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postheadericon Medical Marijuana User In Honolulu? Give Us Your Guns, No Permit For You.

By Robert Farago via The Truth About Guns

“The Honolulu Police Department is reviewing a policy requiring medical marijuana users to turn over their firearms,” reports. “The department sent letters to at least 30 gun owners last month, saying they had 30 days to surrender or transfer ownership of their guns.” That caused something of an uproar in the Aloha State…and beyond! ‘Cause if Hawaii actually sent cops ’round to gun owners holding a medical marijuana card . . .

A dangerous precedent would be set. Lest we forget, Hawaii isn’t the only state to maintain a database of both medical marijuana users and gun owners. The great state of New York also keeps track of legal tokers and gat holders. And yes, federal law makes it illegal to be a weed smoker and a gun owner.


Hawaii Police Chief Paul Ferreira

The state’s largest law-enforcement organization said it will continue to deny future gun permit applications for medical marijuana patients.

Hawaii Police Chief Paul Ferreira [above] said his department’s form letter is sent only in response to admitted medical marijuana patients who apply for a permit to acquire a firearm. Ferreira said he signs them himself.

“When someone applies for a permit to acquire a firearm and they indicate they’re a medical marijuana patient, pursuant to a 2011 opinion from the (U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives), they’re no longer qualified to possess a firearm. At that point, we send out the letter telling them their permit to acquire has been denied . . .

If you’re in possession of any firearms or ammunition, you need to turn them in,” Ferreira said Wednesday. “Over the course of this past year, I don’t recall signing more than one or two of those letters.

“We do not go out and look for medical marijuana patients. We don’t go out and ask anybody for information on medical marijuana patients, or send them letters arbitrarily. It’s only in conjunction with when they apply for a permit to acquire.”

Let’s ignore for a moment the outrageous idea that Hawaii residents need a state permit to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. And the fact that the last state to join the union hasn’t issued a single concealed carry permit in eighteen years. Or the fact that marijuana is safer than alcohol, on every level (save criminal involvement in its cultivation and distribution).

Honolulu SWAT Team (courtesy

Let’s focus on the Honolulu PD’s decision to scan the state’s gun and marijuana registries for overlap, and then threaten to send gun confiscation goons (Honolulu SWAT team above) to enforce the federal ban on pot smoking gun owners.

What kind of law enforcement official would even think it’s a good idea to poke that bear? Never mind send his — make that her — officers into harm’s way to git ‘er done?

That would be Virginia-born, North Carolina-raised Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard (above). The officer chosen to replace Chief Kealoha after he was arrested for 20 counts of abuse of power and public corruption.

Anyway, it seems clear that Uncle Sam needs to legalize marijuana, stat. Before someone gets hurt. I mean, someone else . . .

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postheadericon Turn the light on and give me your passwords!

ESET researchers have discovered another banking trojan on Google Play targeting Android users – this time disguised as a Flashlight widget.

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postheadericon Intruders Give Homeowner Options: Give Gold Or Get Lead — He Chose Option C: Give Lead

SPRINGFIELD, TENNESSEE — Three armed intruders broke into a man’s home around 2 a.m. and demanded money from him. At gun point, he got out his own handgun and opened fire with a single round. The two suspects fled the scene but one managed to strike the man’s hand with a bullet before departing. Police got the man to a hospital where he received treatment.

Springfield police told WKRN News that all three intruders wore bandanas over their faces but are believed to be young men. No one showed up to the hospital following the incident so it’s believed that the single shot must not have caused significant damage.

It happens. One against three at two o’clock in the morning? It’s amazing this man was able to defend himself at all. Thanks to having a gun nearby, he could.

He did get shot in the hand. That will take a long time to come back from and there will be lingering damage. But he retains his life, his property, and sends a pretty strong message to the three intruders that he won’t passively lie down and accept whatever happens.

Standing up for yourself can have direct consequences. Whether it’s an armed confrontation or some other conflict, there’s no guarantee of success. What you’re doing is asserting the opportunity.

