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postheadericon WATCH: AR-15 Owner Destroys Gun On TV To Help End Mass Shootings

As I sat here sucking on a ring pop that my fiancée bought, I was trying to think of something more ridiculous than a grown man sucking on a ring pop. True story.

Then, I was shown the way when California resident Chad Vachter stepped into my life via the internet.

Vachter was looking for some publicity, and boy has he received it. It’s not the first time that someone has destroyed or turned in firearms to show their support to end mass shootings, and it certainty won’t be the last.

He’s a gun owner and 2nd Amendment supporter, but damn, he’s doing it the wrong way.

For those with weak stomachs, you may not want to watch this beautiful rifle meet it’s end:

He told reporters, who were conveniently there during the destruction;

“I can’t do it,” he said. “I can’t have something in my house that so easily could become a part of another situation like that, and I’m not going to be desensitized to it. I refuse to.”

It almost sounds like he’s scared that he will go commit a mass shooting. Of course that’s not the case, but is he really afraid that it’ll be stolen and used to kill people? If it’s properly stored, that shouldn’t happen.

Oh well. Back to the media attention.

“The other night, when I read the thing about the school in northern California, I cried and I haven’t felt good since,” he said. “And although I’m still sad for all those victims and all the people affected, I feel like I’ve done the only thing that I can do in this equation. Even if it’s just a small thing, I did my part to make things better.”

Vachter did keep some of his guns, including a shotgun and a pistol. He may be unaware, but given his logic, he should have instead destroyed the pistol. Those are used in mass shooting far more than rifles.

I hope that Vachter doesn’t ever have to face a mass shooter like hero Stephen Willeford did in Texas. His now-destroyed AR-15 would have been a much better candidate against a  gunman in a similar situation.

He also encourages other gun owners to follow suit and do as he did to their ‘assault weapons’. It’s nice that he used the term, since we know that the media eats it up like I’m eating this ring pop.

In closing, I’d like to counter Vachter’s address to gun owners looking to take him up on his request;

Instead of destroying your firearms so as to keep them out of the hands of the next mass shooter, get in contact with me so that we can arrange them to be shipped and taken into my possession. I have the means of properly storing them, so they won’t be stolen. It’s because I’m responsible.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon Canadian SMBs: How technology can help you stay energized

Canadian small and medium businesses (SMBs) use a multitude of skills and resources to continuously improve all aspects of their companies’ performance.

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postheadericon Canadian SMBs: How technology can help you have a better start in business

A recent Ipsos survey, found that only 26 per cent of Canadian SMBs feel very confident that their business and its information is safe from cyberattacks

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postheadericon Introducing the FlashRouters Help Center

Have questions about open-source routers? Curious about VPNs? Need help with your WiFi setup? Allow us to introduce the FlashRouters Help Center.

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postheadericon Secure your router: How to help prevent the next internet takedown

Secure your router, says ESET’s Lysa Myers. It can help protect all of your connected devices while they are in your home.

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postheadericon Microsoft announces SAP’s choice of Azure to help enterprises transform HR

REDMOND, Wash. – Oct. 18, 2016 – Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday announced an expanded partnership with SAP to provide public cloud services for the SAP® SuccessFactors® HCM Suite. SAP will make its cloud-based human capital management solutions available on Microsoft Azure over the next five years. This is SAP’s first move to supplement its own infrastructure and operate SAP SuccessFactors solutions in a third-party public cloud, recognizing the experience both companies have in supporting global enterprise clients. With the addition of Azure, SAP has a trusted, global cloud and a powerful data platform to help it drive companies’ human resources transformation, and the potential to dramatically improve business outcomes.

“Microsoft and SAP share a commitment to empowering digital transformation across every aspect of business,” said Judson Althoff, executive vice president, Worldwide Commercial Business at Microsoft. “The combination of SAP’s market-leading, innovative human capital management solutions with Microsoft’s intelligent cloud will equip companies around the world to help maximize the potential and skills of their most valuable asset, their people.”

