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postheadericon Security Guard Defends Himself After Man Attempts To Run Him Down With Vehicle — Why Guns Matter

COLUMBUS, OHIO — A security guard rushed to the aid of a woman who was assaulted by a 25-year-old male suspect. When the suspect was forced to retreat, he got into his car and attempted to strike the security guard with his vehicle. Thankfully, the security guard was armed.

When Columbus police arrived on the scene, they found the driver of the car collapsed against the steering column. He had a grave gunshot wound to his upper torso that is believed to have come from the security guard defending his own life. They rushed him to a nearby medical center where the suspect’s condition remains critical.

According to Columbus’ ABC 6 News, police say the security guard fired a single shot in self-defense. He was properly licensed to carry a firearm and investigators believe he shot the suspect out of fear for his own life and safety.

Prior to the defensive gun use, the security guard said he rushed to a woman’s aid as she was being assaulted in a parking lot. The man who assaulted her then got into his car and attempted to ram the security guard. The security guard was able to fire one shot and strike his attacker in the upper torso, causing him to crash. No charges have been filed against the gun carrier.

This is why it’s so important to be armed every single day. Whether your profession is security or you’re just doing some holiday shopping at the mall, it’s important to keep your gun on you at all times. There is absolutely no telling what craziness will occur around you. As for this security guard, he obviously took his job seriously. When seeing a person in distress, he came to her aid. In the course of doing that, he was forced to defend his own life.

If he had been struck by the vehicle, he could have been seriously injured or killed. That’s no way to go out in this world while you’re simply trying to help others survive. As for his attacker, he can look forward to facing charges when and if he ever leaves that hospital. There’s angry people in this world and unfortunately, as security or just a person who interacts with the public a lot, you’re bound to run into at least one sooner or later.

Keeping that gun on you, knowing how and when to use it properly, and maintaining simple situational awareness can inevitably save your life. Your life is worth it. Carry everyday.

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postheadericon Security Guard For A Mining Operation Fends Off Two Attackers

OAK HILL, WEST VIRGINIA — A security guard employed by a mining operation was forced to use his handgun to shoot one of two trespassers who engaged him in an altercation after he confronted them. He alleged that their presence was to steal property from the premises and they became violent when he confronted them.

Injuries sustained from the struggle seem indicative of a fall, confirms West Virginia State Police to FOX News. The alleged thief that was shot during the altercation died later at the scene. His accomplice fled the scene but was recovered by state police shortly thereafter.

The security guard is not being charged with any wrongdoing in this matter as the shooting appears to have been done in self defense.

The difference between security and law enforcement is one is a sworn officer of the law and the other is a private individual operating either independently or through a company. Possession of a firearm can be established through either a company trust or through an individual’s own preference, depending upon the conditions of the contract.

For a mining operation, there are often times millions of dollars in extremely expensive equipment, chemicals, and tools which would fetch a fantastic price on the black market. In order to protect those assets, mining operators can either hire local police at an exorbitant sum or contract out to a private security company.

Standards for security personnel can vary widely depending upon the specifications of the contract and the company operating that contract. In general, when you have millions of dollars at stake on equipment meant to hopefully pull out billions of dollars in revenue from the earth, you tend to hire the type of folks who carry guns.

As an individual working that contract, no amount of money is enough to put your life in danger without the possibility of using a handgun for your own protection.

When you’re stuck out in the wilderness, surrounded by a lot of expensive items, it will take the state police awhile to get to your location. By that time, this security guard could have been in much worse of a state than he was found.

Thankfully, he was armed and he afforded the alleged trespassers every possible opportunity to avoid outright conflict. They jumped him. And in the middle of the wilderness, no one wants to be stuck in that situation.

Glad the security guard pulled out of that one. Stay armed, especially if you’re in that sort of line of work.

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postheadericon Security Guard Saves Nightclub Crowd From Violent Driver

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA — Outside a nightclub in Birmingham, a security guard had moments to react after a driver rammed a person against a parked vehicle. The driver backed off the person and was about to direct his vehicle towards the rest of the crowd when the security guard took out a legally concealed handgun and shot him.

According to WSFA 12 News, the driver died at the scene and the man he hit was hospitalized. This is a situation that could have been a lot worse if that security guard had not been ready and able to address the situation.

“We are thankful for the heroic actions of the security guard. Further loss of life could have happened, but his quick, responsible actions prevented that. Now we will try to understand motive or reasoning, if any, behind the victim’s reckless actions,” said Sgt. Bryan Shelton with Birmingham police.

Police credit the security guard’s actions with saving the lives of the people outside the nightclub and preventing further injury or death. The motives of the driver are unknown at this time but as we’ve seen with other historic nightclub shootings, a bad situation can get a whole lot worse if there isn’t a responsible person with a gun willing and able to put a stop to it.

Chances are good that anyone planning on staying out late and partying is not likely to be armed or coherent enough to respond to a threatening situation like this. That’s where the role of armed security should be. For those who are of sober mind and good disposition, they are best able to respond to violent threats.

This guy judiciously decided to put an end to the attack when he saw that the driver was not going to stop until he hurt or killed more people. Watching a man being pinned to a parked car and getting crushed is evidence enough that there’s a time to act. Good on this security guard and our condolences to the man who happened to be the canary in the coal mine on a rough situation.

Carry everyday, maintain your situational awareness, and carry responsibly.

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postheadericon [NSFW] Security Guard Shoots Suicide Bomber Before He Can Detonate Vest With People Nearby

ISTANBUL, TURKEY — A coordinated attack involving a number of suicide bombers took place at the Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, Turkey. Thirty one people are confirmed dead and as many as sixty injured. In one harrowing video, a security guard is able to shoot one of the suicide bombers before he was able to detonate.

Another police officer allegedly dove onto another suicide bomber but was consumed in the blast.

The attack kicked off in the entranceway of the airport — well before the security screening area. It’s a harrowing reminder that Islamic State militants are able to perpetrate extreme attacks far from their base of operations in Syria and Iraq.

News agencies like NBC and Sky News can give you greater insight onto the event, but we wanted to discuss the security guard who was able to save countless lives by neutralizing the attacker with his gun.

The suicide bomber was still able to detonate but the quick reflexes of this security officer was able to neutralize him long enough to evacuate people from the area.

News reports disagree about precisely how many explosions took place, how many suicide bombers participated, and a number of other elements. It’s giving us a real understanding that these types of attacks — whether in a nightclub or an airport — do not reveal themselves easily.

Just because one suicide bomber was neutralized, there may be more. Just because one shooter is taken down doesn’t mean there aren’t more behind him or lying in wait.

If the events in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and countless of other places reveal anything is that the enemy will be unpredictable.

This directly applies to concealed carry practices here in the United States.

If you are so fortunate as to neutralize an attacker before he can do you harm, never assume he is acting alone.

A trend I remember from my days in Iraq was the use of follow-up attacks after a main attack. In any coordinated attack, you have the main elements that kick it off and then you sometimes have groups of men who show up to fight once the fight is believed to be over. Often times they can target emergency services, police officers, and even innocent civilians.

Any target that is a “target of opportunity” is a valid target. And we unfortunately live in a world where we are beginning to see that we can be targets of opportunity.

Our jobs, collectively, is to make those targets hardened.

There are good people out there in this world that will rise to the occasion when bad guys attack. And I guarantee there will be concealed carriers amongst them willing to answer that call.

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