There is always an opportunity to come out on top — whether that’s defined as simply being alive, not being robbed, or some life goal in mind.

Respect is not a default condition for humans. Respect is earned and it is given when appropriate. Demanding respect from strangers is moronic and from armed intruders, arguably insane. They owe you nothing — not even the common decency of safety in exchange for compliance.

The idea that respect should be given freely amongst all is little more than bad propaganda that holds absolutely no weight in the cold light of reality. If you treat strangers with respect, that’s a reflection of who you are as a person. It’s something I personally try to strive for. It’s not a guarantee. And I would not expect someone who is willing to kick my door down and put a gun in my face to give me any more or less.

In those situations, a person has to make a choice — defend himself and be hurt or killed or don’t defend himself and still be hurt or killed.

With both options leading mostly to the same place, I’ll chose A. Most concealed carriers and gun owners do. And that’s why we always keep a gun nearby at night and we carry a gun every single day.

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postheadericon Microsoft and Advanced Energy Economy give predictive power to online advocacy platform

REDMOND, Wash., and WASHINGTON — Oct. 6, 2016 — Thursday, Microsoft Corp. and the business group Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) announced a new predictive policy tool to support legislative advocacy in energy. Powered by Microsoft Azure integrated cloud-computing services and machine learning, AEE’s PowerSuite online bill-tracking platform will now enable AEE member companies and state partner organizations to leverage data and analytics in new ways.

The new features build upon AEE PowerSuite’s exclusive database of bills pending in Congress and all 50 states, and assess the probability of a bill’s enactment based on the hundreds of data points either known about the bill when it is introduced, or collected as it moves through the legislative process. With this new tool, users can adjust their strategies to improve the odds of advancing policies that expand markets and remove barriers to competition for advanced energy technologies, products and services.

“This is breakthrough technology for legislative advocacy that moves us to a future of secure, clean, affordable energy,” said Graham Richard, CEO at Advanced Energy Economy. “By combining Microsoft’s cutting-edge Azure machine learning with AEE’s PowerSuite tool and top-notch state legislative staff and partners, we are now more empowered to monitor and engage on advanced energy issues and policy. This strengthens our ability to impact policy.”

“We believe technology can play an important role in accelerating access to renewable energy,” said Rob Bernard, chief environmental strategist at Microsoft. “Tools like PowerSuite provide valuable information and insights that are necessary to advance public policy that expands access to, and the affordability of, advanced energy.”

“This new predictive capability is just scratching the surface of what’s possible,” said Eric Fitz, vice president of engineering and product development at AEE. “In addition to legislative forecasts, we can’t wait to apply machine-learning and natural language processing technologies to our unique database of regulatory data to help make the opaque world of regulatory proceedings more transparent. Stay tuned.”

How AEE’s PowerSuite with Azure works

By identifying and analyzing predictive variables about state legislative activity, including bill topics, sponsors, legislative history and partisan characteristics, PowerSuite can forecast the outcome of state and federal bills with an accuracy of 87 percent based on information available at the time of bill filing, and up to 99.5 percent as legislative action changes the probability of passage over the course of a session.

As soon as a bill is introduced, PowerSuite provides a real-time forecast of its likelihood of being enacted. This helps advocates focus their efforts on bills with the greatest chances of success, and improves the prospects of bills that face an uphill climb. The tool shows bill details, partisan context and forecast at a glance.

Forecast details including key forecast factors
Forecast details including key forecast factors

The legislative process is not static, and neither are PowerSuite forecasts. As a bill progresses, PowerSuite automatically updates its probability of passage to consider the latest developments, such as passing one chamber, a new amendment, committee referral, new co-sponsors and more. Actions on a bill can either increase or decrease the probability that a bill will be enacted.