SAP will have significant additional capacity to run operational workloads of SAP SuccessFactors solutions on Azure, beginning with demo environments, to support its continuing client user growth. Azure provides enterprise-grade security, an open developer platform and advanced data services that organizations of all kinds can use to innovate and grow. With nearly 90 percent of the Fortune 500 as customers, the Microsoft Cloud is offered in more worldwide datacenter regions than any other major cloud provider.

“SAP SuccessFactors is the fastest growing core HR solution, and offers an unmatched depth and breadth across the entire HCM suite, of any vendor in the industry,” said Mike Ettling, president of SAP SuccessFactors. “We’ve seen exponential growth in the past two years, with 42 million users now benefiting from our market-leading solutions. In selecting Azure, we will be able to expand our reach even further, with the reliability that is required of these mission-critical applications, and continue to innovate and enhance services to meet client needs across additional environments.”

This deal builds on the longstanding partnership between Microsoft and SAP, including integrations between Office 365 and SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite, as well as SAP Fieldglass® Vendor Management System, SAP Ariba® and Concur® solutions. The Microsoft and SAP partnership also includes broad support for the SAP HANA® platform on Azure to enable companies to deliver mission-critical applications and data analytics from the cloud. Microsoft recently announced the general availability of Azure large instances, hardware configurations specifically designed for the largest and most demanding SAP workloads. SAP now enables its customers to build and deploy custom mobile hybrid SAP Fiori® apps on SAP HANA Cloud Platform that can be managed, deployed and protected with Microsoft Intune.

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

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postheadericon Know your enemy: Training can help avoid cybersecurity pitfalls

European Cyber Security Month offers a great opportunity to remind people of some of the practices that can boost their cybersecurity skills.

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postheadericon ‘Concealed Carry No Help In Orlando’ — We Disagree

In just the little time that has passed since a deadly mass shooting claimed the lives of several dozen men and women in a nightclub in Orlando, plenty of fodder has been added to the fire to stoke the flames of the gun control debate.

There have been ample debates online and even some political action towards pushing an agenda in the wake of an incident.

One thing we can definitely see from the preliminary FBI investigation results is that the man who conducted this attack had a history of suspicious activity and he targeted a place where the majority of people were likely to not have been armed. These are two ingredients which, alone, spell disaster.

Unfortunately, now we’re also starting to get into the debate of whether or not a concealed carrier would have been in a position to stop this attack.

The Register-Guard of Eugene, Oregon, had an op-ed submitted by someone who reportedly has direct knowledge of dealing with firearms and suggests that a concealed carrier would have been ineffective against an attack of this magnitude.

We respectfully disagree.

Concealed carriers have and will continue to stop mass shootings.

We specifically made an article covering several specific instances where a concealed carrier stopped a shooter before he could inflict more casualties.

But we’ve also covered stories where a concealed carrier tries and fails to stop a mass shooter.

Even in that tragic case, which we covered in this article, he still managed to slow the attacker down and give time for people in the area to escape and seek shelter.

That’s where a concealed carrier comes into play.

If he cannot neutralize an attacker outright, he can at least buy time for others to get to safety.

Anything that slows down an attack or forces to the attacker to lose his initiative can directly translate into lives saved.

Would one or more concealed carriers in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando stopped the mass shooting from taking place? That’s impossible to know because there was no reported return fire. We can’t armchair general prior events and pretend one change here or there would have changed the outcome. If anyone was armed, they were more concerned with leaving than staying and fighting.

And, to be honest, that is completely the decision of the concealed carrier. The concealed carrier has the right to not come to the aid of others. If a man or woman inside the nightclub had been armed and chosen not to wait around to exchange fire with the attacker, that’s his prerogative. Concealed carriers are not sworn officers of the law and are under no obligation to rush to the assistance of anyone but themselves, their own family, and their property.

We’d like to think a concealed carrier would — but it’s impossible to know.

