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postheadericon 10 Republicans Back New Bill That Would Ban Bump Fire Stocks

By Dan Zimmerman via The Truth About Guns

Everyone’s favorite anti-gun Senator, Diane Feinstein wasted no time in introducing a bump fire stock ban in the Senate last week. Now a similar bill has been introduced in the House of Representatives. Like DiFi’s bill, the House version would also outlaw not only the manufacture and sleeve bump fire stocks, but also possession of one.

That would mean that, should the bills pass and be signed into law, the tens of thousands of stocks already owned by law abiding gun owners would become contraband.

Unlike the Senate bill, the House bill was introduced by a Republican, Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo. And this bill has the support of nine other GOP representatives. Here’s a list for your information and edification:

Peter King (N.Y.)
Leonard Lance (N.J.)
Patrick Meehan (Pa.)
Ed Royce (Calif.)
Chris Smith (N.J.)
Erik Paulsen (Minn.)
Ryan Costello (Pa.)
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (Fla.)
Charlie Dent (Pa.)

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postheadericon Father And Son Show No Restraint, Fire On Vehicle That Crashed Into Their Fence

If you want to see knee-jerk reactions, look no further than this father-son duo who decided to open fire on a vehicle that had crashed in their yard. The driver was uninjured, but retreated as quickly as he could to avoid being shot.

Local news tells us how things went down;

Mike Sanderson told police he was sitting on the couch watching television when he heard an engine revving outside. After looking out to see the truck in his yard, Mike Sanderson grabbed his gun, a .22-caliber pistol, and went outside, according to court documents.

The truck was still running, so Mike Sanderson approached, pointed his gun at the vehicle and told the driver to shut off the engine, according to court documents. When the driver started to back up, Mike Sanderson shot the vehicle’s front tire in an attempt to flatten it. As the driver continued to back up, Mike Sanderson shot a second time, this time taking aim at the vehicle’s rear tire.

Mike Sanderson then dove to the ground after hearing gunshots coming from behind him. Soon, he realized that his son had grabbed a gun and started shooting several times as the truck was leaving, according to court documents.

During an interview with police, the son stated that he wasn’t quite sure why he was firing on the vehicle.

Nice answer.

He said that he was sleeping when he heard the commotion outside. He grabbed his gun and went out, then emptied his magazine in the direction of the vehicle. He told police that he was scared and just started firing.

The driver was located by police and shared his side of the story;

[Adam] Smith told police he had been working two jobs and fell asleep behind the wheel, causing him to crash into the Sanderson’s yard. After waking up and realizing he had just crashed, he told police he saw the residence’s door fly open and a man walking toward the crash while shooting.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Smith recalled yelling at the man. “I’ll fix your fence!”

But when the man wouldn’t stop shooting, Smith said he drove away and later ditched his truck near the boat ramp because the vehicle’s drivetrain was damaged from the crash and he assumed that the men who were shooting at him weren’t “done with him yet.”

Regardless of how things went down, it seems that this father –and definitely the son– took things too far when reacting to this situation. The father may have had cause to fire if he felt his life was threatened, such as the driver trying to run him over. I’m not saying that happened, but it’d give credit to shooting at the vehicle.

The son, however, fired shots into the dark without having a single piece of knowledge of what was actually happening. That’s irresponsible beyond comprehension, and everyone in this story is lucky that the driver wasn’t injured or killed.

Both father and son are in jail, hopefully thinking about how things could have been handled better.

Police later arrested Mike Sanderson on suspicion of unlawful use of a weapon, menacing and first-degree attempted assault and is being held in lieu of $ 156,250 bail. Dillen Sanderson was arrested on suspicion of unlawful use of a weapon and first-degree attempted assault and is being held in lieu of $ 150,000 bail.

That’s a bad day for everyone.

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postheadericon “Full Auto” Rigging Video Nearly Sets the Internet On Fire

There’s nothing worse than watching the media, after virtually any gun-related event, try to marry their combination of firearm ignorance and desperate need to push an agenda.

Sorry to be that “The mainstream media sucks!” guy, but, well, the mainstream media sucks, at least when it comes to having a handle on how guns work.

In the video below, published a mere two days ago, YouTuber Andy Orlando explains just how to take your semiautomatic firearms and make them fully automatic — in classic anti-gunner style.

It’s as ridiculous as it is entertaining, and although I’ll need to put a viewer discretion warning in there for profanity, it’s worth a watch.

And the best part? Some folks actually fell for it. They’re on Facebook, they’re on YouTube, and they’re all unbelievable. Be watching for them — it’s hilarious.


What do you think about this video? Please share this on Facebook and let us know your thoughts!

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postheadericon Is It Bad To Dry Fire Your Gun?