PowerSuite automatically updates forecasts based on new information
PowerSuite automatically updates forecasts based on new information

PowerSuite’s forecasts are also enhanced by AEE Insights provided by the business group’s team of policy experts, adding human intelligence to machine learning for continuous improvement of the forecasting tool. Their expertise both complements and informs PowerSuite’s bill outcome predictions by providing interpretation and context, strategic guidance, and new data to improve the accuracy of the model over time.

AEE is making the new PowerSuite forecasting tool available to member companies and state partners starting today. It will be offered to non-AEE member PowerSuite paid subscribers at a later date. To sample PowerSuite, sign up for a 30-day free trial.

To get an early look at the bill prediction feature, register here for a sneak peek webinar on Oct. 25.

About Advanced Energy Economy and PowerSuite

Advanced Energy Economy is a national association of businesses that are making the energy we use secure, clean, and affordable. Advanced energy encompasses a broad range of products and services that constitute the best available technologies for meeting energy needs today and tomorrow. AEE’s mission is to transform public policy to enable rapid growth of advanced energy businesses. AEE and its State and Regional Partner organizations are active in 26 states across the country, representing more than 1,000 companies and organizations in the advanced energy industry. AEE’s PowerSuite is the first comprehensive national database of both state and federal legislation and state and federal regulatory dockets, from every state legislature, U.S. Congress, state Public Utilities Commissions (PUC) and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). PowerSuite’s collection of over 500,000 bills and 350,000 dockets, representing 60 million pages of legislative and regulatory text, is equivalent to more than twice the size of the Wikipedia in total data.

About Microsoft

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Note to editors: For more information, news and perspectives from Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft News Center at Web links, telephone numbers and titles were correct at time of publication, but may have changed. For additional assistance, journalists and analysts may contact Microsoft’s Rapid Response Team or other appropriate contacts listed at

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postheadericon How to give your social media security a boost

From login credentials to notifications, tracking and ads, ESET’s Lysa Myers explains how you can give your social media security a boost.

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postheadericon Two Armed Robbers Wisely Give Up After Deli Worker Draws Gun

CLEVELAND, OHIO — One deli owner was in for quite a surprise when two armed robbers attempted to clear him of $ 300 only to have a friend run in at the last minute, save him, and get both robbers to surrender. This is why you don’t knock off your neighborhood deli — people are really finicky about who makes their sandwiches and tend to get aggressive when anyone else tries to mess with the deli who gets it right.

The owner, who wished to remain anonymous, tells a harrowing story of getting robbed at gun point in his shop towards closing to a Cleveland news source. And who can blame him? Closing up his shop at around 10 pm, he was confronted by two men at gun point with absolutely no way to defend himself.

“I was so panicked and scared,” he said. “They would have killed both of us. What’s going to stop them?”

Thankfully, a passerby saw the robbers in the store and flagged down an officer. This guy wasn’t content to just sit by and watch as the deli owner got robbed, though. According to the news, he ran in and grabbed a firearm from behind the counter of the shopkeep’s desk and chased the two armed robbers into the backroom.

Once there, police confirm he slammed one of the guys up against a wall and the other one hid in the bathroom.

Police quote that the armed man warned the hiding robber to surrender by saying, “my gun is bigger than yours.”

Alright folks, we’ve departed from the normal concealed carrier narrative into a whole new avenue. This guy has what some may call cajones. That’s not precisely what we’d prescribe our average audience participant. In the vast majority of cases, we’d urge to stick your distance, protect yourself, your family, and your property but do not give chase and definitely do not taunt a potentially violent armed robber while he’s holed up and has nowhere to go.

That said, this is the sort of situation we’re glad to see ended well for all parties. The police were already on scene and secured everything down. Guns were recovered, robbers were put in jail, and we’re sure the money got placed into evidence. In any case, this was definitely a good guy with a gun story — it’s just anything but the practical way we’d normally see it.

Stay safe, definitely protect yourself, your family, and your property and definitely let police know when you see someone committing a violent felony (which this most certainly was). Do not feel impressed to have to go charging in after them and try to be the hero. It’s great when it works out but it’s very easy to trip the fine line and have it end up horribly tragic.