There’s also the chance that a concealed carrier is shot and neutralized before he or she has a chance to pull his gun and return fire. That is also a possibility. There’s numerous potential for missed opportunities to save lives.

However, to say that a concealed carrier would not have been effective is a direct underestimation of who we have historically been in our own community.

Train how to plan to fight. The basics of firearm safety and marksmanship will always apply. Now, apply them to advanced drills and techniques intended to give you the best defensive advantage while placing your attackers in the worst possible spot.

Train for realistic scenarios. No one is going to pick a gunfight with you at a shooting range. Your defensive gun use scenario, if it is going to occur, is going to occur in a place that’s likely inconvenient for you — like at the check-out line at a gas station or while you’re asleep on the couch in the living room. Train for the scenarios where you intend to fight.

Train for realistic expectations. If you think you’re going to pinpoint one dude right between the eyes in a crowded train station or restaurant, you may need to do some really advanced training schools to get those results. Don’t expect miracles if you’re not trained to perform them.

Firearm safety always exist. It doesn’t matter if it’s the range or a crowded bar, the basics of firearm safety always apply and the law always applies.

Bring a designated concealed carrier if you plan on drinking. If you’re going to be impaired, have a sober set of eyes as your backup.

Concealed Nation

postheadericon UK police force hire ‘Britain’s greatest fraudster’ to help tackle cybercrime

Once described as ‘Britain’s greatest online fraudster’, reformed Tony Sales has been hired by West Midlands Police in the UK to help tackle ongoing cybercrime.

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postheadericon Microsoft announces solutions to help businesses modernize in the digital world

BARCELONA, Spain — Nov. 30, 2015 Monday, at its annual Convergence EMEA conference, Microsoft Corp. introduced new innovations that will enable companies to succeed in a mobile-first, cloud-first world. Chief Marketing Officer Chris Capossela detailed new capabilities in Microsoft Office 365, including meetings and voice services in Skype for Business; announced the worldwide availability of its customer engagement solution, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016; and introduced Microsoft PowerApps, a new enterprise service empowering employees to create the apps they need, connect to business systems in a secure way and easily share their apps with coworkers.

In a new commissioned study of European business and IT leaders, Forrester Consulting found widespread recognition of the importance of digital transformation in their organizations, and the need to dramatically reshape their business around customer outcomes and desires. The innovations Microsoft announced Monday are aimed at helping businesses achieve this by igniting entirely new ways to collaborate and intelligently engage with customers. Through comprehensive first-party solutions such as Office 365 and Dynamics CRM, along with innovations that empower businesses to rapidly create new business apps and easily share them on any device, organizations can control and drive their own transformation.

“As businesses strive to keep up with the pace of change, they are looking to technology to drive digital transformation,” Capossela said. “Microsoft can help businesses achieve their transformations by empowering individuals and organizations with innovative solutions that unleash the productivity and potential of their workforce, spur entirely new ways of collaborating, and infuse intelligence into their systems and processes.”

New Office 365 enterprise capabilities

Today marks the general availability of new capabilities in Office 365 that modernize the enterprise across meetings and voice, intelligence, and security and privacy. These new services represent the single most significant release of new enterprise value in the history of Office 365:

  • A complete meeting and voice solution. With Skype Meeting Broadcast, Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) Conferencing, PSTN Calling and Cloud Private Branch Exchange, Office 365 customers now have one platform for calling, conferencing, video and sharing integrated with the Office applications they use every day.
  • Analytics and data visualization. Delve Analytics empowers individuals by providing rich, interactive dashboards that surface insights into how they spend their time and who they spend it with, so they can focus on the tasks and people that matter most.
  • Advanced security and compliance. Customer Lockbox offers customers full control over access to their data in Office 365 by giving them ultimate approval rights in the rare instances when a Microsoft engineer must request access to the service. Office 365 Advanced eDiscovery brings machine learning and text analytics that reduce the costs and risks inherent in managing large quantities of data for e-discovery.

