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postheadericon Medical Marijuana User In Honolulu? Give Us Your Guns, No Permit For You.

By Robert Farago via The Truth About Guns

“The Honolulu Police Department is reviewing a policy requiring medical marijuana users to turn over their firearms,” reports. “The department sent letters to at least 30 gun owners last month, saying they had 30 days to surrender or transfer ownership of their guns.” That caused something of an uproar in the Aloha State…and beyond! ‘Cause if Hawaii actually sent cops ’round to gun owners holding a medical marijuana card . . .

A dangerous precedent would be set. Lest we forget, Hawaii isn’t the only state to maintain a database of both medical marijuana users and gun owners. The great state of New York also keeps track of legal tokers and gat holders. And yes, federal law makes it illegal to be a weed smoker and a gun owner.


Hawaii Police Chief Paul Ferreira

The state’s largest law-enforcement organization said it will continue to deny future gun permit applications for medical marijuana patients.

Hawaii Police Chief Paul Ferreira [above] said his department’s form letter is sent only in response to admitted medical marijuana patients who apply for a permit to acquire a firearm. Ferreira said he signs them himself.

“When someone applies for a permit to acquire a firearm and they indicate they’re a medical marijuana patient, pursuant to a 2011 opinion from the (U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives), they’re no longer qualified to possess a firearm. At that point, we send out the letter telling them their permit to acquire has been denied . . .

If you’re in possession of any firearms or ammunition, you need to turn them in,” Ferreira said Wednesday. “Over the course of this past year, I don’t recall signing more than one or two of those letters.

“We do not go out and look for medical marijuana patients. We don’t go out and ask anybody for information on medical marijuana patients, or send them letters arbitrarily. It’s only in conjunction with when they apply for a permit to acquire.”

Let’s ignore for a moment the outrageous idea that Hawaii residents need a state permit to exercise their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. And the fact that the last state to join the union hasn’t issued a single concealed carry permit in eighteen years. Or the fact that marijuana is safer than alcohol, on every level (save criminal involvement in its cultivation and distribution).

Honolulu SWAT Team (courtesy

Let’s focus on the Honolulu PD’s decision to scan the state’s gun and marijuana registries for overlap, and then threaten to send gun confiscation goons (Honolulu SWAT team above) to enforce the federal ban on pot smoking gun owners.

What kind of law enforcement official would even think it’s a good idea to poke that bear? Never mind send his — make that her — officers into harm’s way to git ‘er done?

That would be Virginia-born, North Carolina-raised Honolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard (above). The officer chosen to replace Chief Kealoha after he was arrested for 20 counts of abuse of power and public corruption.

Anyway, it seems clear that Uncle Sam needs to legalize marijuana, stat. Before someone gets hurt. I mean, someone else . . .

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postheadericon NC Restaurant Puts Up “No Guns” Sign… Guess Who Didn’t Listen

DURHAM, NC — Once again, we have been given an example of the mindset of “banning guns makes people safer” blasted to bits when faced with the brutal reality that criminals don’t operate on those rules with the news of a recent armed robbery of a barbecue restaurant in Durham, NC.

While this story is from a few years back, it’s worth sharing as another example of how ‘no guns’ signs are pretty useless.

According to WTVD:

Authorities said just before 9 p.m. Sunday, three men wearing hoodies entered the restaurant through the back doors with pistols, and forced several staff members to lie on the floor.

The bandits assaulted two employees during the crime, but they were not seriously injured.

Not only was the place robbed, but employees were hurt. They could have been killed.

That danger could have been greatly mitigated by not having a “no guns allowed” sign on their door, as Guns ‘n’ Freedom reports. In fact, I would dare go so far as to say that the management of the store endangered their employees by having that sign there.

It’s grossly irresponsible.

And on a personal note — I am a NC native. I used to love this restaurant, but you better believe that I don’t go there any more. I haven’t been since I got my permit.

It’s too dangerous, and I won’t support a business that actively works to thwart the exercising of my rights.

Please share this story on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you think about this robbery!

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postheadericon 300 Guns Stolen From Unlocked Cars In One Year… In A Single County

VOLUSIA COUNTY, FLORIDA — Having a firearm inside your vehicle can be a great way of being prepared, but what about when you’re not in the vehicle when the gun is? If this is the route that you take, you’d better be damn sure that your firearm is as secure as possible.

