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postheadericon [VIDEO] Employee And Thug Exchange Gunfire In Smoke Shop Robbery Attempt

DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA — A store clerk was shot in the arm during a gunfire exchange with a masked robber, and the clerk’s being armed likely saved his life.

In a world where some people will do anything to get some money, it’s only fair –and right– to arm ourselves against them.

The story goes as follows;

Authorities said a man wearing a mask entered the Smoke 4 Less shop on Avondale Drive at about 8 p.m. on Sept. 28 and fired a shot at an employee, who returned fire.

The employee sustained a gunshot wound to his arm, and the man fled without taking anything.

About 30 minutes later, police officers responded to an armed robbery at a Hardees at 4607 South Alston Avenue in which a man with a gun entered the restaurant and demanded money, authorities said.

It isn’t known whether the same person was responsible for both incidents, but I don’t believe in coincidence. It’s very likely that the same person is to blame, and lends more credit to the fact that he was desperate to get money from someone… somewhere.

After being in one gun battle, he had some pretty fearless actions as far as going to another location. It’s this determination that warrants the need for more armed citizens.

There was no mention on the clerk’s condition, but we hope that he makes a full recovery from his injuries.

As a side note, it appears in the video that the clerk needed to rack the slide to chamber a round. Whether it was a malfunction or not may never be known, but it’s a good exercise to see if you’d be ready to rack the slide in a stressful situation. Some will fumble, some will fail, and others will make the action happen as smooth as butter.

It’s part luck, but mostly training.

It also appears that the clerk saw the danger coming and had the firearm in-hand before the thug entered the shop door. That’s important right there, as he seems to have been aware of what was about to happen.

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postheadericon Store Manager Shoots And Kills Armed Robber During Gunfire Exchange

WINSTON-SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA — When two suspects entered the Coliseum Bingo and Games Wednesday around 5 a.m., the night manager knew he only had moments to draw his gun and get on target. The two armed suspects exchanged shots with the manager. The manager took a hit in the shoulder but was able to mortally wound Deshaun Rashaud Fisher-McCullum. Both armed robbers attempted to flee but Fisher-McCullum was found approximately 300 yards from the scene, expired from his injuries.

According to WFMY News 2, police say that Fisher-McCullum died as a result of gunshots received during the armed robbery. If his accomplice is caught, he will likely face murder charges related to his colleague’s death. The manager’s name hasn’t been released and police are treating this as a self-defense case.

In North Carolina, there are some adult games centers that are targeted due to the influx of cash they receive. Hitting a place in the early morning was likely a calculated move to try to get as much money as possible from the business. These two armed robbers likely thought that having guns was enough to keep anyone from acting ‘out of line’. It wasn’t. When criminals feel that they can threaten the lives of customers and employees, you can bet they’ll do it again.

Thankfully, this business hired the right night manager. Protecting a business with a gun is just a smart move — especially when cash volume makes it a high priority target for hoodlums. Winston-Salem isn’t a particularly violence-prone city in North Carolina but it still has plenty of people who refuse to be victims.

Another factor that likely worked in this manager’s favor was his familiarity with his firearm. There’s a good chance that man had fired his gun before he was stuck in that exchange of gunfire. Basic familiarity, taking cover, and putting rounds on target are often times the only factors that separate the quick from the dead.

When armed robbers enter a place of business, their first thoughts aren’t taking cover. For employees, it should be. Any amount of cover between you and the guy attempting to kill you can play an advantage. There’s less space for the bad guy to hit you and he’s still left exposed to your gunshots.

Good work on behalf of the manager. I hope he recovers from his wounds and gets a bonus for protecting the lives of his patrons.

If you work in a business that deals with either high volumes of cash and/or foot traffic, getting trained up on the proper use of a handgun is the first step to protecting yourself. The second step is to carry that gun every single day, everywhere you’re legally able to. The lives of those around you may well depend on your ability to use that gun properly.

