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postheadericon Here’s Why You Don’t Get Stupid Drunk And Enter The Wrong Home

Tuolumne County, California — A man, highly intoxicated after being at a party, tried to enter a home and was forced to run away after being shot by a woman who believed him to be breaking in. Police believe that the man, who had been at a party, simply tried to enter a place that he thought was the party.

The man’s BAC was .250 which is three times the legal limit for the state. When the woman at home noticed the attempted break-in, she secured her windows and doors and called 911 to report the incident. She also hid her children upstairs.

Then, she armed herself with a handgun.

Authorities said that while she was on the phone with a dispatcher, the intruder entered the home through a door. The resident fired one shot at him and causing an injury that was not life-threatening, police said.

The man fled and was found by police in a neighboring home where he’d been attending a party just before breaking into the woman’s house, officials said.

The man hasn’t been charged with any crimes yet, but police are still investigating the case. He was taken to the hospital after the incident and treated for his injuries.

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postheadericon Worrying about data privacy isn’t enough: Here’s how to own your online presence

ESET’s Ondrej Kubovič: “Worrying about privacy isn’t enough” – here’s how to control your data privacy and online presence.

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postheadericon Chicago Anti-Gunners Tell Stores To Discriminate Against Concealed Carriers — Here’s How The Stores Reacted

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Groups of ‘concerned citizens’ are now proverbially up-in-arms about Chicago retailers that refuse to post ‘gun free zone’ signs in their businesses.  Peaceful Communities in Northbrook and the Joint Action Committee for Political Affairs in Highland Park … Continue reading
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postheadericon Here’s A New Gun That Aims To Make The Bad Guy’s Job Safer By Removing The Occupational Hazards

Say hello to SALT, the gun that aims to try and take out the bad guy without actually hurting him. Because we wouldn’t want that. Hmm. First, watch the video above. I’ll wait. Here’s the concept: This gun shoots a … Continue reading
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postheadericon Oregon Gunman Killed Himself Once Police Closed In – Here’s Why I’m Not Surprised

In the newest information to come out of the horrible tragedy at an Oregon university on Thursday, it is now known that the gunman took his own life once police started to close in. That’s right; once faced with armed … Continue reading
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postheadericon Here’s One Way To Stop A Home Intruder: Hogtie Them

KENOSHA, WISCONSIN — While this story doesn’t have to do with firearms, it does have to do with a home invasion attempt. It also has something to do with a unique way to make sure the home invader doesn’t get … Continue reading
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postheadericon Did GCHQ illegally spy on you? Here’s how to find out

Law enforcement agencies shouldn’t be above the law.

Find out if the UK’s GCHQ illegally spied on you…

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