of the home. It may not cover every sector but it can at least let you know who’s at your door.

And, the second part is always true. Evade, barricade, communicate with police, and ready yourself for a fight if it comes to that.

Opening the door to a stranger is removing one layer of security you have that keeps bad guys out.

A lot of elderly folks live home alone or are taking care of their spouses. It’s a difficult position to be stuck in because help can be 5 to 30 minutes out and it’s anyone’s guess if the bad guys are willing to push for violence.

When you make that first call to police, you’re starting the countdown until they arrive. When they arrive — and they will eventually — make sure to identify yourself, identify that you’re armed, and definitely let them know if bad guys are in the home or believed to be around the property. This gives the police the best chance of figuring out the situation.

Glad to see this homeowner made it out of the situation alright and it’s a tragic thing that he had to take a hit while fighting for his life. It’s a sober reality for gun owners and everyday carriers alike.

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postheadericon Victim Robbed At Gun Point, Fights Back — Why We Carry And Why It Matters

BOSSIER CITY, LOUISIANA — Just outside Shreveport, a man was sitting in his car outside a motel when another man came up to him and robbed him at gunpoint. The victim handed over his wallet and cellphone to the 20-year-old robber. As the robber walked away, the victim retrieved a handgun and pursued the suspect. That’s when an exchange of gunfire happened. In the ensuing gun battle, the robber was allegedly hit once and forced to retreat. He dropped the man’s wallet at the scene but kept his cell phone on him.

According to Bossier City police, the presence of the victim’s cell phone implicated 20-year-old Camron Deon Williams to the crime. They found the victim’s cell phone on Williams when he went to a nearby hospital to seek treatment for a non-life-threatening gunshot wound, according to Shreveport Times.

The victim was not hurt during the ensuing fight and he was able to at least recover his wallet. Unfortunately, his phone is likely evidence in the upcoming criminal case against Williams. This is an inconvenient but small price to pay for surviving a gun fight against a bad guy.

So, it’s possible the victim could have just rolled over and played dead until Williams was gone. However, no charges were pressed against the victim because police believe he acted within his rights. That’s where knowing the laws of your state come in handy. It enables you to know when you would or would not be acting within the constraints of the law to pursue someone who has committed a violent felony against you.

Armed robbery is a violent felony.

This is also why we encourage people to carry a gun on them at all times. A violent crime can happen at anywhere, any time. The victim was sitting in his car in broad daylight outside a motel. Bad guys don’t need the cover of darkness to pull this sort of nonsense. They don’t care. They often don’t think that far ahead. That’s why you need a gun on you. While he’s not thinking, you have to be able to defend yourself accordingly.

Carry everywhere you can, responsibly, and legally.

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postheadericon City Worker Fights For Her Right To Carry Concealed!

HARBOR BEACH, MICHIGAN — One crossing guard in Harbor Beach, Michigan, takes her job seriously. Tasked with protecting the city’s youth as they cross the street, she carried a handgun concealed on her person. That has all gone up in the air as city officials have stipulated she is not allowed to carry concealed. She is allowed, at present, to carry openly but she says that’s not the message she’s trying to send.

In a great article covering this subject in the Huron Daily Tribune, Casey relents on her decision to not carry openly. Both her and the chief of police agreed that it would draw too much attention.

via Huron Daily Tribune

It’s my personal right and freedom to protect myself and others surrounding me,” she added. “If there were a situation that arose, I would like to be able to do more than hope a police officer makes it there on time. I would like to be able to take action.”

Since January, she has carried concealed legally with her Michigan-issued Concealed Handgun License (CHL). This would normally afford her the ability to carry concealed anywhere not specifically restricted by state and federal law.

However, the city council had voted unanimously to disallow all city employees from carrying openly or concealed — thereby restricting Casey’s ability to carry her handgun.

“I talked to several council members and it was all (based on) their feelings,” she recalled. “All they could cite was, ‘How they don’t think it’s right for kids to walk past someone who is not a police officer carrying a gun.’”

Faced with no facts to back up their assessment, Casey viewed their arguments as ones mostly based upon feelings related to the possession and carrying of firearms.