A reader recently asked us, “is it bad to dry fire my gun?”


But before you get into the habit of dry firing a gun, do take the time before hand to properly inspect it to ensure no round is loaded in the chamber. The only real threat in dry firing a gun is failing to inspect it for live rounds first.

For a pistol, this can be as easy as ejecting the magazine, racking the upper receiver to the rear, and inspecting the chamber.

This where people mess up.

They eject the magazine and just assume that the chamber is clear. The chamber is never clear until you visually inspect it to ensure it is empty.

For most double-action revolvers, the cylinder slides out the side and you can visually inspect to ensure each of the cylinders is free of brass. If it’s a cool single-action revolver, just open up the hatch and rotate each cylinder until you return to the original one.

It’s super simple and, honestly, dry firing is a great way to gain a basic familiarity with how a gun works. There’s no risk — so long as it’s unloaded — and it can even be a fun additional component when practicing drawing from your everyday concealed carry holster.

The reason why dry firing poses no risk to your gun is the gun is designed to fire live ammunition. The components are designed to withstand the force and impact of ballistics. If your gun catastrophically fails as a pure result of you dry firing it, it probably wouldn’t stand up to the dangers of live ammunition.

Dry Firing For Practice

Rounds cost money. Every bullet that leaves the chamber can equate to nickels, dimes, and even quarters. For people on a tight budget or tight schedules, range time can only come maybe one or twice a month. Dry firing can be a useful tool in determining the viability of holster location and basic technique.

For instance, you can determine how much trigger discipline you have by drawing your pistol and watching to see how much the sights deviate when you pull the trigger. If you see significant movement with no round being fired, you can bet there will be significant movement once there is a live round.

A big component: make sure the pistol is always pointed in a safe direction.

Round or no round, it’s a necessary habit to continually reinforce as a concealed carrier. If the gun is pointed in a direction where no one can be hurt, you are building that habit of never pointing a gun at anything you do not intend to shoot.

If you’re out in the middle of the woods, practicing your draw, focus on a central target like a tree. You can put up a paper target, if you want, or just mark a spot. In either case, dry fire is a nice way to complete the action. You can draw from your holster, gain proper sight picture and alignment, and pull the trigger. This helps develop that raw muscle memory.

Dry firing, in my opinion, is a necessary component of responsible concealed carry. Mated with the basic principles of firearm safety — including ensuring the gun is empty and you’re never pointing it at anything you do not intend to shoot — dry firing can only help you develop that defensive mindset and defensive skill set that can serve you later in life.

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postheadericon Two Gun Range Employees Return Fire After Detaining Two Armed Robbers and Taking Fire From Two More

HOUSTON, TEXAS — Two employees volunteered to stay behind at an indoor gun range after a rash of reported burglaries in the area. Around 12:30 a.m., surveillance cameras picked up two vehicles entering the parking lot. The employees watched as four people got out and attempted to break into one of the employee’s vehicles. That’s when they sprang into action.

According to ABC 13 News, the employees detained two of the robbers but the other two jumped into a car and drove off. During their escape, the two escaped suspects opened fire at the employees. The employees then returned fire with AR-15 rifles.

One of the suspects is believed to be detained after he showed up at a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound. Police investigators are still trying to link up the injury to the reported crime. As for the two that were detained, one of them is a prior convicted felon armed with a gun.

This was sort of an unexpected move. On one hand, it’s Texas. You’re allowed to defend yourself and you don’t have any duty to retreat from a threat. Four guys showed up to continue to harass, steal, and threaten gun range employees and probably customers as well.

At some point, enough is enough.

But that’s some dangerous ground to tread. Walking out onto the street, armed with AR-15s and facing down four potentially armed opponents is not one lick less than I’d expect from Texans but it’s not a road you should feel compelled to go down.

State laws will dictate a lot of nuance with how people are able to defend themselves and their property. Trying this can also get you killed.

That needs to be said.

If you walk out into a known hostile situation, visibly armed, there’s a lot of room for bad things to happen. Even worse, should you survive, the police may not see it your way. This case is still under review. We have yet to receive word whether or not a prosecutor wants to take this case on. Based upon the article, I’m going to guess not — but that’s still a lot more room to mess up one’s life than I’d think would be worth it.

That said, both employees had each other’s backs, managed to emerge from the situation unharmed, and even detained two bad guys and shot a third. These bad guys were a special breed of dumb to continually threaten gun range employees. The unfortunate part about reality is that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put a round on target and I’d personally hate to see a law-abiding gun owner get hurt or killed because he wanted to go toe-to-toe with a numerically superior force under poor conditions.