But, in conclusion, “surrender — my gun is bigger than yours” is certainly a quote to remember someone by. Hope he gets a free sandwich out of the deal.

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postheadericon The new Nokia 105 and Nokia 105 Dual SIM help give the world a voice

REDMOND, Wash. June 3, 2015 Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday announced the new Nokia 105 and Nokia 105 Dual SIM. Aimed at first-time mobile phone buyers, as well as people looking for a reliable backup device for their smartphone, the new Nokia 105 will enable more people to have a voice and experience the potentially life-changing benefits that a mobile phone can offer. The original Nokia 105 has sold more than 80 million units to date, introducing people from across the globe to mobile experiences.

The new Nokia 105 has everything people loved about its previous award-winning predecessor, and comes with enhanced functionality and features. Now also available in Dual SIM variant, the new Nokia 105 allows people to do the following:

  • Connect with people and businesses without great expense.
  • Enjoy the features of the previous Nokia 105, and more, including these:
    • Expanded storage for up to 2,000 contacts
    • Enhanced audio for greater call clarity
    • Increased talk time for up to 15 hours, and up to 35 days standby time1
    • Refreshed sleek, durable, versatile design, available in three colors: cyan, white and black2
  • Stay entertained while on the go with two free, pre-loaded games, “Snake Xenzia” and “Bubble Bash 2.”
  • Keep a backup handy: Low price point, long battery life and ease of use make the new Nokia 105 an ideal companion device for existing smartphone users or people on their travels.

“With handsets like the new Nokia 105, Microsoft brings very affordable mobile opportunities to more people,” said Jo Harlow, corporate vice president of Microsoft Devices Group. “The new Nokia 105 is an essential tool for first-time mobile phone users as they start their journey into a connected world.”

The new Nokia 105 and Nokia 105 Dual SIM will be available in cyan, white and black2 for an estimated retail price of $ 20 before taxes and subsidies3 and will begin rolling out in select markets starting in June 2015.


Tech specs summary

Device Nokia 105 and Nokia 105 Dual SIM
Operating system Nokia Series 30+
Display 1.45-inch, LCD transmissive, HighColor (16-bit/64k)
Battery BL-5CB, 800mAh, replaceable
Talk time and standby time Talk time: up to 15 hours (single SIM and dual SIM)
Standby time: up to 35 days (single SIM), 25 days (dual SIM)
Networks Dual-band 900/1800MHz (single SIM and dual SIM)
Dual-band 850/1900MHz (single SIM only)
Connectivity 3.5mm AV connector, micro-USB charger
Dimensions and weight 108.5 x 45.5 x 14.1mm
69.85g single SIM and 69.55g dual SIM (both including battery

About Microsoft Devices

The Microsoft Devices Group includes award-winning hardware used by over a billion people around the world, including Lumia smartphones, Nokia ultra-affordable feature phones, Xbox hardware, Surface and Surface Hub, Microsoft Band, and HoloLens.

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

1 35 days standby time for single SIM model
2 Device colors vary by market
3 Pricing for the new Nokia 105 and Nokia 105 Dual SIM will vary by market and operator; estimated retail price will be approximately $ 20 before taxes and subsidies.

For more information, press only:
Cohn & Wolfe, Microsoft Devices, +44 20 8392 4050,

Note to editors: For more information, news and perspectives from Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft News Center at Web links, telephone numbers and titles were correct at time of publication, but may have changed. For additional assistance, journalists and analysts may contact Microsoft’s Rapid Response Team or other appropriate contacts listed at

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postheadericon Is Your Ammo Going To Give You Trouble In Court?

A reader sent us a photo of his Hornady Z-Max ammo (Zombie ammo, for those nights when the pesky zombies want to get in your home) and posted the following question: Okay I gotta ask this question. The Hornady Z-Max ammo … Continue reading
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