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postheadericon Home Occupant Exchanges Gunfire With Intruder — SPOILER: It Doesn’t End Well For The Intruder

SUMNER, IOWA — Investigators in Bremer County are still trying to figure out why a man traveled out into rural Iowa to break into a home and exchange gunshots with occupants of that home. In the ensuing fight, one of the residents was also shot but survived the encounter.

According to Bremer County Sheriff Dan Pickett’s statement to KCCI Des Moines News, the wounded resident was taken to a nearby hospital for medical treatment. The intruder, identified as Steven Anthony, 46, was pronounced dead at the scene. Anthony has been identified as the alleged intruder but investigators are confused why a man would travel 150 miles from Davenport, IA, to break into a home.

The best person to answer that question is deceased.

In the absence of any good evidence or proof that he had a cause or that any of the occupants of the home knew Anthony, investigators are probably going to stick with a self-defense ruling and leave it at that. We can’t be sure, however, because plenty of things do often show up during the investigative process.

Law enforcement is always curious why a bad guy picks a particular home. Sometimes it’s because the bad guy has been told that there’s goodies in the home. Other times, it could be something much more base like a prolonged vendetta. And, yet, still other times it just happens because the bad guy thinks that home just looks promising.

It’s not so much a question the residents of a home really have to answer. Their job is to stay alive. And with bad guys showing up through their door, they wisely invested in firearms for home defense.

Always a good call.

Because bad guys come in all shapes and sizes and possess a wild variety of motivations, it’s near impossible to figure out what motivates any particular one. If a criminal is willing to rob a convenience store for $ 200 and a pack of Marlboros, who’s to say he’s not willing to break into a home occupied by strangers?

While it’s the job of police to figure all of this out — an often impossible task — it’s the job of us law-abiding gun owners to stay armed and alert even while we’re at home.

Personally, I suggest a home surveillance system of some kind. It’s nice to know who’s trying to break in through the garage at three in the morning.

Nothing quite substitutes the role of the gun in the home. When it comes down to surviving a dangerous unknown — which a bad guy breaking in most certainly is — having the means to protect your life is of the greatest importance. Keep a gun nearby. Ideally, carry it in your everyday concealed carry or open carry holster of choice. It cuts down on the time you need to defend yourself so you can focus on the important things: getting your family to relative safety, finding cover, and calling the police.

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postheadericon Attempted Armed Robbery Of Concealed-Carrying Pokemon Go Player In Vegas Park Ends With Gunfire: Be Aware Of Your Surroundings

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — A group of Pokemon Go players came into some trouble while they were playing the popular game at a park in Las Vegas at 4am. The twist? One of the players, a concealed carrier, was armed at the time.

While trying to catch Pokemon –or whatever you do with that game– the group was met by two suspects that pulled up next to them in an SUV. Armed with handguns, the suspects demanded the group’s belongings.

In that moment, the armed player drew his firearm and the two sides exchanged gunfire. One person was hit in the Pokemon Go group, and one of the suspects was also hit. Both went to the hospital for treatment.

One person in the Pokemon group was shot once in the stomach and taken to the hospital. Meltzer said it’s unclear if that person shot is also the player who had his own gun but that the group of local players knew each other.

The man believed to be the suspect also appeared at the hospital with a gunshot wound to the back. A matching SUV was also found at the hospital.

Both suspects were arrested, and of course charges are expected.

I’ve seen this game played out in the wild and while some are trying to pay attention to their surroundings, most are oblivious. It’s an important reminder that, no matter what we’re doing, we are remaining focused on our surroundings at all times.

These things happen so quickly, after all.

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postheadericon Argument Escalates To Gunfire Inside PA Barbershop, Concealed Carrier Steps In And Is Credited With Saving Lives

PHILADELPHIA, PA — An incident inside a crowded West Philadelphia barber shop turned potentially deadly yesterday, when a customer who was arguing with a barber drew a gun and began firing. Police reported that a passer-by heard the gunfire, entered the … Continue reading
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