Leaving your doors unlocked isn’t a secure method.

Sheriff Mike Chitwood started his first public crime trends meeting with this exact discussion, and he couldn’t believe the numbers when he first heard about them.

“I didn’t think the number would be staggering. That’s 300 guns out in the street,” Chitwood said.

A recent incident involved a deputy who went to the movies and left firearms in his personal vehicle. When he got out of the movies, he discovered his firearm was gone, Chitwood said.

Chitwood was familiar with the local gun theft problem during his decade as Daytona Beach police chief, but said he didn’t expect the numbers of guns taken out of unlocked vehicles to be that high.

But not all firearms were stolen from civilian vehicles. Some were even stolen from unlocked police cars. It seems that everyone is to blame, and negligence is running rampant.

“Those guns aren’t falling into the hands of lawful gun owners,” Chitwood said. “They are out there with thugs and criminals who aren’t supposed to have firearms that are in turn used against citizens.”

According to a national survey conducted by researchers at Harvard and Northeastern universities, there are about 270 million privately-owned firearms in the United States. Of that number, 2.5% of owners have said they have had a firearm stolen in the past 5 years. That amounts to roughly 400,000 stolen firearms each year.

There isn’t anything illegal about keeping a firearm inside a vehicle in FL while you’re not around, but common sense would dictate that you lock your door. And, of course, have the firearm out of sight and preferably locked in something as well.

“Our appeal is to the common sense of gun owners, overwhelmingly, gun owners are law abiding folks who follow the law,” Chitwood said. “But sometimes you have to follow more than the law and that’s common sense.”

It’s something that can be easily avoided in many of these cases by simply locking your vehicle. It’s common sense, and is irresponsible not to do so.

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postheadericon Florida Federal Court Rules That Doctors CAN Ask Patients If They Own Guns

MIAMI-DADE — A Federal Court of Appeals ruled against a recent Florida law that forbid doctors from discussing gun safety with patients. The ruling claims that restricting a doctor’s ability to speak with a patient would be a violation of his or her First Amendment Rights.

via CBS News

“The Second Amendment right to own and possess firearms does not preclude questions about, commentary on, or criticism for the exercise of that right,” wrote Circuit Judge Adalberto Jordan in one of two majority opinions covering 90 pages. “There is no actual conflict between the First Amendment rights of doctors and medical professionals and the Second Amendment rights of patients.”

This opinion was echoed by Circuit Judge William Pryor in a separately published opinion on the ruling.

“The promise of free speech is that even when one holds an unpopular point of view, the state cannot stifle it,” he wrote. “The price Americans pay for this freedom is that the rule remains unchanged regardless of who is in the majority.”

Any law that suppresses speech is as dangerous as any law that suppresses the ownership of firearms. Both can be used in and out-of-context to restrict the liberties of American citizens.

There ought not be any law stopping a medical professional from discussing firearms with a patient. One of the alarming things I’ve seen is the reports of General Practitioners and allied medical professionals asking patients if they own firearms — regardless of whether or not it has anything to do with the actual examination.

To what purpose does that question serve as a general assessment of an individual’s health?

Now, there is no need to prohibit asking such a question. That’s ridiculous and arguably a violation of an individual’s right to free speech. There is also no necessity to answer the question.

If I was to walk into the office of my General Practitioner and he asked if I owned firearms, I could simply not respond. I could say, “I decline to answer the question.”

There’s nothing stopping me from doing so. There’s nothing stopping anyone from declining to answer that line of questioning. If I ever enter into a state where I feel the presence of firearms may be detrimental to my health, I will take the appropriate steps to fix that. Up until that point, my medical well-being has precisely nothing to do with my possession of firearms.

That said, crafting laws intended to restrict basic liberties such as free speech or the possession of firearms is a huge step over the boundaries of what are considered inalienable liberties. We already have enough laws restricting possession, transfer, and ownership of firearms — and plenty that restrict how we communicate and broadcast information. Why add any more if we can help it?

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Mother And Son Security Team Fatally Shoot Two Thugs After They Come At Them With Guns Drawn

BEECH GROVE, INDIANA — Two armed suspects were fatally shot outside a bar and eatery in Beech Grove after they attempted to rob a mother and son security team patrolling outside the area.

