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postheadericon Sheriff Urges Citizens To Carry Firearms Following Texas Mass Shooting

POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA — Sheriff Grady Judd tweeted that their county offers active shooter scenario training shortly after the massacre at a Texas church, and encouraged citizens to attend and to arm themselves if they are legally able to do so.

Sheriff Judd has made headlines in the past, and isn’t afraid to speak his mind on topics that are important to him. The video above shows just how Judd operates, and of course you have people who both agree and disagree with him.

But on the topic of concealed carry, I’d bet that he has most people in his corner. His active approach to getting citizens their concealed carry permits –and important training– are something that we would love to see across the Country.

So regardless of where you live, take Sheriff Judd’s advice if you don’t already have your permit and/or training: Get the permit, get armed, get trained, and be prepared.

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postheadericon Concealed Carrier Arrested On Felony Assault Charges Following Shooting

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA — A man with a concealed carry permit was the one taken away in handcuffs after an altercation on the street a few days ago. While the details are slim, it may seem that the charges come from shooting at a fleeing suspect.

Local media reports on the incident;

A man who told police he has a permit to carry, later identified as 43-year-old Kevin Martin, was walking with another woman in the area when a group of two men and a 17-year-old possibly surrounded the pair, according to police.

“It just kind of happened all of a sudden,” said Courtney Bivens, who saw the entire incident unfold. “There was a little scuffle, so that caught my attention, and when I looked up I saw a guy pull out a weapon.”

The first shot, Bivens said, missed Demani Griffith and caused him to run away. Martin then let off a second round as the 18-year-old was fleeing, which Bivens believes was the one that struck Griffith in the leg.

There is some confusion as to whether there it was a group or one person who confronted Martin, but the bigger question here seems to be; Was Martin, if assaulted, in the wrong for shooting at a fleeing suspect? The answer is usually always ‘yes’.

We have no word as to whether the man shot has –or will– face any charges. We’ll try to dig into this story a little more and see what comes up.

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postheadericon Shooting In Gainesville FL Following White Nationalist Speech At College

GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA — Three people hailng from Texas, and at least two of them having ties to “extremist groups”, were arrested Friday following a shooting after white nationalist Richard Spencer’s speech at the University of Florida.

The speech was protested, and the Florida Governor even declared a state of emergency for the county so that they could prepare for any violence that followed.

As reported by;

The Gainesville Police Department said in a news release Friday that 28-year-old Tyler Tenbrink, 30-year-old William Fears and 28-year-old Colton Fears, all from Texas, were arrested on attempted homicide charges.

Police say the three were in a vehicle Thursday after Spencer’s speech and began making Nazi salutes and shouting Hitler chants at a group of people at a bus stop.

Police say Tenbrink showed a handgun while the Fears brothers encouraged him to shoot.

That’s when Tenbrink shot a single round towards a crowd of people, luckily missing everyone and instead striking a building.

I’m not sure what Tenbrink was trying to accomplish here, but it sure didn’t work out in his favor.

I’m all for freedom of speech, regardless of how ridiculous most people may find it, but I’m not for reckless and stupid behavior, especially fueled by hate. These people come from a whole other world though, and there isn’t a whole lot of reasoning with them.

But if we take a look a little further into the details, there are others at fault here as well.

As reports;

Police say the incident happened about 5:30 p.m., about an hour after Spencer’s speech, which had attracted thousands of protesters, ended. Police say the victims were at a bus stop not far from the event, when a Jeep with four men inside pulled up and started yelling at them.

A report released Friday says one of the victims hit the Jeep’s rear window with a baton. Police say the Jeep drove about 10 feet and stopped. The report says both Colton and William Fears threatened to kill the victims and told Tenbrink to shoot.

And that’s when the shot was fired.

This situation could have been avoided if the group of people at the bus stop didn’t feed into the people inside the Jeep. Letting these idiots go on their way would have been a better outcome, potentially. There was no reason to retaliate by hitting the Jeep with anything.

It seems from reports that the gun wasn’t produced until the window was hit with the baton, and that wasn’t a smart move on that person’s part. It’s a way to invite trouble from the initial instigators, and it’s something that should always be avoided.

I’m not siding with the people in the jeep, obviously. I am, however, pointing out that we should be making good decisions when faced with people who are filled with so much hate. They’re unstable, as we can see from this shooting.

If I were there with that group at the bus stop and carrying my gun, I would have likely been sucked into a gun fight because my idiot friend decided to hit their Jeep.

That’s not how I want my day to go.

Tenbrink was also charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

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postheadericon Google removes 300 Android apps following DDoS attack

Google has been forced to remove almost 300 apps from its Play Store after learning that apps were being hijacked for DDoS attacks.

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postheadericon Krebs’ website remains online following massive DDoS attack

Brian Krebs’ website appears be to be holding up, following what has been described as “one of the biggest web attacks ever seen”.

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postheadericon TalkTalk profits halve following last year’s major cyberattack

The UK-based telecommunications company TalkTalk has seen its profits more than halve, following last year’s “significant and sustained cyberattack”.

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postheadericon Walgreens ‘halts’ Theranos partnership following WSJ technology expose

The fallout from a Wall Street Journal technology expose that claims Theranos has been less than transparent over its blood tests continues with Walgreens putting its partnership with the company “up for discussion”.

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postheadericon UK’s National Crime Agency hit by DDoS attack, following LizardStresser arrests

Last week, users of Lizard Squad’s DDoS-on-demand service were feeling the heat after arrests were made by UK police. This week, it’s the UK’s National Crime Agency which has found itself the victim of a denial-of-service attack.

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postheadericon “Occupy Together” Just Lost It’s Pro-Gun Following

A friend of mine sent me the above image that the Occupy Together page had posted. Not only is it an absurd political cartoon, it got the attention of every pro-gun follower on their page. And they weren’t happy. Just a … Continue reading
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