Carry everyday and be safe. Honestly, if you see something like the aforementioned scenario playing out in front of you, take down some license plate numbers and call the police. If you have video surveillance cameras, get them right on the suspects. Defend yourself if attacked, obviously, but if you can stay out of the action, your chances of not getting shot go up dramatically.

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postheadericon How To Install a VPN on Amazon Fire Stick

A FlashRouters guide for using a VPN on Amazon Fire TV. Looking to stream Netflix, Hulu, WatchESPN, or even Kodi with an Amazon Fire TV? Look no further.

The post How To Install a VPN on Amazon Fire Stick appeared first on FlashRouters Networking & VPN Blog.

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postheadericon Stalker Shows Up To Victim’s Home, Opens Fire — Gets Hit In Return Fire By One Of The Occupants

LOS ALTOS HILLS, CALIFORNIA — A man from Georgia approached the doorstep of a home where a woman was seeking shelter. The family living at that home saw him approach with a handgun drawn and reported it to authorities. The suspect forced his way into the home and opened fire on her and at least two other residents before one of the residents returned fire. The assailant, 43-year-old William Brady III, was wounded in the exchange.

Local sheriffs deputies found the suspect lying on the ground with a gunshot wound, according to Mercury News. The woman was staying with the residents and she reported that she knew Brady was stalking her. The male resident of the home saw him approaching with a gun drawn and retrieved his own to protect himself and the other residents. Deputies are treating this case as self-defense and no charges are expected.

Brady’s handgun was recovered as evidence and he was admitted to a local hospital to receive treatment for his wounds. He is expected to be charged with attempted murder.

The woman allegedly sought a restraining order against Brady back when she was in Georgia but there is no confirmation a restraining order was ever issued. In Santa Clara County, an emergency protective order was sought for her and the residents of that home and it was granted.

This is why we keep presenting one simple point. If you have reason to believe someone is or may become a threat to you or your household, seek a protective order or restraining order. It’s a paper trail that helps assist law enforcement and it acts as an additional legal blow against your aggressor should he or she violate the conditions of that order.

The hardest thing for people to do is make the right determination whether a restraining order is warranted. It’s scary. It’s like admitting that there is a real threat to your life whereby perhaps you can just ignore that threat by not getting a restraining order. Don’t do it.

Ignoring the red flags of someone who may be mentally unstable and violent towards you comes at your own peril.

This woman followed the right steps and thankfully, when Brady showed up, there was someone in the home with a firearm that could resist him. If there hadn’t been, Brady was clearly intent on murdering the residents of that home as well as his intended victim.

Be safe. Take the proper precautions against a potential threat. Don’t take chances and carry a firearm everyday, everywhere you can. Even California begrudgingly gets it. Your life is worth it.

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postheadericon Ex-Boyfriend Breaks Into Current Boyfriend’s Apartment And Opens Fire — Current Boyfriend Thankfully Had A Gun

DENVER, COLORADO — An unidentified man broke into an apartment located in a suburb of Denver and allegedly opened fire on the current occupant. The occupant successfully returned fire, striking and killing the intruder. Authorities suspect the man was tracking down an ex-girlfriend, who didn’t live at that residence but was visiting her current boyfriend.

According to the Aurora Sentinel, the intruder was unresponsive at the scene and was transported to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead. The relationship between him and the former girlfriend appears to have been terminated several months back.

This type of story has replayed with varying results through contemporary history. Spurned lover seeks vengeance for ‘unrequited love’ or some derivative thereof.

Here’s the result of this case: a man is dead due to a justifiable use of deadly force. Worse, if he had not been stopped, he may have gone on to murder the occupants of that apartment just based upon his feels.

Feels are the path of the dark side, folks, and especially when guns are at play. We always advocate for responsible concealed carry and home defense. With modern relationships having the life expectancy of a pair of running socks, there’s bound to be some hard feelings.

Thankfully, a man was armed and able to fight back. That’s how this story ended and it’s how it should always end. The occupant of the apartment won’t be charged for a crime and the family of the deceased will likely be shaking their head, wondering why their son was so stupid as to kick down a door and open fire on people he had no business visiting that sort of anger onto.

Distressed former lovers have to figure out their own path in this world.

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postheadericon Couple Awakens To Armed Man Crawling On Bedroom Floor, Then They Ruin His Plans By Opening Fire

STELLA, NORTH CAROLINA — A man who chose the wrong house to break into is fighting for his life in the hospital after the homeowners shot him after they found him crawling around in their bedroom. The man, 21-year-old Gaberail Denton … Continue reading
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postheadericon [VIDEO] Man Tries To Set Girl On Fire, Father Steps In With Gun – First Person Defender

As we are all aware, playing out different scenarios and continuous training are essential to being prepared to defend ourselves and others. Gun Talk Media produces videos like the one above that do just that. They push people to the … Continue reading
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