“It was all about feelings, what-ifs and how scary guns are,” she added. “I was asking them to not make judgment based on their feelings because that’s not how we govern … and at the very least, I asked them to table the issue so I had more time to prepare information.”

The Mayor has agreed to table the issue and allow time for Casey to accrue information and data that would help city council members make a more educated decision. This may prove to be a difficult task because what Casey is being asked to do is prove a negative.

“I am gathering information and considering putting together a petition,” she said. “I’m hoping to overturn this and if nothing else to at least provide an option to legal CPL holders to be able to conceal carry while on the job.”

In a logical argument, the onus of burden is upon the accuser to back his claim. Their claim is that a city employee carrying a gun is a legal detriment and a danger to others. This claim is completely unfounded.

In terms of public outcry, Casey claims there is none. For the entire time she has guarded children crossing the road, she reports she has received no complaints.

“I have not received any negativity ever,” she said. “… In the city of Harbor Beach, I know every single one of these kids that walk past me. A majority of them are aware that Ms. Casey carries a pistol.”

We’re starting to see more and more impingement on law-abiding citizens and their ability to carry concealed on the job. These restrictions are completely unfair to the individuals who perform the duties of their job without issue.

We’ve seen a similar measure pass in Virginia, recently, where Governor Terry McAuliffe snuck through a measure banning people from carrying concealed or openly into state-owned buildings.

This is something that will only get fixed when concealed carriers and gun owners bring attention to these issues and demand them to be corrected. We need to correct this. There are dangerous precedents being set by people uninformed that carrying a handgun is not only a constitutionally-granted right, it is also a benefit to all those around.

Here’s to hoping Casey gets the city council to strongly reconsider their stance on this matter. When police are minutes away, a concealed carrier can respond in seconds.

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postheadericon Homeless Woman Fights Off Attacker With A Gun — Why 2A Applies Everywhere

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA — Amidst the rag-tag arraignment of tents, clotheslines, and make-shift living conditions, one Florida woman was able to defend herself from another man by use of a firearm. After a frantic 911 call to emergency services, the woman kept repeating “get off me” before disconnecting. By the time authorities arrived, 41-year-old Michael J. Wilson was found dead at the scene.

According to a statement given to the Hastings Tribune, the Gainesville Police Department is ruling that this shooting is a justifiable homicide by reason of self-defense.

For millions of Americans living on the fringes of society, the threat of violence is very real. In Florida, homeless camps have sprung up all along the state. These camps can sometimes spawn violent acts which make it even harder for many Americans to live peaceably.

Homeless villages have popped up especially frequently in places like Alachua County, where it’s estimated up to 1,300 homeless people live in semi-permanent camp settlements.

One such settlement is known as Dignity Village and it is home to some 200 homeless people who’ve set up in the area. It’s also been the site of some gruesome deaths as occasionally violence breaks out.

Homeless people come from all strata of social life. No real good statistics are kept by either Alachua County or in many other parts of Florida but police are obliged to respond to crimes as they are reported. For one woman living in a domestic abuse situation, a handgun may have just kept her from becoming just another lost soul in muck.

The right to bear arms is a right bestowed upon all American citizens — it’s good to see one woman was able to use it.

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postheadericon Facebook fights back against creepy impersonating profiles

It’s one of the creepiest things you can experience on Facebook. You stumble across the profile of “another” user who appears to have stolen the details of your life – lock, stock and barrel. And they are spreading slurs about your character, and befriending your contacts…

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postheadericon [CCW In Action] Detroit Bar Owner With CPL Fights Back After Thug Shoots Him

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — A little section of the big city of Detroit known as Mexican Town has been plagued for years by armed robbers, threatening food truck vendors, bar owners, and customers alike.  Well, finally enough was enough.  One thug … Continue reading
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postheadericon Houston Store Clerk Fights Back, Killing Two Of Three Armed Robbers

HOUSTON, TEXAS — The news reporter for this station summed up gun ownership for self-defense in her opening segment; “Those who work here were prepared because they know what it’s like to be victims.” Well, almost. It’s good to be … Continue reading
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