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postheadericon GLOCK 17 Nearly Melts in the Hands of Major YouTube Star

Eric from Moss Pawn and Gun, known as the owner, producer, and general star of the Iraqveteran8888 YouTube channel, can do some pretty cool stuff when you put, well, just about any firearm in his hands.

He records many of his exploits and posts them online for the viewing public to enjoy.

His videos are largely excellent (there might be a “Five Gun” list or two I disagree with), but what he did with a Gen3 GLOCK 17 with an auto sear in 2015 is the stuff of gun video legend.

What is it he did, exactly?

He just nearly melted one of the most reliable firearms on earth by running it so hard.

Check out the video below. It’s not at all intended to be an exposé of some sort of hidden GLOCK frailty.

It’s a testament to how hard they can run.

1272 rounds running non stop is no joke. Take a look:

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Kevin and his Glock 26 or 19 in a Raven Vanguard Holster


My carry set up consists of my Glock 26 or Glock 19. My 17 is just a little long in the barrel for me to carry comfortably with the Raven Vanguard Basic Holster. Just don’t have the body type. I carry at the 12:00 to 1:00 position.

I carry the Glocks of course because of the reliability but also the interchangeability of the magazines. I always carry the Glock 17 magazine as a spare in my left front pant pocket so I have an extra 17 rounds….always.

The Vanguard VG2 holster gives me full trigger coverage and also an adjustable ride height and cant. A leather loop attaches to the belt to secure the weapon. Very heavy duty and extreme quality. What I love most about the holster however is that in the summer time I can position the firearm on the outside between the pants and belt to avoid the moisture issue. This is also nice in the winter if you’ve had to lock your weapon in the car because of carry restrictions. I hate ice cold steel against the skin. Just have to wear my shirts out for coverage….which I do anyway.

Like most people I’ve tried 1/2 dozen different holsters for my various (past) carry weapons. This set up is just is my personal preference. I digmyrig.

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postheadericon [VIDEO] A Full Auto Glock 17, Just Leaving This Here For Fun

Hickok45 never disappoints, and he’s been having some recent fun with his new Glock 17 which has been converted to full-auto.

I’ve never had the pleasure of firing a full-auto Glock, but I’d like the opportunity one day. Do any of you have experience with anything similar or alike? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Bryan and his Glock 42 in a Concealment Express Holster


Wanted to share my Sunday-go-to-meeting setup with you.  I use this Glock 42 configuration on Sundays because my EDC would print too much.  This allows a deep conceilment and thus no questions or concerns from others at church. Here is the gear:. Glock 42 in a Concealment Express IWB KYDEX holster. Extra mag carried in a horizontal Kydex holster.

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Steve and his Glock 26 in a Galco Matrix Holster


Gun- Glock 26 W/+2 magazine & spare 17+2 mag.
Holster- Galco Matrix & Blackhawk mag pouch.
Wilderness frequent flyer belt.
Knife- Customized Chris Reeve Sebenza.
Why- Glock reliability, best size/capacity/concealment package.
Great concealment holster, snaps on & off, 12 years everyday carry & still good as new!

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Connery and his Glock 26 or FN FNS 40 in a Galco Holster or Alien Hear Holster or DeSantis Holster


My name is Connery, and I’ve been carrying concealed for 6 years now. Depending on how I dress, I use one of two different carry pistols. My G4 Glock 26, or my FNH FNS 40. Although I have many different carry options, I restrict myself to either of these because they both operate very similarly and I think it’s important to have that kind of continuity. When weather permits, my favorite method of carry is in my Galco Miami Classic Shoulder Holster and I feel this offers the quickest and most comfortable draw. Most of the time, however, I rely on my Alien Gear Cloak Tuck IWB or, for deep concealment, a Desantis Apache ankle holster. Both are excellent. Don’t forget to safely practice your draw!

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Joe and his Walther PPS M2 and Glock 30s in a Badger State and We The People Holster


Walther PPS M2 in a Badger State IWB
Glock 30s in a We the People IWB

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Nick and his Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 or Glock 27 in an Alien Gear Holster

Nick Y. From Columbia, MO and the choice of his Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 or Glock 27.  Seated in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 and loaded with Hornady Critical Defense rounds in 9mm and .40 caliber. Got the inspiration of buying the glock from Brandon’s rig and loving glocks more and more everyday! …You don’t have to add that last part, but thanks for broadening my firearm horizons!

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postheadericon Leaked Photos Of New Glock 17M Revealed! Check It Out!

New photos have surfaced of a law enforcement issued Glock 17m. An officer involved with training on the new pistol leaked photos regarding some changes which Glock implemented in its new design. This pistol is not available to the public but we can look forward to seeing the many design features pushed to future Glock models.

From the pictures, we notice the following major improvements:

  • Beveled upper and lower receiver (smoother draw)
  • Flared magazine well (nod to CZ)
  • Ambidextrous slide release
  • Modified trigger (looks similar to Gen 4 single-stacks)
  • Longer, sturdier recoil assembly (experimented in Gen 4 design)
  • Ambidextrous magazine release (implemented in Gen 4 design)

Originally published in The Firearm Blog, we’re absolutely thrilled to look forward to the many new and improved features in this law enforcement model.

Glock recently featured a line of classic Glock models with optics. Combining these features with the bevel and flare developments, we can see a pistol that’s approaching competitive levels of shooting.

You tell us what you see. We picked out what stood out but without actually getting to fire it, it’s hard to tell where the improvements really lie with this newer model.

What we can count on is Glock to implement “what works”. Glock is an extremely conservative gun manufacturer. They have always built off a good basic frame and then developed outwards.

This is a great strategy when it comes back to affordability and reliability — two things concealed carriers take into account when making their concealed carry pistol purchases.

A big improvement is the flared magazine well. The flaring at the bottom makes it easier to load a new magazine in moments of high stress.

While your attention is directed towards dealing with a defensive gun use situation, you can more seamlessly load a pistol that has a flared magazine well.

There’s rumors of the trigger having improvements but Glock triggers have already been extremely smooth and reliable out the gate. With a 5.5 lb trigger pull and 2.5 lb trigger reset, the majority of Glock pistols have some of the lightest triggers on the market. Without firing this new model, we’re not going to say precisely how improved the new design is. We do see a nod to a previous line of single-stacks like the G43 and G42.

Take a look at the pictures and stay tuned. We hope to come forward with new developments as we see’em (or hopefully shoot them).

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postheadericon Watch The First Ever Full Auto Glock 43 In Action

Yea, of course it was going to be done at some point. Our friend Andrew from GY6vids gives us an awesome video that shows the first (he thinks) full auto Glock 43.

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