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postheadericon New WannaCryptor-like ransomware attack hits globally: all you need to know

Numerous reports are coming out on social media about a new ransomware attack in Ukraine, which could be related to the Petya family.

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postheadericon US court hits Russian PoS hacker with record 27 year jail sentence

Russian hacker receives the longest sentence ever handed down for hacking-related charges in the United States.

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postheadericon New crypto-ransomware hits macOS

This last month we have seen a new ransomware for Mac. Written in Swift, it is distributed on BitTorrent distribution site as “Patcher” for pirating popular software.

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postheadericon Ransomware attack hits St Louis Public library

If you were trying to use the public computers at St Louis Public Library this week you may have experienced more than your fair share of problems.

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postheadericon Spotify Free hits sour note with infected ads

Some users of the ad-supported music streaming service Spotify Free got more hits than they bargained for, according to numerous reports.

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postheadericon Ohio Hits Record Number Of Concealed Carry Permits

COLUMBUS, OHIO — According to a quarterly report published by the Ohio Attorney General’s office, there are now an estimated half million concealed carriers living in the Buckeye state. This number constitutes somewhere in vicinity of four percent of the population. Is concealed carry growing or is it merely growing with normal population growth?

The news published an article highlighting the specifics of this report and generally noted that the rate at which concealed carry permits were being issued has been markedly up from previous quarters — 36,118 to be specific. This is supposed to be some record and shows a sharp spike in both applications and issuance.

That article cites Jim Irvine, president of the Buckeye Firearms Association board of directors, as saying that the increase is due to a decrease in the required amount of training time required for the application. The new requirement is eight hours of mandatory training versus the previous twelve hour training requirement.

That is one rational explanation for the increase. It could also be the changing viewpoint in the American public as a whole. Just in this past year, we’ve seen quite a few major events unfold that have brought awareness to the need for individuals to be able to defend themselves, their families, their businesses, and their property. It’s not just the mass shooting events, either. More and more stories surface on a daily basis of both concealed carriers and gun owners having to use deadly force to protect themselves.

The crime statistics have not notably changed much in the past few years but the visibility of those crimes have.


This decrease, however, does not indicate whether or not criminals are either becoming smarter about their targets and thus participating in fewer violent offenses or there’s just a lull.

One thing is for sure, the more concealed carriers that are out there, the greater the probability that a good guy with a gun will be ready, willing, and able to stop bad guys from ruining the day.

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postheadericon Another malware wave hits Europe, mainly downloading ransomware Locky

ESET LiveGrid® telemetry shows a spike in detections of the JS/Danger.ScriptAttachment malware in several European countries.

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postheadericon Microsoft technology hits the high seas with Royal Caribbean International

REDMOND, Wash. — Aug. 25, 2014 — Royal Caribbean Cruises International is providing its 40,000 crew members with Windows 8.1 tablets. Crew members of Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, Quantum of the Seas, will be the first to receive the 8-inch Windows-based tablets built by HEXA for the cruise line. The tablets will feature services such as Bing, Skype, Office 365 and OneDrive. Rollout will begin in October and is expected to be completed by the end of December with every shipboard employee in the Royal Caribbean fleet receiving a tablet.

Richard D. Fain, chairman and CEO of Royal Caribbean Cruises, made the announcement Monday in Papenburg, Germany, at a technology reveal of the Quantum of the Seas, a new ship reimagined with technology to take the vacation experience to a whole new level. Fain said, “The Royal Caribbean men and women who provide such great vacations are the real heroes of our fleet, and these gifts demonstrate our appreciation in a tangible way. This technology isn’t only about giving our guests a better vacation — it’s about giving our crew and their families a closer connection than we’ve ever been able to.”

The Windows tablets will enable crew members to keep in closer contact with family members and friends while away from home. With a personal tablet, crew members will be able to keep family members up to date by talking face-to-face via Skype, sharing photos on OneDrive and getting things done with Office 365. With Windows 8.1, the device provides a modern, touch-friendly experience that will easily accommodate the active and mobile lifestyle of crew members.

“Royal Caribbean is using technology to transform experiences for guests and crew members, and we’re thrilled to partner with them on their journey. Microsoft cloud and mobile technologies are going to help Royal Caribbean crew members who represent so many countries around the world stay in touch with their family and friends,” said Jane Boulware, vice president of U.S. Windows Devices. “With a tablet in hand, a father can attend a parent-teacher conference, a mother can review her son’s book report and friends can check each other’s Facebook posts.”

The Quantum of the Seas will include Microsoft technology onboard as well. Guests aboard the Quantum will be able to take advantage of Xbox One consoles on board to play games with friends around the world or enjoy entertainment at sea — all available for the first time through Xbox Live and via the ship’s unprecedented connectivity. The new ship also will leverage a mobile point-of-sale system that is powered by sleek Dell Venue 8 Pro tablets featuring the VeriFone payment sleeve, which includes card swipe, bar code reader and RFID reader.

Read more about the Royal Caribbean news on the Windows for Business Blog. More information about how organizations are turning to Microsoft technology is available on the Microsoft Customer Spotlight newsroom.

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