According to a statement by Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley, one of the suspects was identified as 29-year-old Seth A. Easley and the other was a 14-year-old boy who has not been identified at this time.

via WTHR News 13

“The child demanded everything you have from both security guards, including a cell phone that was laying on the lap of one of the security guards,” Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley said.

The security team were in a vehicle outside the eatery. The time of the event was around 1 o’clock in the morning. After the 14-year-old and 29-year-old criminals were seen roaming around the entrance of the establishment, security rolled up. One of the security members began calling 911 when the duo were approached by the 14-year-old. The teenager brandished his gun and demanded their possessions. The security team fought back, engaging both suspects with their handguns.

While the Beech Grove mayor recalls this event as a tragedy, it highlights the reality of crime in America. The bad guy may be little more than a kid with a chip on his shoulder, a stolen gun, and something to prove.

In either case, both the boy and his gang handler are dead.

We’d love if the story ended with something else less absolute than death but the sobering truth is that if that boy wanted to live in the first place, he shouldn’t have shoved a gun in someone’s face.

Security guards and store clerks — these are the most common recipients of gang violence because they’re visible and often in places that are poorly protected. Surprise, surprise, these are also the two groups of people that are investing heavily in their own personal protection.

Concealed carriers sometimes get caught in this mess, too. A lot of gangs send young boys off to conduct armed robberies and malicious criminal activities as a means to “prove their worth”. Much like child soldiers are employed in extremely poor countries, we’re now seeing this tactic brought to America.

As a gun owner, it only means one thing: if you’re not carrying everywhere you go, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

I don’t pretend for a second that some 14-year-old boy understands the full ramifications for his actions if he’s stupid enough to point a gun at an armed security guard.

Does this kid — who never took a gun safety class in his life — understand what happens if he applies just a tad more pressure to the trigger? How much does it take for a loaded gun to go bang?

I carry concealed every single day and I suggest my reading audience do the same. I train with my concealed carry gun because I understand precisely how much pressure it takes to make a handgun fire. The answer is not much. And if it’s a teenager pointing a gun at me and he’s nervous enough, I know my life is as good as gone unless I plan on defending myself.

Tough truths for tough times.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Chinese Immigrants Line Up To Buy Guns In California, Taking Advantage Of Right Denied In Their Home Country

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — In the outskirts of Los Angeles, gun stores have seen a surge in interest in gun ownership by Chinese immigrants. In China, a private citizen owning a gun legally is not possible. In the United States, however, we have gun ownership built into our basic Bill of Rights. For Chinese immigrants with a valid Green Card, it’s now an opportunity to exercise a right they would have never experienced otherwise.

The L.A. Times did an interesting piece exploring one gun shop’s experience with Chinese immigrants coming into the shop and surprised that there is a clear path to gun ownership.

“I just tell them don’t be scared. It’s legal here,” one gun shop owner said.

In California, there are basic requirements that must be fulfilled before purchasing a firearm. California is one of the few states targeting the ownership of ammunition, detachable magazines, and magazine capacity amongst many other issues but they still do have a path to gun ownership for its citizens.

Granted, starting January 1st, a lot of firearms will no longer be available on the market. Many Chinese firearm enthusiasts have taken the opportunity in the preceding months to buy up semi-automatic rifles and handguns that would now be considered impossible to purchase under new state restrictions.

“I have short guns, long guns, handguns, AR-15s, rifles. I bought one, then I just kept buying more,” one gun owner told the L.A. Times.

For many of the people who talking with the Los Angeles Times, they described their interest as mostly entertainment. A lot of them admitted to going to the ranges on the weekend. Retirees see it as a leisure activity that they find exhilarating and challenging.

We hope some of them have pursued the process in Los Angeles County to get their concealed carry permit.

Overall, the article definitely highlights the importance of one of the fundamental rights of living in the United States. We are allowed to own firearms. These firearms can be used for leisure and sport but, if need be, they can also be used to save our lives.

