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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Jeff and his S&W Shield 9mm in a Magnetic Force Holster


My S&W Performance Center ported Shield in 9mm with my Magnetic Force holster.

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Jeff and his Smith & Wesson .38 Special in a JM4 Tactical Holster


1) Smith&Wesson. .38 special

2) JM4 tactical IWB leather holster

3) more concealed, and you can not see the print of the gun or holster in my pants

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Kevin and his Glock 26 or 19 in a Raven Vanguard Holster


My carry set up consists of my Glock 26 or Glock 19. My 17 is just a little long in the barrel for me to carry comfortably with the Raven Vanguard Basic Holster. Just don’t have the body type. I carry at the 12:00 to 1:00 position.

I carry the Glocks of course because of the reliability but also the interchangeability of the magazines. I always carry the Glock 17 magazine as a spare in my left front pant pocket so I have an extra 17 rounds….always.

The Vanguard VG2 holster gives me full trigger coverage and also an adjustable ride height and cant. A leather loop attaches to the belt to secure the weapon. Very heavy duty and extreme quality. What I love most about the holster however is that in the summer time I can position the firearm on the outside between the pants and belt to avoid the moisture issue. This is also nice in the winter if you’ve had to lock your weapon in the car because of carry restrictions. I hate ice cold steel against the skin. Just have to wear my shirts out for coverage….which I do anyway.

Like most people I’ve tried 1/2 dozen different holsters for my various (past) carry weapons. This set up is just is my personal preference. I digmyrig.

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Philip and his Sig Sauer P229 in a BLACKHAWK! Serpa Holster


As a CCW carrier (and a graduate of a LE academy but not a officer), these are the things that I carry on my belt everyday and the reason why. Starting from the top of the photo and moving down left to right:

A pair of Smith & Wesson cuffs. Why? You never know when you might actually need them. During the time that DO NOT NEED THEM; when seen by non carriers (or potential perpetrators), they send an unconscious (and open) message to those that see you that you are not a threat to them or the law abiding general public without have to say a single word of explanation.

Next is the ammunition loaded: I carry two types of rounds in a very specific order. I always carry a round loaded in chamber. That round is a GLASER SILVER TIPPED FRAGMENTABLE. Why? Because you not only have to think of your own safety, but the safety of the public around you as well.

Also, most gunfights occur at distances of 10 to 5 feet away. At those distances, the Glaser is very effective with proper shot placement while significantly reducing the risks associated with a shoot-thru or a complete miss altogether.

My weapon is loaded after the first (chambered) round in the order that you see in the center beneath the cuffs. That order is: 2 more fragmentable followed by 1 round of Winchester CRITICAL DEFENSE hollowpoint.  This order (2 frag’s & 1 CD) is repeated three times for a total of ten rounds.

If I should every find myself in a situation where I need to go beyond ten rounds, my magazine hold 15 rounds and the last 5 rounds are Winchester CRITICAL DEFENSE hollow points.  I carry one (1) spare 15 round reload will all CRITICAL DEFENSE hollowpoints. I am thinking of upgrading to two 20 round magazines instead of the two 15 round magazines.

The blade is a BenchMade model N680. It has a goat’s head front head for cutting clothing, a serrated and straight edge blade, a seatbelt cutter and a auto glass breaker. The Model N680 comes with an unconditional lifetime repair and free sharpening warrantee.

My weapon is a Sig 229 old style with the all steel frame in 9mm. I carry the Sig 9mm because there is absolutely no way that the weapon can fire under any circumstances; unless the operator specifically and intentionally pulls the trigger (or sets the hammer back out of DA mode).

I carry a SUPER SHARPIE in RED, so as to attract attention to write with.

Next for EDC is a STREAMLIGHT rechargeable flashlight “STINGER” model with the LED tactical upgrade.

For a holster, I use the controversial SERPA locking holster. I believe the holster is safe when properly used and trained with.

Because this is a potentially a “Use Of Force” scenario with the real possibility of Felony charges associated with the incident, I want documented to the fullest extent possible the events that transpired. To that end, I carry a micro-cassette (currently upgrading to a digital thumb recorder).

Next, I carry a LEATHERMAN for those odd moments when you wish you had a pair of pliers or a screwdriver for a quick fix.

Lastly, a “Use Of Force” scenario is a stepwise progressive response. the use of a handgun is the very last resort when there are no other options. However, although all 3 of the << ABILITY, OPPORTUNITY AND INTENT>> standards may be present … the use of LETHAL FORCE MAY NOT BE JUSTIFIED as seen in the  “Reasonable Person” standard. Thus, I also carry a 3 oz can of pepper spray for that reason.

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Scott and his Walther PPS (mostly) in a Dara Holster


1-Walther PPS, mostly.
2-Dara modular appendix holster
3-Sturdy well made holster that isn’t cheap but worth every dollar.

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Ronald and his Kimber CDP ii Pro in a Galco Holster


1) I carry a Kimber CDP ii Pro.

2) I carry it in a Galco Leather OWB holster.

3) I carry a Kimber because I want only the best when it comes to protecting my life and those around me.  I holster up in Leather because I only want the best for my best friend.  I don’t care for the type of wear that Kydex puts on my other weapons.  I monitor my holster to ensure there’s no excessive wearing/stretching to compromise the integrity of the safety.  If/when that occurs, I’ll replace it with a new identical one.

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Bryan and his Glock 42 in a Concealment Express Holster


Wanted to share my Sunday-go-to-meeting setup with you.  I use this Glock 42 configuration on Sundays because my EDC would print too much.  This allows a deep conceilment and thus no questions or concerns from others at church. Here is the gear:. Glock 42 in a Concealment Express IWB KYDEX holster. Extra mag carried in a horizontal Kydex holster.

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Dominick and his Kimber Solo Carry in a Winthrop Holster


I carry a Kimber Solo Carry.

I wanted an all metal carry gun, I love striker fire, and I wanted both of those options in the smallest 9mm package available. It’s light, it’s trigger is amazing, it’s frame is manageable without the extended mag. My problem was that I have conceal and carry but didn’t actually carry it as much as I should. The Solo delivers all of your wants in a convenient and easy to carry pistol.

I carry a Winthrop in the waist band, right hand draw from a left handed holster, from the small of my back. Its perfectly unnoticed wearing a T-shirt over jeans.

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Garrett and his Springfield XDs 9mm in an Alien Gear Holster


Gun: Springfield XDS 9mm, along with Benchmade Traige knife

Holster: Alien Gear IWB Cloak Tuck 3.0

The Springfield fits well in my hands and points well and is still very concealable even with the extended magazine in the Alien Gear holster that fits very comfortably.

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postheadericon #DIGTHERIG – Grant and his Stoeger 8040 Cougar 40 S&W in an Alien Gear Holster


1. What You Carry: Stoeger 8040 Cougar 40 S&W

2. What You Carry It In: Alien Gear IWB Holster

3. Why You Carry That Particular Gun In That Particular Holster? I liked the feel in my hand and the looks of the finish and the price was right. Shoots like a dream.

The Alien Gear holster needed a slight modification and now fits perfect both the gun and me.

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