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postheadericon Suspects Find Out What Happens When They Pick An Armed Home

VERO BEACH, FL — When a pair of thugs tried to get the best of an armed homeowner at his own place, they soon found out how terrible an idea that often plays out to be.

One was wounded, and the other booked it for the hills as fast as his little legs would carry him.

As WPBF reports:

A Treasure Coast man who shot an intruder at his home Thursday night will not be charged.

Indian River County Sheriff Deryl Loar made that announcement Friday afternoon, saying it appears 25-year-old Taylor Reese was defending himself. According to Sheriff Loar, Reese heard someone breaking down the door of his home on 14th Place SW just before 6 o’clock Thursday night. The sheriff said Reese grabbed his gun, went to check out the noises, and found himself face to face with two people trying to break into his home.

“One of the suspects fired several rounds at the victim,” Sheriff Loar said. “The victim returned fire, striking the suspect.”

Sheriff Loar identified the wounded suspect as Howard Bartee III. Bartee was shot twice, once in the thigh and once in the head. He remains in the hospital but is expected to recover.

The second suspect is a juvenile who ran from the home. He turned himself into deputies Friday afternoon… Sheriff Loar said charges are pending against the two suspects. He added he hopes this incident serves as a message to criminals that a good portion of residents in Indian River County are armed.

“Just shy of ten percent are lawfully possessing firearms,” Sheriff Loar said. “That’s something to keep in mind.”

If there’s a sweeter sight than a responsibly-armed homeowner defending themselves and their loved ones, it’s a sheriff that back his or her community’s right to keep and bear arms.

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postheadericon [VIDEO] How Much Does Situational Awareness Matter? Put Your Phone Down And Find Out Here

Too often we find ourselves sucked into the black hole of our phones. Whether it be a social media post, texting our friends or looking for directions and that makes us vulnerable to criminals. Awareness is our biggest ally when it comes to avoiding a deadly encounter.

In this Episode of Finding Fearless join Jenn and Kristen as they are unknowingly placed in that very same situation and suddenly things turn bad. They will need to find the inner strength to fight the fear in order to survive the fight for their life!

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postheadericon Concealed Carrier Shoots Intruder After Arriving Home To Find Suspect Who Entered Through Doggy Door

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — In what is still an active investigation, authorities released a few details about an apparent home invasion Thursday where a homeowner found a suspect in his home when he walked in. The suspect, who is believed … Continue reading
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postheadericon Find the serial number of your Apple hardware product

Learn how to find the serial number of an iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, or other Apple product.
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postheadericon Did GCHQ illegally spy on you? Here’s how to find out

Law enforcement agencies shouldn’t be above the law.

Find out if the UK’s GCHQ illegally spied on you…

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postheadericon Hobbit-inspired sword can help you find unsecured WiFi hotspots

Like many others, I was enchanted by The Hobbit (and later Lord of the Rings) at a young age – long before Peter Jackson turned J R R Tolkien’s middle-earth fantasy books into a series of blockbuster movies.

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postheadericon Find apps that work with Passbook.

Passbook stores boarding passes, tickets, gift cards, coupons and more. Tap Apps for Passbook on the Welcome pass, and you can browse apps that work with Passbook in the App Store. You can also visit
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