And, for those willing to move a state or two over to the right, you may just get a much better selection of firearms to choose from — and an easier process to carry those guns wherever you go.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Security Guard Defends Himself After Man Attempts To Run Him Down With Vehicle — Why Guns Matter

COLUMBUS, OHIO — A security guard rushed to the aid of a woman who was assaulted by a 25-year-old male suspect. When the suspect was forced to retreat, he got into his car and attempted to strike the security guard with his vehicle. Thankfully, the security guard was armed.

When Columbus police arrived on the scene, they found the driver of the car collapsed against the steering column. He had a grave gunshot wound to his upper torso that is believed to have come from the security guard defending his own life. They rushed him to a nearby medical center where the suspect’s condition remains critical.

According to Columbus’ ABC 6 News, police say the security guard fired a single shot in self-defense. He was properly licensed to carry a firearm and investigators believe he shot the suspect out of fear for his own life and safety.

Prior to the defensive gun use, the security guard said he rushed to a woman’s aid as she was being assaulted in a parking lot. The man who assaulted her then got into his car and attempted to ram the security guard. The security guard was able to fire one shot and strike his attacker in the upper torso, causing him to crash. No charges have been filed against the gun carrier.

This is why it’s so important to be armed every single day. Whether your profession is security or you’re just doing some holiday shopping at the mall, it’s important to keep your gun on you at all times. There is absolutely no telling what craziness will occur around you. As for this security guard, he obviously took his job seriously. When seeing a person in distress, he came to her aid. In the course of doing that, he was forced to defend his own life.

If he had been struck by the vehicle, he could have been seriously injured or killed. That’s no way to go out in this world while you’re simply trying to help others survive. As for his attacker, he can look forward to facing charges when and if he ever leaves that hospital. There’s angry people in this world and unfortunately, as security or just a person who interacts with the public a lot, you’re bound to run into at least one sooner or later.

Keeping that gun on you, knowing how and when to use it properly, and maintaining simple situational awareness can inevitably save your life. Your life is worth it. Carry everyday.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Halloween Around The Corner: How To Deal With Fake Guns

Halloween. That time of the year you get to see just how disgusting that coworker can look in an undead nurse’s outfit. It’s also an excuse for adults to get together and dress as whatever their id secretly desires.

Jokes aside, Halloween is a great fun time held by both children and adults. For children, it’s an excuse to get free candy. But plenty of inspiration for decent costumes comes with a need for prop weaponry or guns.

In this article, we’ll try to outline our best suggestions when it comes to ensuring you dress appropriately.

A real gun is not a prop. It is a tool you use to defend your life. Do not use a real gun as a prop… Especially if alcohol or other mind-altering substances will be consumed.

If you do not plan on drinking or consuming anything that will impair your judgement, feel free to keep your handgun concealed. In fact, it may even be a good thing that you’re a concealed carrier. But do not use that gun as a prop device in your costume.

Realistic Rules For Fake Gun Props

The best rules we can come up with for fake guns are reduced to two basic components:

  • It must not be mechanically able to load a round.
  • Nothing should be able to exit the barrel.

If the fake gun has functioning mechanics (i.e. you can rack the slide to the rear or it has an open barrel) it should have the following:

  • A bright, visible barrel plug
  • A bright neon plastic marker in the chamber to indicate that nothing is loaded into it.

If you’re stuck working security at a shin-dig, you should always inspect every fake gun as it comes in through the door to ensure that it could never be confused for a real one. If it could be because of either mechanics or design, make sure it is permanently decommissioned prior to being used as a prop at an event.


Additionally, we recommend that all prop melee weapons and firearms be anchored to their respective holsters by either a zip-tie or other device which will be permanently broken if tampered with.

This is the best way you can safely know that the props being used as costume pieces will not pose an undue risk to other people at the event.

While we were researching this article, we found it helpful (and strangely educational) to go through cosplay and anime convention rules and regulations concerning fake weapon props. As you may or may not know, grown adults dress up as their favorite fictional cartoon characters and attend conventions. Those costumes often include fake props. As many conventions have strict no gun policies, they have to check incoming attendees for actual firearms and melee weapons. This requires them to come up with regulations dictating where the cut-off exists.

How Some Anime Conventions Dictate ‘Real’ Versus ‘Fake’ Weapon Props

Everything can be a potential weapon in the right (or wrong) circumstances. The best rule is to simply not be an idiot but we’ve found that’s extremely hard to legislate.