Starting today, these capabilities along with Power BI and Advanced Threat Protection are available to customers in a new premium enterprise suite, Office 365 E5.

“We need a strong voice and meetings solution that meets the evolving needs of our business and our employees,” said Andre Garcia, assistant vice president of Global Infrastructure Services in IT at ABM. “Office 365 with Skype for Business is a game changer. It will give us the ability to consolidate on a single platform for all our productivity and voice services, reducing our costs and complexity while giving employees the flexibility they need to get their jobs done no matter where they are or what device they are using.”

Dynamics CRM 2016 now generally available

Beginning today, Dynamics CRM 2016 will be generally available for online and on-premises deployments. The most comprehensive CRM release to date, Dynamics CRM 2016 includes advancements in intelligence, mobility and service, with significant productivity enhancements to help businesses and customer-facing employees achieve more.

Data and intelligence are critical components of next-generation customer engagement, and Dynamics CRM 2016 delivers intelligent capabilities that surface insights to enable sales, marketing and service professionals to make quicker decisions and take action. Powered by Azure Machine Learning models, Dynamics CRM 2016 previews capabilities such as intelligent product recommendations for sales reps to personalize up-selling and recommended knowledge articles to more effectively resolve customer service issues.

This version of Dynamics CRM will preview industry-leading, full offline capabilities for mobile professionals on phones and tablets and across all major platforms. Dynamics CRM 2016 also provides the ability to create task-centered mobile apps to streamline the completion of customer-facing activities, like meeting follow-ups, and Cortana integration that surfaces data to drive proactive interaction and voice-driven CRM.

Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts is one such customer that knows the benefits firsthand. “To transform how you operate and to become a leader requires an internal transformation,” said Abdullatif Awadh, director of customer relationship marketing at Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts. “We found Microsoft Dynamics CRM had what we needed, and now we’re shifting our focus to ensure our campaigns are relevant to the guest, rather than the business, because it’s the guest who drives our business.”

Earlier this month Microsoft also announced the next version of its flagship ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Introduction of PowerApps

The way businesses work is changing, with employees more mobile than ever before. Consumer applications have evolved rapidly and employee expectations have followed suit. However, limited developer resources mean business apps haven’t kept pace with employee demand. In fact, Gartner predicts, “through 2017, the market demand for mobile app development services will grow at least five times faster than internal IT organization capacity to deliver them.”* To address this, today Microsoft introduced PowerApps, a new service that empowers employees to create the apps they need, connected to business systems in a secure way, and easily share their apps with coworkers. Available in preview, PowerApps helps businesses create employee-facing apps of all kinds, from the simplest app — like an employee survey — to long-lived, mission-critical apps that connect to line-of-business systems and cloud services and run on any device.

PowerApps benefits the entire organization:

  • Employees. Quickly create apps that work on any device, using the familiar Microsoft Office experience, with no coding required.
  • Professional developers. Expose data and services to empower employees to innovate on their own, and continue to create native Web and mobile apps and APIs with Azure App Service.
  • IT professionals. Manage organizational data and app sharing in a controlled and secure way.

PowerApps makes it easy to get an app up and running within minutes, with built-in data connections to SaaS services like Office 365, Dynamics, Salesforce, Dropbox and OneDrive in addition to on-premises business systems including SharePoint, SQL Server, Oracle databases, SAP and more. The service provides a familiar, Office-like experience for creating new business apps, templates to help get started quickly and a visual designer for automating workflows. These tools work in concert with enterprise-grade services for professional developers and IT professionals, so everyone can work together to unlock new business agility.

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) is the leading platform and productivity company for the mobile-first, cloud-first world, and its mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

* Gartner, The Enterprise App Explosion: Scaling One to 100 Mobile Apps, Adrian Leow, 07 May 2015


Note to editors: For more information, news and perspectives from Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft News Center at Web links, telephone numbers and titles were correct at time of publication, but may have changed. For additional assistance, journalists and analysts may contact Microsoft’s Rapid Response Team or other appropriate contacts listed at


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