At anime and cosplay events, organizations are responsible for checking and clearing all props entered into the event. This is a process called ‘peace bonding’. It requires certifying that the prop is indeed not usable as a conventional firearm or melee weapon.

We’ve directly referenced one Anime Expo’s rules and regulations to give an idea of what they would generally allow in through the door. While that’s just one private organization, we’ve struck through lines that are not relevant to give an idea of conventions commonly adopted by events that typically have fake weapons filtering in through the door.

via Anime Expo rules and regulations concerning fake guns and weapons

Peace Bonding Rules

If a prop weapon is, or was, at any time capable of firing anything, it must be rendered permanently inoperable in order to qualify for Peace Bonding. You can do this by, for example, permanently plugging the barrel with glue, caulk, or any non-removable substance. You must be able to prove that the gun is permanently decommissioned upon inspection. Bring tools if necessary.

In addition, to be Peace Bonded, your weapon must meet the following criteria:

  • Your prop weapon can’t be more than 7 feet (2.13 meters) long or weigh more than 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms).
  • Prop explosives cannot be made out of metal.

CONCEALED NATION EDITORIAL NOTE: Actual explosives don’t need a metal case to be dangerous.

  • All swords or bladed martial arts weapons must be blunt-edged and cannot have any sort of cutting or sharpened edge (no live steel). Metal swords must have a sheath and must remain in the sheath for the duration of the Event. Whenever possible, for the purposes of keeping metal swords in sheaths, we recommend anchoring the sword to the sheath. We also reserve the right to anchor bladed weapons shut.

CONCEALED NATION EDITORIAL NOTE: Anchoring bladed weapons in their sheath is not a bad idea to demonstrate that they cannot be readily used as a cutting implement.

  • All prop bows must be unstrung or have a low-tensile thread.
  • All prop arrows must have non-metal, blunted tips.

CONCEALED NATION EDITORIAL NOTE: Blunted arrows are potentially as dangerous as bladed ones. In fact, when hunting small game like rabbits or squirrels, a blunted-tip arrow can be extremely effective.

  • Metal chains must be less than 12 inches long and no more than one inch thick.
    Non-metal chains must be under a reasonable length so as not to pose a safety or fire hazard.

If your prop weapon looks realistic, then federal law requires that it either be translucent enough to see inside, or be at least half covered with solid white or bright red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, or purple. 15 CFR § 1150.3.

As we can see, cos-players and anime conventions are just a limited source of wisdom when it comes to checking weapons or guns for a dangerous capacity.

Federal regulations also have very limited reach when it comes to marking props.

Accordingly, 15 CFR § 1150.3 states explicitly:

It shall be unlawful for any person to manufacture, enter into commerce, ship, transport, or receive any toy, look-alike, or imitation firearm unless such firearm contains, or has affixed to it, a marking approved by the Secretary of Commerce, as provided in subsection (b).

Looking at pictures of fake guns, we’re pretty sure you’d have to use a magnifying glass to check for those signs.

So, in conclusion:

  • Make sure all prop firearms and melee weapons are marked as such.
  • Anchor all weapons to respective holsters with a tamper-free device such as a zip-tie.
  • Make sure all non-firing firearms have barrel plugs and chamber empty indicators.

Have a happy Halloween and be safe out there!

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Baltimore Wants To Ban Replica Guns… Are Plastic Sporks And Bars Of Soap Next?

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND — Following the shooting death of a teen in Ohio who brandished a replica pistol and a similar case in Baltimore where another teen pointed a replica pistol at a police officer, Baltimore lawmakers want to ban possession of these toys to save their youth from a similar fate.

via the Baltimore Sun

“The sentiment behind it is pretty clear,”Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said. “This gives the police another tool to make sure we protect kids.”

How this will actually save kids is completely unknown. For instance, if a teenager points a replica pistol at police, the police officer will still interpret that gun as a real one and defend his life… Because people want to go home after their shift is over. Criminals don’t discriminate with age. You can have a 16-year-old defending your turf, roaming the streets with a loaded handgun or a replica or a BB gun. It’s all the same illegal, criminal enterprise.

The only person that’s going to know is him and whatever police investigator is inspecting the crime scene.

Previous state efforts to ban the manufacture and sale of replica firearms have failed multiple times at General Assembly. The hold-up? Not every part of Maryland is like Baltimore. There are plenty of places that aren’t experiencing a great number of issues with teenagers committing violent crimes or impersonating the use of actual handguns to commit violent crimes. That’s a Baltimore problem.

In the vast majority of the country, people can be depended upon to be mostly law-abiding and their children mostly non-criminally violent.

Somehow, though, we keep running into the same types of incidents in Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore, and Washington: dumb kids waving fake or real guns around and getting shot because they’re seen as threats.

As we can’t outlaw stupid, we’re left with outlawing every single article or device that they could potentially get their hands on. Ostensibly this is to “protect the kids”.

The kids don’t need protecting. They need to be educated on reality. It doesn’t matter what TV show they watch or how much their parents don’t pay attention to them, if they threaten the life of another human being, that person is not obligated to make the distinction between a BB gun or real gun.

Age is no longer a factor the second a physical life is unlawfully threatened.

Concealed carriers and gun owners have largely figured this out. Unfortunately, it seems like until Baltimore, Cleveland, Chicago, and other major crime-riddled cities do, they’re just going to ban everything that can even remotely resemble a weapon — likely penalizing plenty of people who had no intent of misusing those devices in the first place.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Before The Feds Crack Down On Guns, It’d Be Nice If They Could Account For Their Own

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Official reports show that around 165 Department of Homeland Security firearms were lost or stolen in a period of 31 months. In and amongst the other stolen items of interest include official DHS badges and credentials used to gain access to sensitive areas.

The Department of Homeland Security is getting our “Irresponsible Gun Owner” of the month award.

via Complete Colorado

“Law enforcement credentials, badges or ID cards can be used to access areas closed to the public, restricted access areas, and allow a person to pose as a law enforcement official where lax inspection of the credential to match it with the person carrying it allows that person entry to restricted areas,” Michael Brown, former Undersecretary of Homeland Security and Director of FEMA told Complete Colorado by email. “Possession of these kinds of credentials gives terrorists or criminals the basic information needed to counterfeit other credentials.”

This follows in the footsteps of ATF’s new measure to classify wet nitrocellulose as an explosive and potentially change the way ammunition is sold. Wet nitrocellulose is a primary ingredient in many ammunition primers. By not classifying the substance as an explosive, restrictions on selling and shipping ammunition have been relatively lax by comparison of the shipment of substances classified as explosives.

via ATF Bulletin

“We are aware that the U.S. Department of Transportation may assign a nonexplosive classification to nitrocellulose when it has been wetted with water or alcohol. This is based, in part, on the diminished likelihood of explosion in a transportation accident. Because the nitrocellulose retains its explosive characteristics when the water or alcohol is removed, the wetted nitrocellulose remains a nitrocellulose explosive, subject to the licensing, safety and security requirements of the Federal explosives regulations.”

For those who may be unfamiliar with the many heads of the hydra known as the Department of Homeland Security, let’s discuss where the majority of these credentials, badges, and guns went missing:

  • Customs and Border Protection (CBP)
  • Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

In the midst of an unprecedented wave of terrorism in Europe, how could we ever imagine that having some hooligan faking the funk on immigration and borders would bite us in the proverbial rear?

So, while the Federal government decides to strip Medical Marijuana recipients of their right to possess firearms and carry concealed, and rules against concealed carry as a constitutional right, AND tries to classify the principle ingredient in ammunition primers as an explosive regulated under the ATF… We’re somehow neglecting to watch our own borders and ports of entry?

Here’s the thing — if the government was actually serious about making this country safer, it wouldn’t be concealed carriers or otherwise law-abiding citizens that they would need to worry about.

We’re not the problem.

We don’t need serialized bullets, Chicago.

We don’t want to be restricted when entering into state buildings, Virginia.

And we certainly don’t think people should be held civilly liable for defending themselves inside their home, Oregon.

And if you can’t secure basic things like the ports-of-entry, customs, and borders… Why should we be the ones to bear the brunt of that security breach?

It doesn’t make sense.

That’s why we need to be concealed carriers. We need to protect our homes and communities because it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the federal government doesn’t know or doesn’t care what happens when 3,000 badges go missing and about 195 of their federally-issued guns go off the books.

We have to look out for each other. We’re not given any other good options.

Concealed Nation